Tyra's Twisted Logic


Let’s continue our discussion on Sarah Hartshorne, the size 8 “plus sized” model on America’s Next Top Model, since the first post brought out such great thinking and debate!


Sarah Hartshorne, the too fat for the big time “real model”

Many of you pointed me back to Kerry Elizabeth’s post and suggested I should get my facts straight on this situation before posting about it. True, I did not see the show, my comments came from seeing Sarah speaking on Entertainment Tonight (for the life of me I can’t find it! It’s on youtube somewhere).

Here is what Kerry Elizabeth had to say;

“In the first episode of this cycle she (Tyra) made several comments about how “she (Sarah) wasn’t “plus enough” to be a plus model” that she was “on the thin” side,
but instead of saying “lose weight” to be a high fashion model…or instead of saying “gain weight” to be a true plus size, they are keeping her at her normal weight.


Then they said “if it’s not plus what is she?” and Ms. Jay said “real size modeling” and Tyra said-”i like that, i’m a real size model too!” …..so i guess i dont really see her as saying size 8 is plus.

and on top of that in the first epidsode….Last night’s episode during the deliberation- when they looked at Sarah’s picture, they said they loved her, but it makes them Upset that she’s LOST weight. because its straying away from the idea that she was going to be herself-this “real sized” model. “

so…while i practically am always in favor of your posts and the beliefs behind them…
this is one i dont completely agree with, especially after i’ve watched all of the episodes so far. and i really do believe that Tyra is on our side of this battle..

 Here is my rebuttal:

What is Sarah the “real model” going to be doing after the show?

She is too big to land any “real” modeling jobs, too small to work the plus model circuit so she will need to find a….real job.

For those of you that cringed when I said Sarah is “too big,” why did you? Sarah is the exact size as I am. I know I am not “big,” but I know I am “too big” to be a model according to today’s standards. Are you able to make this differentiation, or somewhere deep down does this make you feel like you don’t measure up? 


Tyra planned this….poorly.

This is a planned ploy. Do you think Sarah was just a random pick for the show? The producers deliberately picked her so they could make this point, and they did a sucky job at it.  No doubt Tyra speaks out about her objection to today’s modeling standards, after all she no longer fits the bill, and she has been berated by the press for it (totally unfair in my view).

Here’s my issue with Tyra- she could be doing so much more, but she is falling back on her modeling roots, and that bothers me. She is placing herself out front and center as a role model, choosing the next top model, yet trying to make this weak side commentary about how things “should be.”

Seems like a totally lame attempt for change, no? 


Why are you all watching America’s Top Model?

It would seem to me that this program would not be the best for your psyche when you are dealing with and ED, but hey, that’s just me.

What does attract you to this show? Pure and simple entertainment, or a desire to watch the pretty people and make yourself feel like crap? Just curious.

Bottom line, Tyra needs a new business manager. This girl could work wonders with the right cause, right time, right place.

But hey, who am I to judge. Tyra’s raking in the millions thanks to all of you who tune in each week.

As always, to each her own.


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24 Responses to Tyra's Twisted Logic

  1. Sass1948 says:

    my best friend, who is overweight, watches ANTM to motivate her to keep on dieting (seeing skinny girls)…but it depresses her rather than motivates her, which leads to her overeating, then feeling guilty, then starving, then dieting, then watching ANTM, binging, starving, WEIGHT GAIN. Silly billy but I think she’s among a massive amount of women out there.

    I watched bit of an episode of ANTM once with my best friend, & I will never watch it again…Tyra’s irritating & no role model at all. Role model? In her dreams!

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  3. Josie says:

    Though i don’t think i should comment seeing as i’ve never watched ANTM, but from what’s put here i’m completely with you MamaV :)

    I can’t imagine what’s so wonderful about that show that so many are addicted to it.
    Though i know that when deep in my ED i would actively look out for anything even mildly ED-related in the media and swoop on it, it was just part of the whole obsession. Pre-ED, and now post-ED i have no interest in any of that kindof thing.

    My little sister has been offered her first modelling job today.
    I really don’t see the appeal, especially from the feminist point of view that she’s offering her body as an object, a coat-hanger, a slab of meat, to be owned, the same way that men have seen women for centuries, but in this sense is long yet to change.

  4. Vanessa says:

    ok, so is this you admitting that you went totally overboard and said things in your last post that were completely untrue about that show and tyra banks? because i gotta say, and maybe i’m nitpicking, you didn’t seem to say that part very clearly at all.

    as for ANTM, well of course i don’t watch it- it just isn’t my kind of show. i did watch some of one of the seasons a couple years ago because i lived with people who liked it. but it’s just not my thing so i don’t feel like i can comment.

    oh, and about the proana conversation- i think i’m gonna blog more about my feelings on being a mod this evening but i just think… you seem to see things in black and white when there’s almost no black or white anywhere in the situation. for instance, imagine trying to keep wannas out of a proana forum. it just isnt possible. you can keep people who obviously dont have an eating disorder and come asking for tips… and depending on how exclusive you make your forum you can come close to the goal of not having any wannas. but there’s no way to verify anything about people online, and if you want a large healthy site then you are going to have a mix of people, including wannas, period.

  5. Anon says:

    when antm was on mainstream tv i watched it, but it moved over to sky and i can no longer watch it. However if this girl sarah wins (i dont think she has been kicked off yet)she will win a modelling contract, one which they cannot go back on and work will come her way. That is tyras step one on aiming in changing the modelling world. Tyra admitted in one of the early cycles that the girls she picks are very thin, however in the modelling world most are still to big…an in that season they had a “where are they now” kind of thing and the losers were trying to look for work and practically all of them got told to go lose more weight before they come back. And these girls were still very skinny,

    so how about we stop dissing tyra…she doesnt deserve it.

  6. Shana says:

    your whole post is based on a rebuttal of what KerryElizabeth wrote, but i don’t think her post needed a rebuttal. she was making truth.

    look, obviously models are smaller than the average person. that’s the way the fashion industry goes – you should know that. instead of going crazy over it all the time, just move on and get over it.

    and this whole conspiracy idea.. of tyra using sarah to normalize her own weight or whatever… i really think you are reading too much into this. take it at face value, this girl is gorgeous, but she isn’t abnormally thin like most models are. that’s all tyra was saying. and even is she is doing it for that purpose, i don’t think it’s a “totally lame attempt of r change” at all. i think it’s pretty smart.

    no offense, but i don’t know if you’re in a place to be attributing ulterior motives to other people…

    why do i watch ANTM? entertainment. you ever watch it? it’s hilarious.

    the bottom line is, there are so many more people in the world worth attacking, so just leave Tyra alone, k?

  7. Sarah says:

    i watch ANTM because I like fashion. If i wanted “thinspiration” i certainly wouldn’t get it from that show as those girls are bigger than typical size models. (however I don’t look for thinspiration.) as a model who is very into fashion and happens to have an issue with weight, I watch it for the fashion and modelling part. it’s no different than a basketball player watching a basketball game

  8. beth says:

    Why does Tyra use thin models and not all “real size” models? Hmm…. because the average size “a size 12” LOOKS bad. It’s unattractive to have a body that size, and size 0’s and 2’s are just aesthetically more pleasing to view. So maybe that’s why sooo many women strive to have those bodies. No, it’s not healthy or right to unnaturally attain such a figure, but neither is being a size 12.

    And MamaV, you are completely right that girls with ED’s should not be watching these types of shows. They only make us feel worse about our bodies and promote unhealthy behaviors.

  9. KerryElizabeth says:

    i dont like this.. i feel like the enemy

  10. Shana says:

    mamaV, did you ask KerryElizabeth if you could use her words as the basis of your next rant?

    everything she said was sound and you are making her out to be wrong… when she wasn’t.

  11. mamavision says:

    Hi Kerry Elizabeth: I certainly don’t want to make you out to make you the enemy! I apologize for making you feel this way.

    Many girls seemed to agree with you, so I thought it would be a good idea to showcase your perspective. I meant it as a compliment, although I have a different perspective than you do.

    Take care!

  12. mamavision says:

    Hi Shana: Although I appreciate and respect your opinion, I respectfully ask you to remember that this is my blog.

    I will pick and choose topics, subjects and people as I please. I don’t need to ask permission to utlize a persons post on my own blog, and I just shared with Kerry Elizabeth my apologies and I am in a position to call out ulterior motives if I choose to do so.

    You asked me to lay off of Tyra, which is ironic because that it was a post about Tyra that started this blog! Go here to view my first post: http://mamavision.com/2006/09/22/americas-top-model-show/

    If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t be here talking.

    My point is, this is an open forum for discussion. Life is about appreciating differing opinions, not trying to shut each other down. Do you know what I mean?

    Take care,

  13. mamavision says:

    Hi Vanessa: I totally agree with your synopisis of the pro ana board thing being shades of gray. If this was not apparent, I apologize. See this is why I like doing video blogs because I think sometimes its easier to express feelings and thoughts that way than in writing.

    I was not attempting to apologize for my intial comments on Tyra’s show.

    Take care!

  14. palmtreechick says:

    Nice new layout, Mama V!

  15. Shana says:

    i know this is your blog. and it’s a good thing it’s yours and not mine because i wouldn’t be able to do this stuff the way you do.

    look, i’m a fan of yours. i think what you are doing is great. and i’m not one of those people that is trying to attack your character and such.

    i still maintain what i said abt having better people than Tyra to ‘hate’ on. i know you can choose to talk abt whatev you want, and i don’t have to read this if i don’t want, but i do want to, because i think you speak a lot of truth. what i meant was, there are so many more people who are so obviously detrimental to young women’s body image, self esteem and the like, that it would seem more… common sense(?) to address that before you pick this… but whateva, it still comes down to… it’s ur blog.

  16. withlovebyli says:

    If Sarah is “real size” then what does that make the rest of the models? Fake size?

  17. Vanessa says:

    um… again it’s nitpicky- but i didn’t say anything about apologizing. i think it’s clear that you were factually innacurate in your last post. saying “i was wrong/had my facts wrong” is different from apologizing. i don’t think you owe anyone a personal apology but i do think you had the facts wrong in your first post.

  18. Katie says:

    I think I agree with you here. Tyra definitely does all she can to make herself look good.

    I do watch ANTM primarily for the entertainment value, but I do end up comparing myself to the girls the whole time and feeling bad that I would probably be too fat to be a model.

  19. Jamie says:

    I’m the same way Katie. I want to watch ANTM for the entertainment but by the end of the show I start to compare myself with the girls on there. I’m thanking God right now for me not being able to afford cable. That way I can’t watch the show. lol That show is addicting just like other shows and movies. I know I shouldn’t watch them cause its not helping me at all but I end up watching them anyways.

  20. Stephanie says:

    I watch Tyra’s show and I have to admit that I like it. Why? I do and I don’t like Tyra. I’m a bit in the middle about her. Sometimes she comes off as sweet and caring of what is “right, and healthy”, then other times she comes off arrogant (sp) and rude to some of her models. I am inspired by some of the models on the show. The models who are real and honest, not vindictive and out to stomp on all the other contestants. You don’t necessarily need to be a coniving bitch to make it. And I think sometimes Tyra teaches that you must be that way. I think that you should just be you and not pretend to be someone else because usually the people that are paying close attention to you, eventually notice. I don’t have an ed but I do practice certain things that people with ed’s do. I am not trying to change who I am, I am just trying to change the way I look. As for Tyra’s show, she seems to try to mold these girls into “mean “models in order to succeed. Tyra is beautiful, no doubt. And she is a little big, yes, but she could use an attitude makeover. This is why I love her and hate her and I bet that the show is intended to do just that. It’s all about the ratings, and I keep watching. Thanks for listening to my nonsense. If you disagree, that is fine. I can agree to disagreeing. LOL

  21. Amber/vanity900 says:

    Shes a size 8? she looks like a size 2…whoa modles are giants…skinny giants!

  22. Christine says:

    I personally am guilty of being the eating disordered girl that watches ANTM religiously. I don’t know why. I guess it’s my “thinspiration.” I’ve even started watching other countries versions of the show. Except I was disappointed to find out that the first season winner of Canada’s Next Top Model was Anorexic and Jay Manuel didn’t do anything about it and now she’s their new face. I think it’s horrible representation.

  23. withlovebyli says:

    Christine – Yes, Andrea Muizelaar, the winner of Canada’s Next Top Model season one, suffered from anorexia. However, I just saw on the news last night that she has recovered! :) In fact, she left the fashion industry and is now a banker.

    Here is my source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrea_Muizelaar

  24. anonymous says:

    tyra uses thin models and you are not happy.
    tyra uses fat models and you are not happy.
    tyra uses average sized models and you are still not happy.
    whatever tyra does, you will never be happy.

    the problem here isn’t tyra, it’s you.

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