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Thick Skin

I looked forward to posting about the 1 Year Anniversary of the mamaVISION blog. I recorded a warm hearted video, expressed my genuine thanks, only to be whacked upside the head by the the first two individuals who posted. Not exactly the love-fest … Continue reading

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1 Year Anniversary

  It’s been one year since I started blogging. A year, entered blindly, not knowing what was to come or even why I had this driving desire to write, to ponder, to dig into this eating disordered world. It would have been easier to … Continue reading

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Pro Anorexia Mothers

  A child is one of life’s most precious gifts. As a mother of two, I simply can not understand or accept how a mother could possibly decide to live the “anorexic lifestyle” or be “pro ana.” Does it get … Continue reading

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A Fat Rant

This woman really needs no introduction. I think we can all listen and learn. -mamaV

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C'mon girls, shake your money maker!

Pole dancing, as done in strip clubs, is the new trend for kids. Children, as young as seven years of age, are being taught and encouraged to use pole dancing moves as a form of exercise, causing an uproar in … Continue reading

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Tyra's Twisted Logic

Let’s continue our discussion on Sarah Hartshorne, the size 8 “plus sized” model on America’s Next Top Model, since the first post brought out such great thinking and debate! Sarah Hartshorne, the too fat for the big time “real model” Many of you … Continue reading

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"Ana Rexia" hotty costume

Time for Halloween ladies! Be the life of the party at your neighborhood get together when you arrive in this fun, new costume inspired by the millions suffering with eating disorders!  Introducing “Anna Rexia!” Skeleton Costume includes Knit Dress with Glitter Screenprint, Headband, Choker Neckband, Removable … Continue reading

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Curvy Cola Bottle Body

Ok this dude is a little too cheesy for me, but you’ve got to love the message. Thanks for Nat’s for sending this tip, she’s from the UK….I’ve never heard of Chico or the show X-Factor…am I out of it? … Continue reading

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Gemma Ward too fat?

Are we headed in the wrong direction? Rumor has it that Gemma Ward was dumped from the Milan Fashion shows for being overweight. How dare she be a size 2! Puberty kicked in, and she gets kicked out. I guarantee … Continue reading

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Britney the lard ass, sex pot.

I have been pondering this whole Britney Spears saga since her painful performance at the MTV awards a few weeks back. The entire discussion of her being a lard ass was so beyond my comprehension, I didn’t feel a need to discuss it.   But stumbling … Continue reading

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True Colors – Pro Age Campaigns

I figured I might as well repost these for review as well. Do you see yourself here?

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For your viewing enjoyment -mamaV

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Hey, FAT ass!*

I am often asked my views on the obesity epidemic in this country, and up until now my response has been “different problem, different solution.” But then, I started thinking how obesity is not a totally different problem – it’s just … Continue reading

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