12 year old beauty queen

I thought I was young when I headed off to Paris at 16, now we have a 12 year old strutting the catwalk.

Meet Maddison Gabriel, Australia’s latest modeling sensation.


Maddison shows off her prepubescent form in a bikini above, although Fashion Week Spokesman Kelly Wieler clearly stated “Maddy” would not be shooting any pictures in swimwear or lingerie.

I don’t have much more to say about this story. What’s worse is I didn’t even feel a sense of surprise when I read it.

I just feel sad. Sad for this girl and sad for her proud mum shown here because she has no idea what her daughter is in for.


Kiss her goodbye mum, your little girl ain’t coming back.


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47 Responses to 12 year old beauty queen

  1. Rachel says:

    Man, that’s really sad. She’s very pretty, but she will be incredibly stunning when she comes of age and forms her own identity. Unfortunately, that may not be possible for her.

  2. Amie says:

    I live in Australia and so his chick has made headlines, but to my surprise everyone seems really against it. The gold coast fashion week organisers were slammed for having her as the face of fashion week, top designers and managers have said she is seriously too young and have also said there isnt any need to hire anyone under the age of 16, its not like Australia is running out of beautiful people. The gal and her family are saying she is mature enough to handle the industry. The chick said in an interview that she isnt too young, that babies model… and this just proves her maturity.. well lack of?! Babies are modeling clothes for babies, she is modeling clothes for adults… i think its terrible having a 12 yr old sexualised but i think its great that everyone here is really slamming the idea… even the prime minister has turned his nose up at the idea! Maybe change is comming sooner rather than later

  3. Amie says:

    oh! one more thing… i dont like her nose… lets see how she can handle that?!

  4. Karen says:

    It is sad. I look at a 12-year old girl’s body and I wish I could look like that. I’m 24, have an eating disorder and it is disgusting that I want to strive to look like a child. Deffinetly an eye opener!

  5. Sarah says:

    maybe she’ll be naturally thin as she grows older and she’ll have a true love for fashion and thats why she’ll model. that’s why i do it. every person who’s in the fashion industry does not have an eating disorder nor does everyone who enters do they get one. i don’t even think she’s that thin. more healthy.

  6. She’s TWELVE??? My God, she looks older than I do.

  7. palmtreechick says:

    okay, maybe not older than I do. I just looked again.

  8. Elle says:

    She’s a 12 year old modeling for adult woman fashion. When I was 12, I was already very tall and frankly had a figure just like hers. Guess I should have looked into modeling when I was twelve…oh, wait…then I hit puberty and grew hips and breasts. Those would have gotten in the way because then I would then look like a woman not a girl. When this girl finally reaches puberty she will either have a breakdown because her body is going to change or she will be so under-nourished she won’t have a proper puberty and live with the life-long physical repercussions.

    Really, it’s her mother I’m most upset with. I suspect that she has pushed her daughter to pursue this career, if not directly then indirectly through years of idolizing fashion models and promoting the importance of physical beauty.

    ::a sigh and a shake of the head::

  9. Elle says:

    Something just crossed my mind. It makes perfect sense for the fashion industry to start hiring pre-pubescent to model. It’s much easier to be thin, hipless, and boobless AND still be healthy when you are 12. It’s brilliant really.

  10. Sarah says:

    haha bummer i’m almost 18 and still have no hips ass or boobs so pretty much i’m a man no wonder i’m fat.

  11. Vanessa says:

    “i don’t even think she’s that thin. more healthy.”

    yeah, sarah. she should drop a few pounds, huh? thanks for your comment oh representitive of the modelling world. very illuminating.

  12. Michelle says:

    that’s ridiculous.

  13. Amie says:

    is thin and healthy the same thing or is it different? Can you be thin but still healthy, or can you just be thin or healthy

  14. Rachel says:

    Hey, I had boobs like hers (or lack thereof) until I was 18.

    Amie: I only hope that change is coming soon. I’ve got a 14 (soon to be 15) year old cousin who is quite beautiful, but I would rather DIE than see her in a modeling career at that age. Personally, I think that models should kind of be 18 unless they are modeling teenage clothes. A string bikini on a 12 year old is quite disgusting and pervish. The industry *really* doesn’t need to sexualize a girl that young.

    Brilliant, modeling industry… Just brilliant. You want clothes hangers and your models to have no hips, no curves, and no boobs? Perfect solution! Get the prepubescent girl whose body as of now looks more like a boy! ??? WTF?!?!!!

    It is now my mission to destroy the unhealthy images put forth by the modeling industry and those effing clueless clothing designers!!

  15. Nats says:

    12 years old?? OMG Well we might as well send all kids over the age of 11 off to modeling school to work on their pouts! This is stupid!!

  16. Nats says:

    I am sorry for this young girl, she is saying that she is ready to do this and that she feels she is old enough to take it on, well I am sorry hunny but if the modeling world is too much for the likes of Kate Moss, then its certainly going to crush you!!

    Rachel I am with you on this, I will join your mission to destroy the images! I will also slam them on every site I find them on and I will also slam the mags they are shown in!!

  17. Nats says:

    Guarenteed that this girl will be taken away from the modeling world just as quick as she has been thrown into it!

    These parents who send their young girls into this line of work obviously are not aware of the dangers involved! Maybe we are the ones who need to educate them! ill certainly try !!!!

  18. Paige says:

    This story actually made me physically nautious. I’m just thinking about all of the unknowing girls out there that will see this photo and start the downward spiral of “dieting”…

    I honestly hope that this doesn’t continue. That girl should be removed from whatever contract she has until she is at least 18, or whatever the legal age is over in Australia.

  19. mamavision says:

    Correction – she turned 13 over the weekend. I guess this makes the whole story null and void.

  20. Elle says:

    “Correction – she turned 13 over the weekend. I guess this makes the whole story null and void.” LOL. MamaV, you kill me.

    I agree with Nat that this girl’s career will probably not last long, and I’ve already said my thoughts on her mother.

    I think we as a society are equating thin to an unhealthy and sickly look; If you don’t look ill then you are not thin. “i don’t even think she’s that thin. more healthy” does imply just that sort of ingrained thinking.

  21. Jane says:

    Oh, she’s 13 now? Well then, why are we complaining? She’s just about ready to claim her pension! I’m sorry, but I think that even 1 is a disgustingly young age to become a model. I’m 18, and know that I still am not ready for that sort of pressure. At 13 years old, you’re barely in hugh school, should be having sleepovers with friends and gossiping about the latest Big Brother or whatever the new craze is… not this. It makes me feel sick, how do people sleep at night knowing they’ve taken away this kids childhood… it doesn’t last long as it is, why the hell shorten it!?

    There are hundreds of thousands of women – who really have reached adulthood – who would be much more suitable for this career; like Nats said though, if Kate Moss is struggling (as we all know she is), how likely is a teenage girl going to make it through it all??

    Palmtreechick – she does look a lot older than she is… she looks older than me anyways!

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  23. kari says:

    I don’t see what’s so special about her anyway to make her the “next big face in modeling” What’s so great about her? I must be missing something.

  24. Josie says:

    Elle – i like you, you’re so right.

    This isn’t a weight thing we’re talking about here. She’s a normal looking 12-year-old. And you can be any size (except clinically obese or emaciated) and still be healthy. It’s this whole you’re-so-unhealthy-if-you’re-thin thing, which is so wrong – scaring people into fatness, and channelling discrimination towards those who are naturally thin.

  25. Vanessa says:

    i think the problem is that people have started to equate thin with skeletal. when i was growing up “skinny” had a negative connotation- meaning overly bony or unhealthy looking. wheras “thin” and “slim” meant healthy looking. nowadays it seems like thin and skinny both mean the same thing- bony and generally unhealthy.

    and in the eating disordered world of course the word “healthy” has a negative connotation. but thats sort of seperate, in my opinion.

  26. Elle says:

    “and in the eating disordered world of course the word “healthy” has a negative connotation. but thats sort of seperate, in my opinion.”

    We would hope so wouldn’t we. But I’m not so sure anymore.

  27. Nats says:

    OMG for the first time EVER I agree with Vanessa!! This must be incorrect i am sure! he he

    Vanessa I agree with what you just said hun, I am now in shock

  28. Vanessa says:

    haha nats. go check out my newest blog if you want something to disagree with- its about how the recovery industry are just out to keep us sick and exploit us, while pretending to “help”.

  29. Nats says:

    hummm Vanessa I feel I will defo disagree with it as I am living proof that the recovery industry DOES work! Sorry!

    Ok ill do you a deal! You come and rant away on the new forum and ill come and rant away on your new blog! how does that sound to you??

  30. Laura says:

    I think I still secretly played with barbies when I was 12.

    I was really mature though, and desperately hoping someone would just tell me I was beautiful. That was my drive to want to become a model…. My parents discouraged me, but I was very willful. Thank goodness someone above must have been looking out for me, because I never got signed.

  31. Lo says:

    I saw this on the Today show yesterday! Basically, my impression is that the fashion industry is getting so shot down for using models who are so emaciated that they look pre-pubescent….so they decide, “hey, let’s use someone who is NATURALLY pre-pubescent, a 13 year old!” Hey, buy our clothes…it looks GREAT on this 13 year old little girl!

  32. Nats says:

    this is not on the topic but just wondered where all you guys are on the new forum?? I know there are loads of people who are not onit, just wondered why xxx

  33. Elle says:

    Laura, I think I too secretly played with Barbies when I was 12. But I’m also 24 and still play with Legos. 😀 I don’t play with Barbies anymore though. (promise)

    I think everyone believes they were/are really mature when they were/are younger. I certainly did and still do, but was I? My proof to myself is that i had almost no friends my age, they were all older. I was always trying to be like my sister who is 5 years older than I.

    I’m on the forum, Nats, but haven’t been there much.

  34. Nats says:

    Hey Elle, how come your not on it much?? I think we need everyone on there, it seems so quiet and I think it would be wicked once everyone is on it and debating and chatting etc xxxxxx

    P.S I LOVE lego lol

  35. Vanessa says:

    elle- you still play with legos too???

    ok, thats it, marry me! lol

  36. Nats says:

    LOL ahhh bless its a mamavision wedding!! Can I be the flower girl??

  37. Elle says:

    LOL. I should probably say yes or else I’ll never be married. But you haven’t bought me flowers yet! 😀

    (Sorry for the late response, I’ve been out of town.)

  38. Angry Reader says:

    you do know that photo was clearly photo shopped? look at the size of her head compared to the rest of her body. no further comment.

  39. Amie says:

    the photo wasnt photo shopped… its just the way the photo has been taken… its as though the camera is looking up….

  40. random says:

    she could just have an irregualrly small head?

  41. Sophia says:

    if the fashion industry expect this little girl to stay her pre-pubecent way in a few years then they should have payed more attention in biology class!

    she looks normal for 12.
    but if they expect her to stay looking like a 12 year old then they must be kidding themselfes!

  42. Anon. says:

    How wrong. How so, very wrong.
    She really is a gorgeous girl, but, she’s just too young! She should ATLEAST wait until she is 14. ATLEAST.
    Her parents should be sued, man.
    Ha, she thinks she can survive in the world of high fashion… she won’t last long, folks. No need to worry.
    Even some of the top designers in the world are shocked.
    How sad such a young girl should be subjected to this sort of stuff when she should really be having girly little sleepovers with her BFFS and gossiping over last night’s episode of Home and Away.

  43. Dani says:

    She is not beautiful enough to justify this. Let her age, and then let her model. As mentioned before, the world, and Australia aren’t running out of beautiful people…

  44. goodness says:

    hi i am 12 year old and i am 5’8 and i want to be model so bad i have straved myself time to time and right now i am straving myself but i know it going to help someday

  45. Laura says:

    In what world is it right to support a 12 year old to become a supermodel? She needs friends, school, a LIFE! She’s like what, in sixth or seventh grade?
    God, her mom probably fell out of reality long ago! Chances are, she wanted to be a model when she was a kid but never got to do it, so now she’s pushing her daughter to do it. I’m probably not far off base with that one.

  46. girl 4000 says:

    i don’t think she is pretty

  47. Me says:

    Dear lord! I’m 12.
    But I’ve already hit puberty so I have hips and boobs. TBH When I was younger I was really skinny, and looking back at the pictures I feel sick. I disagree with skinny models altogether, I think natural beauty is alot more appealing than this. I would NEVER model if I was told “Your not skinny enough.”
    Alot of people I know are really skinny, but they havn’t hit puberty yet. So when she hits puberty she will get the shock of herl ife when she is told to change, then she will start messing with her body and end up a mess.

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