Thinspiration Sucks

Finally, a non-thinspo song.

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  1. Kari says:

    Kudos to whoever made that song! Thinspiration =/= Education!

  2. Lo says:

    who’s the artist?

  3. Vanessa says:

    dude, not bad. not my kind of music or anything, but nor bad at all.

  4. Josie says:

    seconding Vanessa completely.

    I’d actually forgotten how hard it is to be a teenager until i got back to college this week. So many art students are very thin and beautiful, it’s triggering.

  5. Sass1948 says:

    is that you singing & strummin away mamav? hehe kidding!

  6. Amie says:

    yeah thats a pretty cool song..

  7. Sarah - The Collectives says:

    Hi Everyone – Its me singing the song – my name is Sarah Champion and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. Our band is called THE COLLECTIVES and this was recorded LIVE at my friends house which is why the recording is a bit dodgy. I wrote the song as I am fed up with “THINSPIRATION” videos on YOUTUBE and find it really worrying that all these people are starving themselves to “BE BEAUTIFUL”. If you feel the same then please do me the honour of clicking on the song on You Tube and leaving a comment there and also forwarding to friends etc because it would good to get as many views in the end as the THINSPIRATION videos at least if it makes one teenager think differently its worth it.

  8. Imogen says:

    Im from NZ too :) i love your other song on youtube- the untitled one

  9. Rachel says:

    That’s awesome!! THank you for that!!

  10. Sarah - The Collectives says:

    Thanks Imogen – The Untitled one is called MISERY – We have loads more stuff we are gonna upload next week – where abouts in NZ are you??

  11. angel says:

    I am 5’10, back when I was depressed and malnourished at 17 I DID NOT FEEL BEAUTIFUL LIKE A MODEL. I felt awkward, cold and lost. I was scared to look at myself in the mirror.

    your boobs sink in, your ass disappears.

    To recover is to have faith.
    Who’s spreading this metal illness, SATAN of course, who the hell else.

    Great song, by the way =D

  12. Mother Rose says:

    Models, and such… reminds me of proverbs 11:22
    As a jewel of gold in a swines snout, so is a fair woman without discretion.

    It truly important what is going on -on the inside of a person.
    To conform to the character of Christ is all that matters.
    Satan , get behind me!

    -Mother Rose

  13. Rachel says:

    For me, to recover is to be stronger than my illness and kick it out! For me, it has nothing to do with heaven or hell or god or satan. It is just my own, sheer stubborn will that gives me strength.

  14. Jane says:

    Great song and great moral; its nice to hear that someone else has actually notiecd this problem and is making an effort to change it.

    As to what recovering is, I think it has to come from you, as a person, right here and living in the pysical world. Yes, I think God could change everything within a heartbeat, but I don’t think he will. I think that you can ask God for the strength to fight, and the courage to face the difficulties, but, well, that’s my opinion.

    Jane xxx

  15. Sara Greene says:

    It’s a bad song… the lyrics are iffy. Besides, if someone wants to be thin, even if they are deluded and sick, who’s to say they can’t be? It would be considard rude to tell a smoker to stop smoking, but to tell an eating disordered person to get help is acceptable? Double standard.

    You might say, to rebut this, “The person who has the eating disorder is not in their right mind!”

    But that would be like saying someone who is on medication in not in their right mind either, because it is not their natural state. Once you get past the (human) concepts of right and wrong, you being to notice all sorts of hypocritisms in the world, many of which are compleatly objective.

    Who is to say that death is bad and life is good? Would you define killing a man with his own family to save your own as good? What about waging war on a treacherouse country to save your own, while killing millions of innocents along the way?

    There is no right, or no wrong. Anorexia is an illness, but then, anything that is not the norm can be classified as an illness. Depression is an illness, some even considar homosexuality to be an illness. People who are unnaturally shy are considard to be autistic, while people who are overly enthusiastic are manic.

    If you are ready for recovery, that is your choice. And if you want to stay sick, that is also your choice, but before you cut me off with the automated answer “anorexia is not a choice”, hear me out.

    No one is forcing you not to eat. You are responsible for yourself, and if you hate it so much, you should suck it up and eat. Yes, I do have an eating disorder, and I know how hard it is to eat without hating every fiber of your being, but I could eat if I wanted. Nothing is physically preventing me, or you for that matter. So quit whining about how “it’s so hard.” Eating will not make the problem go away, but neither will giving into yourself. If you truely wanted to recover, you would be able to find the stregnth in yourself to stop. Millions of people have quit smoking, even though they were addicted to it. But they were only able to overcome that addiction because they wanted to.

    There is no power in will. There is only power in want. If you really want it, then you can acheive it (unless you have a physical problem like cancer or something).

    Think about what I’ve said. Even though it may come off as stupid or superficial at first, really think about it.

    I’m done now.

  16. Vanessa says:

    sara g- well, i’m taking the odd position of defending these people. i think the major concern is that young girls who wouldn’t otherwise have developed an eating disorder are doing ed things like fasting, restricting, and purging in order to emulate celebs and because it’s almost like a fad thing now to be pro-ana. now, i have a lot of problems buying into this idea, but if you accept that its happening then that is who the song is aimed at, i think. and i’d say that IF this is happening, then it would be good to stop it, IF possible (big ifs). society isn’t going to benefit by increasing the number of eating disorders.

    otherwise, well, i mostly agree with you. i think people should be encouraged to try recovery if they haven’t already. i’m even okay with people being forced into it in some circumstances. but broadly, i agree.

  17. Kristin says:

    Hey.. Sorry to say, but I agree the song is not good. uninteresting, preaching lyrics, boring melody and structure. But I feel awful saying it, so here’s some constructive criticism, seeng that the singer is actually reading/replying to comments! Try experimenting with at least one chord out of the ordinary in there. It sonds really like something out of Saturday Night Live, just thrown together for a skit… And the lyrics could be lyrical, as well as ‘educational’?
    good luck, Kris

  18. Jane says:

    Sara g – I think that this song, although not fantastic, gets the point across. Ive sat and thought about what you said, but there are certain aspects that I cant agree with. I am fighting so damned hard to recover. I thought it was all my choice, that I could be ‘normal’ anytime I wanted to; but once you set out to recover, it’s not that simple. I WANT to recover, really want to, but the constant battle is easier won by just giving into the ED, letting yourself do as she wants, just giving in. I have realised that I have a problem, and have made the choice to fight it. But, it isnt as easy as you make it seem hun, have you tried recovery? I can tell you now, if you havent, just wait until you get to the point where you want to move on, get away, and then tell me how easy or difficult it is!

    As you put it, ‘suck it up and eat’ is a comment that I wouldnt have expected of someone who has an ED. That’s the sort of opinion I want to change; that you can just… eat. I cant just eat, or else I would!

    Anyway, it’s good to have a difference of opinion, it makes us unique :o) Hope you don’t take my comment negatively, I just have an opinion that sits on the opposite end of the spectrum, and have a big mouth so have to get it out lol x

  19. Sara Greene says:

    I did not say eating would make anything go away. In fact, I explicitly stated that it would not. But if you want to fight it, you have to do EVERYTHING in your power to recover. Eating is a good first step. Therapy is a very good idea if you want recovery.But you have to agree with me that nothing is keeping you from eating. You are the only one to make that happen.

    When I eat, I hate myself. But I believe that if I truely wanted it, I could.

  20. Betty says:


    It’s my first time here,I have no idea what this whole site is about because I came on it due to a link on a few minutes ago, where I saw one of your videos where you were talking about one of your posts , “Internet Suicide”.
    I’ve had a little form of anorexia&high on bulimia when I was 15 throughout my early 16’s.I was and still am overweight,managed to lose some pounds due to my love for football ( soccer as americans say) and rugby who inspired me to run more often.I recovered …I don’t know how actually.I’ve got them all ,ending with self-injury that left me two visible scars on my left arm.Somehow I’ve done it ,started eating , continued to share a laugh somehow.
    Had all types of problems, from school trouble , ending with family and men and friends ,leaving my city and my country, you name it.And now , I found myself not eating since about a week ago.It felt good.It still feels good,here in my stomach , as it is , empty.But my headaches are getting worse,I feel my lips dry and have a certain sense of deja-vu.Trying to reason with myself to this hour, because I am crying contineously for 2 days , every moment when I have no one around me.I used to eat when I was sad, now in exchange , my problems push me not to eat , from not having money to buy cigarettes to hearing about paying rent and finding a second job.
    I have never talked about this type of problems with anyone , except for some support groups on the net , rarely , and only because it was not necessary any real life contact,as I am used to take care of things by myself.

    So it brings me to today , in this late afternoon , after I watched your video.There’s a thing about you I liked immediately , I don’t know what exactly , must be the voice , the tone of the voice,the way you are harsh and in the same time really “mom”-like,the type of woman I would like to be when I am your age ( I’m 19 at the moment ) ,and that made me listen to the message to the end.
    It really got to me , made me cry , but since I’m crying out of anything these days , I might as well be ignored =P.I agree with everything you say, myself I was never pro-anorexia,and never visited any type of support group of the kind ( only self-injury ones whom I left due to my ” I have to solve it myself otherwise it’s not worth it “-issue), but it still got to me.

    I think your message should be spreaded even more,because , even if you say things many many people say,yours might get through better.Because I think you have a thing these girls ( maybe even me,why exclude me and think I’m any better or stronger ) need , like that certain type of mother figure , a bit harsh ,in the same time kind and intelligent.
    All in all , the message I want to get to you is thumbs up,I read also some of your other posts , out of curiosity and I can see you’re the type of person many us of lack of having in our real lives , away from the internet -someone determined,high-spirited who might not give us a hand but kick our asses forward.Because that’s how it’s truly done =)
    So I encourage you to continue,I think you are doing a very , very good job.


  21. Sass1948 says:

    satan? christ? you sound insane!

  22. Amie says:

    can someone e-mail me
    i am feeling terrible…

  23. Grlzdemon says:

    Uuuu, that was more thinspirating then uuuuh educating, anyway thinspo is not education, its inspiration and it gives hopes that it is possible to one day be that perfect and pretty.

  24. fuck u says:

    how come u only let good comments go threw?right on,

  25. Kaitlin says:

    That song is ridiculous. you’re making a mockery of girls that actually struggle with EDs. they don’t choose it, so don’t put up stupid ass songs like that.

  26. rachel says:

    Actually, I was just at looking at a thinspiration video on youtube and in the comments there were actually girls saying that they needed ana buddies to help them because they “couldn’t do it by themselves”. That kind of sounds like they’re choosing it to me.

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