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17 Responses to Onslaught

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow. That’s so much better than the last campaign ad. Wow.

  2. Michelle says:

    Check this one out.. it’s the same campaign but much older ad.


  3. Michelle says:

    Ooo this is good, too.

    Real girls,
    Real lives,
    Real emotion.

  4. Gina says:

    That’s sad to watch because that is what happened to me.

  5. panda07 says:


  6. panda07 says:

    The above video my be triggering.

  7. roxstar says:

    It’s so brilliant that Dove has chosen this campaign. I don’t care that it’s an advertising technique at the end of the day because at least it is a positive one.

  8. mamavision says:

    Thanks Michelle: I just posted all for everyone to review. Very powerful when you watch them back to back.
    Have a good day!

  9. mamavision says:

    Hi panda07: Truth for some, sad also for some. I don’t find this particularly funny though…I am not sure why.

    I guess its because there are alot of beautiful people with poor lifestyle habits, and it also assumes that people who are overweight are a bunch of pigs that full their face all day. Not fair nor true.

    This seems to be a new mantra for pro ana’s these days – justify your skinny quest because the rest of the world obese.

    I don’t buy it,

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  11. Danyel says:

    Wow, that was a powerful video.

  12. Josie says:

    I wonder how much a mother talking to their daughter can do. And i wonder how much those ads effect us.

    It is awful. I was stood at the magazine stand yesterday with my anorexic friend who i originally met on a pro-ana site last year. We were looking at all the magazines and every single one had a weight/food/diet/body related headline screaming across it at us. At me who has had diarrhoea with blood for the last few days, and she skeletal and pale, thanks to our EDs.

    I find Dove campaigns upsetting. It’s all this mother-daughter bond thing. So many of us don’t have a mother there to bond with. It hurts.

  13. anonymousfae says:

    this is horrible… and fascinating.. i heard about this in our local newspaper… it is sad that now to get ED’s into the faces they use shock media… which tends to make you want to be thin enough to make it into an ad… so others can worship at your thin skeletal remains.

  14. echo says:

    Mothers talk to your daughters? The mother better have very good attitudes about food and body first. My mom used to talk to me about not having fashion industry ideals, then that night I’d walk into the living room to find her binging (she’s BED/COE). It’s a nice idea though, and it can work sometimes (Mama, at least you CAN be one to talk to your daughter) Hopefully by the time I ever have a kid (if I ever do/can), I’ll be in the same position to have healthy attitudes that I can pass on.

  15. Niika says:

    That Dove daughters film has to be the most touching film they’ve ever, ever made. Wow. I am astonished and horrified and touched and saddened all at once.

  16. panda07 says:

    I didn`t say[did i?] or post the link as i thought the content was funny,just a more truthful reflection of what are socitey think`s.

  17. panda07 says:

    Sorry about the typo`s people,i have dyslexia.i do try! *our* ^^^^

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