Curvy Cola Bottle Body

Ok this dude is a little too cheesy for me, but you’ve got to love the message.

Thanks for Nat’s for sending this tip, she’s from the UK….I’ve never heard of Chico or the show X-Factor…am I out of it? Is Chico a big deal?


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  1. alex says:

    Well, I’m from Norway. And in my meaning Chico is not a very popualar artist in the uk.
    On all his videos he gives out good messages, but his videos are very cheesey…So he’s not on the top of the charts. He’s mostly known in the uk. I heard about him on youtube, myself. And that’s all I have to say about that. =)

    P.S: Love your website. =D Can’t wait to read you next artical. And sorry for the spelling mistakes…

  2. Maria says:

    Ok, what a cornball. Was anyone else reminded of a weird, UK version of Ricky Martin?
    Regardless, nice message. Although some of the girls were still quite thin…

  3. Sass1948 says:

    bless chico!!!!! he’s a v. sweet man. however, he was the joke of x factor – not taken seriously but popular cuz of his good nature. am glad of this song, its not like anything else ive heard. but i wont be rushin out to buy it or download it, or dance to it! x factor is a show with simon cowell, danii minogue (kylies sister – less popular singer), sharon osbourne and louis walsh (irish music manager guy). it took over from our pop idol which was on yrs ago. so now its x factor. i never saw pop idol but i think x factor took on a different format somehow? maybe someone else can clarify that. yeah, chicos not exactly stormin the charts but who knows with this one….LOL

  4. beth says:

    Okay, I could only watch about half of that. While it doesn’t make me feel better about being curvy (aka fat), it just reminds me that size 0 is the ideal. I miss my size 0 jeans. Thanks for that , Chico!

  5. Rachel says:

    Not that I’ll go out to get the CD or download it, I really like the message in there. Why do you miss your size zero jeans, beth? I’ll bet you look so much more beautiful now!

    The girls in the video were quite stunning and beautiful! I *LOVE* his message! We need more of that!

  6. Cherry says:

    Is it just me or do a lot of those women look like 0’s with boobs? MAYBE they are 2’s… either way… i think everyone would agree that the bodies on these women certainly aren’t the norm and with the exception of a few of the actresses, i wouldn’t call them voluptuous (another once positive word, like curvy, that thanks to our countries thin mentality has come to mean “fat”) .

  7. Sass1948 says:

    cherry, good point about the words curvy and voluptuous. you’re so right. those words used to be positive didn’t they – guess what, i’d forgot!

  8. Becky says:

    love this video, first time ive seen it, dident no chico was such a big deal in the UK. the message he sent about banning size zero is great, he is a v sweet man, he is right size zero should be banned, if only all men was like that, there would be less deaths due 2 malutrition, ED’s. some ED’s are due 2 men pressuring there lady 2 be thin, woman should be allowed 2 be as fat or slim as they want to be without feel the pressure. curvy is sexy, size zero is horrible.

    Well done chico for this video, ur a legend.

    Mama V- ur not out of it, u probs wouldent of herd of in being in the usa, but now u know, u shuld put more of his Vids of ur blog, they are insperational.

    Becky x-x-x-

  9. Karrie says:

    I’ve never watched X-Factor but I found this song quite cute. XD I love the message behind the song!

  10. Vanessa says:

    dude, as i said on the open forum, the size zero thing is totally overhyped. because of vanity sizing size 0s are not all that small- about what a size 4 is without vanity sizing. so, for someone like me who is 5’2″ i fit a size 0 reg (or a size 2 petite) at most US stores when i am at a normal, healthy weight- not a low weight.

    now, it would be fine with me if size 0s were just called size 4s instead but if you “outlaw” size 0 what on earth size jeans am i supposed to wear when i have a healthy bmi of 20 or 21??

    so stop being so hysterical about it for goodness sake! people come in different sizes, always have and always will.

  11. Paige says:

    Haha nice! It’s totally corny, but I love the message!

    PS: Maria, he TOTALLY reminded me of a UK Ricky Martin!

  12. beth says:

    Thank you for what you said, Rachel, I think some of us see ourselves as larger, regardless of our acutal size. It’s the whole “I FEEL fat,” not “I AM fat” distinction.

    If any of you have seen the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader tryout specials on CMT, what do you think about the most recent episode? Now THIS needs to be a post. There is this amazing, talented dancer who is cut during training camp because she “needs to lose ten pounds” and “won’t look good in the uniform” It made me so emotional to watch that, because I know teens and little girls look up to the Cowboy cheerleaders, and it just tells them they’re not good enough unless they’re a stick.

    It hurt watching that, but I suppose it’s just a reiteration of the truth, that body fat is not attractive. Why can’t Mr. Chico pick the Cowboy cheerleaders???

  13. Rachel says:

    Your welcome, Beth. I understand that distinction very well. And I agree, that some of us definitely see ourselves as larger than we actually are. I’m slowly, painfully, coming to terms with this whole thing, and I’m trying to filter those negative thoughts out.

    About the cheerleaders: that’s ridiculous. If I were the judges, I’d be judging on talent. Personally, I like my women meatier. How I ended up with weird ED tendencies is strange and completely unrelated. It’s sad because that sort of friggin’ attitude is prevalent wherever we go, no matter what we see. Women are being photoshopped to nothingness, and it’s not cool.

    It’s the whole very warped, very schizophrenic societal expectation that we’re dealing with. It’s the same thing, just different skin. Body fat used to be highly desireable and attractive. It still is in some cultures. I wish it were more attractive in our warped-phucked-up culture. It would make a lot more normal women (and men) feel a whole lot better about themselves.

  14. Sarah says:

    mamav i forgot your email address and i really need to talk to you! i felt like i had gotten better for a long time now it just all went down the drain. literally when i just threw up in the shower. then i ran for 9 miles and haven’t really eaten in the past 3 days and i just thought oh my god what are you doing!

  15. Lindsey says:

    Love the verbal message . . . hate the visual message . . .

    Those girls are not “curvy cola bottles,” and if they are the new definition for curvy, voluptuous women, then we’re all in for trouble!

  16. echo says:

    It is sad that curvy just means having huge boobs and some butt, but still have a tiny waist. The only reason these women AREN’T size zero is because of the breasts and butts.

    A little rant, my boyfriend falls into that trap, which is frustrating, but he’s been working on his understanding and attitudes. He says he doesn’t care how much I weight as long as I get my breasts back. He said you can have a waist *this small* (demonstrates tiny waist) but you’ve gotta get the breasts back! So I accidently came across a girl on myspace who had all the protruding bones but obvious implants (probably DDs or so) and I asked him if that was okay to look like. I think it finally sunk in…

  17. Katie says:

    He’s cheesy but it does get a message across.
    Chico isn’t a big deal, yet everyone knows his name, the X-Factor is (Think American Idol)
    He can’t really sing but he’s goodlooking and an entertainer and that how he got to the final shows.

    One of his reasons for doing the song was because he (In his own words)

    I stopped outside the school playground, unable to believe what I was hearing, A little girl was talking to her friend ‘I want to be a size zero’ she said, squeezing her waist. I was horrified. All I could think was ‘My Niece is that age. She shouldn’t be talking about her weight for years yet. This is ridiculous.

    The whole size zero thing is complete rubbish and I hope it eventually burns out.

    Also he’s girlfriend and mother of his daughter is a UK size 16 so he does practice what he preaches. Not like some of these guys who say they love curvy girls, then date/marry a 100lb skeleton

  18. iampiti says:

    Echo said :”He said you can have a waist *this small* (demonstrates tiny waist) but you’ve gotta get the breasts back!”
    Oh boy, where’re we heading to?
    I hope you can make your boyfriend understand that having a tiny waist and big breasts is not a normal thing.
    I know it’s hard to generalize on a topic like this but I feel breast implants do more harm than good to society. Too many women get the extreme looks that create the too high expectations
    Congrats for the site mamav

  19. Xan says:

    Hold on, how is this any different than music videos that glorify ultra-skinny women? The only difference is that he’s objectifying curvy women instead. Same difference if you ask me.

  20. panda07 says:

    O bless.i think his heart`s in the right place.his daughter and girlfriend are in the vid[oo.10]she`s the lady with the huge smile on her face at the end. i can`t see it setting the chart`s alight,but fair play to him.

  21. Krystal says:

    Mika – Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)
    a cheesy vid but Sends a good message like this one .

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