Gemma Ward too fat?

Are we headed in the wrong direction? Rumor has it that Gemma Ward was dumped from the Milan Fashion shows for being overweight. gemma2.jpg

How dare she be a size 2!


Puberty kicked in, and she gets kicked out.

I guarantee she is starving herself just like the rest of them,



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  1. Sara~* says:

    That’s tragic, besides Nicole she is one of the most thinspirational thinspo girls, it least according to all the videos/sites I’ve seen. She looks pretty damn skinny to me still but what do I know? Very sad…

  2. Sara Greene says:

    I’m sorry to get all techinical with you, but…

    For a model, she is fat. In the real world, she’s not. Models are skinny. She doesn’t have the same etherial look she had when she was skinnier. Now her head looks way too small for her body.

    Models are, and have always been, skinnier than the averave woman. It will always be true. Fashion shows are about selling clothing, not about feeling good about yourself. Skinny sells, normal does not.

    Get the f*ck over it. I think it’s great that you want America to have a better body image (when over half of it SHOULD NOT), but please leave the models alone. Little girls are not looking at They are watching Disney Channel and reading J-14. Disney has more “You’re Great The Way You Are” campaigning than this website. Have you even seen Hannah Montana? I know that Miley Cyrus is skinny, but there are about thirty episodes where she gets insecure and at the end learns that even Hannah Montana is human and is a great person no matter how many zits she gets and how many times a bird poops on her.

    The models are for selling clothes. Half of them aren’t even that pretty from a non-fashion perspective. Have you seen Sasha Pivovarova? Tanya Dziahileva? Masha Tyelinia? They can hardly be considard classic beauties, but they are in their own way. If little girls aspired to be like them, they would be sad that their eyes aren’t gargantuan, and their jawline nonexistant. They would be sad they don’t look like a man (Agnyess Diyn) or a bug (Irina Lazersomething). In a way, the fashion industry celebrates all sorts of unusual beauty.

    So no, fashion is not to blame. Eating Disorders are mental illnessess and should be treated as such, not a silly wish to be pretty. If you took all the models and fed them pizza and chocolate non-stop, girls would find some other way to destroy themselves. Women will always want to be pretty.

    I’m sorry for defending them. But if you blame anyone, it should be the “sexy” Victoria’s Secret models who parade around in tacky inflated wings. High fashion is not to blame.

  3. Josie says:

    Is Milan where you need to be a BMI of 18.5 or more??
    I’d guess her BMI to be under 20 … how is a model supposed to be “thin enough” and “fat enough” at the same time?!?!
    Especially stupid because a lot of models ARE naturally slim… and therefore it would be unhealthy for them to gain to the 18.5 BMI anyway!!!

  4. Amie says:

    yeah looking at these pics it looks like she has put on a bit of weight. I than come back to the statement of, everyone knows that being a model requires you to be thin, girls are aware of this before they decide to sign contracts etc, it’s just like the requirement of a sumo is to be fat. Gemma is 19 yrs old so i think puberty would of happened years ago for her, she has put on weight and that is starting to affect her work… if she wants to be a model than she needs to loose is, if she likes her body as it is (which i think she looks fine) than its time to move on, i think she is studying journalism so she should get into that.

  5. Vanessa says:

    in response to both sara green and mamaV’s fashion obsession i’d like to say first off, i really think mamaV overestimates the importance of high fashion. i’m more impressed by stuff to do with celebs like brittany spears (who isn’t fat, period. but on the other hand, isn’t it in her job description to have a perfect body. its not like she’s particularly talented apart from her body and the ways she uses it in performance).

    the world of high fashion is this other universe that only rarely has any influence on ordinary people. ordinary people are often interested in celebs though- singers and actresses, and perhaps those people have been influenced by high fashion. but if we could somehow make standards more realistic for celebrities i think we could leave fashion alone and it wouldn’t do any harm.

    actually, now that i think of it, i wonder if gymnastics, figure skating, and ballet are actually more directly harmful. i took a year of gymnastics and several years of ballet, and most little girls i knew took those lessons too. eating disorders and unrealistic standards for thinness are at least as much a part of those 3 areas as they are in fashion, and little girls probably have more direct exposure to them.

    of course, in my case the ballet teacher didn’t think much of me, and loved my friend marie- but i was so clueless it was only recently that i realised the reason must have been that i was short and normal-sized, while marie was tall and skinny.

    however, on the other hand. modelling (along with ballet, figure skating and gymnastics) is absolutely filled to the brim with eating disordered young women. the myth of the “naturally thin” model disgusts me- sure, a few people are naturally that thin. but way more women are naturally thin but need to half kill themselves to be that thin. eating disorders and drug use are the norm, and for any profession that recruits very young women to have a norm of anorexic or bulimic behaviors to then turn around and say “hey- being thin is part of the job description! that 15 year old knew what she was getting into when she signed the contract!” is pathetic. that 15 year old does NOT know what she’s getting into, and all these professions i’ve mentioned are insanely hard on their participants. the participants are the greatest victims, in my opinion. especially all the gymnasts and models and ballerinas who never become world class, but ruin their bodies trying.

    ok, rant over. i guess this one was for all those of you who thought i wasn’t mostly on mamaV’s side on these issues, lol.

  6. alex says:

    I actually agree that models are just the people wearing the clothes. Just presenting the product. They are not the things we are supposed to be looking at. We should be looking at the clothes, the perfumes, the make up and admiering that instead…But, young girls.( And I don’t mean 6-9 year olds.)
    In there teens, instead of looking at the product, they look at the models… and since they are presented with ”perfection”. They automatically think that is the way they SHOULD look.
    It’s as simple as that… Because everybody wants to look great, right?
    So the media presents these ”GREAT” models. And these great models are very skinny, so normal people, especially teens, start coming up with all these harsh ways to get thin.
    Which is leading to very unhealthy and obsessiv lifestyles. Which can go on forever or just lead to deth. Sounds pretty damn miserable, if you ask me.

    Here’s the math: Normal person + Skinny = Looking great.

    Off course the media isn’t only to blame. There is also pier pressure. But, maybe…
    Since people just can’t look away from the models. And accept that they look that way, and we look that way, and we all look great in our own way. Maybe, the modeling industries should ban away the too skinny models… Why not?
    The models put on some pounds until they are at a desently,healthy weight. Or they could find some new models…
    This skinny fad has gone too far…
    Can’t average people look great too? =D
    Can’t the modell industrie desing products for real women? Off course there are women on this earth who are naturally skinny, but the averege women or teen is not. So why make the especially thin women models?

    That’s my meaning on the subject. =)
    No offence…=)

  7. Sara Greene says:

    It’s Madrid where you need the normal BMI, not Milan, for whoever asked.

    I would just like to note that I am not a bitch. I have stong opinions, and besides, everyone’s lives could use a little more debating. Makes you smarter.

    I do not wish ill upon anyone here. I may come across as harsh, but in the future I will rely more on legit arguments rather than my cunning and biting wit (haha, biting wit my ass). I just want to stir things up on here, rather than the old “Models suck, fashion sucks, love youself” stuff that is rampant on here. It’s a nice message, and I agree with a lot of what MamaV says, but it just gets a little bit old, don’t you think? Life needs some excitement to be interesting.

  8. Elle says:

    I’m very frustrated by the comments here. I know no matter what I say i will insult someone so i will just say the first thing i can’t help thinking. BRAINWASHED. We are brainwashed into thinking that it’s ok for “high fashion” to use only the thinnest women in the world and that somehow has no affect on our world. Look at a magizine or a billboard. High fashion has it’s effects everywhere. Little girls DO look at They are emulating what their mothers do and women on TV do and their girlfriends do. Even though my mother never bought fashion mags, I still know that the image of “the perfect woman” was engraved in my head at a very young age. I’m still trying to erase it. Any American woman who thinks they are totally unaffected by these images is deluded.

    Ward looks like she “put on a bit of weight”? Can you hear yourself? Judging every little aspect of her body, but it’s “ok” because she’s a model or an actress or a celebrity or just any other woman which means her body should be held to “standards” I think Gemma Ward looks gorgeous in the second picture especially. A woman with no figure would not look half as good in that dress. And tennis players HAVE thighs *gasps* How dare Gemma have thighs too while modeling sports wear.

    MamaV is not attacking Ward at all. Only responding the the rumors that she is not modeling because some have decided she is not thin enough. I think she is beautiful and I’m sure mamaV does too. She would never make fun of ward for being fat. It is the comments here that are saying such ridiculous things. And don’t start on me about how “that’s just what it is like in high fashion” Such submissive rhetoric will not be accepted as logical arguement. Just because something is as it is doesn’t make it right.

    Can you tell I’m pissed? I’m not going to play nice today.

    • Sundog says:

      Thank you Elle! Reading some of the comments made me sick to my stomach. Being the devil’s advocate when people’s lives are on the line is not ok with me, especially on a website that is saving lives! I was getting pissed enough to write my own comment, but I am so glad that I came across yours because you stated it so much more succinctly than I could have in such an irate state.



  9. Vanessa says:

    aw, elle. there there!

    maybe fashion directly affects normal people more than i think? i suppose i never claimed to be normal… but i figured most people have actresses as their ideal rather than models. then again my ideal is completely different (tall skeletons ain’t my bag) so what do i know?

    sara g- must admit i enjoy having as much excitement and dissent here as possible, so go for it! but on the other hand, defending the fashion industry seems like you’re picking a pretty strange battle. i mean… there’s just so little that’s defensible when it comes to modelling. i honestly do feel that it isn’t as influential as mamaV makes out. but saying it’s not quite such a big deal is a far cry from saying it isn’t bad.

  10. MC says:

    The fashion industry and skinny models have little/no impact? Celebrities are the larger issue? Who do you think our bevy of hollywood beauties have styled their own wasted thinness after? Do I even need to bring up the Olsen Twins? Celebrities and models are one and the same. They sell products. And young girls do look at In Style Magazine. My daughter for one sees it staring her in the face in every super market we visit. And at 10 she says ” Gross Mom they look so skinny” I know that she is still registering somewhere in her brain” Oh so thats what I’m supposed to look like,”

  11. Elle says:

    Thanks MC for saying what i was thinking.

    And Vanessa, saying that you are an exception to the rule does not increase your credibility. Just as MC said. This all trickles down.

    I have just spent the last 15mins trying to find some statistics I read before. It basically stated that a very significant percentage of Americans believe they are unaffected by advertisements. Something like 70-90%. However, businesses spend billions of dollars on advertising. If people were nearly as unaffected as they thought they were, I somehow doubt so much money would go into advertising. I’m not big on statistics but I think this particular one demonstrates a point. Everyone thinks they are above the influence of advertising, but i’m not fooling myself about it.

    Being aware of its affects on us is the first step to becoming less affected. Once we realize that an ad is making us instinctively think or want certain things, we can step back and try to think critically about it. Just saying you aren’t affected basically leaves you vulnerable to ads because you assume you don’t need to analysis your reaction to the ad in order to resist it’s implications.

  12. Shana says:

    “How dare she be a size 2?”


    MamaV – thanks for the laugh =]

  13. Vanessa says:

    elle- i’ve certainly been affected by societal pressure to be thin, because i was obese all through my teenage years. but for you to suggest that i, personally, have been directly affected by the idea of a model (very tall and skeletally thin) seems to me unlikely. i’ve never had any interest in fashion at all, my ideal body type is tiny and small boned, not tall and bony, and my anorexia originally started with my not wanting to be fat, not with any desire to be thinner than average.

    and i’m sorry, but i just figured that most people weren’t that tuned in to the world of high fashion. i could be wrong! i honestly only really ever hear about or see anything related to high fashion on this website. that said, i admit freely, and i admitted in my first comment that it can indirectly influence things by influencing the celebrities that people really do look to as an ideal. plus i think the fashion world is evil! i just didn’t think too many people paid attention to it.

  14. Rachel says:

    Unfortunately, the real world *is* affected by high fashion. It’s too bad that it is, but it’s all a huge, conglomerated mess that we’ve gotten ourselves into. The 70% of people or so who say that they are unaffected by advertising are full of sh*t, and the sad thing is that they don’t even realize it. Advertising is everywhere you look, especially in America. It’s a sickening diet of image that is being force-fed to us for the sole purpose of selling product.

    High fashion influences regular fashion. The crap that’s put out onto the runways trickles its way down to the “normal” people, and when us “normal” folk don’t look good (or can’t fit) those size 0-2 jeans, we feel like crap. So then we buy the diet pills, books, foods, etc so we can. It’s all intermixed and it is all related in one way or another. So, again, I call on the fashion designers to STOP USING these uber-skinny models who look like walking cadavers and use REAL WOMEN to cater to the real women out there.

    Let’s go back to the Marylin Monroe ideal of beauty, where a bit of chunk in the trunk is desireable. I look at all of these size “I need to eat more” models and I think that: “I will NEVER be able to wear that! It will look like crap on me!!”

    That being said, I need to update my wardrobe a tad and I’ve come to a startling realization: that I have no idea how to shop for clothes. I don’t know what sizes fit me, and I don’t know what will look good on me. I don’t have a clue as to what to shop for. From having been obese to now wearing size 10s reasonably comfortably, I think I’m doing pretty damn well. Through being healthy, of course. None of this eating disorder crap. The only, possible single way that I am able to successfully lose weight is to eat healthy, regularly, and in small amounts at a time. That is the only way.

    If I saw these “high fashion shows” modeling women that looked like me, I’d have more of a clue as to what I could wear. Or, not even like me, just something realistic.

  15. Cherry says:

    To whoever said models are naturally slim so 18.5 is “unhealthy” for them…

    …BMI is a ratio that factors in weight AND height. A body under 18.5 is in distress. Period. And guaranteed if someone with a BMI that low starts eating normally, they will put on weight very quickly at first because their body’s will cling to every calorie for dear life as a result of being so starved.

    I could be naturally slim too if I lived off of celery and cigarettes.

  16. Sara Greene says:

    I know a girl who is skinnier than every model except Olga Sherer, and it’s natural. I know her condition is very uncommen (she has a metabolic disorder, and is unnatractivley thin), but in many foreign countries, especially eastern Europe, there are more tall, thin girls. THe trouble with AMerica today is that over half of it is overweight I am definatly not accusing ANY of you as being fat. On the contrary, I assume most of you are quite thin.

    But my point is, as America grows fatter, the ideal of beauty gets thinner, because it is more unatainable, more uncommon. The average American women is 5’4″, and weighs 140 pounds. Not exactly fat, but close enough. That statistic is getting higher every day. When America as a whole was at a healthier weight, the ideal of beauty was to have an hourglass figure, and that was for many women unattainable because their boobs and ass would never meet the standard Marilyn Monroe perfection that everyone goes on about. Another fun fact: In the time when she was popular, a size twelve is equivelent to our size eight. And she was only a size 12 when she was getting older. While she was never Twiggy, she was definatly not anywhere near an actal size twelve. But women wore corsets to get that hourglass figure, and dyed their hair blonde, all of which are proven to be unhealthy. If that were the standard today, more young women would get breast implants, which I think is a personal choice that I would never make, but the point is that women will always be unhappy with their bodies.

    Another point: I did not know exised until I got into fashion design.(I hope to be a fashion designer one day, but I would never hire an unhealthy model). I did not read Vogue until I got interested in fashion. I became bulimic before I even picked up a fashion magazine. Yes, it’s miserable, but I did not do it to be thin. I did because I started to gain weight when my binging got out of control. I just didn’t want to get fat again (and yes, I was 194 pounds at my highest, so you can hardly say I was suffering from a warped body image)

    Many young girls look up to the celebrities and (sluts) girls in rap music videos, who show off their assets in a very unsubtle manner. They tend to have bigger breasts and curvier figures than the average woman. Big boobs is still the ideal for most of the girls I know. My friends always complain about their small boobs, and I tell them to stop beating themselves up over it, because Pamela’s are not attractive in the least. They also complain about having no butts. I do not personally like curvy figures, but I’m not going to starve myself. I just don’t want to get fat, because fat is ugly, unless you just happen to have good genetics and have it evenly distributed over your entire body.

    And some people ARE natually thin. I go to a school where everyone is asian and they are naturally quite thin. It’s just their genetics.

  17. Josie says:

    Vanessa – i’m with you actually. I don’t think high fashion models have a massive impact in comparison with celebrities and actresses and general society.

    The only influence i’d guess teen girls would get from high fashion is if they were specifically interested in it and bought fashion magazines, like i buy copies of Elle. My sister looks in it and completely ignores the models, she’s completely absorbed by the clothes. I however get completely distracted by the models, probably because i’m way more weight-conscious than my sister is after 5 years with an ED.
    Maybe we can’t draw upon our own experience of the influence of society if we’re eating disordered because we perceive things abnormally?

    I also agree that gymnastics, ballet etc are overlooked. I remember when talking on proanorexia forums ballet came up over and over and over, and models not much.

    It’s going to be different for all of us, because we’re all of different ages, from different places, with different interests, backgrounds and lifestyles.

  18. Elle says:

    Josie, your sister is completely absorbed by the clothes? Who is wearing the clothes? Models? Actresses? Celebrities? All very thin? All made to look very glamorous and in turn make the clothes look glamorous? But there is absolutely no connection between fashion and who is wearing it. That is a RIDICULOUS leap for me to make.

    I’m not saying your little sister HAS to be absorbing all the uber thin fashion glamour rhetoric, I’m just saying, be aware of it. The entire “image” is being sold. Not just the clothes, the shoes, the make-up, but also the body, the lifestyle, the attitude, the small noses and blonde hair, the thin waist and big breast. It’s all one package.

    And how many times must I repeat myself? “High fashion:” was never an interest to me that I saught out, and yet I can see it’s affects on our entire culture. People here seem to think that just because few people have ever gone to a fashion show that they are clueless or unaffected. Just how are you dividing and defining “high fashion” in such a way that makes it inaccessible to the majority of the public? I thought Vogue magazine was still a pretty big seller…

  19. Paige says:


    She has a really beautiful body that for once ISN’T disgustingly skeletal like every other model out there. I thought that she looked especially stunning in the second photo… she looks like a REAL WOMAN. I hope that she gets signed by another agency that will show her the right way.

  20. Rachel says:

    Elle, you hit the nail right on the head. “High fashion” affects our entire culture more than we’d like to admit. That is the point that I was trying to make earlier.

    Paige, I agree completely. SHe’s f*cking gorgeous now.

  21. Jen says:

    I’m Australian. We have the “Second” highest obesity rate after Americans. Anyway, I’ve suffered from bulimia for a long time(although I guess I am more ED-NOS) but Gemma Ward seems bigger than usual but she is by no means fat.

    In fact Gemma went to my school. I can’t imagine anyone EVER calling her fat-it’s ridiculous. My personal thoughts are that models are too skinny, there are a few naturally thin but not many(not as many as people say for sure). If Milan doesn’t want her than that’s there loss because she’s gorgeous and MUCH prettier than those human clothes hangers IMVHO.

  22. Emma says:

    When I was a teenager, the normal size for a model to be was a UK size 8. So the people saying that models have to be scary skinny is stupid. All the legendery supermodels were not a size 0.

  23. Paige says:

    Absolutely, Emma! Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Iman… none of them were even close to a size 0.

  24. sara greene says:

    Actually, most Victoria’s Secret models do have the mesurments to be a size 2-4.

    Gemma Ward is now at least a size six, if not 8. She’s 5’10”, and they are generally bigger sizes than the shorties. She is definatly not a size 2. Most models are not a size 0. Their body just is not made for a size zero. The majority of models are actually a size 2-4. While that is still increadibly tiny, they are not size zero. I have friends whoi are shorter far shorter than any model and they are size zeros. They are also very thin. So most models are not size 0.

    Gemma Ward is fat for a model. NOT IN REAL LIFE. She just does not fit the model mold anymore. She was pretty and etherial when she was thinner. Now I think she looks kinda frumpy. Her head looks too small for her body.

  25. Danni says:

    Sara Greene – I totally agree. Also, Vanessa, I agree with your comment about dance and other arts along with celebritities gaving more impact. I am not into fashion and don’t following the models are any of that crap.

  26. Stiletto says:

    THe fashion industry is full of gay men who want women to lose their curves. Less competition in their minds.

    Most men love curves. So why wouldn’t they want to sell that notion to women in general?


  27. Stiletto says:

    Actually, I’d like to rephrase that comment into a question –

    Is it possible that – because many of these professions are filled with gay men – they are looking to sabotage women?

    Now I have nothing against gay people. I’m thinking it’s not even a conscious sabotage…

    Why is it that women feel they must be so dangerously thin? Where is this coming from exactly?

  28. echo says:

    1. Whether models are naturally that skinny or not I think it’s very unhealthy. And I only say that because I’ve had a couple friends who were naturally severely underweight, and under doctor’s care to try to gain and get healthy. Because they had health problems, even though they ate adequately. And no, they weren’t just hiding eating disorders. So, whether they’re just made that way or not, they’re at a much higher risk for certain health problems.

    2. “They’re just presenting the clothes.” But I’m supposed to buy and wear the clothes they show me. I don’t care what you say, the underlying message is to copy them, look like them, dress like them… If designers wanted clothes hangers to show clothes, why not just have a line of hangers to put the clothes on? Because we’re more likely to buy them off of a human being. They’re selling the entire image.

    3. I like those pictures of her. She looks healthy and gorgeous. No protruding bones (which to me is the sign of being too skinny) I think the fashion world, if they still insist on being WAY off from the size of normal women, could at least market a look like that. Not entirely unrealistic and not at all unhealthy. Like I said, she looks gorgeous in THOSE pictures.

  29. mamavision says:

    Hi Echo: I wanted to tell you that you really articulate your viewpoint well, and I agree with much of what you have to say (I saw you posted in a few other places all were quite intriquing and nteresting). I hope to see a lot more of you here.

    On this particular post, you are right on sister.

  30. Kiki says:

    Here’s my take for what it’s worth. She is absolutely NOT fat – even for a model. She is however large for a model but she still looks good and her body is toned and smooth. The reason the girls have to be thin is to showcase the clothing AND because most women get bulgy and lumpy in places when they are at a “healthier” weight. Cellulite in lingerie and swimwear definitely detracts from the product.

    For example, I compete in fitness competitions. To get my lower body lean enough that all the sadllebag area smooth completely out, my upper body has to become very very lean, and yes my bones do protrude. But I assure you, I am very very healthy.

    So if she can maintain a nice clean line and still look like she eats food, good for her!

  31. Yumiko says:

    .Sara Greene could use a bit more compassion.

    I have strong opinions and while I think debating is good and makes you ‘smarter’, I think the lack of basic overall understanding isn’t helping matters here.

    The problem isn’t the MODELS or the fashion industry. It isn’t the magazines, it isn’t the TV. It’s the role models, messages, and tools/values we teach and give our children, (especially our girls). It’s about our idenity as women and girls, and how we see ourselves. The outside world, the marketing world, will never change. It’s there to stay. I do think, however, we should be giving our children and our girls tools to help deal with those issues/messages, themselves, and life in general. We should be instilling in them, that self-worth does NOT come from clothes, it does not come from your waistline, it does not come from money, or material objects.

    Girls are being raised, especially in this society, with a gender role that has little to do with character and everything to do with old traditions, viewpoints, opinions and perceptions of how a woman ‘should’ be. I know; i’ve grown up with them. There is still a big discripancy about how women are treated compared to men in this society, and part of that is the traditional ‘image’ of a woman, or how a woman is ‘supposed’ to be. Models glamorize and emphazise this image. However, young and impressionable girls sometimes do not understand that it is simply a marketable image, that it should not reflect on themselves and should not be who they are to live up to.

    So we should be giving our children and our girls tools to empower themselves and build their self-esteem, confendence, self-worth and body image so that they are strengthen themselves against the messages our society sends. The world won’t go away simply because we want it to. But we can help our children deal with it so that they grow into happy and well-adjusted women.

  32. pac'08 says:

    Hi, well, i don’t know how to say the things that i’m going to say without affect someone’s emotions bla bla bla (im sorry if my english is not good at all…) but the gemma case its the same f*cking thing that britney is living, one in high fashion world, and the other in the american media. Maybe they are skinny in real world, but in their jobs, they fat!! gemma looks completly different, her face is now a pancake, her arms are bigger than they used to be, and now, she had cellulite :( like britney…. i know that a lot of women have it, but she eats (well im sure she eats now..hehehe) by modeling!!! she should care her body and her image!!! maybe her body is changing by the mature process, but that’s not an excuse to be the way she is now, look snejana Onopka, she was too skinny, and she had problems the last ’07-’08 fashion week, maybe her scandal, maybe her underweight, but now she returns to all the shows georgeous… 40 something… and she get weight but she looks still skinny and beautiful, not like gemma, her face looks smaller than all the big body, her legs fat (more than sasha pivovarova, and that is worst :S) her arms fat, and her waist is gone… maybe she had problems like britney, but she should be worry!!! its such a shame because i used to love her!!!! i know that this comment would be attached but in the end, all the world knows that a model= skinny. gemma= fat. :(

  33. pac'08 says:

    mmmm, i read all the messages and will say another thing ^_^:

    i agree with sara that not all the girls read VOGUE or ELLE, the first thing that they see is the tv or teenager magazines, and its when they start to worry about theire weight and how bigger are their boobs. When i was a child, jennifer lopez, pamela andersson, and a lot of “actress-singers” bla bla bla show huge boobs, huge ass and a small waist. And it become very normal to pay plastic surgery to change the way the women are, and it’s the same as dangerous than be skinny. a lot of people are naturally skinny, i used to be fat but when i grew i lost weight naturally, and now im too skinny, but i wasn’t bulimic or anorexic, i only grew up….gemma grew up, but she didn’t care her body and i know that she wants to be an actress so she needs to put on weigh…:S and she exagerate xD hahaha. in nort america, the most of the population is fat, that’s true, and they see the europe thin like an impossible thing, there’s where the anorexia and bulimia appears. in my country, the european small size do not exist, but there’s many natural skinny people. We judge super thin people, we judge fat people… so that’s the f*cking same thing!!!!! we are judging everything!!!! i think models are prettier as they used to be, its true…now all the models are 16 years old or 2o something, but they arent the same skinny as they used to be in the past, Coco Rocha is healthy, Jessica Stam is healthy, Sasha Pivovarova has fat legs but she’s still pretty (but not to healthy :S), i dont know, they not too tall, or too skinny and theyre different, so i don’t thing fashion industry is guilty….

  34. emma says:

    I just came across your website this morning, weird enough after searching marilyn manson on youtube. Anyway, it’s refreshing to stumble across a website such as this. I was diagnosed ‘anorexic’ in my early teens, bulumic in my late teens and yada yada yada. Tired of the whole pro ana thing online.

    I’m amazed at the backlash from this post… Gemma Ward has a small head, no two ways about it, it’s naturally gonna make her body look larger lol

  35. emma says:

    ps. you are beyond hot

  36. Denise says:

    The entire developed world is getting fatter every day and obesity is pushing smoking as the number one preventable health concern in the US. So I suspect much of the strong anti-ana comments are from that segment of the population.

  37. Renee says:

    That’s horrible. She looks younger and healthy in that picture, like a real woman with curves. I think she looks gorgeous!

  38. linguo says:

    …u can clearly tell her head has been cut out and pasted onto another model’s body..

  39. andie says:

    Paige I totally agree with you. Gemma FAT? no way! she’s gorgeous the way she is! She may not be a classic beauty but I mean she looks terrific! You don’t have to be a big bone to be beautiful..some models should start EATING actually to stop looking like human hangers. This new ‘generation’ of models..have you seen them? can anyone please compare Sasha Pivovarova and Tyra Banks or Heidi Klum? are they a size 0? no way! Linda? Christie? Naomi? What?! now models have to look like dead people to get a cover or to open a show in Milan? Please get real! this industry is wrong.. i’m sure they are making a progress but it has come to far. I would loovee to model in a victoria’s secret fashion show or something like that someday I don’t know! But. if i have to look like a ghost instead of looking like A REAL PERSON to make my ‘dream come true’, you are wrong.

  40. Chelsea says:

    I personally think that Gemma is beautiful just the way she is. She is a successful model, and yes maybe she is gaining wait. Maybe she can’t control the weight she is gaining? Though someone did make a comment that her head looks like it does not belong on her body now, and I see what you mean. There is a new generation of models, as you can see and the media is putting them under pressure to be thinner or to gain weight. This is Gemma’s build. For example, look at Twiggy. Everyone thought she was starving herself. But it was the way that she was built. I think Gemma is an amazing model just the way she is and should not gain or loose weight.

  41. Appeltje says:

    Wow, you americans are a lot smarter then I always thought!;)

    Very interesting discussion:)

  42. appeltje says:

    sorry, I couldn’t find one with english subtitels..
    quite disgusting, isn’t it?
    What do you think about this?

  43. Chelsea says:

    I’m Canadian actually, haha.

  44. Isis says:

    I find this debate very interesting as I worked as a model in the past couple years and am studying to be a fashion designer.
    I don’t think Gemma is too large. I do think that her odd looks sometimes detract from when she is modeling makeup but I don’t think she is too large now or was way too small before.
    She’s around the same age I am and even though she hasn’t been as suddenly cursed with huge tits as I have, I do believe that yes she is just finishing up puberty because I was really thin like she used to be.

    I’m always abit confused at the models as coathangers arguement. To me, the art of fashion is partially in how you work the body into the line of the clothing, how the fabric drapes off of a form. I guess some(most) designers don’t see it that way anymore but the shape of the body is a huge part of designing clothes.

    Now some girls are naturally thin thin thin, like my sister and I guess to an extent myself, though more her. And others are naturally larger and yes models should be amazingly perfect but that doesn’t necessarily mean waif like. Perfection in different sizes is to be found.

    For example, my sister was told by our agency that she had to gain weight. But with her insane metabolism(runs in the family until about 30 when it slows like crazy) and the fact that she is still growing she can’t. On the other hand, there’s me. I cannot gain weight, I cannot lose weight. I was also called too thin and used as an example of why models normally have small breasts by the same photographer. However they like to use me for fitness, swimwear, nude, and evening wear looks because of my measurements. And I actually don’t work hard for these measurements.

    Though, I have had an eating disorder for 4 years it is not affected by my work as a model. In fact, modeling offers relief from it in pretending to be someone-else. My disorder is more caused by the fact that my plain disordered eating to help cope with ADHD(it works, it’s not good but it works) just finally transitioned and got out of control after all those years. Completly out. (That and suddenly starting to grow breasts at 16. Grrrr…)

    But my job in the media and the media itself had nothing to do with it.

    Sorry. I got kinda side tracked. I hope you at least kinda get what I was trying to say.

  45. lily says:

    Looking at these pictures, i do not think that Gemma looks fat at all. Even for a model.
    It’s probably just the angle of the photos because i have learned that photographs can be very very decieving. And also look at what she is wearing in the pictures…
    The second dress is one that balloons out so it will naturally make anybody look bigger around the belly area.
    And the first picture of the bike pants and sweater, lets be honest. Those shorts could not make ANYBODY look thinner and will certainly cause muffin-age at the thighs.! Extremely unflattering..
    But thats just my opinion

  46. loo says:

    She wasn’t banned she was working on a movie in Australia!

  47. Mezz says:

    Wow, I think that this discussion is appalling.
    I have suffered Anorexia for 6 years now.
    I am still in treatment, with no sign of getting better anytime soon.
    I am an American size 0 (I live in australia)
    If Gemma Ward is happy being the weight she is, why do we need to have a thousand page debate as to whether or not she is too “fat”.
    Leave her alone.

  48. mglön says:

    Well HELLO? Of course she has get weight, no one escpesially girl who is as tall as man, does no fit in to size 2 it`s stupid! perhabs a girl who is 160 cm tall can be fitted into size 2 if even she then..
    world in sick! i think that gemma is smart! when she is starded to eat little more, yet shes not healthy, i`ve seen pictures from her were she is maybe bmi 21-22

  49. Kate says:

    Actually…she wasnt kicked off the Milan runways….or any other runway, if you look closely she was on John Galliano’s Christian Dior Haute Couture runway. The reason she hasnt been seen this season is because she was in Australia filming a movie.

  50. Beth says:

    I think she looks beautiful. I also went to school with her, in her year. I shared classes with her, and as another 5’10 Perth born Scorpio (birthdays are 1 week apart) i can say how unusual her body type was to begin with and yes, it is almost impossible to be a 0, or even a 2 at this height. I am almost 10kg underweight (BMI 17-17.5), and i’m an 8 australian sizing (4US) at best (I have one size 6 skirt, but thats for the thinnest of thin days).

    I love this new curvy figure- its more womanly, and i think its just what our catwalks need. She looks so much like the supermodels of the 90s! And because of her status in the fashion industry, she will keep getting hired- even non-fashionistas know who she is… she draws in viewers and crowds. Its actually because of her that i became so interested in fashion- before i was a bit of a dork.

  51. Anon. says:

    I strongly diagree.
    Gemma Ward is a FANTASTIC role model.
    She gained weight, not only to prove a POINT, but to stand out from all those other anorexic waifs out there on the catwalk.
    She isn’t starving herself, infact. She’s FEEDING herself.
    Atleast that’s something.

  52. rick says:

    that may be right sara greene but victorias secret models are the ones that are most well known. and there the fucking hottest cuz this bitch looks like some weird ass alien. but i understand your point the baby doll look is whats in high fashion right now.

  53. Brodie says:

    hello FYI she is a size 4 and she is not fat maybe too skinny …her being to fat is a load of rubbish..she is a model they are always going to be thin that is never ging to change!

  54. Kom says:

    I’m also 1.77-78 mt tall and around BMI 17.. and I’m said to be “too fat” for a model. My lower body is just like Gemma’s now, or even a bit bigger. My upper body is a lot skinnier, but that’s because of my built (to state it simply, my measurements are 73-60-95)… So models at my height usually weight around 49-50, as I weight 52-53 and I’m “too fat”. And that’s what they admit, cos I’m sure some are around 47. And not few. (Just look at Olga Sherer :S)

    Anyways, it’s also stupid to say “oh she’s skinny cos she doesn’t eat and she’s bigger cos she’s feeding herself”. There’s something called GROWING UP. Also something called METABOLISM, and finally… If someone with a good metabolism diets once a year, she’ll mantain her weight, or there won’t be a big variation. So it doesn’t mean that every model starves all year. Considering they’re models, maybe they just eat less before the seasons and during the rest of the year they just stay fit by excercising. Of course there are some obvious cases of anorexia, but saying ALL models are anorexic is senseless!

  55. Cordelia says:

    She looks perfectly fine to me.
    It’s in the eye of the beholder, upon reading the very first comments, I thought, yea, she does look bigger but then, once I read other people’s opinions and opened my ming a little more, looking at her photographs again, allowed me to honestly say that no, she doesn’t look any fatter to me at all. She’s still as gorgeous as ever. Let’s stop obsessing about body image and sizes. Gee.

  56. doublezero says:

    how about THIS:

    everyone lives on this earth for whatever time

    why dont we let this girl decide wtf she eats or barfs. it has NOTHING to do with you or me or anyone else

    she is entitled to spend the time she has on earth doing whatever she wants because one day she will be dead and none of this will matter

  57. JK says:


  58. Shiloh says:

    Fashion models are chosen to be naturally slim. If everyone on the catwalk was different sizes, it would just look odd. I would much rather see tall elegant women gliding down the catwalk. I think instead of just bashing healthy thin people, we should just accept all different shapes and sizes. SOME PEOPLE ARE MADE TO BE TALL AND THIN, just like some people are made to be short and fat. I am personally 5’10 and i am naturally thin. I get abuse from complete strangers because people like all of you try and brainwash people into thinking that you cannot be thin naturally. i do not have an eating disorder, i NEVER have. Skinnies dont bash curvy girls. SO STOP BASHING US.

  59. Lisa says:

    i totally agree with you
    that is totally photoshopped
    its sickening
    gemma ward is so pretty
    and definitely not fat
    but the body that she was pasted on is fat

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