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Purging Disorder…nothing new.

An Iowa researcher is studying a little-known eating disorder that some doctors may miss: purging disorder. Though similar to women with bulimia, patients who fit this description don’t binge-eat. Yet they feel compelled to purge, usually by vomiting, even after … Continue reading

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For your interpretation girls. Hmmm, what would mamaV say? Love you! XOXO 

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Famed Photographer Toscani ain't messin' around with anorexia.

There’s not much room to question of the message Italian Fashion photographer Oliviero Toscani intends to send with the Nolita “NO ANOREXIA” campaign. First, we need to thank this brave model for having the courage to pose for this all important campaign. Her participation in this … Continue reading

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Kick Pro Ana to the curb!

Cool anti ana avatars, read em’ & live em’ girls! Next up, a fun little weekend project. 1) Go to office depot and get some bright orange post its. 2) Write a positive body message of inspiration for yourself and … Continue reading

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Simply Voodoo by Vera Wang

Have you seen the billboards promoting Vera Wang’s new collection “Simply Vera” at Kohl’s? The Wizard of Oz campaign theme is, well, creepy.   Check it out for yourself at Vera Wang’s site for Kohls.  The video version is called “The Passenger,” which … Continue reading

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America Ferrera Skinny-fied

If America Ferrera is so totally gorgeous, why does she too need to photoshopped and stripped down to size? What’s worse, the tagline inside the magazine reads “Surprise! She’s a bombshell, and you can be one too!” The most psycho part … Continue reading

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Tween models, the circus continues.

12 year runway model, Maddison Gabriel struts her stuff as “the official ambassador of Gold Coast Fashion Week” in Australia.  Her mum is beamed with delight! Prime Minister John Howard flipped his wig. But highly mature “Maddy” remained calm, cool, and collected in … Continue reading

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12 year old beauty queen

I thought I was young when I headed off to Paris at 16, now we have a 12 year old strutting the catwalk. Meet Maddison Gabriel, Australia’s latest modeling sensation. Maddison shows off her prepubescent form in a bikini above, … Continue reading

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Suddenly I See

   KT Tunstall. Adopted. Outsider. Half chinese, half Irish. Told at 27 she was “too old” to be a rock star.  10 years of singing in coffee shops, lovingly told to “get a real job” by her father. Yet she persisted. … Continue reading

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Dead Girls Walking

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. I just completed a depressing review of the fall collections showcased during NY Fashion Week. We had the usual dead girls walking. Three dead models in 2006 did not cause a blip on the fashion scene. Human clothes hangers … Continue reading

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Cult of Personality

   My friend and critical thinker Vanessa brought up this great topic a while back, and I needed some time to ponder it. Is mamaVISION a Cult of Personality? Damn, I hope so. I always wanted to be famous. Come to think of … Continue reading

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Believe in yourself….pass it on.

Months back, I saw this billboard in the O’Hare airport. I was so struck by it, I stood in front of it for a few minutes just thinking about how inspiring it was. I jotted down the web address and went … Continue reading

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Fashion Freak Week

By far the highlight of Fashion Freak Week in New York were the Jezabel girls handing out barf bag kits  as fashions finest stutted into their glamorous little pow-wow. Each attendee received their own slick vomit bag, tongue drepressor and mints for … Continue reading

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Thinspiration Sucks

Finally, a non-thinspo song.

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Rexy Moss, part 2

I’ll say it in a sentence: Anyone who glamorizes anorexia, or any eating disorder for that matter, I will chew to shreds. Whether it be a be a drug-addicted model, or a wannarexic posting on a lame pro anoreaxia blog … Continue reading

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