The boys join our game

Honest to God girls, if my husband looks like this dude at 67, please come and save me.


I met Mr. Jeffry Life, MD., on last Friday night’s red eye to Chicago while flipping through a Sky Mall magazine. This 67 year old poster boy woke me up quick with his proud pose for a company called Cenegenics,  a “medical institite dedicated to hormone optimization.”

This is nothing but freaky. He looks like they glued his old head on some young buck’s body. Isn’t it odd that he didn’t care about enhancing his face and hair as well?

Today, I asked my 7 year old daughter “What do you think about this picture?”

“His shirt is kind of tight and his head is too small. He looks like a weirdo dude guy,” she said.


On to the next freak…..

I made the mistake of turning the page, only to be find this spook gazing at me.  


Another Physican, face stretched like a sausage, trying to convince me he is the guy to choose for my breast implants. Who’s taking their shirt off for this character?

Here’s the kicker…his web address:

I’ll pass, I think I will head on over to the listing below Bloch, called “Out To Dinner Breast Augmentation” in Texas. I hear Doc Tubbetts over there has got it going on. You’ll find this boob master at

Ladies, I am glad we are no longer the only suckers in the world.

What in the hell ever happened to growing old gracefully?


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17 Responses to The boys join our game

  1. Nats says:

    LOL this post made me laugh! Seriously how can that old man think he looks good like that? Oh man he needs a reality check!
    As for the creepy man below him?! Well he reminds me of someone I dont want reminding of and with a smirky grin like his he creeps me out! No way is he going anywhere near my boobs lol

  2. Rose says:

    I guess we all get obsessive, which leads to warped ideals, whether it’s to weigh 84lbs or to look 30 when you’re aged 60.

    Many of us here starve ourselves to get what we want, others go under the knife, both are equally drastic measures, and some one is always there to take advantage of out insecurities!

    I feel sorry for the old man, he seems to have BDD, and probably needs help.

    The drs creeps me out, I’d never go to any one like him, i bet he has really low prices and targets desperate individuals with very little money. *shudders*

  3. wannahelp says:

    I wonder if a group of girls from here would actually come out and save you mamaV, I can just see it actually, a group of girls getting on plane to come and rescue you from the big muscle man, drags you out your house and drags you some where safe. Oh and your chidren too obviously

  4. Amie says:

    I feel sorry for the old man, i dont know why… he has a nice smile, i dont really like think ‘omg what a sucker’ when i look at him. I think to some guys its really important to look good, and this may not look good but nor does getting to 30lbs… i dont know…

  5. Nats says:

    HA ha ha ha ha I just read wannahelps post!! Sorry but this cracked me up! I can see us all meetin at the airport with a whole idea of how to get mamaV out LOL

  6. Josie (Joey) says:

    Oh goodness. I was wondering when you were going to touch on the effect upon guys. If Prime reads this he can probably give us all a good description of the pressures upon men in our society.

    There’s actually a new form of obsession amongst teenage boys (particularly in the US) which is freakishly similar to eating disorders and dieting in girls. Their focus though is to build as much muscle as possible, and lower their body fat, by training excessively and eating a very strict diet. Though i don’t think the obsession has killed anyone yet, a body like that is very unhealthy, and such low body-fat can actually be fatal.

  7. Angela M says:

    While it’s important to acknowledge the men, it IS possible to do so without calling them “freaks”. Way to go on the sensitivity.

  8. Vanessa says:

    my dad’s a bit like that- he’s not super buff and his face looks young, but he dyes his hair and is very vain about his young looks and i think he over excersizes. but the difference is he’s healthy about his obsession and i’m not.

  9. Rose says:

    Josie (Joey), i’ve heard about this, it has been nick named “manorexia” there are forums around for them just like with pro ana, i found one when i googled edephra, and the discussions are freakishly similar to the ones that i see on the pro ana forum that i use. People have died from steriod use, which sadly is common within in this gruop, bodybuilders seem to taks as many drastic ations to stay bulky as models do to stay thin.

    BDD has many manifestations and effects a lot more “groups” that people realize

  10. wanderer says:

    “Weirdo dude guy” heh, cute and accurate! I had to do a doubletake on that picture because I thought it was Photoshopped.

    I recall a sociology class in which the professor talked about how this pressure to look perfect or “hot” has filtered through to men in the last ten years or so. He related a personal example: he had gone to the mall with his wife and along the way a Clinique saleswoman tried really hard to sell him Clinique for menn skin products. He didn’t buy anything but on the way home started to think “Do I really look that bad?”

    Maybe the metrosexual trend and its pressure on men to focus on their looks brought out some of the issues that men have about their bodies that were previously not talked about? I’ve heard of a new trend called “retrosexual” in which some men are now focusing on the macho aspect, but like Rose points out above, this emphasis could lead to steriod abuse.

    So when will we all be happy with ourselves as we are?

  11. Danni says:

    I agree with Angela M

  12. Jane says:

    Lmao! Thank you so much for this post! It really made me laugh!

    I cant wait to age, I already get excited when I think I see wrinkles (which I am convinved I have btw)… for me aging means that I will have passed all my expectations. I never imagined actually making it till 18 let alone anything else. Why do people insist on making themselves feel and “look” younger!!??

  13. Prime says:

    This doesnt surprise me at all, its basically the same pressures and “expectations” that women have placed upon them from Society these days.

    Whilst women “have to be” walking cadavers, men have to be this perfectly sculpted, strong-jawed, slightly unshaven, body-hair-less muscle man with nothing but toned muscles all over.

    So, men being men, take the easy option, Steroids, little exercise, lots of muscle gain and fat loss, resulting in many deaths BECAUSE of Steroids.

    I have a FEW male friends who are obsessed with working out to be this “Perfect handsome rolemodel of a man” but its working on the same principles as women becoming anorexic to be “Catwalk-Model Beautiful” aka. Nearly Dead =/

    Neither are healthy, but people still do them.

    As a male, i’m lucky as far as it goes, i’ve never worked out, yet i’ve got a 44″ chest, and a fairly large amount of muscles, somewhere under the flabby stomach 😛 So i don’t have to really pay any attention to these kinds of things if they become pointed at me, but i DO feel sorry for the guys that arent as lucky as i, because they feel they must live up to these expectations or else they won’t get a girlfriend, won’t be successful in business, will get beaten up / picked on by the people that ARE like that, and so on, so so silly..

    So in esscense, its almost exactly the same as anorexia with girls, just slight variations in the reasons and ways it happens.

  14. hillary says:

    it’s strange to me because….we do these things to be seen as more attractive, when in reality we’re making ourselves less attractive. ridiculously muscled men are not attractive, nor are women who look dead. who came up with these ideals? and at the same time, we can’t go too far in the other direction; completely untoned, overweight men and women. i think instead of driving thinness and muscle into the minds of people, we should be pushing the “healthy” look. if we have to advertise some sort of ideal (because obviously normal people just arent good enough to have on runways, in magazines and on tv) it should be healthy. maybe it’s just me but i think healthy looking people, regardless of weight or muscle mass, are far more attractive than someone who is on the brink of death.

  15. Tina says:

    GAAAAH! That was scary! Man, you should have warned us, LOL. 😉

    Speaking of implants, my Spanish teacher in Buenos Aires told me that there are a lot of tourists (European and American alike) who come down to Argentina for “plastic surgery tours”. I’m not kidding. It’s because it’s so cheap. Some of them pay her for Spanish lessons since they have nothing else to do while recovering. Very, very disturbing.

  16. Rachel says:

    Prime: Your “walking cadavers” comment cracked me up for some reason. I think it cracks me up because it hits the nail right on the head for the beauty expectation placed on women. As far as the metrosexual, manorexia thing… Well, it’s prevelant. The pressure *is* on men to look a certain way: muscled up, ‘roided out, and “rugged.”

    Hillary: Check out the Women’s Health Magazine… It should be at your local store, or google it. It’s a *GREAT* mag about health, it’s not chock full of bony cadavers. I like reading it, it keeps my mind sound in this time of craziness!!

  17. anonymous says:

    i don’t understand why the 67 year old man isn’t allowed to have the body that he wants to have. are only young people allowed to have nice bodies??? why are you making fun of him? would you rather he had a stereotypical fat, dumpy, unhealthy body that old people in our society are expected to have? at least he’s trying, he hasn’t given up on life just because he’s not 25 anymore.

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