"Ana Rexia" hotty costume

Time for Halloween ladies! Be the life of the party at your neighborhood get together when you arrive in this fun, new costume inspired by the millions suffering with eating disorders! 

Introducing “Anna Rexia!”


Skeleton Costume includes Knit Dress with Glitter Screenprint, Headband, Choker Neckband, Removable “Anna Rexia” Badge and Ribbon Tie Belt, all yours for just $42.95!

 Are you frickin’ kidding me? Our demented society continually gets off on making fun of eating disorders, and there are all too many pathetic, vain women out there just waiting to peel this thing on for Halloween desparate to be “rexy” for their male admirers.

If this is your costume for choice this Halloween, get the hell out of my way, because if I catch you strutting your stuff in this you’ll be flattened in 10 seconds or less.


Thanks to tipster Liz who discovered this story here Complex.com 

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65 Responses to "Ana Rexia" hotty costume

  1. Kelsey M says:

    I’m confused. Sorry. Is the joke comment from you or the makers of the custom? If it is from you are you referring to wannabes or people suffereing from real anorexia? I’m confused – sorry.

  2. Michelle says:

    This is ridiculous.. do costume makers seriously know what they are doing?!
    I’m the same way, if I were to see ANYONE wearing this seriously, I may just flatten them.

    I hate that people are so unaware of what kind of image they are portraying.

  3. Vanessa says:

    ummm… isn’t mamaVISION constantly making fun of anorexia, anorexics, and skinny models who are probably anorexics? where exactly is your moral high ground for denouncing this? esp after you aplauded the women at the fashion show passing out barf bags?

    i mean, personally i found both a bit funny, in a sick way. don’t know who would wear the costume but it made me laugh. apparently humour is allowed only when it agrees with mamaVISION and serves mamaVISION’s great and noble purpose?

    oh, no. that would be a cult of personality, and we agreed you couldn’t possibly be leading one. my mistake.

  4. mamavision says:

    Hi Kelsey: I am completely and totally APPAULED by this costume. I think this is horrible.

    I am against the proana movement (anorexia as a lifestyle), and supportive of those who suffer with eating disorders.

    This costume makes a mockery out of the disease of anorexia. Please read my last sentence and I think my point is quite clear.

    Take care!

  5. mamavision says:

    Vanessa: You are going out on a limb to be in conflict with me here, I think you need to put more thoughts into your posts before you let ’em fly.

    Also, I will be speak for myself, thank you very much, so I would appreciate you not twisting the truth in an effort to entertain yourself, or should I say bring attention to yourself and your blog.

    Frankly, its getting tiresome reiterating my points of view, so I won’t even respond to your statement above. I trust my readers are intelligent enough to read my mission statement and read through a few posts to get a clear picture of the real mamaV.

    Also, to those of you who have also had enough of Vanessa’s lashings…..sorry but you need to put up with her. I have a policy to allow all to post and to not block any users, so we all need to be just one big happy family here. :)

    Vanessa, sincerely, I hope you find your way,

  6. Lexi says:

    i agree with u mama V , this costume is appulaing, who ever designed this costume should be sued, its awful


  7. Maria says:

    Ladies, the point isn’t whether mamaV criticizes anorexics, proAna sites, eating disorders, or whatever else you can think of… the point is that this costume is making like… poking fun, even… at a seriously destructive mental disorder.

    I’m recovering from SIX YEARS of the torment of anorexia… and I find the costume completely disrespectful and ridiculous. If I saw someone wearing that, I would be incredibly upset, and hurt.

    I’m emailing the company. This is ridiculous.

  8. Paige says:

    This is appauling.

    That’s all I can really say… I’m just kinda in shock that people would actually market this crap…

  9. Anon says:

    mama i have read you mission statement, and i get it. I am just still a little confused though. maybe im not all that intelligent, but unfortunatly you did endorse those barf bags, sayin that its sad that society has got to a point where they have to mock the disease for anyone to listen…well isnt what this costume thing is doing? I am not having a go here, i just wanna clarify. I just want to uderstand how comes you endorsed the barf bags yet not the costume?

    Anorexia is considered by most the more worse of the eating disorders but that is only because the physical effects are more tangible. However bulimia is infact (not mywords i just read somwhere) more fatal even though physically effcts effects arent as tangible. I just wonder mama, so you feal anorexia is more worse (again so not having a go….just trying to understand) so you lash out more at the costume rather than the barf bags?

  10. I literally could not believe my eyes when I saw this. Absolutely unbelievable!

  11. mamavision says:

    Hi Anon: In comparing this costume to the barf bag stunt, I think the key differentiator is the target audience.

    This costume is marketed to consumers. This company is making fun of eating disorders and perhaps even encouraging anorexia as a lifestyle (proana).

    The barf bag stunt was directed at a very specific segment of the population. The Fashion Industry, those who hold the power for change. They delivered their message during the largest, most public event in NY. The Jezebel girls hit the Designers, models, stylists and all others taking part and contributing to the un-health of their industry right between the eyes (let’s not have the same old debate over whether or not models are naturally thin please). It was genius, and I support this direct delivery of this message totally.

    It was brought to my attention that those suffering with bulimia were offended, and I apologized, sincerely, but will not take back my words since this was not my intent, and my heart is in the right place. Those who read my blog know I am certainly not here to make fun of anyone with an eating disorder.


  12. Kelsey M says:

    Thanks for clarifying. LOL sorry I was confused. I get it now. Duh. LOL

  13. Anon says:

    ok i get your point, about the barf bags. the fashion industry has the power to change…as do the agencies who supplied the costume makers with this stick thin model. so isnt it a double standard? theycan poke fun at those who stick their heads over the toilets, who already beat themself up because they havent had the willpower to restrict or starve (and this feeling i am generalising because yes i belong to a proana forum, and i speak to so many bulimics who feel this as do i). Even though those barf bags were aimed at the designers, and the models etc, this costume is doing the same thing. How do you know they arent aiming it at designers as well.

    They are poking fun at what the fashion industry is doing just as much as those who were usng the barf bags. All in all its they were both fun at what vulnerable girls go through, one cannot be supported while the other detested. If someone chooses to but the custume, then they are twats. just like those who took the barf bags for a good laugh. I come from england, halloween isnt such a huge deal over here, but i think it is in america, and from what i can tell, most do not dress up in sppoky costumes anymore. Most dress as “naughty nurses” or whatever. So therefore this could also be taken as a large public event. People wanna look good against others, and isnt it a day when candy and chocolate is aorund more than other days?! an anorexics/bulimics/overeaters idea of hell. just becasue it wasnt done during an actual fashion week, how do you know that they still arent poking fun at it. Had they chosen to present this costume at fashion week as “fashion for halloween” or whatevre…would you hve given it them same reception as you did the barf bags, or woudl you still be as angry?


  14. Sass1948 says:

    mamav, i’ve never felt “made fun of” on this site, ever. i don’t really understand where this comes from? also, the barf bags & the costume – again, don’t see the correlation.

    but ooh it’s spooky i saw an article on this costume on the web but when i clicked the link the page didnt load, so now i see it here. it’s HORRIBLE! uh. who’d wear this? i know someone somewhere out there will but really, who? i just wonder… do u think any of us would wear it? no. maybe like…those sad, small minded girls (i’m sorry but they’r out there, those diva types with their playboy bunny symbols hangin round their necks? printed on their vanity plates?) am guessing its gonna be bimbos right?

  15. Josie says:

    That’s sad.

    Maybe there should be more… schizophrenia, depression, cancer… you name it we should start a trend *sarcasm*

  16. Angie says:

    Makes my Wonder Woman costume seem a little old-hat. :(

  17. Angie says:

    Sorry- Sass, do you have a link to that article? I’d love to read it.

  18. Heidi says:

    This costume is wrong, wrong, wrong!! It is not a costume at all. It is a sad thing to have and a sad thing to suffer from. God I hate society!!

  19. hillary says:

    mama…. i purged like 5 minutes ago. I dunno why i’m telling you, I guess I just needed someone to know. I had gone so long. I mean… I always have thoughts, but I had never done it until now. I don’t know what came over me. I ate dinner, got a bottle of water, and went upstairs. I feel disgusting and I don’t know if it’s because of the food, or the throwing it up…

  20. Lily says:

    Hi Hillary,

    Is this your first time doing this? I just want to say if it is and you can at all leave this and not purge again-please please do. Purging is so addictive- it seems like an answer to a problem but it becomes a problem of its own, it gets a life of its own- YOU CAN GET SERIOUSLY ADDICTED TO THIS BEHAVIOUR- and after a while, after while when you have no control over it anymore, the side-effects come. Teeth get eroded, turn yellow, feel rough cause the enamel is gone, and all need to be filled from cavities, the acid damages your oesophagus, mouth, inside of your nose, nose-bleeds, stomach ulcers, migraine, heart palpitations, pins and needles, need I go on?

    Please dont go down this road Hillary, or if you have already been there, you will know what I am talking about, dont go back there,

    Lily xxx

  21. mamavision says:

    Hi Hillary: I am glad you reached out. Please visit the forum, click on the link to Google groups on the upper right of the blog. The forum is a community of many who are there for support, through sharing of personal stories and understanding.

    You may also email me directly anytime at mamavision@gmail.com


  22. Mandy says:

    I saw this (similar) but as a NICOLE RITCHIE costume…. I find it funny… although I see how it can be taken horribly, since it is indeed poking fun at a disease that plagues women – even friends of mine…. but, nonetheless, i find it funny… I mean, there isn’t MUCH I take TOO seriously… it’s only life…. after all

  23. sIM'One. says:

    i have no problem with this costume. i actually see it as a work of art telling us where people’s minds are at right now.
    & although i take anorexia and all eating issues seriously, i actually find it pretty funny.
    it is at worst, annoying; only because the world seems to be obsessed with weight and eating disorders at the moment, and this is a reflection of that.
    notice on the same page there’s a “mental patient” costume with a sexy straight jacket. haha.

    suggestion: rather than make a judgement immediately about these things, perhaps it would be more beneficial to discuss meaning and what it represents to each individual.

    i found it interesting what mamavision said about how the costume is a completely different statement because it is used to market a product, as opposed to the barf bag stunt which was a statement directed at a specific group and was not used for marketing at all.
    i have to think more about this because it still comes as a shock, how much advertising can get inside our heads.


  24. beth says:

    Well well well, something else to overreact about. This costume is tasteless and for the simple minded society, but not something to be enraged over. Freedom to say what we want in America, though risks of being insensitive. I don’t think the company cares- they just want to make money.

    As to Vanessa and MamaV, while Vanessa could use some manners and tact to express her views, I think she has an interesting blog. Not completely self-centered like mine, lol.

  25. SS-Irma says:

    I wish Halloween could be celebrate in Europe like in America. Here people just have some costumed parties and some drunken orgy maybe … nothing more … is not such a big event.

  26. em says:

    ^^^ yeh i was kinda thinking that too… i mean, i can see everyones point of view and the argument but its not like the costume company is out to get us… it is just a costume… i mean, i’ve been to a costume party where we had to come as diseases… little morbid but fun, i wouldn’t have been offended if someone wore that… but each to their own i guess…

  27. Vanessa says:

    aw, beth! defense for my poor blog and self, thank you.

    i responded on the forum, because as usual i’ve been going out of my way to be polite and respectful here. well, ok, maybe my version of polite and respectful is different from some people’s… just be glad you’ve never seen my actual bad side! hehe.

  28. ashleysguide says:

    Wow that’s just terrible!

  29. Baby Milo says:

    Haha, clever! I like it!

  30. Sara Greene says:

    That’s disgusting. In my opinion, the barf bags were even worse, because they were tastelessly maiking fun of models, many of which DO NOT have eating disorders. The barf bag incident was totally uncalled for. It was a publicty stunt. There was no excuse for it.

    This costume is bad too, but it’s not really making fun of eating disordered people. I have a feeling that the makers were ignorant of how the public would react. I think they thought that people would think it was funny, because it’s incorperating a skeleton (a classic halloween theme) into a sexy costume. The name was a bad choice, but I doubt it was ment to offend. In no way am I excusing it, but the Jezabel thing was meant to stir up controversy, The fashion industry is just doing its buisness as usual, and not trying to give anyone eating disorders. Have you seen some of the designers? many of them are far from thin. The Jezabel girls thought they were being clever and groundbreaking, but they weren’t.

    Eating disorders are SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESSES. The costume is sick, but I think the makers of it were trying to think of a silly name. The Jezabel was meant to offend.

  31. Christine says:

    I swore not to blog today until I saw this post on WordPress. I had no idea the proana movement existed. Is it for real? I’m reading Caroline Knapp’s book, Appetites. Promoting anorexia is tantamount to promoting the death of women, or of those unfortunate men who happen to suffer from it ( I’ve known of one, whose mother was a browbeating shrew).

    The costume bizarre. I can’t tell if it’s proana or just plain crude.

  32. fuzzynotions says:

    While anorexia IS scary, it’s totally inappropriate to make light of it in a Halloween costume.

    Come to think of it, I’m am so sick of women using Halloween as an excuse to dress like a slut. Hey, if you want to dress like a slut you really don’t need Halloween as an excuse.

  33. Imperfectly says:

    I’ve not had the time to read all of the comments yet but I want to put down my initial thoughts before I forget them.

    First let me say, I don’t like the way this costume has been done, it looks more like a slutty nurse or something than social commentary. I’ve seen costumes that poke fun at social issues in a more appropriate way – but I love satire and dark comedy so maybe there isn’t a way that is appropriate to do this for those who have commented against this costume here.

    This morning I heard Stephanie Miller and her “Mooks” poking fun at her recent weight loss. She is already “too thin” as she says but she has been ill and is now even thinner. She said (she lives in LA) that it’s pretty gross that she has never been hit on as much as she has been recently before in her life. She said that apparently men LOVE the disgustingly thin look and her being vulnerable is “even better” to them. I believe she mockingly said something like “woo hoo I’m skinny and vulnerable – they love it!!”

    Now back to the costume. If this costume had been done in a way that made fun of the constant messages we get about how looking anorexic is how you look beautiful then I would say AWESOME and I’d love it. If this costume were making fun of those people who think that bones are beautiful (not the people who are sick, but the ones who promote the sickness, pro-anas and the people who find it sexy to look like a starving ethiopian child – the guys hitting on Stephanie) then I could see it.

    I agree though, that now, as it is, this costume is disgusting.

  34. Rachel says:

    The costume is tacky and appalling.

    Several thoughts:

    The costume is tacky and appalling. It makes fun of a serious issue in a highly offensive way that is not productive to the millions out there suffereing from these disorders. I would be just as appalled if it were “The OCD Woman” with wet wipes, lysol, etc. It also does not do well for the individuals out there who use pro-ana as an excuse for a lifestyle.

    As for the Jezebel thing, I found that to be tacky and appalling as well. I can see their intentions, and their hearts are in the right place, but it was gross and offensive. The guy who said “You guys make my girlfriend feel ugly” was much more effective in getting a message across.

    This was a very poorly executed idea, and I’m sick and f*king tired of mental disease being made fun of. Look up OCD on YouTube. The useful videos concerning it are few and far between. Look up anorexia/ED/whatever on YouTube, there are FAR MORE constructive videos out there as opposed to people making fun of the hand-washer.

  35. Brittany says:

    hey wow that is out there! anyway hey!!

  36. tragik007 says:

    I think we should give this thing to all girls in school so they know at a young age what men want. Seriously, no man wants a fat girl.

  37. betty says:

    holy crap. that’s the worst thing I’ve seen in a long time. It makes me shudder to think of what my daughter has to look forward to. I should just go ahead and post pictures of models all over her bedroom, start her on an exlax and water diet, and call her fatty mcfatterson now so that she can be prepared for the joys of growing up in a society that actually MAKES costumes depicting terrible diseases.

  38. Anon says:

    i love what vanessa rights and how outspoken she is…everyone who leaves comments on here is being outspoken about what they feel, and good for mama not blocking her just cos vanessas comments dont always agree with others.


  39. Michelle says:


    I don’t think you know where you are at right now?

    I’m not one to ask people to think about what they just said.. but seriously. Think about it.

  40. kimmye says:

    my MOM found YOUR BLOG YESTERDAY! I GOT CAUGHT! You took everything away from me. You took away my control. I needed this. I need this to survive. This is the only thing that was constant in my life, the only thing I could rely on and you took that away.


  41. echo says:

    Tragik007- are you kidding me? You are just trolling right? Here to upset a few vulnerable girls? Good job. Just so you know though, my boyfriend loved my body when I was “fat.” When I got “skinny,” not so much. So yeah… (I only use the word fat because according to proana standards, before my ED I was HUGE, though really I was normal, healthy… Then I got according to them skinny, which the real world knows is underweight, sickly, etc)

    In regards to the costume, this is messed up. I better not come across anybody wearing this. Maybe I should start saving up bail money now? (please, this isn’t really serious) And about the barf bags, it was very extreme. Extreme gets attention to causes. Extreme leaves impressions. This costume is just marketing to make a buck, with no regard to its significance. I don’t think anybody outright said it, but are they implying that anorexia is sexy, since it’s a shapely attractive woman wearing it? Just one more slap in the face. I really could say some bad bad things here, but I’m just gonna say hi mama and spare you guys a very vulgar vent. Especially since (as you can see) I’m already feeling the need to disclaim everything.

  42. mamavision says:

    Hi Angie! How about bringing back Bionic Woman? Now, SHE was the bomb. 😉

  43. mamavision says:

    I just remembered this. My mom saved all my barbies from like 30 years ago. My 7 year old daughter and I got them out and I dug through to find my Bionic Woman. Well she was HUGE next to the other Barbies- I don’t remember realizing this when I played with her.

    She was just built like a super hero type doll, was there a Wonder Woman doll? I don’t recall having one, I wonder if she was bigger, and stronger and built like a woman?

    One more, does anyone remember O’ Mighty Isis? She wore these silver bracelets and I recall running around pretending I was her. She was tough, cool, and didn’t take any crap.

    Let’s bring back the SuperHero women and do away with these pathetic sexpot, ignorant costumes.

    PS I admit I was once a sexy cat back in my teen years….have to bring this up since my luck someone will dig up a picture of me and Vanessa will be all over me!! :)

  44. mamavision says:

    To tragick007: Although you opinion is welcome, its way off base. I think we can tell from your avatar that you have issues.

    Don’t speak for all men or all women. Perhaps you want to hug a skeleton, but that does not mean other men do.

    The girls here will just blow you off, so I am not concerned about them, I just wanted to respond to your ignorant comment.


  45. mamavision says:

    Hi Anon: Yes, me too. Vanessa adds a lot of flavor to the blog. I usually enjoy and actually look forward to her comments, but this time, it was over the top so I wanted to lay out my view. My comments were in no way meant to get rid of Vanessa, just to make her think out her comments a bit more because she is getting sloppy.

    I want to see that clear, thought out perspective of heres, not some spouting off….just to spout off.

    Do you know what I mean?

  46. mamavision says:

    Hi Kimmye: I am sorry you are upset right now, but to be honest I am happy to hear you have a mother who cares enough about you that she checks on what you are doing. Do you know how lucky you are?

    I assume you are visiting pro ana forums as well, perhaps you can show your mother the positive message and community here and she may understand it more. This may not work though since if you are currently pro ana she will likely boycott all sites for the time being.

    You will land in a better place Kimmye, trust me. And god bless your mother for caring.

  47. tragik007 says:

    Yeah, forgive me I was only being a dick.

    But seriously, it is just a costume. It’s not something to go ape shit about.

    BTW, I cannot speak for every man. I just don’t know many men that I talk to who say, “man, I’d love to date a fat girl”. It’s just not happening.

    Much luck to your blog, though.

  48. Niika says:

    I think this costume is absolutely ridiculous and disgusting. ANOREXIA IS NOT A FUCKING JOKE, YOU MORONS!!!

  49. Sass1948 says:

    tragik – have u never heard of “feeders”???? they luv a fat chick – then there’s that song by mika “big girls u are beautiful” – there are men who adore larger ladies…maybe not ur friends, but who’d wanna date ur friends if they’re friends with u :-p

  50. tragik007 says:

    I respect that.To each his own. 😉

  51. kimmye says:

    lucky, you think that i’m lucky? My control is being taken away from me. My friends, my support system, my life, my identity is being stripped from me in a matter of seconds. I don’t even know how to comprehend that. I have NOTHING anymore. Nothing. I don’t call that lucky.

    Why do you talk about pro ana sites as a bad thing. Some of them are actually for support. the entire proanorexia lj community supports each other. I’ve already gone through hell this year losing Kristi, and now, I get to lose every single girl there who was always there for me and supported me. I have no one, nobody and not even myself.

    I don’t call this a better place and i don’t call that lucky.

  52. hillary says:

    kimmye- it’s reasonable for you to be upset but there is no way you can blame this on mamaV. she didnt personally contact your mother to tell her about the blog. don’t be ridiculous. be upset. be angry. but don’t blame others for things that are not their fault.

  53. Rachel says:

    kimmye- It is reasonable to be upset, but you are clearly suffering right now. It is okay to be upset, but don’t be upset at MamaV. Be upset at your ED. Be upset at that part that refuses to relenquish control. You CAN take control of your life WITHOUT ED. It’s scary. It’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do, but it’s possible.

    Bless you, child. I hope you find your way.

    tragik007- I go ape shit over that costume and every other toy, skit, etc that pokes fun of mental illness. Mental illness is not a joke, and using it to make a buck is purely shameful. I get pissed off whenever I see “The OCD Man” toy, or whatever. It’s not appropriate to go there.

  54. echo says:

    Just remember, there’s a difference between a ‘fat chick’, a ‘skinny chick’, and a chick with anorexia. In my experience, very very few men tend to prefer the latter. And a lot of men I’ve talked to about the subject (which happens a lot, it’s my personal effort to try and shift my self-perceptions and my idea of what’s okay) say they tend to prefer a girl that’s definitely got some meat on her bones. Guys I’ve talked to like girls who are even a bit bigger than ‘skinny’. Which doesn’t really mean fat. Actually, the only guys I’ve ever met that appreciate the skeletal look are my uncle and cousin, who thought I looked fabulous when I went over there this summer. And on the costume, I don’t like my sufferings trivialised so somebody can make a buck.

    I showed this costume to my dad, and I already didn’t expect him to be thrilled. Not because of the disgrace of a costume, but because he thinks I shouldn’t be reading ANYTHING about eating disorders. Good, bad… it’s all the same. Fortunately, I’m an adult, and I’ll probably have him sit down and look the place over when he has time. I figure, how can he argue as a parent?

  55. Nats says:


    I would apologise for the language but right now I do not give a shit!


  56. Smilla says:

    I think, quite frankly, Tragik007, that you are wrong. I sincerely doubt that you are a mind-reader or even have a hint of extra-sensory perception. I doubt you have ever been inside a man’s mind and seen what he sees, or thought what he thinks.

    We all know the power of the media over us, and those multiple-choice/flowcharts or the ‘what men really think’ articles have given women the false perception that men are an alien species whose disection, through psychology, will give us women a true understanding of how they think.

    Moreover, you would simply have to look at the sex-sells adverts to see that every man and every woman represented in those adverts is only desirable to each other by virtue of being thin.

    REAL men and women are not like this. We are not represented in adverts, we are not easily disected in flow charts. We cannot so easily define what makes us sexy or desirable for one and other.

    On a second note, a male journalist in UK Vogue of all places was begging women to eat, in an intelligent and charming article. He states that we are mens’ sisters, wives, friends, lovers, daughters and it scares them that we are killing ourselves because of some misguided notion of ‘sexy’. It made me feel much better. (but was in a very hypocritical place)

  57. jess says:

    Has anyone noticed that the chick wearing the costume is pretty thin, to be honest im surprised the size of her boobs dont pull her tiny frame to the floor. In a way shes marketing herself!

  58. Courtney says:

    Utterly disgraceful.

  59. Natalie Kaye says:

    Wow. I wonder if someone will be selling costumes to make people look like cancer patients next year.
    Only in America.

    • Alexis says:

      That’s exactly what I said when I saw this! I said, “Ya’ know, people don’t go as cancer patients for Halloween. Why would they go with someone with anorexia? They have a lot of similarites.”
      Neither cancer patients or anorexics can help the fact that they have the disease. We would definitely choose to live without it.

  60. claire says:

    Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me.
    Even though it is a bit offensive to the ana way of life.

  61. Terri says:

    I think this is kind of cute without the name tag and the measuring tape.. then its just a women’s skeleton costume, since there are so many out there for men…

  62. Slutty Costumes says:

    I can’t believe that I haven’t come across this costume before. It is very sad that as a society, women actually feel they have to look like a bag of bones. On one hand the costume is mocking the absurdness of sexiness being equated with skinny. On the other hand, I could see some women being offended by the costume.

  63. Alexis says:

    I’m currently suffering, and in attempt of recovery, of anorexia. This costume is outragously repulsive. It shows the absolute and total ignorance and arrogance of some people. DISCUSTING!

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