Super Skinny Dudes


Hugo Boss is a great bad example of current fashion designers utilizing men that are waaayyyy to thin. Thin enough to be anorexic? Maybe.

I’ve shy-ed away to delving into the men’s side of eating disorders, because I didn’t feel like I knew much about their side of the story, but when you get right down to it we are all the same, aren’t we?

Men have reached out to me in the past asking me to address pro anorexia from their point of view, but it was not until I cracked open Vanity Fair at the gym earlier this week that the reality sunk in. I discovered male models really have morphed into the same way-t0-skinny-to-be-healthy female model counterparts.


The other aspect of this style that I don’t get is femininity, I suppose this is what is coined ‘metro-sexual.’ I don’t buy it and it makes me ill to this we’ve got men now going down this sickly lifestyle path.

Who’s next on the anorexia super highway?




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30 Responses to Super Skinny Dudes

  1. Rachel says:

    Oh geesh. I don’t even know where to start on this one, and I don’t know where to begin to start on this one. The whole “metrosexuality” thing is kind of stupid, and from an opposite sex’s point of view, I don’t find it attractive in the least.

    I’ll converse more later on the topic. For now, though, ick.

  2. Xyrra says:

    I actually prefer androgyny in a partner, but a bag of bones isn’t part and parcel of such.

  3. Sass1948 says:

    a man at my gym (looks in his late 20’s early 30’s but guess he’s younger) & he’s emaciated. not just thin, or even skinny, but there’s some serious muscle wastage going on. Said to my PT – “can’t you say something to him?” PT said – “Don’t wanna get involved & even if I did say something, I doubt he’d listen.”

    I don’t know how society can help these men, especially when rich, powerful, influential companies such as Hugo Boss are promoting muscle wastage as fashionable.

  4. Josie says:

    There are plenty of men and children and even elderly people with eating disorders already. It’s not new, it’s just not as prevalent as the typical teenage girls who people would like to believe are all model-wannabes.

    The youngest case of anorexia was in a 4-year-old.

  5. Emily says:

    its great that u have posted about male ED’s- at the end of the day they are really the same to female ED’s, they mostly do it for the same reasons as we do it, to look good, insecure,pressure,etc

    its so so sad to know that the youngest case of anorexia is 4 years old, its so sad to think that a 4 yr old feels so low and feels fat that they need to starve themselves, such a sickening thought.

  6. Lily says:

    This is off topic but I think I should share-
    like josie said, there are many people affected by eating disorders that you wouldnt expect. Its quite frightening.

    One case that I came accross will stay with me forever-
    I worked as a care assistant in a nursing home during college and a client there, a deaf woman in her 70s, used to purge up her food after she ate. It was not physical, this was anorexia. No one there had any clue how to deal with this problem. Alot of older women seem quite thin, and her severe emaciation remained relatively unnoticed. She was alone in her problem..

    To be honest, it scared the crap out of me. How long she had been eating disordered I dont know. I made attempts to talk to her, which were greatly impeded by her deafness. She did not know sign language and was very unwilling to communicate with anyone but her family who visited rarely. She was traped in her own world.

    Lily xxx

  7. Emily says:

    Aww lily- that must of been awful for u have to seen that and not been able to communicate with the women, it must of been very fustrating for her to, as she had no one to talk to about her problem, to be honest with you , (Hope i dont sound stupid saying this) i dident no that elerdy people still have ED’s- its weird to think that a older person still purges and starves themselves, suppose if they never recovered its hard to get out of the habits even if they are old- its a real shame when people never recover from their ED’s.


  8. Fay says:


    New reader signing in!

    Just wanted to say that your blog is really something I needed right now. I’ve had a few bad moments in a very short time so it’s good to read something that encourages me to carry on.

    Anyways, thanks for blogging. It’s really good to find someone who can still think on her own.


  9. leigh says:


    I guess i wanted to share on this one. As people have said, even though the young female population are the most prevalent or noticed on the anorexia front, everyone has some degree of risk.

    I think the ones that DO exist but simply arent KNOWN of are those in the older and younger ends of the populations. Lily mentioned a case of an elderly woman. The scary thing is i have seen far too many cases in children. Children of the age 7+ variety.

    Kids are made so conscious about what they are eating these days. Im not saying that this is a completely BAD thing, but the change in the local primary school children (very few of which were overweight or even a little chubby to begin with) is staggering. I know a little girl who has constantly been calling herself fat since she was 3 years old and refused to eat anything she thought would make her fat. Luckily young children dont have as much idea of anorexic type tricks as teens. However, they all do compare themselves at school, they feel conscious getting changed for PE, they like to be seen as eating “healthy” things.

    It’s not that this sort of behaviour is unusual. It’s that the young people involved are simply getting younger and younger. This is the behaviour that occured when i was in secondary school (12 year olds) not primary children (8 and 9 year olds). It’s frightening.

  10. Leos Tomicek says:

    I’m male and have always been skinny by nature but in few last years I put up some healthy weight and I must say I feel better and have more attention from women. So I guess the Hugo Boss clothes would still fit but I certainly don’t wanna be like the guy on the poster…

  11. Ana says:

    Mathias (“the guy on the poster”) is actually a serious athlete. And, amongst male models, isn’t the thinnest I’ve seen. I think it’s a bit unfair to paint him as the picture of male anorexia.

    And, instead of Hugo Boss, take a look at Dior Homme. Hedi Slimane is really the starter of this whole matchstick-men movement.

  12. echo says:

    Tuesday I’ll have my boyfriend read this. Stick thin is an understatement about him (naturally not ED) and I know he wants nothing more than to put on some serious pounds, mostly because being skinny isn’t ‘masculine’. It’ll be interesting to see what he has to say about all this.

  13. apple says:

    I find stick-thin men so unattractive. Where did the real men go?

  14. panda07 says:

    androgyny to me in a man is sexy..Skinny jeans and a tight T’ee,
    yes please.Though my first crush was david bowie,jarvess [sp?]cocker of pulp,then my crush from the age of 14,still to this day kurt cobain,though he suffered with an un known tummy illness and of course heroin addiction.All very thing men,but it’s what i like..Thin and fit tho not a bag of bone’s.

  15. panda07 says:

    ARRGH! thin men….not thing* men lol
    Spell check please mamaV?

  16. David says:

    F**k some of the women here! Some guys like me can’t help the fact that we’re too skinny. I have a digestive disorder which means I can’t absorb all of the nutrients I eat; and I eat plenty of good, healthy food. And I have an abnormality in my spine which means I can’t weight train without serious pain. Of course we realise that it f***king sucks to be this way – just f***king realise that it’s not always a choice! And just because we’re skinny doesn’t mean we’re metrosexuals – what a load of BS! This kind of talks annoys me so f***king much!!!

  17. Colby says:

    David, you’re not helping our case, sweetheart. reread the comments and note that while several DO say that they don’t like stick-men, a lot also do say that they like androgyny, and thin boys. We’re pretty evenly split.

    That said, you do not (unlike the models we are discussing) have an EATING disorder. You do have a digestive disorder, but that is through no fault of your own and no amount of peer pressure made you FEEL that you needed to develop a digestive disorder. It’s not your fault. And we are not saying it is.

    My husband has an eating disorder. I don’t think it’s out of any of the typical ‘must be thin’ desires… he simply learned from a young age that eating wasn’t something to be enjoyed. (I hope his father dies in a fire. Honestly. There’s only one other person I’ve felt that way towards, and he was the man who molested my mother while she was growing up, to put things to scale.) but I do my best to nag him about eating when he needs to, and try very hard to cook interesting and yummy foods for him. That said, he’s 26 and can still fit in the jeans he bought in middle school. he’s not so bad. but I help him when and where I can.

    All that said, David… Do you believe that the gentlemen who are posing for the photographers all suffer digestive disorders and spinal abnormalities?

    Maybe one or two of them, but not all of them.

    Regardless, they are still having pictures taken of them. They are still being displayed in magazines and on billboards… and in the back of minds EVERYWHERE (male and female alike) the idea is slowly being put in… that being so skinny is what NORMAL is, and what everyone SHOULD be. Because THAT person is pretty.

    And with that change in perspective, EATING disorders are born.

    So… Just f**king realize that it’s not always NOT a choice! :)

  18. galahadthreepwood says:

    As a man with anorexia, I take offense to the generalizations that are present in your post and in the comments. Hugo Boss and other designers are representing an ideal, of course. However, their ideal has nothing to do with promoting anorexia in men. Some designers tend to market their male line in a similar way to their female lines. Yes, this feminizes the men in many ways. And those models are most likely NOT anorexic. That is a stupid judgement. Most of those models are naturally thin. Many of them are from Eastern Europe and did not have proper nutrition as a child. That is why so many of the top male and female models are from Eastern Europe. They do not need to starve themselves.”Metrosexuality” has nothing to do with femininity. I have no desire to look like the men in the Hugo Boss campaign. I think that male anorexics have a variety of ideals they are striving for physically. To equate our target factors with those of female anorexics is unrealistic. There has been much less research on men who are anorexic. As much as I admire you for trying to address the male category, please stick to what you know.

  19. Colby says:

    Galahad — It’s not my blog, but.. :)

    I think the focus, again, is on what these models inspire. They may not be anorexic, they may not have had proper nutrition, they may be naturally skinny, but by publishing them as what ‘attractive’ is supposed to be, it builds ideas in the developing minds of the world as to what they are supposed to look like, and what they are supposed to find attractive.

    see also: skinny women models, and buff male models. when *I* was a budding youth, men were supposed to be ‘hunky’ and it was a rare few who didn’t aspire to be muscular in some way. In fact, I honestly think that I’d be attracted to that type–same as most girls my age, if not for 2 factors:

    1) I grew up in Hawaii, where a lot of the males I interacted with were Asian, or pacific islanders, and thus were naturally inclined towards being skinnier, rather then buffer. The ‘favorite sport’ was surfing, not football, and my highschool was known for our basketball team before anything else.

    2) Around that age, I started becoming very fond of my computer and the ‘computer geek’ type was a lot more attractive due to their knowledge.. but also, they tended towards being tall and skinny. it was a bit silly, but it shaped my perceptions from then on.

    anyway, point being.. yes, mama might not have a 100% grasp of the idea here.. but the base point is true: publish it enough, and people will think ‘that is what I should be’. or ‘that is why I should want’. which in turn, encourages anorexia.

    thanks for being polite about it though 😀 All respect to you!

  20. Dern009 says:

    I think most people that are preoccupied with anorexia are fat and cant get over the fact that other people look good or appealing. I am 6’3 and weigh 135lbs. yes. its skinny but modeling is my life and i cant listen to people talking about every skinny person like were suicidal, i cant help it its the way i am so why not embrace it. male models can be skinny and hot…and thats the way we like it.

  21. Jen says:

    Wow, haven’t been here in awhile. This is a very interesting topic. I personally do not know any males with eating disorders, but they do make up ten percent of the eating disordered population. Having anorexia nervosa myself, I’m attracted to thin guys, my boyfriend is quite thin, but definitely toned and does not have an eating disorder. I wish we could embrace the male eating disordered community and give them a place to share their thoughts like we have. I agree with Dern009 that a lot of people who are preoccupied with anorexia are fat, I usually get criticism for my thinness from people who are above average weight. Anyways, I think it’s sad that major mens clothing companies are showing thinness as the ideal.

  22. N says:

    My boyfriend is a recovering anorexic.

    I don’t mean recovering in the sense that he actively sought help. He didn’t seek help because he wouldn’t have even known where to start. Until he began his relationship with me and recounted his past behaviours (obsessive calorie-counting, fasting, purging) he didn’t even have a name or a term for what he did. When all’s said and done, anorexia is not something commonly discussed in reference to men. Male anorexics may as well not exist.
    Or if they do, they certainly are not treated with the same degree of sensitivity. This page is a great example – the jist I get from these comments are: ‘Jeez, why would any man want to do that to be attractive – it’s not!’
    Since when is anorexia just about looking attractive? Furthermore, do you know an anorexic woman who is happy with her body? Thinks she looks attractive? I’m guessing not.
    My boyfriend began to do this as a result of cripplingly low self-steem. He punished himself for what he saw were his massive failures, blaming himself for the fact that other people didn’t love him enough. It was his crutch, which he clung to fiercely. Does that really sound so far away from any female anorexic?
    He sometimes still gets odd about things, adds up his calories sometimes, but we cook together and I think we’ve established a better association with food for him. I just really wish there was someone he could talk to about it.

  23. thinguy says:

    I am a thin male. I am 5’11 and around 135 lbs. I do not currently nor have I ever had an eating disorder. I eat 2 large meals a day, I work out with a trainer once a week, and according to my doctor I am in perfect health outside of a slow metabolism. Yes, I am naturally skinny. I have no issues with it, why do you?

    Just because a male is thin does not mean he is gay, a metro sexual, or has an eating disorder. The only difference between a thin male and a fat male is weight. Since when did weight distinguish a person’s sexual orientation?

    According to government statistics 40% of US children under the age of 16 are overweight and 60% of the US population is overweight. Take a trip to the mall, a football game, or any other place with large demographics of people and you will see these numbers are correct. Please explain to me how a Hugo Boss ad or ad for any other clothing line is going to change those statistics? Several clothing lines are now using plus size models in their ads and on the catwalks. I don’t hear any complaints about that. Why are you picking on the thin people?

    Don’t get me wrong, I do believe there are a lot of women and men with eating disorders. I have friends who have struggled with these issues for most of their lives. I have empathy and sympathy for them. I am all for promoting solutions to this problem.

  24. Mark says:

    I’m about 5 foot 11, and i also weigh around 63 kgs. I am quite skinny, and to be honest i wish i was a bit wider and fatter. This is not a choice! No matter how much food i eat, i am always this weight, and if i do gain some fat, it dissapears in like several days.

    This just happens naturally! We find it so offensive when people comment on the fact we are skinny, as if we vomit or starve ourselves, that is false!

  25. H says:

    as an anorexic bulimic 5’11 male, I think it’s easy for the rest of society to pass judgment on a topic they know nothing about. If you think the guy in the Hugo Boss add is too skinny, then you’re’ve just been surrounded by people that probably have a high BMI and don’t realize what the norm is anymore. Let’s face it, the stats for overweight and unhealthy north americans are increasing at a weighted average of about 20% since the 1970’s (based on specific age groups). A warped sense of reality doesn’t give you the right to not only comment or state an opinion on such a topic but also to literally bash one which is so sensitive especially to metrosexual men and homosexual men. I’m 5 11” and weigh about 160lbs. Size 29 mens, size 4/5 womens, 14/16 -XS T’s. Am I too skinny? I think not.

  26. Anon says:

    Personally I love effeminate men…and just because a guy is skinny dosen’t make him eating disordered…my man weighs 8.7 stone (119 pounds), is 5’9 and he eats enough for two men and he is absolutely beautiful. He just does a very physical job (and he’s asian, I don’t know if this means anything). However, I’m glad that you have bought up the subject of men with eating disorders, as it’s good for people to realise that men are also affected by them.

  27. Turkey! says:

    im a 16 year old male, im 9 stone and 5 foot 7. my weight is said to be normal, although i still see myself as too thin. i work out so i have more muscle(which contributes to my heavier weight) but apart from a bit more muscle, i look just as thin as some of the men in the video (a bit heavier than the more extreme images) but i eat 5 meals a day, my diet is good, all it is is that i have a fast matabolism. so its not just eating disorders that cause this. if i didnt work out in any way, but ate the same amount, i would look worse than the men in the video above.i really need help to find out how i can try and look normal weight because it really puts me down.

  28. Annetjie says:

    Love your bones. Bones are beautiful.

  29. v-oz says:

    The guys in that video do not look “sickly”, you can be perfectly healthy with a physique like that. It’s about time that men of slimmer builds became represented; the typical male models from before were not reflecting anything realistic, most guys are not huge and super defined. Women come in all shapes and sizes right? Well guess what guys do too, as insane as that may sound. Seems like you’re just over reacting.

  30. Marcus Deal says:

    I’m also very skinny. 5’10 and 128 pounds. I’m also a United States Marine and I guarantee you, I’m tougher/stronger than alot of guys you think are normal. Women are extremely touchy with thin guys because what it comes down to is they feel insecure about themselves. They dont want you to be smaller than them cause it makes them look fat, so they try to make you feel inadequate about yourself and since everyone in America is getting fatter, including women, they try to put us down. We dont live in the stone age anymore there is no need to look like a neanderthal on steroids. There are no more dinosaurs to fight. Finally for people to realize, that guy is not unhealthy, he is thin .. THIN you can be thin and have muscles. Think outside the box next time. Thank You.

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