Fashion Freak Week

By far the highlight of Fashion Freak Week in New York were the Jezabel girls handing out barf bag kits  as fashions finest stutted into their glamorous little pow-wow. Each attendee received their own slick vomit bag, tongue drepressor and mints for freshening up.


I know, I know we shouldn’t make fun of eating disorders. But how the hell else do we fight back against an industry that refuses to accept the magitude of the problem, much less pitch in on the solution?

We’ve got good ole’ Lagerfield saying the girls just have “skinny bones,” the CFDA going all out by providing the models with “healthy food. Why is it only the janitors seem t see what’s going on, since they admit “you can smell the vomit” eminating from the rest rooms.

Check out more great Jezabel work, in this video where some insiders admit they were told to keep an eye on the models, since they tend to faint as they exit the runway.

Next up, this dude decided to send a his message to the New York fashionistas in a very unique way and commendable way.


Let’s end on a high note:

Meet Magali, a supermodel who says it like it is when it comes to the fakery that rules the modeling industry.  She even admits to having chicken cutlets stuffed in her bra on the cover of cosmo…gotta love her.


She fell victim to an eating disorder, and she speaks out about it in her new blog. Magali is a bit more forgiving of the fashion industry than I am, she chooses to instead fight for the cause by showing the reality behind all the airbrush-photoshop nonsense. Here’s how she delivers her message:


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20 Responses to Fashion Freak Week

  1. Kristin says:

    I love the boyfriend that tried to stand up for his honey. A lot of the boys wants girls with a bit of shape, but Noooooo, we listen to the (gay=not sexually attracted to women) designers!!! Hello… :/

  2. Rachel says:

    The modeling industry is effing disgusting and has been for a long time now. For people to aspire to the sick, coked-out ED look is quite disgusting. I will chew the modeling industry to shreds with you, MamaV.

  3. Jane says:

    I can’t believe they handed out barf bags!! Is that really true?! I agree with Kristin, that guy was a sweety… I hope my boyfriend would do that for me :o)

    I hate the modelling industry for these very reasons, they set these rediculous expectations for girls, who fall for it. Everyone wants to look like a model after all. These unnaturally skinny girls who parade (float) across the runways, are making their anorexic weights seem normal, and socially acceptable. It disgusts me… and at the same time, I want to be like them.

  4. Nats says:

    Hey guys

    Can’t get to google groups so had to post here! Hope your all ok, I miss you loads! Jane hope u sent the book on??

    Love you all


    P.S amie- love you to bits sis, missing u most of all xxxx

  5. Vanessa says:

    “I know, I know we shouldn’t make fun of eating disorders.” -mamaVISION

    victory is mine!!! breaking news: mamaV admits we shouldn’t make fun of eds!!!

    hehe. no, seriously. making fun of eating disorders is fine, especially in a case like this where it’s making a point in a dramatic way. kudos to the jezabels! it’s making fun of individuals with eating disorders – picking out specific people and making fun of them – that i object to.

    so well done mamaV for a really funny and interesting post that didn’t pick on any dying girls! still waiting for your thoughts on whether you’ll make the problem of proana worse by giving it more publicity though.

  6. Michelle says:

    What’s worse: a fat model or a straight designer.

    Maybe if we would have more straight designers, (going off of Kristin’s comment) maybe we’d have ‘fuller’ women. Most men (in my group of friends) think skinny is nice, but bone thin is horrible. My one male friend even told me he’d like something to hold on to, something to rest his head on if he wants. “Bone just isn’t comfortable.”

    It’s sad that the runways and modeling shows are REQUIRED to have food backstage.. my question is… how much of that food goes to waste because no one eats it?

    I think it is funny how a few of the people said that a straight designer is worse, but then changed their minds and laughed about it. Maybe they are aware that girls are going to watch that movie but then decide to actually tell what they really feel in the end.

    Who knows. I am fed up with feeling not good enough. I am fed up with my second to worst fear as being fat. I just want to be done, but it’s so hard to get this demon out of me. You know?

    I wish our media would just snap out of it and realize they are being retarded. It’s also sad.. I went to that model’s site and clicked on a link for a news page in the U.K. and guess who’s picture is on it? Sadly, she is an American, too. Maybe I don’t really know, but I hate that the majority of the girls who are large in the media and stick thin are from the U.S. It makes me feel sad to say I am an American with those types representing our country. : /

  7. Michelle says:

    I meant to put that link in my post.. here it is to the U.K. news page.

  8. Michelle says:

    Oh.. and I guess most of my comments are towards the movie on Jezabel’s site. haha so I’d go to that and watch the movie. sorry.. I get ahead of myself.

  9. Sarah says:

    barf bag kits? that made me feel worthless:(

  10. Sass1948 says:

    luvd kristins comment!

    there’s somethin bout the barf bags that unsettles me…

  11. wanderer says:

    I dunno about the sick bags…shock effect makes a superficial impression. It might have been a stronger and more lasting statement to have a group of plus-sized models working at the event so that people could see that clothes look just as nice–or even nicer– on fuller figures.

  12. Gina says:

    I think that’s horrible!
    Why in the world would they do that!?
    I didn’t think models would pass out after a run way walk never thought of that. For some reason I thought models were like special never got tired from not eating-etc.
    I wish we could promote curvy in the media =/

  13. Sara Greene says:

    While there are many eating disordered models, there are the natually thin ones.

    Thin models are used because clothing looks better on them. They are tall and thin, therefore there are no bumps to get in the way of the flow of the fabric. And plus size models are just as bad as skinny models. What, somehow because they’re not skinny, they’re ok? What about the ones who are overweight? Is that a healthy lifestyle?

    Fat is not attractive. It bulges and jiggles. Neither is bone-thinness (at least, to normal people) but plus size models are not saints. They too are airbrushed and have makeup put on them to look unnaturally beautiful. So stop pretending that the plus sized girls are “real.” Models are models, and they model clothes.

    And accusing models of being bulimic is not nice. I am bulimic, and I hate it, but I would hate being fat, also. So I choose to be normal-sized and miserable rather than fat and miserable. I have many skinny friends at school, (I’ve known them for years) and they hate it whenever anyone tells them that they are anorexic. Bulimia and Anorexia are mental illnesses, and are hardly laughing matters. Even if they do have eating disorders, that is their “choice” (I mean that they’re not trying to change) and no one can make them recover.

    Fashion is an industry, just like everything else. They are selling a dream, just like everyone else. Thin has been, for decades now, a dream of millions. So you might as well look at the funiture industry and say “Hey! No one’s chairs look like that in real life!”

    Thin models are not going to change anytime soon. The models are doing their job, which is selling clothes to those who love fashion. At least, I highly doubt anyone that is fat wants to be wearing haute couture.

  14. mamavision says:

    Well said Jane. Do you mind if I utilized your quote for my soon to be published book? I can change your name if you would like. Please email me at
    Thanks, and I hope all is well!

  15. CT says:

    I cannot let my opinion on this issue remain unsaid. I must speak, although I know I risk a “lecture” from “mama”:

    Mama, I am aware of the fact that you were a model in Paris and abroad. However, decades later, I am an intern in the (high) fashion industry and just worked a show yesterday. Might I add, the models (including Sasha Pivovarova and Jessica Stam, as well as Chanel Iman and Anne Watanabe-if you know fashion, you’ll know them) were some of the nicest girls that I have ever had the privilege to meet. On the food table backstage were wraps with various meat fillings, Krispy Kremes, chocolate chip bran muffins, fruit, juices, full-fat milks, coffees, and sodas. By the end of the show, the donuts were all gone. And no, they hadn’t been eaten exclusively by dressers and show producers, but also the models as soon as they got off of the runway. So, yes, models do eat. And yeah, they smoke, and many probably do cocaine as well. And while none of that is to be commended, what does it really have to do in the development of an eating disorder of a normal kid?

    Mama, most kids developing AN nowadays are between the ages of 11-14. How many of these kids, realistically, do you believe are reading Vogue and devouring slides on Not many, I’d bet.

    Will you PLEASE STOP HARASSING the fashion industry for its supposed role in the development of ED’s? Yeah, the models are thin. But so is Miley Cyrus, aka, Hannah Montana. So are the girls of High School Musical and 7th Heaven. Use some logic here, as you clearly claim to be bursting with it.

    I just can’t believe that you’d support an organization handing out barf bags to the editors and front row guests at a show. You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if they suffered, as most are very driven perfectionists who share GENETIC TRAITS associated with AN and BN.

    Next time you try to justify such offensive acts, try to give equal credit to Disney Channel and Bratz, `k Mama? I’d love to know if your kid idolizes Anna Wintour the same way which he/she idolizes Hannah Montana.

  16. Elle says:

    An enjoyable post all around.

    What Jezebel did may have been in somewhat bad taste, but I think people need to be shocked and disgusted sometimes.

    That is the most awesome boyfriend ever!! Again, people need to be slapped accross the face and woken up out of their everyday thinking more often.

    I think we need more models like Magali. Wether she fogives the industry too much doesn’t matter as much as the fact that she is willing to speak-up at all and attempt to educate.

    Vanessa, you’re hilarious. 😀

    Jane, you’re totally right.

    Rachel, I totally feel the same way.

    Michelle, thanks for the comments on the video and the link. I will visit both soon.

    Sara, I don’t think anyone here is trying to attack the models. It’s the entire mentality of the fashion industry and in turn the image that is being presented to consumers that is being criticized.

    CT, I’ll give you the lecture before mamaV gets hers to you. 😀 — First, I think you are under-estimating the saturation of the fashion, entertainment, beauty industies in our culture. I was pretty out of touch as a child and even I was painfully aware of the expectations of beauty and thinnest by the age of 10. I was already on a diet by that age and I wasn’t anywhere close to being over-weight. — Secondly, the actions of Jezebel (from what I understand) were trying to shock and put the reality of weight expectations for models in people’s faces. The fact that some of the people receiving barf-bags might suffer from bulimia only makes me think their actions are even more justified. Watch the Jezebel video and visit their site to understand their intentions more. — Lastly, if mamaV tried to hold everyone accountable for their contribution to this problem in every post…well, that just isn’t possible. One target at a time is reasonable to me. Besides, she has discussed Bratz dolls before.

    Good day, everyone. -Elle

  17. wanderer says:

    Sarah, I never said plus-sized models are saints. Of course they’re airbrushed. I just suggested that their prescence would balance out the presentation, that’s all.

  18. Kristin says:

    just wanna say that I’m doing better w/ my ed, I know some people may think you’re like an idol to some girls, but I just feel your view on pro-ana challenges me to look for sweet things in life. I don’t think I’ll ever be a totally positive person like you, and whether or not my ‘destiny’ is to have a husband and kids, I know that you are right, ED is not life. It’s torture. Makes you wonder – how is it so easy, to inflict torture upon oneself? God, there’s an ocean of reasons. But I haven’t felt this free in YEARS.

    luv Kris

  19. Rachel says:

    Good job, Kris. Keep on trucking, and I hope you continue to fight the good fight. Disordered thinking in general is absolute f*cking torture, and it’s not joking matter.

    Good job on striving for a better life!!! Keep the freedom flowing!!

  20. duh says:

    Unnaturally thin models freak the hell out of me. Their scary, death-like appearance completely detracts from the clothes. Hasn’t anyone else been distracted by this?

    Some clothes look better on thin people while others look better on larger-figuired people (not overweight or obese).

    Besides, shouldn’t we care more about the mental health of the younger generations and those to come as opposed to being worried about whether a designer will sell their clothes? Which is more important? Designers would still sell their clothes if all their models were of an ‘average’ weight and body shape (taking away the demand for uber skinny models).

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