Kick Pro Ana to the curb!

Cool anti ana avatars, read em’ & live em’ girls!

Next up, a fun little weekend project.

1) Go to office depot and get some bright orange post its.

2) Write a positive body message of inspiration for yourself and others.

3) Stick it in a public place, one frequented by women (bathrooms are perfect).

4) Be a part of the real body revolution started by WeBiteBack!

5) Believe what you wrote, repeat it, live it.

6) Report your posting to The Orange Revolution.

This thing is going international….check out this one in Australia!

chuck the scale : ditch the fashion rags : check out the library : buy some new music : learn something new: no fat chat : be kind : believe in you :

Love you, enjoy the warm air and do something different this weekend


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40 Responses to Kick Pro Ana to the curb!

  1. Lily says:

    I’m gona do this!!! Really like those avators, we have to fight back- this skinny stuff is oppression of women!!!

    Lily xxx

  2. leigh says:

    if only it was that easy.

    if only.

    MamaV, ive been visiting your blog for a while, i found it; like many, via youtube. I wasnt looking for “thinspiration” i was actually looking for a documentary on an anorexic girl i once used to know.

    The pro-anorexics dont actually want anorexia. They want to be pretty litttle barbie dolls. This “cult” as i would call it is so much deeper than the media or the models. For the “wanarexics” this can stem from the beginnings. From the beautiful plastic dolls in their glamourised candy-floss pink convertables that they played with when they were younger. There was an era when barbie had everything and barbie was everything. Now models have everything and emulating models is everything. The girls will only get younger.

    Very few will fight to put themselves in possition of outcast. Very few will feel the real wrath of anorexia. Very few will hit anorectic weight criteria – infact most are more likely to end up bulimic if they do develop a disorder. Very few will end up in a hospital, very few will end up being fed nasal-gastrically, very few will have to depend on life support machines and other people to live another day. Very few will die of the atrocities of anorexia.

    AND so… i realise how selfish this is to appeal on my own part: it is a very selfish question indeed, but why are you fighting so passionately to understand a “heroin chic” cult phase when there are so many like myself, like you mention on your last video that have to just be. The ones who dont know where to start fighting anymore. The ones who will die.

  3. palmtreechick says:

    Did you just say, “chuck the scale??” I’ve got a few close friends trying to get me to do that.

  4. Karrie says:

    My yellow post-it from Singapore is on the page! <3

    I’m trying to live up to what I write on the post-its. Its difficult but I have to set by example if I want women to follow in my lead.

  5. Rachel says:

    Chuck the scale, palmtreechick!! :-)

    MamaV, these are WONDERFUL! Thank you!!!!!!

  6. Sarah says:

    do you think you can tell a girl WITH ANOREXIA to write on a post “im beautiful” and “i love my butt” and everything will be okay?

  7. Josie says:

    For all those criticising – a person, whether they have an ED or not, CAN feel better with a simple self-esteem booster like this. They will not feel happy long, and they won’t magically be cured of any problems..of course.
    When i was involved in LJ Pro-ana i’d do self-esteem posts, where i’d ask the girls to describe their favourite bit of their body, tell me what they’re proud of, tell me what they’re good at, tell me what their hobbies are, etc. It did make them feel better, if only for a little while.

    So yeh – go mamaV :)

  8. Jane says:

    I think this is a great project!! I’ll get to it with my orange post-it’s by my side lol!

    Love the avitars too, especially the one with the picture of the scales… I’ve printed it off and have it in my purse as a constant reminder to myself. :o)

    xxx Jane xxx

  9. Vanessa says:

    in general about the post- its a piece of feel good fluff, but a harmless one, so i won’t criticise.

    to leigh- mamaVISION isn’t about helping people with actual eating disorders. its about getting all hysterical over the preteen fad aspects of proana, and overstating the influence of the fashion world. in my opinion when heather gets going in the press with her books and speaking tours she’ll be the biggest boost proana ever had. but that will just make her “movement” look even better- because then there will really be a problem to rail against after all.

  10. Sarah says:

    yeah, i guess you guys are right. it’s just hard to feel beautiful when you know you aren’t, you know?

  11. -Jen- says:

    PTC- I think she meant “CHUNK the scale.” And who are these friends that are trying to get you to do that?

  12. palmtreechick says:

    Sweet Jen, but YOU are the ONLY one that says “CHUNK!” That’s not proper english slang. Get with it. You wouldn’t be one of those people trying to get me to CHUCK the scale either. No, not you!! 😉

  13. Rachel says:

    I certainly didn’t say, nor did I mean, “chunk”.

    I’m trying to help PTC out by encouraging her to liberate herself from the chains of the scale!! :-)

  14. palmtreechick says:

    Ha, RACHEL, I didn’t even see your comment up there. I was busting on JEN because I always make fun of her for saying “CHUNK.” I keep telling her it’s CHUCK but she insists that it’s “CHUNK!” Set her straight for me, Rach! :)

  15. -Jen- says:

    Hey Rachel….I missed your comment too! Haha! I was talking about mamaV saying “chuck”…..And by the way, the proper term is “chunk!” I SWEAR! Haha!

    Encouraging PTC to liberate herself will do no good. That’s why a secret mission is in place to destroy her scale.

  16. Danielle says:

    To settle the chuck/chunk issue, check out the fourth entry.

  17. -Jen- says:

    I’m settling the issue too…

    Check out the 4th entry

  18. -Jen- says:

    Actually #34 is better…….lol

  19. Danielle says:

    I guess the two are interchangable.

  20. Kim says:

    For those of you that are cynical about these self-esteem boosters -seriously, think for a minute.

    When thousands of negative comments that are meant to hurt are hurled at girls, no one bats an eyelash.

    When a few, rare comments are said in order to help rather than to hurt, people are cynical about them.

    Why can’t good words help? If ONE negative comment can greatly affect a person, why can’t ONE good comment be able to affect a person as well? In my experience, when people say hurtful things about my body , it tends to stick with me. So when people say good things, I try to let it stick.

    These self-esteem boosters are great. They might not immediately register for people who have more serious body image issues but if you post them in a public place it could help different kinds of women. Not all women have eating disorders, but most of us do feel crummy about ourselves and this is where the self-esteem boosters kick in.(Not all of us have eating disorders but all of us want to hear positive messages about ourselves) These messages can’t hurt, they can only help.

    I’m sooo going to post them up on my school’s bathroom mirrors! And in random public places too. (park benches, restauraunt tables, etc) Do you think I could get ticketed for littering, though? 😀

  21. Shana says:

    you all are totally getting off topic.

    karrie, congrats on making the map and lily and jane, hope 2 see u on there soon!

    josie – you are so right. obviously there is no quick fix for anorexia but little things like the post-its just make u feel like u are part of a big revolution that is trying to do some good.

    to leigh – no offense to vanessa but i think you need to read what she wrote w/ a grain of salt. mamaV does seem to actually care abt ppl with ed’s (altho i didn’t exactly get what u were asking)]

    vanessa… don’t think i’ve ever met anyone quite as cynical as you. congrats. what do you have against mamaV anyway? you think she’d be glad if the pro-ana movement strengthened? why do u think she spends time on this? she isn’t making money, she isn’t getting famous, do u think its maybe POSSIBLE that she just cares?

    mamaV – i’m glad u profiled webiteback in this post. it’s done good things for a lot of people. and i must say, i’m impressed that you let certain ppl come here and post baseless things abt you… i think that’s cool. and just for the record, i think you honestly are trying to help, so way to go. anyone who can make a difference, kudos to them. the world needs all the help it can get.

  22. hillary says:

    Shana- ….AMEN

  23. Rachel says:

    I’ve never even heard of “chunking” instead of “chucking”. The proper terminology is to “chuck” the scale.

    I believe that encouraging PTC gently will do *some* good. So, PTC, chuck your scale already! If you can’t bear to part with it, then hide it away. Go one day without weighing yourself. Then two. Etc. :-)

  24. Rachel says:

    My site was out of date. I did not refresh it before I posted my comment. Yes, back on topic:

    Positive thinking and commentary is difficult. I think that is the reason why a lot of people just don’t do it. Myself included. I am trying to change that and push through these eating issues.

    MamaV definitely cares about people, that’s why she does this.

    And Shana, AWOMEN! :-) Negative things stick while positive things have a tendency not to unless repeated over and over again. I’m kicking the negativity out!! We’re *ALL* beautiful and we *need* to stop the self-criticizing and hatred! This is the first step. That is why we’re here, right??

  25. El says:

    Hey!! That my post-it =D

  26. Katie says:

    Right now I read that and I feel better for a moment — I want to be able to love my body — but a minute later I realize it made no difference.

    By the way, I say it’s chuck. 😉 I even checked Webster’s.

  27. panda07 says:

    I think even i could manage this.i do think i have nice feet hahah.No really i`m always told i have nice know iv started to see it for myself!even the smallest praise can have a good effect on ones selfesteam* josie said of course it dose not last forever,but even if it makes someone think about what they too like about theirselves even for a moment it has to be a good giving it a go.thanks josie you really made me think about this :)

  28. Vanessa says:

    shana – thank you for the congratulations. i do try.

    you asked what i have against mamaV. i have nothing personally against heather. i actually like her, even. and i think she mostly means well. however, i take issue with her methods.

    a challenge to all of you: why on earth do you criticise me for being cynical and sarcastic and rude, while when mamaVISION posts a picture of a dying anorexic girl without her permission and makes sarastic snarky comments about that girl, you cheer her on? and why do you think this sarcastic person who has said she wants to help wannarexics, not real anorexics and that she will “tear apart” anyone who does something that offends her is some paragon of understanding and acceptance? mamavision victimises people with eating disorders and blames them for societal problems far more than it aims to help anyone.

    and as for why heather spends time on this? well, i think it is partially that she is well meaning- she clearly doesn’t want to believe she’ll end up making the problem worse. but mostly i think she likes the attention and she likes the idea of being the leader of some movement. which is to say, she’s human. everyone likes attention and praise, and it tends to blind them to the negative sides of their actions.

    so, go on bitching about my being cynical and sarcastic people. but as long as mamaVISION takes that cynical sarcastic tone as well, i don’t think i’ll be apologizing.

  29. leigh says:

    Vanessa – i know mamaV isnt about helping people with real eating disorders. I understand the purpose and the motivation behinf ManmaV’s movement. My question was WHY.

    Unless this can achieve some awareness on the aspect that there is a difference between pro-ana and anorexia; until someone points out that individuals with eating disorders dont wake up one morning and decide “i think i’ll become anorexic today and go look at some sits of skinny models” etc (yes thats a massive overgeneralisation on my part).

    Im talking about things that could be more beneficial. Like the amounts of people who dont even know they have eating disorders or the bulimic who walks into the doctors office and is told that she doesnt have a problem, that insurance wont cover it, that an inpatient facility wouldnt help or whatever because she (or HE) is of “normal weight range”.

    My point is generally that time could be better spent saving lives by raising awareness about what eating disorders actually are rather than suppporting a community of people who i have nothing against as individuals, but their websites i find insulting, their thinspo of friends of mine or others out there who are dying or already dead pasted as idols.

    As nice as it is to think that posting a few “i feel good about myself messages around may help” (and is much alike CBT in the way if you tell yourself something for long enough you may feel it) this does nothing to the eating disordered mind that shouts back twice as loud.

    Basically my personal opinion is the “i love myself” campaign, while it is obviously positive, can cause negativity. If i started posting things like that around then i would make myself feel a whole lot worse. My guess is if pro-anas start posting that stuff around it could be like the encouragment you see on their sites. It adds fuel to the fire, it says to them “you are good, keep on going”.

  30. Vanessa says:

    leigh- i am in complete agreement with just about everything you wrote. mamaVISION could be doing good, but instead she is obsessed with proana (and fashion), and that obsession paradoxically feeds proana rather than helping anything.

  31. Hagar says:

    Hey guys…
    It’s me, Hagar lol…
    Ummm yeah I know I haven’t been online for AGES…
    I saw the posts about me on mamav’s forum thingy… I’m ok don’t worry…
    I have been having a lot of suicidal thoughts and I have even made a few goodbye letters but don’t worry, I am working on getting better,,,
    I just think that I get hooked on things really easily, including internet… So I really have to watch out and not be on here again… Maybe like, once a month hehe…
    Wow there are a lot of new names on here…
    New posts…
    Don’t worry about me Nats and Amie and Mamav, I saw your posts and don’t worry I am ok…
    I just don’t think that this site is good for me, my mum doesn’t allow me here anymore, I am on here only because I feel strong enough not to get hooked and because she’s not here hehe… Maybe she is right though, this site is excellent and very supportive but it all depends on who you are… Maybe I am too young, I’m not even 15 years old, and I am very dependent… So I think I am making the right choice…
    I don’t know when I will be here again, so I just wanted to say good luck to everybody and I miss you all!
    By the way, this is my fourth day without a smoke! Ahhh! Wish me luck!
    AND, I just found out that my health is not that good…
    Apparently I have a few problems including lungs, heart, blood, pulse and this thing where water gets inside your fat or muscle or something like that… Anyways I am telling you this because please, anyone who purges or doesn’t eat or is just plain unheealthy, doesn’t sleep eanough, vitamins and food habits, you should get checked… Now I’m stuck with all sorts of stupid tests and problems that could have been avoided if I had checked them earlier…
    Love ya all,

  32. palmtreechick says:

    I tried the not weighing myself before, Rachel. I HATED it!! Ugh. It was the worst.

  33. Shana says:

    vanessa – your cynicism and sarcasm don’t serve a purpose, while mamaV’s at least attempt to. heather uses sarcasm to get her points accross. maybe it isn’t the most gentle way of doing it but she is trying to accomplish something and that’s just her method of getting that message across. you, on the other hand, what purpose if your mamaV bashing serving? why do YOU take the time to come on here and try to undermine what she writes? why are you trying to take away her credibility?

    she is trying to do good in the world… and what exactly are you doing?
    it’s very easy to sit on the sidelines and watch other people and say, oh, what they are doing isn’t good, it won’t help anything. it’s not easy to put urself out there and try to make a change. so maybe stop judging and try doing something good…

    honestly, it’s a shame because just from reading a few of the posts you’ve written, you obviously are very intelligent and a good writer too. it’s too bad that you’re using that gift to cut down someone who genuinely cares.

    i don’t know mamaV personally, but nothing that i’ve read on this site leads me to believe that she is anything but sincere. from what i understand, she is trying to bring awareness abt the pro-ana movement and combat it by questioning it’s values and such. and if even one person searching for pro-ana on the web comes across this site first, and reads some of her posts, and realizes that pro-ana is a facade, and that thin does not equal happiness, and that girl stops right there, then mamaV has fulfilled her purpose.

    as for the pictures that mamaV posted of anorexic girls, i too was slightly taken aback b/c i knew some of those girls. all i can say is that i’m sure that when mamaV posted them, she wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. it’s sorta that once you see one thinspo pic, you’ve seen them all. and they blend together and become really impersonal (unless, or course, it’s you, or someone you know) and as mamaV said (and i have no reason not to believe this) the pictures were all taken from public forums and not from private pages.

    and just to clarify, how is mamaV promoting pro-ana? i honestly don’t get the connection there…

  34. Vanessa says:

    shana- i would consider myself to have acheived a positive outcome if mamaV were to stop posting pictures of sick girls with sarcastic comments under them, to view pro ana in a less hysterical and fear-mongering way, to view the pro anorexia community with more compassion and understanding, and to give up any plans to publicize proana further in the general media.

    this last point is an important one. heather is talking about a book and a speaking tour. about starting a movement. this blog doesn’t publicize proana and despite all my critiques i honestly believe this blog has more positive effects than negative. but the second she takes her case out into the mass media she will bring more new people to proana than she ever dissuades. as of yet she has not directly addressed this very real possibility.

    if i can’t convince heather (which i doubt that i will) then at least i can raise these concerns so that potential followers see the downsides of what heather is doing and proposing to do. if you don’t feel this is a valid way for me to spend my time, well, it is my own to spend as i choose. and i am far from being the only one who has these concerns about mamaVISION. i’m just the only one stubborn enough to keep bringing up the same concerns regardless of who agrees with me.

  35. Shana says:

    it’s the age old question. do you publicize something for the sake of awareness? or do you not publicize it so as not to glamorize it and attract attention.

    in 11th grade, i was one of the 4 people who went inpatient that year. the administration couldn’t make up their mind if they should bring people in to speak to the grade. would it help deter people? or would it send some people in the wrong direction?

    the answer is that publicizing the pro-ana movement would probably bring new people to it. but the question on that is, do the positive effects outweight the negative? will some people benefit? will parents of preteens start looking at the sites their children are frequenting? will the media take note and stop inundating us w/ such images?

    i’m not blind to the negative affects of publicizing pro-ana. that’s the way i found pro-ana in the first place. in an article dumb enough to print the URL.

    awareness can be done properly, without glamorizing, or it can be done without forethought. and i do thinki mamaV is aware of what she is doing. i also do think that she doesn’t exactly understand the pro-ana community completely but she is taking the time to try.

    and mamaV, for the record, i do think vanessa has a very valid point here, that your going public could raise awareness for the wrong people. is that something you have thought about?

    lastly, vanessa, thank you for that post, you really clarified what you were saying and i think i see where you are coming from.

    nothing is as simple as it should be… especially when it comes to eating disorders…

  36. Michelle says:

    I posted some post-its around campus :)

  37. Sharon says:

    Hey all… if you put up any post-its, email me at the We Bite Back site and I will mark it on the map. If you send me photos of your post-its, I’ll put them up. The best way to get the world to change is to give it the opportunity. If you put positive stuff out there, it will come back to you.

    Dare to believe it’s possible.

    I know beating this thing is tough… it wasn’t easy for me or any of my friends, either…

    …but if we’re in this together, it isn’t as bad. It isn’t as hard. Surround yourself with the sort of people you need to become stronger.

  38. beth says:

    Hey, maybe if I do this, I will actually believe what I write. I hope it inspires even one girl at my university. I’m starting it Monday!!!

  39. Sharon says:

    Sarah wrote:
    >>>do you think you can tell a girl WITH ANOREXIA to write on a post “im beautiful” and “i love my butt” and everything will be okay?>>>

    It might take more than that one time for her to get it. It took me three months into creating We Bite Back a year and a half ago before I even started to get above starvation levels again. It took a long time to change my mindset. I was on a weightloss weight gain roller coaster for thirteen years prior. I’ve been maintaining a healthy weight for over a year now. If I can do it, why can’t other people?

    If you believe in yourself… work really hard at believing in yourself and counter each negative looping thought with a positive counter… it gets easier.

    If an anorexic wants to change, she can make friends with people who are focusing on recovery and learn from them… and in making friends with them you ensure you won’t be doing it alone.

    If an anorexic wants to empower herself, she can… but it has to be her choice. You can’t force this sort of thing on anyone…

    …if people all around you were accepting themselves as they were and it became the new fashion, the new trend, wouldn’t it be easier? One of the main reasons people support pro-ana is for the “support” it offers. What if we were all supportive to each other in healthier contexts?

    It’s not impossible. It’s difficult, sure, but there are things you can do to make it easier.

  40. Bloemetje says:

    Well, no offence but I think that the PRO-Ana avatars are much better =P

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