Rexy….Moss coins fun, new proanorexia term!

Genius Moss describes her drug induced body image as “rexy.”

Rexy is the new “anorexic and sexy.”

I believe Mossy came up with this brainstorm while snorting line #4, tuned into Comfortably Numb.


Upper thigh bruises…not so rexy.

Can we finally bid this chick farewell? She has been lingering around since my old modeling days back in the ’90s. She has missed the window of opportunity to go out on a high note, so let’s hope she goes out on an alive note.

Kate, you are trashy. Young girls cling to you for your REXY look, only god knows why. Do us all a favor and shut it down already.

Reality check:





Case closed.


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37 Responses to Rexy….Moss coins fun, new proanorexia term!

  1. Nats says:

    Oh dear!! I was on radio last week completely having a go about her (it was a friendly debate lol) and she is making a mess of her life and so many other girls are following it! It sucks but we cant do anything about it! Unless I slap her he he

  2. Vanessa says:

    thank goodness we have you to make fun of sickly drug-addicted has beens, otherwise who knows what this world would be coming to!

    no, seriously. i don’t understand how one day you can claim to be trying to help and inspire troubled people and the next making sarcastic fun of them. i like making sarcastic fun of people too but i don’t claim to be trying to start a revolution or asking people to give me money to support my sarcastic rantings. how do you reconcile your obvious hypocrisy?

    kate moss doesn’t interest me much, and i doubt she has enough influence even in proana communities. but to the extent i care about her at all she just seems sad.

  3. Rose says:

    FYI, the term rexy has been around since before Kate Moss dubbed it her own but never mind!

    I personally feel sorry for Kate Moss

    “Can we finally bid this chick farewell? She has been lingering around since my old modeling days back in the ’90s. She has missed the window of opportunity to go out on a high note” – and that is why women don’t want to grow old, all the models out there seem to have their prime in their late teens to early 20s, it warps societys perception and tells us that you have to look young to be beautiful. I don’t like how you implied that she is past her sell by date, she is stressed, overworked, under a lot of media pressure, but still “young” and beautiful. Its a shame that she is feeling the pressure to be super slim or trying to get column inches, but either way it is a desperate attempt to hold onto her career and fame, which the industry tries to take away form girls her age- and who can blame her?

  4. Kristin says:

    Do you know Moss, mamaV? I saw an interview with her, she seemed like such a nice girly-girl. She WAS sooooooo beautiful ten years ago. But now she’s kinda scary… It’s like a former beauty witch, still she has some power over me. I’d die for those boney legs though.

  5. Gabi says:

    i know i shouldnt think this…bt i do. I would give anything to look like her. I think her “rexy” look is amazing. and i know its wrong. but its better than my look now. I hardly ever write about my actual ED on here anymore, but i say this while binging on pasta, chocolate cake, and salmon cutlets….which i know ill purge…like i said “id give anything”.

    mama you know i think a lot of you, but i kinda agree with vanessa…hwo can you sit there and say that about moss? She is clearly hurting like all of us…only hers is made public, so she covering it up the only way she knows how. she has to cover pain in the public eye…not in secret like the rest of us.

  6. Josie (Joey) says:

    Vanessa and Rose make great points actually.
    YOU were a model under strain just like Kate Moss, MamaV. Kate Moss was found by winning a competition in the UKs Sugar magazine if i remember right, implying she’s been in the hellish model-world since she was very young, and she’s internationally known.
    She’s clearly suffering and quite unhappy, just as many of us are, if a non-famous person were addicted to drugs and under the same pressures, would you mock her?

    Primes dad fits peoples internet. In this area a lot of stars live, including Kate Moss, so he fits internet for them too. He worked on Kates house, and says that she looked in a bad way with her drug problems.

    I think, with celebrities, it’s too easy for us to judge them. We all do it though, even without smart women like Vanessa to scratch under the surface.

  7. Danni says:

    Jealous much. This isn’t the first time you’ve referenced Kate Moss. You said something about her in one of your video blogs. I think you were saying something about height.

  8. Jane says:

    I love Kate Moss, and whem I look at her, to be honest, I see a girl who is hurting and doing the same as most of us do, trying to find a way to cope.

  9. levo says:

    Glamour,money,fame and shame.

  10. Nats says:

    I think I am going to keep quiet on this one as me and vanessa may come to blows again lol just joking V xxxx

  11. Vanessa says:

    oh, nats. i’m glad we don’t have to still fight 😛 i promise i’ll stop punching mamaV if i see any blood.

  12. mamavision says:

    Vanessa: I would not say a peep about Moss if she didn’t try to make glamorous anorexia, this is what set me off, the whole “rexy” comment. No hypocrisy here, you just like getting your digs in.

    And to clarify my mission, I am not here to “inspire troubled people,” not sure where that came from? I am focused on pro ana education and being a voice of reason for this specific community. When someone such as Moss comes out glorifying it, I am going to hammer her and not look back.

    The fact that she happens to be a drug addict is irrelvant. Does this somehow excuse her from her actions?

    Let’s compare her to Nicole Richie…did she ever glorify her disease? Not that I am aware of, she is a sick, sad girl and I have all the sympathy in the world for her. Nor to I blame her for the fact that pro ana’s adore her, I don’t believe she encouraged this…Moss on the other hand is encouraging being a pro ana role model with her lame “rexy” comment.

    Rose: I never heard of rexy, thanks for letting me know its been around, somehow I missed it.

    Kristen: Nope, never knew her. Keep in mind I was not in her ranks as a model, she is “supermodel” level, I may have made it to Paris, but I was more the “cattle call” level…meaning I worked more catalogs, smaller mags and stuff. Not even the same league.

    Danni: Jealous, not. I’ll stick with my small town midwestern, mom, life…. over her druggy waiting to hit rock bottom life.


  13. Vanessa says:

    mamaV: as to getting digs in, hello mrs. pot! you can call me miss kettle.

    what does being a “voice of reason” mean if not to inspire troubled people involved with proana to leave it behind? what on earth are your positive posts meant to be if not inspirational to the troubled women and girls with eating disorders that read your blog? i don’t think i was on a limb there.

    as far as i can tell kate moss is an anorexic drug addict who happens to have been a supermodel and made some stupid coments. apart from the supermodel part i think many of us here reading can empathise with her, what with having eating disorders ourselves and probably having made stupid remarks in our lives. if she was actively promoting eating disorders (or coke use) in any real way then fine, go after her. but i think many of us see a sad woman trying to justify her behavior and get some of her old glory back. and since her issues are close to our own it hurts when you make fun of her.

    there is hypocrisy here on this blog, whether you pooh pooh it or not. and i might be someone who likes getting a dig or two in but none of you should ever make the mistake of thinking i’m not thinking these things through or that i don’t have some honest emotional reactions behind my comments, as an eating disordered person.

  14. anne says:

    nós temos que pensar melhor a vida é agora parabéns

  15. Lo says:

    I really don’t know much about Kate Moss, I kind of just put her in the category of all the other anorexic-looking models that the media glorifies and pro-anas idolize. Maybe she was making fun of herself when she called herself “rexy”, because the media calls her anorexic anyway? To make herself feel better?

    I know what you meant Mama V, at any rate. You want her to get her shit together if she is going to continue modeling. I agree.

    Where’s the hypocrisy? Though Mama V was a model, she is no longer. She tries to teach others about pro-anorexia and what the modeling industry does to you. Kate Moss, on the other hand, continues to model when she is clearly very sick…and (though I could be wrong) it appears to me she does not seem to take charge of or act aware of the fact that she is a negative role-model for so many girls. :-( That’s sad. If I knew more about her I would say more but I’ll stop here. <3<3

  16. Amie says:

    Hey Everyone…
    Wow this has bought up a lot of feelings and raw emotions, hasnt it?! I dont really know much about Kate Moss but it is obvious to me that she is unhappy. I just want to point out something, when kate moss decided to do modelling, i dont think she would of signed a piece of paper saying she was going to be ‘a good role model to young girls’. Kate Moss is the person she is today because this is how our society has made her, us girls are the ones looking for people to inspire too and i think its shallow of us to look at girls such as her, nicole and MK and try to inspire to be them just based on there ‘thinness or looks’ I think that Kate is human and yes she will make mistakes, and i understand the ‘REXY’ thing, but what about the girls who call there ED’s ‘ANA or MIA’ doesnt that glamourise it in some way?!
    Its sad to think that some girls see Mama as ‘god’ mama dont get me wrong, i think ur great but i will disagree with you at times and i will ask questions, just as the way the media influences girls, i think you do too and its like when some girls read the magazines they take in everything as though it is fact and basically stop thinking for themselves… i think some of the girls on here are doing the same thing… they take in every word you say, and no offence mama but your just like everyone else… its just your opinion and i think this is a messy, complicated situation your getting yourself into as whatever your saying, girls are taking it as fact, they dont think for themselves any more… your god on here… and these girls are your servants… they will do whatever you say?! I think its dangerous and on the way to be somewhat cult like

  17. Rachel says:

    I’m not a big fan of Moss, I never have been. I don’t really empathize with her position, and I think that the “rexy” comment was dumb, but considering the source… Nope, still dumb. I’ve watched people with ED’s aspire to her coked-up/anorexic look. Personally, I’ve always thought her look was kind of disgusting, and it is obvious that she’s hurting. That is where I can empathize, I know the hurt going on, but does she appear to be doing anything about it??? I can’t answer that, but the “rexy” comment should say enough.

    I suppose that “Ana” and “Mia” are abbreviations for these serious conditions, just like OCD is the short way to say “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder”… states that they are *NOT* “Pro-Anorexia”, but a support community for those with ED’s.

  18. Paulina says:

    ive heard of the term rexy or rexi used before in pro-ana groups and forums before way before (at least 2 years ago)kate moss supposedly coined the term. i guess i just wanted to say that. =/

    just because ive heard the term before, doesnt mean i believe kate should be using that word. on the contrary, i think she lacks intelligence for saying such a thing. it seems that although shes getting older, she hasnt matured at all.

  19. Danielle says:

    This post makes me sad. I love Kate Moss.

  20. Nats says:

    Ahhh Vanessa! All I can say is two things, 1st off is im glad we are not fighting too! 2nd one: I fyou hurt mamaV that babd the army will come get yet lol

  21. alien says:

    I’m about the same age with MamaV, a mother and a woman with eating disorder (anorexia), and well understand what MamaV feels looking at Kate Moss/her life and her comments. It’s okay to feel that you, your pain and your problems are the center of the world when you are young, but when you are over thirty, as Kate Moss is, you have to realize that whether you are suffering or not, you are no more a receiver, but a giver. Every single adult is an example for someone younger, if not quite a celebrity, at least an aunt, or a neighbour that little girls in the neighborhood observe. Realizing the previous = being a grown up.
    We should not think that eating disorder prevents you from growing up mentally, and becoming a responsible adult, though Kate Moss’s behaviour and comments unfortunately states the opposite. All adults have problems and worries, if not eating disorder then something else as heavy, that they need – and thank goodness in most cases want – to hide and carry in privacy in order to safe the children and youth of this world from adults pain. I really don’t understand why anorexia and other mental body image problems should be something women are allowed to live and suffer and proclaim in front of their own and other mother’s children!?

    English is not my native language, so I apologize for possible mistakes, and hope my point was understandable.

    You are doing a great work MamaV!

  22. Nats says:

    alien- dont worry hun your message was completely understandable!

  23. Vanessa says:

    nats: see, you assume i couldn’t take on an army if i so wished. bwa ha ha ha

    alien: see, i sort of agree with you about responsibility and some of your other points. but the thing is that if kate moss is an anorexic drug addict to me that makes her a very ill individual. i consider most drug addicts or alcoholics to be ill, and also extremely emaciated anorexics. to me, making fun of someone like that is like a man hitting a woman or a grown-up hitting a child- or like making fun of someone with downs syndrome. it doesn’t absolve her of personal responsibility that she is ill but the problem i had was with the sarcastic tone, not the content. if mamaV had said something along the lines of “this sad woman whom i feel sorry for has said something i find offensive and ridiculous” we wouldn’t be having this debate (or at least, i wouldn’t). instead she made fun of the woman’s drug problem.

    that’s the difference i see between mamaV and myself. i only pick on people bigger and stronger than myself. they can even bring along their whole army, if necessary.

  24. Nats says:


  25. alien says:

    Thank you darling girls for your kindness and acceptance.

    I see you your point wise Vanessa – even agree; the style MamaV used in connection with a genuinely messed up person was not well chosen (nor appropriate), though did well express MamaV’s frustration, which frustration is very appropriate and important to express when such pictures and comments are published in a way that young girls cannot quite discern should they admire or reject the suffering celebrity.

  26. poweralis says:

    well yeah, actually nicole ritchie did glamourise her disease she wouldn’t still be famous if she wasn’t anorexic, before she was she was just she who shal not be named’ sidekick and not a fashion icon at all- sorry just had to be said.

  27. Gina says:

    That makes me sick.
    I think it’s so sick to what our media is coming too.
    Uhh why do they have to make their standers so gosh damn high!

  28. Sarah says:

    if shes so gross why do i want to be her. i think she’s amazing. sorry but i honestly do. maybe something to do with wanting to die tonight.

  29. Sass1948 says:

    Never heard of ‘REXY’ before… until now! I don’t like the term because I don’t think there’s much sexy bout anorexia.

    Kate is ALWAYS in the papers over here (England) it’s so boring.
    They portray her as an ageing model & a negligent mother who should lose her Rimmel contract for snorting c*cain…not to mention the fact she cannot sustain romantic relations with men…because most of them are junkies! (Pete Doherty – yuk!) If the stories are true…suppose I pity her,…so much money & success in the modelling world but so many holes in her life.
    But I’ve def had enough of seeing her bland face on the covers!

  30. Rhan says:

    When are celebrities going to realise that they are role-models, whether they like it or not? If they don’t want to accept the responsibility, they should try to keep out of the public eye. With fame comes power. With power comes responsibility.

    I do indeed feel very sorry for her. Like many girls here have said, she is obviously a sad, struggling individual. However, I still believe that she should take some god-damn responsibility for what she says and does. She has a young daughter for god’s sake! She is always going to be a role-model for her (lily?).

    Although she probably didn’t think what she was saying at the time, I don’t think that’s any reason not to ridicule her. Nor, her drug problem. Nothing excuses glamourising such a horrid disease. NOTHING.

    Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

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  32. Elle says:

    I have to say that the bruises on the inside of her thighs just scream, “I’m an under-weight slut.” (Where else do you think she got those bruises from? honestly) I’ve never had much of an opinion about her before.

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  34. Hitcliff says:

    Rexy IS Sexy and Katie rules!

    I always found her the perfect model and sexy as hell… skinny IS beautiful and Mossie knows exactly what many men and women love to see: a sexy skinny body.
    And yes: stickin’ out bones and ribs rock! Yummm!

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