Pro Ana Privacy, part 2

Since Pro Ana Privacy is the most visited post these days, I figured it was time for another go around. Especially since I can really feel the love in the comments.


For what it’s worth; I heard a story on the radio that I wanted to share.

A talented young woman recently applied for a job just after she graduated from college. A dream job really, everything she ever wanted. Mom and Dad were so proud.


Little did she know that some pictures that she uploaded to the web many years prior would come back to haunt her.

One in a bikini.
Several in her underwear.


One doing a frickin’ back-bend in her undies.

Not good. No job. Worst of all? No way to remove them – ever.


This thing is permanent girls. It’s called the world wide web and once you CHOOSE to serve yourself up for the taking, you are gone, your privacy is gone, and your future opportunities are at stake.


Think about it next time you want to ask one of your dear ana friends “Do I look fat?”


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112 Responses to Pro Ana Privacy, part 2

  1. Limafan says:

    Lol sad! They must really need the attention. Well congrats ladies, now everyone on the net can see your skanky pics.

  2. sarah says:

    i think that’s kind of insensitive limafan. sure i would say “lol” if they were girls who obviously didn’t have an eating disorder and were asking for tips and tricks, but the sad thing is, most of these girls are probably really sick. when i think of pro ana, i think of 13 year olds skipping lunch and calling themselves anorexic. obviously i was wrong.. these girls are just as sick and messed up and need help as much as any of us do who don’t flaunt our pictures on the web.

  3. panda07 says:

    I have one photo in my journal,which is friends only,and just a shot of my face…This has always been a bug bare for me as anorexia is some thing so private,i don’t know how girl’s can parade them selves in this way?

  4. sarah says:

    i agree panda. thats why i love that no one here knows me.

    however, sometimes i want to tell someone i trust who i know can give me good advice soo badly, but when it ever comes around to talking about it i get so ashamed and close up. i always used to be able to talk about things. it really changes you doesn’t it.

  5. Laura says:

    The sad thing about some of those photos is that if you added some eyeliner & a hot logo, you’d have a fashion ad.

  6. Josie says:

    This one×320.jpg … please can you take it down.

    I wonder how much this post was inspired by my last post in the forum. I’m not ashamed though. And don’t give a shit that my photos are floating around online.

    I don’t think it’s so much an issue of people posting such things online as it is that it’s a breach of privacy when an employer does such a thing. Employers look up peoples facebooks and myspaces now. I think it’s too invasive, and wouldn’t want to be employed by someone like that anyway.

    I can’t be bothered to state my opinion of posting pictures like this, though i am very pleased you refrained from the sarcastic offensive comments.

  7. Josie says:

    There’s also a bizarre irony here in how you’ve intentionally picked emaciated girls as examples. Because, their privacy and future career prospects are probably not a huge concern when they’re battling for their lives and their psychiatric history is enough to count them out of jobs (at least, the jobs where nosy potential-employers snoop in the way you described).

    And then, bikini photos?! What’s the big deal there? Facebook and myspace is full of peoples holiday photos in which there will be bikinis.
    Do men who have photos of themselves topless on the beach have difficulties? No, because it’s only women who are supposed to cover themselves up, apparently.

    Chances are (as i’ve said so many times before) most of these photos will have been stolen off of the likes of myspace and reposted onto proanorexia sites. Does that mean only normal-overweight girls should put pictures of themselves up on myspace? Should those who are underweight, whether naturally or for a health reason, cover themselves with shame?

  8. Sass1948 says:

    anorexia for me as always been about hating my body & certainly not showing it off….i don’t understand how these girls can flaunt it…but they look very underweight, so they must be sick…this must be a different type of ana/ed, like MamaV’s “social anorexia?”

  9. sarah says:

    josie.. is that you in the photo you asked mamav to take down? haha this is weird but i was just wondering if it was in an Ibis hotel. when i went to europe with school this summer… we stayed in an ibis in london and it looked just like that!! anyway, if that is you, youre very pretty too/

  10. Vanessa says:

    oh wow! now i finally understand why you post pics of sick and dying girls!!!

    it’s because 1 wrong + 1 wrong = 1 right

    i’m right, aren’t i? 2 wrongs make a right, duh! why didn’t i think of that before?

  11. Josie says:

    Sarah – no it’s not me, but i know her, and i don’t think that photo fits mamaVs argument either.

    Back when i was active in pro-ana sites i used to do the posting-photos thing. It was petrifying the first time i did it, but i found it beneficial for various reasons:
    – it strengthened the friendships and support i had there because i wasn’t an anonymous user-name, i was a very real honest person someone could turn to. It’s just the same way that you might post photos on myspace in that sense.
    – in “real life” when you have an ED people (especially yourself) can be quite critical of your appearance, like “you’re too thin/fat”, “do you ever eat?!”, “you look ill”, etc., and on a pro-ana site you don’t get ANY of that, you’re accepted, and told you’re beautiful even if you look like sh*t.
    – It helped me massively to overcome body dysmorphia. If fellow anorexics say i’m not fat, then i’m more likely to believe it than anyone else. I’m pretty sure i could never have recovered so successfully without that kind of encouragement.
    – the knowledge that my body was normal. We’re bombarded with air-brushed photos of perfect skinny people, so seeing photos of ‘normal’ girls (who despite mamaVs portrayal are not all walking skeletons) helped me develop confidence in my imperfect body.
    – though this sounds really pathetic, part of the reason i did it was because it drew comments, compliments and positive attention to myself, which made me feel less alone and less sad for just a little while.

    In the last few months i’ve loved my body and looks more than i ever have before.

  12. Limafan says:

    “i think that’s kind of insensitive limafan.”

    I think it’s skanky when girls with or without an eating disorder put pics like that on the net….It screams “attention whore”

  13. kim says:

    mama v i couldnt agree more. if you want privacy dont post on the web. bottom line. we are in a technology age and everyone is using it so if you dont want it seen by the world dont do it.

  14. Vanessa says:

    i’m sorry guys, but this attitude doesn’t make any sense. i don’t post my pictures online, and i agree that people should be told/reminded of the risks of doing so. but mamaV is basically saying: you shouldn’t post your pics online in case jerks like me find them and use them in ways you don’t like.

    isn’t that exactly like a rapist saying “you shouldn’t wear a short skirt so that jerks like me aren’t tempted to rape you”? in other words “my victims don’t deserve your sympathy because they were asking for it by putting their pics online”

  15. kim says:

    vanessa, i think you are reading way to much into what mamav stated. it is a reminder and a warning because as you said jerks or even well meaning potential employers or your own family or friends may see what you may not have intended for their eyes. it is again WORLD WIDE and anyone has access. and i cant even believe you are comparing rapists to people who post online…you do have choices on what you post, rape is not a choice

  16. k says:

    I have posted photos of myself before. Thank you Josie for what you posted.

  17. Vanessa says:

    look, rape is obviously a much more serious violation than re-posting pics of emaciated eating disordered girls, calling them ugly, and making fun of them. but the way mamaV uses low weight pics is still a violation. and mamaV’s argument that they shouldn’t have posted the pics in the first place is EXACTLY the same argument that a rapist makes that a girl shouldn’t wear certain clothes or be in a certain neighborhood, that it’s her fault for doing this or that rather than the rapists fault for raping her.

    mamaV’s defense of using low weight pics is “hey, they’re asking for it, it’s their fault, not mine, they should know better” and while obviously her violation of these girls in the pictures is on a much less serious level than a rape, it’s in the same ballpark because it is a violation.

  18. sarah says:

    if people post pictures of themselves online, it doesnt matter if i see them on here or the ridiculous pro ana site they posted on. mamav is right there is a problem with pro ana hence this website so since youre here i’m confused as to why you have such a big problem with EVERYTHING she says.

  19. Jamie says:

    I have to agree with Sass on this one. I’ve never understood posting pics. I’ve always hated the way my body looks and never had the guts to post pics of me in undies or swim wear. I hate to post pics of myself wearing normal clothing.
    Another thing, when I use to go to the pro ana sites I would never tell anyone my real name or show any pic of myself. I wanted to be kept unidentified just because I know there are creeps out there that say they are one person but really aren’t just to try to hurt you. But I was also lots older then some of the girls there so maybe I was more aware of things that could happen. I think a lot of girls that go there are really hurting and any kind of attention they get like people caring and understanding makes them vulnerable to different things out there. But I don’t think they understand that fully because they are too sick and too far into ana/e.d. to really realize it.

  20. withlovebyli says:

    What was this radio story you heard? Did that girl’s potential employer google her name? Kind of odd that she would post pics of herself under her real name. Most people use aliases and pseudonames.

    And it seems rather discriminative of the employer that the pictures of her in a bikini effected her getting the position. What she looks like in a bikini shouldn’t have relevance to how well she can do the job.

  21. Sass1948 says:

    hey jamie, glad u know what am talkin ’bout x

  22. Shana says:

    it’s a solid point (perhaps with an unusual way of presenting it)

    the moment you post something online, whether it be on a public forum or a private page, it’s out of your control.

    i understand why they do it… i really do, but the fact is, it can come back to haunt you later.

  23. DJ says:

    “I don’t think it’s so much an issue of people posting such things online as it is that it’s a breach of privacy when an employer does such a thing.”

    Breach of what privacy? Let take the analogy back 15 years before the internet. It would be one thing if these girls had these pictures in their locker at school and companies were rifling through everyones locker to see them. But these girls not only put them on the outside of their locker, the put them on a signpost(s) on the busiest corner(s) in town for everyone to see.

    Don’t think this shit is serious? Go read this NY Time article about how one thirteen year old’s former best friend’s mother screwed with her via MySpace to the point that she committed suicide:

    I know the knee jerk reaction is going to be accusing mamaV of the same tactic (heck, you already compared her to a rapist!), but you’re missing the forest for the trees.

    The radio piece she refers to is nothing new. College kids are now being repeated told to clean up their Facebook pages since potential employers can now use it (and do). Would you hire the girl holding the 3ft bong to teach in your kindergarten?

    “Ooo, mamaV, your just doing the same wrong!”

    No, as someone who time and time again has tried to point out how destructive this behavior is she is trying to show how easy this is. If someone who gives a rat’s rear end about these girls this can do this, what about a neighbor two doors down who doesn’t?

    I think the only constructive comment has been the fact that these girls probably have more to worry about than potential employers seeing these pics. If they don’t turn their life around they won’t be very employable in the first place, pictures or otherwise.

  24. Sass1948 says:

    “I think the only constructive comment has been the fact that these girls probably have more to worry about than potential employers seeing these pics.”

    What a wonderful way of putting down a bunch of contributors with low self-esteem anyway. Congratulations :-)

  25. MeAgain... says:

    How do these future employers find these?
    Do they Google their names or what?
    Do these girls not know any better to NOT use their real names or at the VERY least cover your faces..

  26. anon says:

    So are you implying that people should placate all of you because you’re too weak to handle an opinion that doesn’t mirror your own? He didn’t put you down, get over yourself and try really, really hard to grow up and stop playing the victim card-it would do you a lot of good.

  27. hillary says:

    your argument that mama reposting the pics is the exact same as the rape argument is false. you cant even make that comparison. if the arguments were to be comparable it would have to be: it’s ok for mama to repost them, because the girls posted them. just like it’s ok for a guy to rape a girl, because she had sex with him in the first place. please think before you make rash analogies.

  28. Vanessa says:

    it isn’t a rash argument at all, hillary. and don’t talk down to me as if i didn’t think things through. girls post their pics not realising they can be found and misused by people like mamaV. it’s not like they post them intending for people to take and repost them and then make fun of them for posting them. these are emaciated girls and how many times do i have to tell you people that their brains aren’t working right! they aren’t thinking this through.

    EXACTLY like a girl who wears revealing clothes, goes to a bar, and starts a conversation up with a guy isn’t thinking “oh i want this guy to rape me”. is it not rape if she says, oh, ok, you can walk me home? is it not rape if she gets into his car?

    it’s not a stretch, its just that obviously the crime of rape is more serious than mamaV taking advantage of dying emaciated ed sufferers by reposting their pics making fun of them. but her excuse for doing so is “you should know better than to put your pics online” which is the exact same as a rapist saying “you should know better than to wear that skirt”.

  29. Josie says:

    DJ – before the internet, what did that type of employer do to check up on their employees? Spy outside their houses or something?!
    The internet is so massive that the analogy “But these girls not only put them on the outside of their locker, the put them on a signpost(s) on the busiest corner(s) in town for everyone to see” really doesn’t work. I bet if you take any of these girls mamaV has picked out and you googled their real name, these pictures definitely would not come up. As a test i googled my name…nothing…and my LJ-name…nothing. Either a person posts really obviously (which means they’re too dumb for the job) or their employer is too invasive (which means you definitely wouldn’t want to work for them anyway).

    K – :)

    Vanessa – smart point.

  30. kim says:

    josie before the internet what did anorexics do to show the world their private pictures that they now post on the world wide web for all to see? and maybe these girls are way too sick to ever even begin real employment, but they are reaching out for attention and are getting it whether it is the kind they want or not. if they didnt want the world to see it they would not post it for all to view-ie. some of these places have password protection so only “friends” can view yet mama v is gaining them with public access so how much do they really want to keep them private???

  31. Josie says:

    Kim – i think you’re right in that i expect these girls didn’t expect their pictures to end up in different places to where they originally posted them (which may have been password-protected … in the case of the one i asked to be taken down i think it was protected).
    It’s something that people in general should learn about but i still do not agree with mamaVs actions.

    Also, mamaV intentionally picked out emaciated anorexics to illustrate her point. This either means she has another motive, or she’s implying that a (supposed) anorexic posting their photos is more inadvisable than a normal-weight person.

  32. kim says:

    this is an eating disorder related site which is why i think she chose to go with an eating disordered person. but everyone will have their own thoughts and read into it what they will – i just took it as a warning and maybe your friend should too because if it is password protected and it was able to be seen by mama v she may not want to post future things knowing they can be seen by all

  33. kim says:

    and i know we are all different and all but never once since i have had my ed would i ever want to post pictures for friends or others to be able to view, judge or critique me. i guess i tended to hide my body instead of showing it. josie, can you ask your friend how this helps her by doing this because i honestly cant see how it would benefit her other then other ed people telling her how great she looks which doesnt really help her

  34. Amber/vanity900 says:

    As for the pro ana girls, in a way they do feed the diease…which is wroung…As for the young woman, when its been that long I belive the past is the past and it really dosn’t matter at that point what she did before. But these thinspo modles need a talking to…but I don’t think they’re under weight..anorexic..unhealthy..sept for like, 3..the bottom 2 look healthy to me. um…is this a problum of sorts? maybe im to used to seeing pretty thin girls…i would starve to look like them but they probably dont have EDs. just like active ans stuff.

  35. mamavision says:

    Hi Josie: I will remove the image you asked me to, however I need to ask why. I assume this is because you know this person and she is mentally ill with anorexia.

    My motivation behind posts such as this and others like it;
    1) Awareness- parents and loving friends and family needs to know what’s going on in the pro ana boards.

    2) Parents are coming here, perhaps we will save a life if a girl is found out by her image being posted here.

    3) Warning girls to stop posting their images on line, this is scary as hell. Even if your name is not attached with an image, you’ll be found. It’s a small world and things have a way of spreading.

    4) In my heart, I don’t believe these girls are not pro ana. I could be wrong, and I am sure I could be wrong on some, but I am willing to take the chance for the greater good.


  36. mamavision says:

    Hi Vanessa: To each her own. Think as you wish, but your rape arguement is a total stretch in my opinion.

    At the end of the day, I always come back to this. I do this out of love, not hate. I do this out of compassion, not evil. Don’t believe this? Not my issue.

    They keep posting, I keep exposing.

    You’ll be happy to know the book will be out shortly and I will be exposing this entire ProAna circus.


  37. Duckie says:

    For 1. Whoever said pics of girls in a swim suite is skanky really needs help.

    For 2. Im not pro or anti anything but after following this blog for a month or so I realize that since Mama isnt “starving for attention” literally, she still needs attention at starves for it. Im far from thinking that you really 100% do this blog to help. Just like at the top of her post “Since Pro Ana Privacy is the most visited post these days, I figured it was time for another go around.” She knows what isnt right but yet she is justifying it in every way possible to seem like she cares but its just to get everyone all fired up to feed her need for more Attention.

  38. Josie says:

    Kim – if you want to know how this benefits a person go up to my comment about my experiences. Posting my pictures for others to see was an extremely therapeutic process for me. Though, it’s different for everyone.
    Also, if mamaV has learned ANYTHING in this blog i’d have hoped that it would be that those with EDs come in all shapes and sizes, not just emaciated. There’s no need to pick on emaciated girls, especially since there is absolutely no guarantee that they’re pro-ana or EVEN ED-sufferers anyway. ED doesn’t equal thin.

    Amber – in my opinion (as a “recovered” ED-sufferer) i think those girls are extremely thin. I expect your perception is warped somewhat.

    MamaV – it’s my expectation that EVERY girl posting here is mentally ill with anorexia, and yes, that example is. It is rare for a girl to be that thin without being anorexic, but it is very possible that some of those girls are naturally thin.
    Also, if your definition of “pro-ana” still means “lifestyle choice”, then i doubt ANY of these girls fit the definition, considering a person can rarely become that thin through choice alone…otherwise wouldn’t we all have?! The vast majority of members on pro-ana sites are normal weight or overweight.
    The likelihood of a parent of one of these girls coming here is TINY and you know it. And besides, if they’re anorexic their parents will know!! It’s the anorexics without caring parents and those who are normal-overweight with EDs that need to be worried about.
    I think it’s more likely this post will cause harm than good, to be honest. This post screams “we should only be concerned with those who are emaciated”, which is going to be massively triggering to the majority of your readers, and reinforces the very stereotypes you should be aiming to knock down. Girls could also be distressed if they see their images here labelled as “pro-ana” when they’re not. Very few people believe in the “pro-ana lifestyle”.
    The dangers of posting online also applies to what is written, as well as pictures. I agree that the dangers should be outlined, but not with anorexics photos. I’ve just had my name and location in a UK national newspaper linked with pro-ana sites against my will, so i’m more your poster-child for online privacy issues than these girls are.
    Lastly, why are you only using pictures of thin girls?

    Duckie – though i don’t want to hurt mamaVs feelings, i think you’re right. MamaV makes posts which she knows will get comments, despite being inaccurate and hurting feelings in the process.

  39. Vanessa says:

    oh goodie, the book will make my proana forum attract tons of new members! new meat! couldn’t be happier.

    mamaVISION: best thing to happen to proana since that hysterical news story you saw last year.

  40. Vanessa says:

    wanted to add my agreement to what duckie and josie said.

    first off, i think it’s suspicious she did this post and brought back up the same area of controversy at a time when she’d had a string of less controversial posts with fewer replies (i was on vacation, she musta missed me, huh?). i suspect she missed the attention and needed to bring the controversy back. a little sad, really.

    second- only using pics of emaciated girls and then claiming she’s against “proana” not anorexia the mental illness both undermines her own point, makes the problem worse by suggesting that if you’re not emaciated you don’t have a serious enough problem, and betrays her TOTAL IGNORANCE about both eating disorders and proana.

    this woman is writing a book? PUH-leeeeeez. she doesn’t know enough to write a paragraph.

  41. Shana says:

    mamaV, i don’t know if you are willing to answer this question, but where exactly did you get these pictures from?

  42. withlovebyli says:

    A book! That’s cool. :)

    Lastly, why are you only using pictures of thin girls?

    I want to know this too, MamaV. When you google pics of pro-ana, do any average weight girls in bikinis show up?

    I posted a pic of myself on a pro-ana site a few years back and the comments were BRUTAL because I “wasn’t skinny enough”. That triggered a mini-meltdown and I got worse because of it. So exposing yourself to criticism by girls whose perception of skinny/average/fat is skwered was not the brightest idea. This may be therapeutic to the pro-ana girls who already look emaciated but it sure wasn’t for me—the average weight girl.

    All of this makes me wonder…if the girl’s future employer had seen a picture of her at average size in a bikini, would she have gotten the job anyway? Was the fact that she posted a bikini shot & underwear shot of herself on the net the deal breaker or that she was severely underweight in those photos? That parts not clear.

  43. Josie says:

    withlovebyli – i’m almost completely sure mamaVs example wasn’t a pro-ana girl, and was therefore normal weight. I doubt the main motive for this post was concern over “pro-anas” privacy. And even then, these photos are not accurate examples of “pro-anas”.
    Pro-ana sites are not as hardcore as they used to be, like when you posted on one. The hardcore ones have all been closed down, and most girls on pro-ana sites are not clinically anorexic, therefore they’re nicer to eachother. I bordered between normal and underweight when i used to post, and gained so much confidence, especially as i am like the average ED-sufferer – someone who hides their body under baggy clothes out of shame.

  44. Leos Tomicek says:

    That’s still ok. This is evening news where I come from.

  45. mamavision says:

    Hi DJ: Thanks for lending your commentary. The point here is far reaching beyond the whole pro ana picture issue, this is sound advice for anyone posting their images on the web.

    The reason I am choosing to pick on pro ana’s or whatever we want to call these girls is because they are really exposing themselves to psycho’s like me that are going to nab their pictures and splash them all over a blog…the gall!


  46. mamavision says:

    Duckie, you and Vanessa are off your rocker. If you honestly think a mother with two children, husband, and a kick ass job really would run this blog for attention – you are a lost cause.

    There are times I am dead tired and I stay up to write a post and respond back to emails because I don’t want to leave people hanging. I take offense to your accusations.

    At the end of the day, I don’t give two shits about what you think about me, that’s the beauty of running your own blog.


  47. mamavision says:

    Hi Shana: All images from this particular post were pulled from an absolutely appauling site called

    The web master reminds users to “refresh” their browser since new images are posted daily!

    This site is unreal….guess who elses image I found lurking in there? None other than my own.


  48. Amber/vanity900 says:

    Yeas Josie, I am a tad bit warped, as i said before I see it everywhere. I don’t think of Thinspo modles as anorexic, I just think they’re thin and beautiful. My freinds say im thin and beautiful but…you know it’s the unobtainible goal.

    MamaV, just wanna say I know you’re busy and can’t anser my messages I send ya, no big deal sometimes I just write them like it a diary and maybe hope fo a responce everyone in a while. No bigs I know your busy I would be too with kids a husband and a kick ass job.

    And I want to aplogise for my spelling errors theres alot more to come…

  49. Kathy says:

    I am not quite sure, wether you’ll read my comment to the proana-shut-down- topic, so I repeat my post here…

    Hej you,

    I am a German woman ( aged 33), who – however- became interested in that proana / promia phenomenon….

    Nevertheless I am neither proana nor promia ( better said I am a very female woman….) I DO NOT AGREE with the practice to shut down those pages.

    These pages are so important for the girls, who – at least this is what I am reading between the lines- don’t have anybody to talk to, to share their problems with in the real life and even to learn to handle the disease.

    These pages are as well extremelx important for us adults, parents, teachers, therapists, M.D a.s.o. to learn more about ( do you say about? My English is a catastrophy… sorry for that)
    eating dissorders.

    I am a mother of a wounderfull, beautyfull little 11 months old daughter and I am glad about the opportunitiy to learn how proana “works”, which kind of problems most proanas have in common, so I hope I will be able to see the signs later…

    Your website is fantastic and I would love to talk to you about the same site in German, which means your articles and your youtube videos translated or underlined – in Germany we do have the same problems, same injured, broken, never- listened -to (? right word?!), rejected, sexual abused little children, who stop living bevore life really starts.

    It would be SO important for German speaking therapists to learn more about E.D:, most of them are totally overstraimed, at the moment – this is what I read and heard- ist the common medical commenadtion to look for a new hobby…
    That is unbelieveable in my oppinion…
    To reduce that serious desease to a hobby!!!!

    So, you can see, we have big backlogs over here in good old Europe….

    All my best wishes


  50. Jazz. Irena says:

    These pictures of anorexic girls are very sad. I almost felt like crying when I saw them. I know how it is to be nearly anorexic.. since I used to be just this year.
    I’m turning 12 in twenty days time.
    This is heartbreaking.. not their fault at all.
    Remember anorexia is physcological. But it is not just a phase. If you think of it like that, then whoever was anorexic will die without help.

  51. Josie says:

    MamaV – if you found your photo on prothinspo…do you see my point that those whose photos are considered thinspo are NOT NECCESSARILY PRO-ANA?!!! You’re not pro-ana, yet your photo is up there. Therefore this proves that you cannot judge on photos alone who is pro-ana and who isn’t, or whether someone is even anorexic.

    We still have no answer on why emaciated anorexics are your example.

  52. Duckie says:

    The lost cause is trying to post on your blog and you responding to what is written but you just twist things and ignore what is really said. I dont see what the point of you saying that is. Theres people who have a job and kids and do lots of things.

  53. withlovebyli says:

    The point here is far reaching beyond the whole pro ana picture issue, this is sound advice for anyone posting their images on the web.

    Depends on the type of image. A lot of my photographer amigas on flickr do self-portraits but it’s all artistic and for the craft. I put my photography online to get exposure. I’m not worried about an employer or clients looking at it–that’s actually what I want to happen! People stealing my pictures, now that’s a problem…but that’s a whole ‘nother issue. lol

  54. Scott says:

    You are all so beautiful. I don’t have an ED but i’m a huge admirer of skinny beautiful women like all the pictures posted here. You’re all gorgeous, ladies.

  55. Rachel says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, Shana.

  56. Amber/vanity900 says:

    wow scott, theres no hope for wemon aprantly…not my genoration at least i better stop eating if i want a husband, huh?

  57. Pingback: Pro Ana Privacy « mamaVISION

  58. Emily says:

    I’m just curious. You said you would take down the picture that Josie requested you remove, and yet, 2 weeks later, it seems to still be posted. Why say you’ll remove it when you clearly haven’t?

  59. nic says:

    i know one of these girls you posted. her picture was in a private, password protected area of a forum. she was posting the pictures of herself so that those of use who cared about her knew how much she was really hurting when she couldn’t speak it. i find it really offensive that you would consider her pro-ana.

    obviously, posting photos online is problematic for all sorts of reasons. yet, myspace/facebook, etc. is full of pictures of girls in little to no clothing. many of them are very thin.

    so if there photos aren’t stolen for pro-ana sites, then that’s okay? should naturally thin women not post pictures online simply because they are thin?

  60. Josie says:

    Nic – i’m completely with you. One of the photos there is of a girl i know with a similar situation to your friend, and MamaV hasn’t taken it down despite being asked and saying she would.
    MamaV found a photo of herself on the same website as she found these, yet curiously she didn’t post herself as an example of a pro-ana using the same logic….?!!!

  61. heather says:

    look, it is true that there are some girls out there who do not have an eating disorder
    and only want to be “cool” and look like a celebrity.

    but there are also some girls who are really struggling. They don’t come to pro ana sites for quick tips on how to lose weight
    they come to pro ana sites to vent and talk to other people who understand.

    When there is no one else who will listen to you without looking at you like you’re insane, where else should you go?

    and, don’t tell me to go to a therapist.
    I have a therapist. She only talks about herself.

    please understand that an eating disorder is not a choice.
    the girls who really have one can tell you that.
    you have no idea what goes on in our minds.

    And although I do appreciate you care enough to alert people, don’t bash what you don’t understand.

  62. Mikhail/happyyet says:

    As, always i have to post on this topic, as you know I always do. Luckily, its no one I know, so i cannot defend anyone personally, but still think its wrong. Still wrong, even though i cannot personally speak for any of these girls…If you did get these from know that the girls DO NOT post their pictures there. They are complied from other sites, that yes may be proana, yet the person does not know they are on the particular site. —I do have to say something, maybe its evolving a bit, but i am on quiet a few sites, not that i am proana, i am going into treatment for the second time in a few days, but anyway, I often post my pictures online. In the begining at 117 and 5’4 people told me i looked great, my weight was perfect…which in fact was true. When i got down to 100 there were still a few people that said I looked great, but most said I was too thin…odd being a said proana site. Recently I posted pictures at 82 and 79 and not one person told me i looked great or that I was the picture of perfection. I got comments such as “I really hope you get help,” “you are too thin, too fragile,” and “you look ill hun, i am so worried.” Refreshing, yes, But i never truly expected anything else. I am sick, getting thinner by the day.
    —I posted a comment about Isabelle Cora the model used in the campaign of No-l-ita, about how that was what I saw as a good weight, thats what i thought looked good. Not one person made my comment an agreement. They asked why, and could i not see. In truth, i can’t. I know i can’t. But I think many ideas are changing, there a re a few really disgusting sites out there where its mostly “wannarexics” who say they strive to look like that then go eat a Big-Mac, not that there is anything wrong with that, but they are living in this fairy tale and one day it will catch up to them….

    oh and Mama, have you heard from Gil, I know she’s in the hospital again, but there haven’t been updates in a month

  63. zombie z says:

    This article disgusts me, as does the original poster. I have absolutely no respect for this site — as Duckie & Vanessa pointed out, this is exploitation, pure and simple, making ‘mama v’ no better than the “thinspiration” page that originally posted these.

    The ONLY REASON to repost pictures such as these in a platform such as this is to create controversy and therefore add to your comments/readers.

    Should ALL PEOPLE be careful about what they post on the internet? Of course! But it is perposterous to infer that thin/skinny women are not allowed to post pictures of themselves, because they might be used in a way they don’t like. An employer finding someone’s “naughty” pics by searching for their name only? Seems unlikely.

    I’ve been an active participant on teh interweb for the last ten years; blogs, forums, geekier stuff like sim games & text-based RPGs; some mental-health (eating disorder) related forums; etc. I have shared my real name on them and have used the same alias repeatedly. I have posted pictures, both innocuous and less-so (assuming posting pictures in swimsuits makes me a slut). And yet…a search for any version of my “real name,” my popular aliases, or my email address pulls up nothing about me.

    I don’t know what these employers are searching that would find dirt about these people, so perhaps this is nothing but more fearmongering from the media? Like how internet pedophiles & rapists lurk around every pixelated corner?

    As a person with a husband and children and blah blah blah, you sure don’t think things through.

  64. zombie z says:

    PS Feel free to track down my pictures through my blog and steal them to use in your future “warnings.”

    Oh, wait, I’m not emaciated so my images are worthless.

    Nevermind! 😉

  65. Jess says:

    Mama, I need your help.
    I’m not particularly interested in what any of these people are saying…
    I’m really struggling to cope and have scoured this website but cannot find an email address to contact you.
    I literally do not know who to turn to.
    Please help,
    J x

  66. Theresa says:

    I’m not sure of your intentions, but the girl in the skinny bitch shirt is no where near “pro-ana” those bitches steal photos of girls who are suffering and use them as “thinspo”. All you are doing by reposting these photos is furthering their use on the internet. You aren’t solving the problem, you’re only prolonging it!!!

  67. Emily says:

    And a month and a half later, the photo’s still not down. I guess you’re not really interested in doing what you said you would?

  68. Jen says:

    I think you’re making a good point, mamaV. I’ve posted pictures myself and it’s certainly a rude awakening that they could be posted in other places too. I don’t see why everyone is so offended, I mean the lesson to be learned here is not to post anything on the internet that you don’t want to be made public. I don’t think the girls in the pictures are as much mad at you as mad at themselves, but it’s always easier to blame someone else. I know because that was my initial reaction, but the logical side of my brain kicked in and I appreciate that you’re showing there are consequences for our actions, whether or not anyone thinks this is a negative action.

  69. Emily says:

    What confuses and upsets me is that she said she would take a specific picture down when someone requested that she do so, and yet, a month and a half later that picture is still up. If she wants to post these pictures, she can (I still think it’s rude and exploitative, but she’s certainly allowed to), but why lie and say she would take the picture down when she clearly has no intention of doing so?

  70. zombie z says:

    Maybe because she’s rude and exploitative? I mean, I think you hit the nail on the head there…

  71. mamavision says:

    Hi Josie: For the life of me I can’t find the post where you ask me to remove a photo….can you direct me to it please?

    The reason I did not remove it is because I honestly forgot. I apologize.

    Also, to answer your question on why I utilized emaciated girls for this example is because that I what I do. Sure, there are girls of all sorts posting images all over the web. My concern is these girls because they are not just regular pictures, they are pictures that expose them during a certain, sickly time period of their lives, and I think for that reason this images are even more likely to come back to haunt them.

    Do you know I have heard from a few girls lately who emailed me privately to tell me they saw images of their teachers online in pro ana forums?

    Not even I expected that type of fall out.

  72. Emily says:

    6 comments from the top:

    November 28, 2007 at 5:01 am

    This one×320.jpg … please can you take it down.

    And your reply:

    November 29, 2007 at 11:27 pm

    Hi Josie: I will remove the image you asked me to, however I need to ask why. I assume this is because you know this person and she is mentally ill with anorexia.

  73. mamavision says:

    Thank you Emily, I removed the picture. I truly apologize, this was honestly just an oversight!

  74. Countess says:


  75. Laura says:

    Jesus woman, you don’t rant and rave about the FAT FUCKS everywhere you look! That’s what’s becoming more and more fucking popular!

    Fuck you.

  76. Julie says:

    I just wanted to know where you are getting these pictures. Are you stealing them?

    Looking at the comments this brought nothing but ugliness and hatred toward people you dont even know..

    Getting educated on this matter is the first step.

  77. Jill says:

    i know you have good intentions and all, but seriously? taking these girls’ pictures and using them is quite disrespectful. they are obviously ill- nobody that thin is “just faking it for attention,” and many people DO take pictures of themselves and ask other people’s opinions simply because they are desperate for SOME sort of outside view on how they look since they cannot rely on their own distorted viewpoint. by the way, i knew the girl in the very first pic. get rid of it, please.

  78. Mezz says:

    Ok. I do NOT understand this website.
    Are you FOR eating disorders?
    I just. dont. get it.
    You have all this thinspo shit, and then a heap against it.
    Make sense!

  79. Aelyne says:

    I have to agree with Mezz. I found your sight through a search for Anorexic sites for a health class. And to be honest, I have been very surprised at the type of articles and images you post in general. And this one in particular. Personally I have found more resources and references through your site than through google. You very helpfully filter through all the useless sites and focus on the more effective sources of information and inspiration for the pro-eating disorder movement.
    So, no offence intended, but I think you may have gone beyond your original intent to aid and educate these girls/boys/men/women and you have extended into a fanatical persecution that is, in fact, frequently more damaging than helpful. Most of the images you post in this page, for example, are of they type that the eating disordered spend large amounts of time searching for, and you have placed so many of them all in one place with clickable links to a full size copy.
    Also, I have noticed, that some of the items you re-claim to make your points against the pro-ana movement, are frequently from people who have gone to recovery and the resulting items you ‘reference’ from them are taken completely out of context.
    Truly, I think that this is all even worse than a typical pro-ana site, as your rendition of the theme is under the guise of education and prevention. There is a large degree of tragic irony that in offering hope you are making available in one convenient place so many links, images, and hints that are so potentially dangerous and ‘triggering’ to the people you claim to want to help. Furthermore, I have noted that in your feedback you reference how many people you have helped and supported, ironically there are many eating disordered people who have recieved aid and the push into recovery from the very sites and people you offer such denigration towards. So, strangely enough in your crusaid you are potentially taking away the only support network so many of these people has available to them, and offering your own skewed and iron-fisted ideas/ideals of recovery as their only hope of affirmation and support.
    Many victims of eating disorders, frequently view seeking help from family and friends as an impossibility, which you yourself touch on, and find the strength for the initial steps through the Ana/Mia movement.

    Perhaps you should take the time to realistically asess and measure the true degree to which you are ‘helping’

  80. Catie says:

    I completely agree with this. There was a point when I used to take pictures of myself doing the same thing. The worst part of all is one of these girls I know. I don’t know her on a personal level but I talked to her on the phone when she was seeking treatment for the 20 millionth time to put in my input for a treatment center that I went to. Now I see her pictures everywhere. I have made my mark too but in a more positive way. Eventhough mine was in a book it’s on the web too.

  81. magrezakills says:

    i just found your site and at first i thought it was pro saving lives and it was comforting and informative, until i clicked in this pro ana privacy link… silly me! come on! these images, only show the pretty and seductive side of anorexia, they are actually encouraging, motivational! these girls are skinny wannabe runway models, posing, still young and totally still functioning, proud of their bodies. This won’t last long. Why didn’t you post the normal ugly people that have been anorexic for a decade and are so sick that they get skin infections, bloated belly due malnutrition, hair loss or lanugo, rotten teeth , bleeding gums, those that are so skinny that they pee or poop on themselves, can only be fed with tubes because nothing is digested anymore, have pain all over their bodies, must be in bed all day long or have to sit on a wellchair because they are just to weak to even walk?! That’s the reality that you should show because a lot of people aren’t *really* aware or they don’t believe that the damages *will* happen after a while and can’t be reversed.

    The girls from these pics look like they are still in the beginning, when an anorexic are still proud enough to share with the world their success, they still have energy to take pics and put on a bikini and look like a runway model. let them keep on this road for more 5, 10 years, they won’t look like that anymore and it will be too late to change because the damage is so permanent that you just die even when you try to recover.

    I don’t think you understand anorexia well, i doubt you ever lost a daughter due anorexia or you were ever underweight enough to truly understand what happen to an anorexic mind and body. Posting these pics is actually promoting eating disorders. They make anyone trying to recover, to think twice and relapse, or they make an insecure girl that just started restricting to think, hey, it’s rewarding to be a thinspiration, i will look beautiful just like a model and i will still have energy and time to do everything else that i always liked!
    If you only knew, you wouldn’t have this gallery.

  82. Dave says:

    You self-obssessed disgusting, overly skinny whiny fucks….get over yourself and np down Burger King.

    In fact, in your quest for calories, I will even fetch it for you…..Fat? You dozy bastards…In the words of many doctors…go home and eat a bagel

  83. femininetemptation says:

    Dave: how do you feel about the comment you just posted? are you proud? do you think you’re a BIG man? I’m sure you’ve had a hard life…preying on the weak…because you yourself have been abused or mistreated…why don’t you leave your stupid useless comments for your phyciatrist.i’m sure you’ll get lot’s of help there, oh! and while you’re there get some drugs and hopefully overdose on them! LOL at you!! Take your ugly fat ass out of here before i find you!

  84. Dave says:

    Scared…truly lol.

    Oh look another anorexic whingeing, I need the psychiatrist? when your the one weighing 60lbs and still thinking you are fat? Yes, I am the one who is crazy….evidently:S Actually I am not fat I am muscular, I circuit-train…lots but that doesn’t mean I want to look like some emaciated, bug-eyed freak.

    So come and find me….You won’t have the energy to do anything anyway.

    btw i have not been abused either…we don’t ALL have fathers as sick as yours.

    And my Anger Management tutor said I am fine…really lmao

  85. femininetemptation says:

    DENIAL…I’m truly sorry,that’s the first sign of abuse, it was your father wasn’t it?
    You must be one sick perverted fuck for creeping this page! what are you doing here anyways??
    Oh, let me guees? spying on you’re ex? cuz she left you’re fat ugly ass! lol!!! you wish you could get with someone like me, except i’m not 60 pounds…and you will never understand how one of us feels…because you’re a hopeless ugly coward who can’t do anything better than pick on sick people! My advice is that you find a place where they can help you with your abuse…looks like a sexual abuse case here… you obviously need more help than we do!!

  86. Dave says:

    No..actually I am researching anorexia for an article in a fitness magazine…..I have just found you to be pathetic, whingeing…weirdos.

    And you are obviously sick, just because your family raped your disgusting self…doesn’t mean anyone elses has

  87. femininetemptation says:

    Dave, you just don’t give up do you? Well it looks like you’re research isn’t doing your thick skull any good…Anorexia doesn’t have anything to do with rape. Rape is something completely different.
    You should better educate yourself on these issues, before you go off on a rampage thinking you know it all, and think you have the right to post such ridiculous comments!
    I have found you to be an angry sexually abused little man with no future!

  88. Dave says:

    I never said that Anorexia had anything to do with rape, I was just replying to your comment about sexual abuse…so it seems like you link Anorexia to sexual abuse hmmm….interesting

    The sooner you die from your anorexia…the better

  89. Dave says:

    Also…for the record I’m 6’3, 235, and have an IQ of 154….Little? No future?

    O……….k then

  90. femininetemptation says:

    I knew you were FAT! LOL!! 235 POUNDS!
    Only a pathetic little miserable fat man would be talking the way you are!
    And yes, for the record…you are an angry little man with no future and a serious case of DENIAL!! keep dreaming of being 6’3! and by judging you on your wish for me to die, there’s no way you have an I’Q of 154.
    Intelligent people don’t make death wishes!
    And I am recovered, so there’s no chance! you fucking worthless little man!

  91. femininetemptation says:

    Who here thinks Dave should be kicked off?

  92. MILICA says:

    J’m so fat:(… J have 175 cm and 65 kg

  93. MILICA says:

    and when j look this girls j’m so sad

  94. femininetemptation says:

    I’m sure a lot of these pics of the girls uptop could possibly be tweaked by a computer photo shop program.
    Don’t worry MILICA, don’t be sad. Me and DAVE just hate each other because he’s attacking sick people, and he knows he’s guilty!

  95. Virginia says:

    As a recovering anorexic who shouldn’t even be looking at posts like this i ask you one question

    isn’t this thinspiration?
    isn’t this just fueling the fire?

    why post sick pictures where the sick and x sick girls can see them
    isnt this a prorecovery website?

  96. Virginia says:

    ok that was more than one question…. =)

  97. Ryan says:

    I agree….i think Dave has abused his privalages on this website. What a sick fuck! My girlfriend is in the hospital right now from this sad desiese!
    Get the fuck out of here DAVE!

  98. Kris says:

    Help me please, I think my girlfriend has an eating disorder, possibly Bulimia….she has inconsistent periods and she does eat but yesterday at my Dad’s house, she just blacked out…my family think she has lost quite a bit of weight and she is going to the gym obsessively.

    Also her bullying ex-boyfriend always used to tell her she was fat and she wasn’t good enough for anyone and used to try and break her down mentally….now I am with her, I am constantly re-asuring her how beautiful she is and how lucky I am to be with her, because she used to have an eating disorder in the past… I feel lost, confused and don’t know where to turn

  99. feminine temptation says:

    Hey Kris, I think you are such a great boyfriend for looking out for your girlfriend. I think that by re-assuring her about how beautiful she is, is the first step. Next, just give her some space, bulimia is a very addictive disorder. So, make sure you do lots of research on the internet to determine what it is that she has. It could be anorexia which is slowly starving yourself to death. It is a very emotionally destructive disorder that effects your body and mind. Don’t ever get mad at her, it could make it worse and she could get herself very isolated from you if you don’t support her.
    If you have any more questions feel free to email me:
    I’m sorry you and your girlfriend are going through this.

  100. s says:

    Thank you.
    I see and understand what you are trying to do. I get it…it makes sense and I admire you for it. The new faces of pro-ana blog…not so much. That one baffles me.

    Anyhow…you seem to really understand just how serious this disease is.
    If one mother sees this blog and in turn a picture of her daughter than it’s worth it.

    I have never been “pro” but I do have an ED and I wish to god someone had gotten my mother to see it. Now I’m almost 30 and still sick with it.

    My life has pretty much been a waste.

    Sad really.

  101. feminine temptation says:

    nothing is ever a waste…we all learn something from suffering or life’s up’s and downs…we learn to appreciate and we learn to conquer our most difficult challanges that life throws at us.
    It always makes us stronger if we make it to the end.
    Certain people can understand what we go through but others will never even begin to imagine the hell and sick relief we find in our need to find happiness.

  102. sickened says:

    I can’t believe some of the posts on here…these are pictures of girls suffering from a terrible mental disorder and many of them may well die. How can you justify making such cruel and hurtful and heartless comments. It seems to me that many people need to be educated about what anorexia truely is. This is no disease of vanity and although being bomabarded by images of thin women in the media is certain to only exacabate the situation, most often eating disorders are about control and self hatred and arise from things such as sexual, physical or mental abuse. To the people who feel the need to make pointless and insulting comments about girls so clearly and desperately on need of help: you make me sick.

  103. Dave says:

    I am sorry for the comments I made, thy were uncharacteristic of me, and I have been suffering from severe mood swings and feelings of elation quickly transforming into feelings of deep depression, as it turns out I am suffering from bipolar disorder and am now on medication for it……Happy Days

    Again, I am truly sorry

  104. anonymous says:

    one day i will be thin enough that mamav will post pics of me on her site…

  105. vert says:

    this website is a trigger. by visiting the ONE site that you cited for these pictures i have found more “thinspo” than i have seen on any prior ana website.
    i find that completely irresponsable.
    and i agree with most of these posts.
    you did not get these pictures from a site where people post for comments. you got them from a stock website that spams for photos of thin girls. there were no commentaries from those pictured. for all we know they were taken from a personal myspace, not a pro ana forum.
    you really know nothing about them. for example if these girls ARE suffering for all you know they could BE in recovery. and if the case do you think they would need these set backs?
    if you were posting RECENT pics from a site with the headline. “omg are my hipbones sticking out far enough yet??!”
    then thats one thing. but these are completely anonimous and could really be from any where.
    and one thing i feel this site lacks is the diverse nature of this disease.
    i will not label myself ana because i have not been diagnosed with any such illness. like many people on those sites i have never had a feeding tube. i have never been forced into treatment. i have never been below 120lbs at my 5’4″ height.
    but i have starved for reasons i cannot reiterate. i have stared down that toilet willing myself to purge because somehow i felt that would fix everything. i have fasted to the point of fainting. i have weighed myself 20 times daily. i have taken those pills and debated those options because i had a serious problem that i could not control. and god forbid i knew about sites like this at the time.
    and now. still years later i struggle with it every. single. day.
    but i was never 100lbs. my collar bone only stuck out so far. so i am not on this page.
    a good bulk of girls on those cites are not considered underweight yet still suffer just the same. and providing photos like this on a site that is supposed to help only furthers there perceived body image. i know many of these posts i have read may have been semi confrontational but they speak the truth.
    these are girls who know first hand.

  106. devin says:

    you need to take the girls pic that has the shirt on that says skinny bitch OFF, she is a friend and she is NOT pro ana. shes struggles and is trying to recover and she does not need bitches that have nothing better to do saying lies on her as she is trying. No wander there is so much prejudice and judgement and stuff in this world.

  107. Katy says:

    Whoever is posting these pictures is HORRIBLE! Do you understand what you’re doing to these girls!!!! They are SUFFERING! Why can you NOT understand that! They are SUFFERING! People who “pretend” to be anorexic, or do it for attention do not reach this point without become in the throes of the disease!!!

    And you are putting them out there to be criticized! How dare you do that to young women in pain! You are disrespectful!

  108. Allison says:

    This is completely sick, as in YOU posting these girl’s pictures. How disrespectful. Honestly. Total bitch move.

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