Simply Voodoo by Vera Wang

Have you seen the billboards promoting Vera Wang’s new collection “Simply Vera” at Kohl’s?

The Wizard of Oz campaign theme is, well, creepy.


Check it out for yourself at Vera Wang’s site for Kohls. 

The video version is called “The Passenger,” which has a strange resemblance to the Blair Witch Project. Not quite what Vera was going for.

I’ll probably check out the voodoo collection anyway. Just as long as its in the light of day.


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9 Responses to Simply Voodoo by Vera Wang

  1. bri says:

    i commented on your video “just be”, but i don’t think it worked. i just wanted to say THANK YOU. i get so trapped, so stuck, so isolated and alone and sick of myself…and then i randomly watch your video, and it makes it a little bit better. there are moments where the weight of this ed is crushing the breath from my body, and knowing that somebody CARES lessens it slightly. i thought my recovery was progressing, and then i started fall semester. and fell apart. i think part of me is wondering if i am going to make it. is it pointless to try? blah. sorry. i don’t know….i just wanted to say thank you for putting yourself out there. it means a great deal.


  2. Autum says:

    I was looking in a magazine not too long ago and there was an article on angelina jolie.. they spoke about her drug addictions but not of her eating disorder (that i remember of). there was no TALK of an eating disorder.. but in a picture of one of her tattos she had a tattoo that read “Quod me, Nutrit me, Distrut.”

    What nurishes me also distroys me.

    idk.. i guess it bothered me that they showed it.. it triggered me.. im trying to recover.. i did and then i fell back and im trying not to again… i just seem to keep triggering myself and i really dont know what to do. I have made one step up though, i dont have a food log anymore.

    But i digress.. i just thought that youd like to know.. i think it was in people mag or something… look into it.. it might give u a new topic i guess… my xanga is private so u cant contact me there. thanks for what your doing.. i think its helping… xx


  3. Sass1948 says:

    i can hardly see the outfits in the pictures above…just the odd hat and upperwear…none of which am impressed by so her “theme” has failed on me. phew.

  4. Vanessa says:

    fashion is sooooo boring. i have no idea why you or anyone else cares about this stuff. or why women buy women’s magazines for that matter. give me a copy of asimovs science fiction any day.

    oh crap, now you’ll all be on my back for objectifying robots!

  5. Danielle says:

    Here’s a link to the photo Autum was referring to,(Angelina Jolies tattoo)

    I personally don’t like her, never have, also have never heard anything confirmed about her having an ED although she’s admitted to being a cutter. I can’t see myself admitting to someone I am a cutter and hiding that I have an ED? Doesn’t make sense, but whatever….anyways just thought I would share the link. Not much else to add on the subject.

    Take care everyone.

  6. christy says:


    Not on your back, just a sincere reaction.

    First off, I’ve read several of your posts and agree with much of what you have to say; however, I take issue with your post above. I am defending neither fashion nor “women’s magazines” since I have not the time to spend on either. I am wondering though, why, or perhaps how, you can make statements that disregard not only a huge number of people, but their thoughts, feelings, ideas, and talents.

    Question(s): Because you think “fashion is sooooo boring,” does this make it true, or even relevant, for others who may find gratification, a creative outlet, and satisfaction through such an oh so boring (according to you) medium? Also, you seem to imply that women, or anyone for that matter, who buy “women’s magazines” are ridiculous, beyond comprehesion (“i have no dea why you or anyone else cares about this stuff”), pathetic. Okay, I am trying to understand; so if you have no idea why people do what they do or why something is the way it is, then it can so easily be reduced to “stuff,” to something so insignifcant, disdainful, and/or beyond your understanding that all you can come up with to describe it is a simple, generic term? I apologize if I am missing your point, but you seem to be perpetuating the long-standing patriarchal myth that women are weak, gullible, frivolous, and irrational, easily influenced by all sorts of “stuff.” Afterall, why else would (some) women choose to buy a “woman’s magazine”? Who knows. It is about personal choice, afterall.

    Of course, not everyone can be like you–a devoted subscriber to asimovs science fiction.

    I post this not as a response for objectifying robots. I don’t really give a shit about that. My concern involves people, particularly women who are struggling and who need support rather than ineffectual comments that come off, to me at least, as judgmental and inconsiderate.


  7. Vanessa says:

    christy- yeah, i do come off as judgemental and inconsiderate sometimes don’t i? sorry about that… i try to aim for funny and borderline obnoxious without actually veering into offensive but sometimes i miss the mark. i do apologize for offending you, honestly.

    the asimovs thing was making fun of myself… i’m no longer a subscriber but i used to be, and it’s one of the nerdiest thing i can imagine. so when i made the comment that part was intended to be self depricating. still, i think you could make a strong argument that our society often rewards women who are interested in fashion and punishes those that prefer sci fi.

    but, i’m afraid that i do judge people that read womens magazines a bit, and i’m sorry for that. but they’re just so inane… when i said i can’t understand why people read them, yeah, i meant it literally. i literally do not understand how someone could go through a checkout counter and see, say, newsweek and glamour side by side, and pick glamour. i don’t have a subscription to newsweek either, but i could read it and be interested and entertained by its contents. i simply do not feel that way about glamour, and i have a hard time understanding people who do.

    as for fashion- there are a lot of things i find boring that obviously involve a lot of skill on the part of their participants. like baseball, or soccer. saying soccer is BORING is no offense meant to the players- or even the fans. i just happen to find it boring *shrug*

  8. christy says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    Thanks for your response. I did catch the self depircating tone in your asimovs science fiction comment, but admittedly, it wasn’t until after I had posted and read over yours again.

    I agree, to an extent, with the argument that women drawn to fashion magazines fit society’s standards of a “normal” woman. And often, following the so-called norm reaps rewards while diverging, in some cases, brings judgment, criticism, and alienation. Arguably, though, in the context of fashion magazines vs. sci-fi texts, the woman buying a fashion magazine could be perceived by the person standing in the check out line behind her as airheaded, mindless, superficial, shallow, whereas the woman reading the sci-fi novel is interesting, intelligent, a person with substance. I see what you are saying and partially agree, but I also recognize how this argument can be easily reversed depending on the conditions.

    I also understand what you are saying about being judgmental. I think we all are to a certain degree, whether we want to be or not, and whether we admit it or not. However, I think it is our responsibility to consider how others might be affected when we imply that they are petty, silly, and unintelligent. Is it really helpful or constructive, especially on a site like this where many viewers already lack self-esteem and confidence, to criticize for being interested in fashion & fashion magazines? Honestly, I don’t know. Just a question. As an extremely sensitive person who tends to twist and manipulate anything said to me, even a compliment, into a humiliating critique that reinforces my already low opinion of myself, I try hard to be careful with what I say and how I phrase it so as not to make people feel who may already feel bad about themselves feel even worse. Of course, I do not always succeed as evidenced above. I do apologize for the harsh tone.

    Anyway, thanks again for your post because it really has helped me understand where you are coming from. Oh, and I too am not all that interested in fashion or fashion magazines for that matter, so I can relate.

  9. panda07 says:

    I dont know where shes going with this collection but she is geared towards “healthy” ladys if the size of these *coughs* knickers are anything to go by!

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