C'mon girls, shake your money maker!

Pole dancing, as done in strip clubs, is the new trend for kids.

Children, as young as seven years of age, are being taught and encouraged to use pole dancing moves as a form of exercise, causing an uproar in Sydney, Australia.


Touted as a “confidence booster” … Angela Perry instructs 11-year-old Angela at her Pole Fitness Studio and (inset) Britney Spears. Picture: Brad Newman

The Australian Family Association said the classes were inappropriate. “There are plenty of exercise tools out there. Why choose a pole, the classic phallic symbol of the pornographic world?” spokeswoman Angela Conway said.

“By putting children in a pole dancing exercise class you’re teaching children a sexual body language that they don’t know the meaning of but adults do,” she said.

With all the many activities and sports out there for our children, why do we resort to this crap, and then have parents justifying it?

“It’s not slutty or anything. I’ve seen pole dancing on TV and they don’t do anything like that here,” Julie the 42-year-old mother of Angela said. “It’s building up her strength after she got ill and it doesn’t put too much pressure on her muscles. She’s much stronger, healthier and more confident.”

Not slutty? Not sexualization of children? 

One question Julie….exactly how many boys do we have signed up for pole dancing?

My guess would be a big ole’ zero,



Thanks to Tipster Christine for this story. 


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36 Responses to C'mon girls, shake your money maker!

  1. Paige says:

    That’s crazy.

    Why aren’t the owners of this company being investigated for some kind of child abuse?

  2. Josie says:

    Oh dear.

    Playing in the park seemed to do the job for me when i was 11….

  3. Lily says:

    Jesus, its quite sick really isnt it.
    MamaV are you around? I know I never emailed you back but if i sent one now would u have a chance to read it?
    Lily x

  4. Sass1948 says:

    now this makes me angry…

  5. Lexi says:

    this is not right-
    i tottaly agree with you mama V-
    why do parents choose this sport, why not dancing,ballet, netball etc instead, why pole dancing,
    this is not right for a 11 year old to do, they don’t understand what pole dancing if for, its not usally done out side of clubs, and no offence to people who are pole dancers but who would want to be a pole dancer and see all the men look at u, and hear all the drunk men shout stuff to you.

    Does anyone agree?
    Lexi xoxoxo

  6. ANON says:

    When it comes down to it, it’s up to parents to decide if it is appropriate for their 7 year old daughter to do pole dancing or not…

    I don’t think it is right in any way… sure they might not do “slutty moves” in the class… but i bet she does “slutty moves” to show off to her friends what she has learnt.

    I’m from Australia, and as far as I know (apart from this place) you need to be 16 to be able to sign up for pole dancing. I think that this is a much more appropriate age.

    Pole dancing IS great exercise and it IS fun to learn (I did it for my hens night) but it is just wrong for a 7 year old to be swinging around on a pole… There are much better activities for kids to do these days…

  7. Rachel says:

    That’s just plain… wrong! I’m no prude, but that’s obnoxious.

  8. palmtreechick says:

    Okay, that’s messed up. I must admit, it is a great form of exercise (I took a class last year) and it is a lot of fun, but it is NOT for kids!! What is wrong with people?

  9. Katie says:

    Oh for Pete’s sake. An 11 year old pole dancing? I think that’s wrong even if it’s not sexual moves. I’m sick of the sexualization of girls in todays culture. It’s getting younger and younger; look at dolls like Bratz aimed at young girls.

    No wonder eating disorders are occurring in younger and younger girls. They’re taught to be conscious of their bodies from a really early age.

  10. Sara Greene says:

    Ew. That’s all I can say. See? I’m not a heartless fashion whore, after all!

  11. Charlotte says:

    I guess I wouldn’t judge it until I actually saw what they do in the class. I know everyone will be against me on this. I don’t think they should title it ‘pole dancing’ if it isn’t similar to what they do in strip clubs. I highly doubt they are doing any sort of sexual move in those classes. If it was that inappropriate for the age of the girls in the class it would not be held. I don’t believe we have all the facts except the name ‘pole dancing’. The Australian Family Association said that it is inappropriate. Well if that is the case then why are mothers letting their daughters do the class? I don’t know of one parent that would allow their young child to do some sort of sexual workout. Once again, I wouldn’t judge it unless I saw what they actually do in the class and if it is appropriate then they need to rename the class to something not known as a sexual thing. Of course on the other hand, if they did any sort of sexual pole dancing move I would not agree with it so don’t jump on me about saying what I am.

  12. Jennifer says:

    Who ever lets their kids do this and sees nothing wrong with it needs to have their kids taken away!

  13. Vanessa says:

    i’m not sure. i guess to me i suspect the classes aren’t overtly sexual, so instead of being horrified or outraged it just seems kindof dumb. the sort of think you think people ought to be able to understand is wrong without being told. because, even if the childrens classes don’t teach the sexualized moves, it’s pole dancing for goodness sake.

    so, i AM against it but i can also imagine how it happened. pole dancing is the new excersize trend for women, which i see nothing wrong with. so, mom is practicing her moves at home, little daughter sees and says wow mom that’s neat, i want to try! next thing you know: kids’ pole dancing classes.

  14. Charlotte says:

    I’m not for it if they do any sort of sexual move but in that article, if any have read it, they said the girls do not do any dancing moves.

    Seriously, why judge it before you see it? I don’t think it should be titled ‘pole dancing’ if it is a class for younger children. I just don’t get it. Everyone on here is so quick to judge. The authorities would step in if it is as bad as many of you think.

    “Canterbury’s Pole Fitness Studios owner Angela Perry said the classes did not teach children to pole dance but used the pole as a fitness tool.

    Ms Perry said PFS did not teach dance routines and instead moves derived from martial arts, gymnastics and the circus.

    Participants dress in casual shorts and tops and go barefoot during the classes.

    “It’s a shame people do not realize they are separate because it’s depriving a lot of people from having fun with their fitness,” she said. ”

    I guaranty you that if it was not title ‘pole dancing’ there wouldn’t be an article on it. There would also not be a class if it was horrible because parents would not allow their children to participate in it.

    Isn’t there always comments on here from people saying get the facts before you come to a conclusion on something?

    I don’t know why not one of you asked yourself “if it is that bad then why is there a class in the first place?”. No one wants their eleven year old acting like a stripper so they wouldn’t put them in a class if the class was ran like you believe it is.

    I don’t why this is bothering me so much. I never comment on here because I think it is pointless. I have in the past and people on here really are not that friendly. It is just so sad that people believe everything they hear with out doing any research.

  15. Alexa says:

    Well Charlotte,

    How you call this? Stick dance, Pole Fitness?
    Don tell me that the pose of the teacher in the pic dot makes you think about a stripper…

    i think pole dance, and striptease class its fine for woman, but for an 11 years old kid??

  16. apple says:

    Interesting post. I would love to know how many boys have signed up too.

    I just wanted to say that I came accross your site last night through WordPress and that I read every single one of your posts in one go (and nearly overslept today!). Your posts are very insightful. I shall continue reading 😀

  17. Sarah says:

    i agree with charlotte. maybe if kids had fun with excersize america wouldn’t be so fat and bitter.

  18. Anon says:

    i think its a good a idea. im not disagreeing against mamav like i usually do, but i think its good idea for one reason. Kids today are becoming morbidly obese (with where i work there are so many 12 year olds on orlistat..prescribed weight loss drug). kids unfortunately simply dont want to exercise. If this happens to be the one thing your child is interested in and will do it, then i say grab the oppertunity. I dont agree with teaching the sexual moves though, if i had a daughter i full stop wouldnt let her do it if sexual moves were taught. Howeever, if it was the only thing than i could get interested in then i would let her do it. (its took my mum 7 years to find something i would stick at…which i did for 10 years)

  19. Sarah says:

    exercise** sorry i hate misspellings

  20. Vanessa says:

    actually, now i think about it… probably less harmful to little girls than gymnastics, ballet, and figure skating. aka- eating disorder training. :(

  21. Sarah says:

    exactly!! kids are either going to have sex or they aren’t. a “dance” class won’t change it.

  22. Jennifer says:

    Everyone wants their little girl to learn how to dance on a pole, duh. Every mother looks at their child and goes, “She will be a great stripper someday!” Great parents!
    On a side not, after reading how okay a lot of people are with this it really is no wonder why so many preteens and teens are having babies.

    Can a male teacher teach a class like this? Hmmm….this world is f***** up!

  23. Anon says:

    ok jennifer, i really dont think that cos people seem ok with it means that they think preteen sex and having babies is good. I for sure dont think a dance class can ever do this. A mother can only d so much t stop her kid having sex. Thankfully my mum taught me correctly and yet i still went to a top stage school where i was taught to dance sexy, and i remained a virgin until 19.

    And yeah i think a male teacher can teach this..its exactly the same same as a male teacher teaching any other kind of dance class. At the end of the day. nearly all dance is sexy.

  24. MC says:

    Pole. Dancing. Is. Trashy. Period.

  25. Jane says:

    If this was your daughter in question, just how happy would you be about sending her to learn how to pole dance!? And, so, they don’t get taught “sexual moves” – that makes it okay? How about sending kids to stripping classes where they get to keep their clothes on… great!!! I think I’ll check it out, cuz clearly, that’s okay! Whilst I’m at it, I might just show these kids a porn film… of course, the actors wouldn’t be having sex, so it’s not a problem.

    Erm… logic has gone where?

    You want your kids to exercise? Go play with them in the park! Take them for a game of hide and seek in the woods! Run around and let kids be kids… where has the sudden obsession come from that’s forcing 7 -11 year olds to become little adults? It’s sad…

  26. Sarah says:

    many kids take belly dancing… no one has voiced a concern about that yet. all it is is a form of dance. people don’t become pole dancers to “show off their sexy moves” they learned when they were 11, they do so because they are living in poverty and they just happen to have an okay face and body so that job sounds better than flipping burgers. It’s a sad truth.

    would i send my daughter to pole dancing? probably not. but am i astonished and blinded in this day and age? absolutely not.

  27. Vanessa says:

    i’m with sarah on this, i think. i would never send my daughter to pole dancing, but it’s become a legitimate form of excersize for adult women so i think the shocked-ness here is a bit much. and i think it probably doesn’t harm the girls as much as people seem to think.

    i would NEVER allow my daughter to take ballet or gymnastics (or model). a different form of dance, fine. but from what i know about the culture of gymnastics and ballet they can be wayyyy more harmful, and how many millions of little girls take those classes?

  28. Charlotte says:

    Hip hop dancing has a lot of sexual moves in it and children take hip hop classes…. The article mentioned there isn’t dancing in the class! They do not dance in the class! Did anyone click the link and read the article?? It doesn’t seem as if most of you have actually read the article. This just proves my point when I say that people only want to believe or hear what they want. I very highly doubt they do any sort of sexual moves in that class. There would not be a class if they were teaching young children sexual moves or dances.

  29. Vanessa says:

    i’ve read the article charlotte even though i’ve still been calling it pole dancing. it isn’t clear from my reading if its a dance class or just an excersize class that uses the pole in some way, but to me it doesn’t make a big difference. i’m on the fence, because i think it’s just dumb to have little girls using a stripper pole for excersize and i wouldn’t let my daughter do it. but i don’t think it will lead to teen pregnancies or the moral degredation of australia or anything catastrophic like that, either.

  30. Charlotte says:

    Vanessa… do you not have anything better to do with your day that you come to this site and just disagree with what everyone has to say? You are the reason why I no longer comment on here. Every time I have made a comment, which is few, you have come back at me in some negative way. That is just sad. I get help for my problems maybe you need to get help for yours instead on taking it out on everyone else.

  31. Vanessa says:


    i’m sorry you feel that way. in this case i believe i was 99% in agreement with you, so i guess this is more a problem you have with me as a person than with anything i say (since you seem to get as upset when i agree with you as when i disagree).

    if it will help i will simply promise never to respond to anything else you write. will that fix the problem? as for the rest of it, i’m not leaving mamaVISION (or getting “help”) any time soon.

  32. Sass1948 says:

    go charlotte go charlotte! god it needed saying girl luv ya 😀 x

  33. Nathalie says:

    Not sure if they have this in the states but back when I was a kid we had jungle gyms outside in the play yard with a pole you could slide down. My friends and I had competitions to see who could hold themselves up the longest without sliding down . We also had another competition on who could climb up the pole and who could hang upside down. Isn’t that what this course is? Sad that children need monitored and structured activities but seems to me that it isn’t about sex and stripping, it is about structured/monitored activity since most kids today seem to lack imagination or the parents are too paranoid their kids will get abducted and molested to play in the play yard. This is just how I interpret it.

  34. jess says:

    Ok im from New Zealand and here that would be a form sexual abuse. I mean what does the parent wish to gain from this? To me it screams that something dodgy is going on in this childs life for her to be learning such a idiotic thing.

  35. Rhan says:

    The problem I have with it is the negative-sexually charged connotations pole-dancing has. The word ‘ploe-dancing’ evokes images of scantily clad young women using the pole as a phallic symbol.

    Whether sexual moves are learnt or not, the connotations themselves are harmful. Little girls will start to see a vague similarity of what they learn and what proper pole-dancers do, just through the same titles. I am worried that this may encourage them to think that pole-dancing in clubs is ‘fun’ and normal. I am not knocking pole-dancers, I am in agreeance with what Sarah stated about the poverty and desparation.

    However, I don’t really agree with belly-dancing either. It is a valid form of self-expression, but shouldn’t the children be told to wait a few years until they are mature enough to understand the sometimes negative connotations? There are plenty of other fun activities children can do, so perhaps parents need to carefully consider the alternatives.

    The parent makes the decision for their child and should therefore be held accountable for it. I would never subject my child to pole-dancing classes or belly-dancing. If they wanted to do gymnastics, modelling or ballet, I would make them wait until they are mature enough to deal with the harsh critisims that they will most certainly recieve.

    That is just my opinion.

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