A Fat Rant

This woman really needs no introduction. I think we can all listen and learn.


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31 Responses to A Fat Rant

  1. Jamie says:

    I wish I could feel like her. I want to get to that place where I don’t care what anyone else says or thinks about me. Why do I always go in to a clothing store and want to cry cause I can’t fit into a zero and I have to go up to a 2? That sucks and like what she said its a waste of time but yet I can’t help it…

  2. Vanessa says:

    this video is great, and i agree with everything in it. if i could put it into practice in my life, i would. also if i could go back in time and just decide to accept myself as i was when i was fat instead of ever losing weight, i would.

  3. Alaina says:

    I really, really loved that video! I suffer from poor self image, but that video made me happy to be 5’1 and weigh 206.5 pounds! Hehehe, I said it! 2 points for me! Hey MamaV, does she have any other videos up?

  4. Alaina says:

    Oh, I wanted to let everyone know I found her on youtube… her name’s joynash1 and you can find her through search if you type in A Fat Rant. There’s also a part two to this video which can be found here… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8dm5VpYGH4 it’s funny good stuff!

  5. becky says:

    I told you about that video- dident think u was gona post about it- thanks for posting about it babe.
    its such a great video

    she is a a good example to us all- she show 2 us that being what ever size u are is ok- does matter if u are skinny or fat you should get the same chances and be liked the same by people and never be judged- if only all people thought like her the world would be a happier place 2 be in

    Any one agree?

    Becky xoxoxo

  6. Maria says:

    Her newer video is hilarious, too. I encourage everyone to go watch it. It makes you realize how ridiculous our culture has gotten with dieting and everything.

    Nothing like a little perspective, eh?

  7. Alison says:

    That was really good. Thanks for posting it!

  8. lisamm says:

    Really good–thanks for sharing it!

  9. stacy says:

    Fantastic! I love her! There was a survey going around myspace recently about anorexia, and all these anorexics were answering it with the old HW/LW/CW/GW, and several times I saw, “I weigh 120! I’m 5’7″! I’m so disgusting!” And they’d list a GW of something like 80.

    I used to be anorexic and bulimic. My weight dropped below 100 lbs, and I’m 5’6″. I looked terrible, but I thought I needed to lose 10 lbs. Over the past 18 years (half my life) I’ve gained and lost over 100 lbs. So in solidarity with this woman, I will tell my current, honest weight: 164. A full 60 lbs less than this woman — who I think looks just fine and is even (gasp) PRETTY — and I still beat myself up about my weight from time to time and think oh, I’m so fat, he won’t like me, they’ll laugh at me in dance class, whatever. I get all freaked out about doing yoga with the skinny people, but the fact of the matter is that I’m very muscular, I’m much stronger than I’ve ever been, and I’m not starving myself. I eat whatever I want, just in moderation (and moderation does NOT mean I eat five gummy bears and then skip dinner!) It means that if I want apple pie with ice cream, I’ll by god have it, I just won’t eat the whole pie and then go purge. This woman telling her true weight is an inspiration. And by the way, I have a friend who weighs 225, and she gets way more dates than I do. Go figure!!

  10. Heidi says:

    Wish I could think like she does. But I am almost double her size and so sometimes I feel I am too far gone to change my thinking. :o( I hate my eating disorder. The less talked about, and cared about one…binge eating. Sigh….

  11. Sass1948 says:

    Did Becky post this link on Open Forum cuz am sure that’s where I watched it from, anyway thanks, glad MamaV showin it to everyone.

    Stacy, one of my best friends is quite overweight (not sure of it exactly) but u know, properly classified overweight & she get tons & tons of dates. No kidding she had over 10 guys after her at one point – she’s like a walking sitcom her life is so full of people loving her…

  12. Sass1948 says:

    oh heidi no! i care about binge eating! i really do i’d be devastated if someone i loved was so overweight it threatened their health…severely overweight/severely underweight – both life threatening, both threaten the ones who love you

  13. Lily says:


    I thought this video was brilliant too- well done to Joy Nash for making such an empowering video. I wish I could feel confident in my skin, the world has gone crazy.

    I used to have a gap between my thighs, recently iv noticed it is back- something iv wanted for so long- the “when I’m thin enough” then I’ll feel confident, go out, meet people, be happy. Today I was looking at my thighs- there is a f****ing gap there, do I feel any different??? more satisfied with my body?? brave enough to go take on the world?? happy?? No, I f***ing dont. Its still not good enough. I still feel exactly the same, if not a little worse. It was like a moment of insight- its all fed to us by the media- this crap about if you are thin you are happy. Its absolute rubbish. Brainwashing.

    Sorry I havent explained this well, my head is all over the place at moment- I guess I;m just trying to say- what is this fight to be thin?? it achieves nothing. Yet it is societies obsession.

    Its societies obsession cause there is money to be made off it. Millions, billions in the diet industry, in preying on us, not just men-but women too, preying on each other- and look at the mess we are in

    Think you are brilliant Joy for making that video,

    Lily xx

  14. Heidi says:

    Thanks Sass1948. Wish everyone felt the way you do. I am in therapy and have gotten ED treatment but it is so tough. I have been a binge eater for 24 yrs. It’s a hard habit to break. But thanks for the support. I appreciate it.

  15. Mrs.K. says:

    This was good – very honest, which is something nobody seems to want to be anymore. Something that keeps coming up in comments is that these bigger girls are getting so many dates – it really is entirely about your attitude. I had a friend from seventh grade on who was always a good fifteen to twenty pounds heavier than me (and I weighed probably 150 and up in high school) – she had this attitude that she was all that and a bag of chips and she always had a boyfriend. Not that my attitude about my weight was the only reason I never had a boyfriend in high school (I was a bit intimidating at times with my convictions), but I know it had something to do with it. Once I got happy in my skin, I went on with my life, stopped letting it be about my weight or my looks and when I was twenty, I married a man who loved my every curve. He is so happy with my body at 190 pounds….I lost twenty five pounds and am down to 165 now and he says I’m boney.
    I really like the part of the video when she’s talking about guys and other issues and using the fat as an excuse..I’ve done that for years, but I’m not sure that I ever acknowledged it. I don’t do it now so much because of being happily married and mother of two (almost three) but I wish I had thought of what she said when I was a teenager.

  16. Rachel says:

    That was an awesome video. Kudos to Joy for making it!!!

    I’m slowly breaking through those very attitudes that she discussed, and I’m a happier individual for it! :-) :-) :-)

  17. mamavision says:

    Hi Becky! Yes this post came from your tip! I apologize for not attributing this to you!

    I receive a lot of requests to look at various videos and sites, but this one really stood out. From the first minute I watched Joy- I loved her.

    Why? Pure attitude.

    Also, is it just me but are you surprised she is classified as “obese?” I thought she looks great, really stylish as well. She just doesn’t seem very big to me, so to be classified as obese, according to her weight, just was a surprise.

    Thanks again, keep the great tips coming!

  18. AlexaaaA says:

    Did you deleted the memorial too???

  19. becky says:

    heyya mama V-

    yea i was suprised she was classified as obese- she doesent look that fat- yes she’s fat but not that bad- she looks really good tho.
    she is such a insperation to everyone- love her, a good role model 2.
    thanks for posting it on here mama V

    love ya
    Becky XxX

  20. Cindy says:

    I think it is wonderful how you are tying to change the way women see them selfs. Love the Fat Rant Video. I too am Fat but not as fat as I use to be. I had gastric bypass over a year ago, only for health reasons. My top weight was 355 and I am a little over 5feet 5inchs, my BP was out of control. At age 44, I knew I had a real chance of not seeing my 50th Birthday if I didn’t do something drastic. I was so deprate I was will to die if need be.
    I never had a weight problem until I was pregnate. I was a bit over weight at 152 lbs, but I had a stillbirth child 20 months before. Imagen my horror when This pregnancy started to mimic my last one. I started to gain unbelievable amounts of weight. As before, my doctor did a plethora of tests . They showed I had massive amounts of Protein in my urine and My blood pressure was starting to sky rocket.

    By the time I was put into the high risk ward in my 7th month, I was gaining 6 lbs a week on average! I was put on a special diet, I still gained weight, Doctors and specialists come flooding to my room and no one could find out what was wrong with me. Finely in my 36th week my daughter was born via emergency C-Section. She was fine, But not me. I weighed 239lbs, My BP was 168 over 125 and my pulse rate was 110 lying down. They still could not find out what was wrong, and sent me home With my BP still out of control.
    I have never felt healthy since. It took 6 years and 18 doctors and 75 pounds more ,for a doctor to find I had an under active Thyroid. Back in the mid 80’s they did not do thyroid tests during pregnancy. Because MY BP was high, they never thought to test my Thyroid, Because most people whom are HypoThyroid have low BP…

    Why am I saying all of this? Because as Joy said, you can exercise ,eat right and still be fat. But, your doctors your neighbors and sometimes family members will not believe you. I mean to the world, you cannot be obese if you eat right and exercise. Well my friend. I am here to say that is simply not true. Studys are now finding that 10 percent of people that take thyroid meds never stop gaining weight.

    I was one of them. So I urge people not to judge anyone by their weight, that they are a lazy pig. I maybe as large as a Hog, but honey I am hardly lazy and eating that much was never my thing. I now weigh a healthier 246. I hope one day to at least weight around 170.

    Thanks for letting me “purge” 😉

  21. stacy says:

    I don’t think she’s “obese” at all! I think she’s really sexy. Especially in her swimsuit! She has great boobs. 😉

  22. Robin says:

    This woman had such an incredible attitude. I wish I had the strength that she does. I really enjoyed watching her and even got a kick out of her quirky attitude. I can only hope and pray that someday I will become as strong of believing in myself as she does herself. Mama V.-thanks for sending this video my way.

  23. Having a great self image is one thing, but being healthy is another.

    It’s not healthy to be overweight, no matter how happy you are.

    Don’t be fit for looks or superficial reasons. Do it because you want to be healthy.

  24. Mother Rose says:

    Nicholas, Are you healthy? Do you have any GENETIC disorders+ disease or mental problems??

    Your statement was not fair.

    No one commenting has said it’s good to have unhealthy habits, Sir.

    What I have read about bad health is the opposite of being merely a weight issue.

    If you do not exersize,
    your body suffers….

    Yet, thin people who work out have health problems.

    Also, if you don’t eat a balanced diet…
    you lack nutrients, minerals and so on…

    Yet very strict dieters on supplements
    discover health problems all the time

    Just the same as “FAT” people.


    But…..Your statement made NO sense.

    So, to rephrase what you stated,
    to show you a better way of articulating your concerns.

    “It’s not healthy to be making bad choices in life,
    (over eating till you about burst)

    And it may not be your fault you are unhealthy.
    and it has nothing to do with your weight.

    (although losing weight can possibly ease your symptoms)

    But do the best you can to eat well and move your body. Enjoy life!

    Overweight is not a death sentence.
    neither is being thin.

    But do not take your weight to extremes if you can help this.” Be Moderate.

    If you can’t do it on your own, please seek help.

    there, that’s much better!

    I hope that makes sense.

  25. Jane says:

    Joy Nash also has a blog, which I’ve read… in its entirety (no wonder I’m getting no college work done!).. it’s deff worth reading :o)

    Loved this video, loved the second part more… I laughed my ass off!!

  26. Alyss says:

    That was amazing, very well made – great message.
    I applaud the creators.

  27. Tina says:

    Now THAT is confidence.

    That woman exudes pure CONFIDENCE that is sexy as hell.

  28. jody says:

    I’m in love with Joy Nash!

    This video made me laugh and cry listening to her say everything i do…

    wow thank you for sharing

  29. Jacqueline says:

    Is it just me, or was she quite beautiful?

  30. Lisa says:

    I just watched this video and I think that this is a very healthy way to look at food and weight. Just because you are thin doesn’t mean that you are healthy. The healthiest I have ever been was when I was a size 10/12 as I did a lot of exercise and ate well. The unhealthiest was when I was a size 6/8 and didn’t exercise at all and barely ate. I watched a documentary recently where they compared two women – a size 10 and a size 16. The size 16 woman was shown to have less fat around her organs than the other woman as she did a lot more exercise and ate better. So it just goes to show it’s the inside that matters!

  31. Katherine says:

    This was possibly the most wonderful thing I have seen all night.I wanted to eat her up and weigh 422 pounds!And she is gorgeous,like stunning.Flawless,and so are you mamaV!This website is amazing,and I promise to become a regular.Thank you so much…for trying to set a new inspiration for us young women.You have truely inspired me to not be ashamed of who I am.You’re amazing.Amazing.

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