A Waist of Life


(Team Rust in action)

Check out this cool film made by three sisters, shot, edited and created in in less than 24 hours! These high school girls submitted their entry into the Insomnia Film Festival sponsored by Apple.

A Waist of Life shows how fashion influences eating disorders, a point I continually reinforce and support.


(Read the covers closely)

Click here to view A Waist of Life and cast your vote to support the film.

Bravo Rust Sisters,


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18 Responses to A Waist of Life

  1. Emily says:

    Amazing video that those girls have made– it has reinforced a lot of my thoughts ive been having about recovery, like about being thin isent everything- having friends and being happy is so much more important than starving and purging just to look a certain way.

    it shows that you can still eat normally and still be slim like those girls are- they are very clever to make that video.

    Well done mama V for finding this video and thanks

    love Emily XxX

  2. empty_girl says:

    I almost find it hard to accept that their message was positive. The video was almost a trigger.

    In response to Emily:
    I doubt that the one girl (the only thin one) in the photoshoot sequence and on the covers ever ate normally… or finished her ice cream, for that matter. The average American female can’t eat normally and look like them.

    In summary, I feel like they tried to make a positive video with commentary on the fashion industry, but ended up with a convoluted message at best.

  3. empty_girl says:

    oh! but still, thanks for the exposure to their media, mamaV.

  4. Josie says:

    I couldn’t see the video.. but from what i have picked up…..

    It’s so easy for skinny pretty girls to talk about how stupid people are to worry about their weight and looks. Unfortunately, unless you’ve been overweight or ugly, or had a mental illness (BDD or an ED maybe), you wouldn’t know what it’s like. Maybe MamaV is an example of this actually – thin and pretty – and doesn’t know the full horror of being fat and/or ugly.

    The reality of being fat and/or ugly is harsh. I went from a BMI of 27 to 20 within 2 years… i don’t think it’s any coincidence that i suddenly had a lot more friends, a lot more male attention and life in general was sweeter. Thinking back to when i was overweight… the dirty looks from pretty girls, muttering when i chose certain breakfast in a diner, not finding flattering clothes ever, being bullied by my own friends, men shouting “mooo” or “big tits” or sarcastically wolf-whistling.

    The people who need to change are the ar**holes who make life difficult for those who are not blessed with good looks. It’s not acceptable to be racist or sexist, but it is acceptable to be fattist. That should change. As long as there’s people being berated for being overweight (including all the hype over the “obesity epidemic”), there will be vulnerable people succombing to unnecessary dieting (with the potential of EDs).

    Ideally we should be looking right to the root of the problem – dealing with those who discriminate against those who are fat and/or overweight, because while that’s a problem, there will always be people feeling bad about themselves.

  5. beth says:

    Josie’s right. The video attempts to send a good message, but it’s basically skinny girls saying “don’t follow media pressure to be thin.” Being bulimic myself, I don’t know that these girls would understand how hard it really is to ignore all the influences we experience about weight. It looks all too easy for them to drop the magazine and go get ice cream. In reality, it’s not that easy.

  6. echo says:

    It’s sad to say though that the pretty, skinny people really do get treated better like Josie said. I experienced that myself when I first started losing weight. I wish I could view the video to comment specifically on that though.

  7. Anon says:

    hahaha are these girls jokers or what! although the editing was very good and the making of video especially as they did it in what less than 24 hours, these girls know jack shit about eating disorders. If they did they wouldnt have made it. I agree with josie on the overweight thing. Now that i have lost weight i get positive attention compared to the gross negative attention when i was fat and i dont find it any coninscidence being that im now moody and isolate myself most of the time, yet people still wanna be my friend?! come one seriously! The video was still well done though! however im not sure what the message was……?!

  8. sIM'One. says:

    the girl we see the most of in that movie looks like a model.
    the only way to counteract this problem is to display people who have different body types in a more attractive light.
    it’s a cute movie, tho.

  9. lolita says:

    those girls did a really good job, especially for their age and time constraints. while it doesn’t cover the many reasons girls have eating disorders, it does make fun of the media for being one main one. and while in reality it’s not as simple as just letting it go, it’s message of simply not looking at those kinds of magazines and media can be beneficial. if we stop buying them, they’ll eventually have to shut down or publish work with more realistic women in them. and okay, its not the solution to the entire problem, but its a start.

  10. Emily says:

    i agree with u lolita- if we stopped buying all of these fashion and diet magazines it would make a positive impact on our lives and evetually the magazine companies would have to shut down!!!

  11. Shana says:

    lolita – i agree with you too. of course a 5 minute video can’t encompass the reasons of an eating disorder, but with their limitations, they’ve created something really special.

    the one thing that made me laugh was the talking parts… their acting was… comical =]

  12. Sara says:

    It was cute, I couldn’t throw a movie like that together in under 24 hrs. so props to them.

    ~However the thin girl making fun of thin models is a little silly to watch…Notice how the thinnest girl out of the 3 had the spotlight of the video.

  13. Hannah says:

    Has anyone seen this guy D.Trull’s website http://www.lardbiscuit.com? I think it’s interesting, read his Disclaimer first.

  14. Kim says:

    my nutritionists goal sheet header read: ” A waist is a terrible thing to mind”. Wouldnt the world be great if we all treated others as we wish to be treated ourselves??? Let’s start now, let’s start here, let’s start with each other and ourselves!! Instead of pointing fingers at others lets look at ourselves and our behaviors and comments.

  15. Amber/vanity900 says:

    such cute outfits….

  16. Lily says:

    Way to go Kim!!! Really made me think and such a positive message

    Lily xx

  17. Tina says:

    That’s very creative and while I think they had great intentions, the one thing that stuck out at me was that they picked the skinniest girl to be the model.

  18. Amanda says:

    WoW!! so cute – and done by 3 sisters!!!! I hope they are all OK & DON’T have issuses – I hope my 3 little girls will be as happy as these girls portrayed.

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