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Babyface_model_claude_haddad_douglas_aschUpdate March 10, 2014: Today I was contacted by the 15th former model who found this post by Googling Douglas Asch and Claude Haddad out of curiosity on where these two jokers landed. Cruise through the comments section below to read the stories of many of them, all with the same story — these guys were predators. If you too were impacted by your encounters with these modeling agents, post your tale for all to see, the more the merrier.

Claude is indeed dead. Douglas is not.

I would like to believe they both regretted their actions, but we all know that would be incredibly naive. They loved every minute of it. We carry the memories decades later and we now have an ugly common bond. Since they got away with it, the least we can do is hammer home the reality of the horror that came along with our Paris/New York/Milan “dream” lives while modeling. 


This baby face is what caught the NY modeling agents attention. But this baby face was too fat.

“Try these face exercises” my booker said, as he contorted his face for demonstration, “Big yawn…blow a bubble. Yawn….bubble, good. Again.”

I sucked it in like the word of God.

My mom was at my side my first two weeks in Paris, those weeks flew by and it was time to let me go.

Just last night my mom and I talked about it. The memory engrained in our heads. Thinking about it chokes me up today as a 37 year old woman, my mother 68.

The wave goodbye from the taxi.

I sat on the curb outside our Paris hotel, as my mom got in her taxi headed home. She crained her neck to the back window to desparately catch the last glimpse of me, both of us waving feverishly.

Alone. 16. Paris, France. No idea of what lied ahead.

My mom in her cab. Alone. Back to the Midwest. No idea of what lied ahead. Resisting the urge to run back and take me home.


Baby face shrunk down to half her size within a year, the cigarette & baby food diet will do that to you.

This glorious effort lead by the notorious Paris modeling agent, Claude Haddad (aka Claude Assier). I looked up the old asshole, but I think he is dead. I never got a chance to give him a piece of my mind as an adult woman, so I will tell you;

You lived a pathetic life Claude. A life focused on maniplating young girls with your power and prestige. How full of yourself you were.

Did you die a happy man? Or did the shame of molesting young girls eat at your soul? I wish you no peace.

Do you remember telling me to be more sexy? As you rubbed your grotesque hands over my childlike frame, all the while watching in the full wall mirror in your stately big man office.

The thought of this scene over twenty years later makes me sick. But I let you get away with it, because after all, it was you who gave me the opportunity to live every girls dream.

Ahh, your cohorts Douglas Asch and Pascal Grincourt. You trained them well. The three musketeers on top of the Paris scene, laughing as you brainwashed us into believing we needed to starve our bodies and our minds of independent thoughts.

I remember when you told me to stop making so many friends. Go on castings alone, you commanded, you’ll stand out that way. Keeping us separated was another of your sick control tactics. Boyfriends? Hell no, when I found my first one, I was shipped off to Milan within a matter of days.

Usually people’s faces fade overtime, but not you. You moved like Mick Jagger, surrounded by your harem, always watching with your prowling eyes waiting to give me the familiar nod to come sit by you at the dinner parties. Always had to have the jewels on your arm.

You may be gone, but there are several who gladly took your place. Stalking the States and Skandanavia for fresh meat. Why does the world look the otherway?

I may be gone, but my clones abound. Never a thought to turn you down. To be a model is to be a goddess.


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  1. Lily says:

    Hi MamaV,

    I think you are really strong to post this message- I love the way you are not afriad to express yourself and say how you feel, you must feel so free :) Reading your post and hearing what you went through made me feel very sad. Sometimes I get apathetic about the world (if thats the right word), tired, just that there is so much badness, so so so much of the stuff that you described in this post— its everywhere and I think most women (and plenty of men) experience it in their lives. I grew up with experiences like this that I cant express and I just think you are wonderful and courageous for using your voice,


  2. Nats says:


    I agree with Lily, you are very strong to have posted this, this must have been a hard thing to let out.
    I hope that gyuy rots in hell and the people who were with him and helping him hurt young girls also deserve to be dead! (this is if they are not already).

    Why is the world now such a hurtful place? Now you cant go anywhere or be with anyone without getting hurt or manipulated in some way, life is best spent alone I think, that way the only person who can hurt you is yourself, which is what I am already doing. The world is so different to how I thought it would be, my dreams are shattered and the only thing that stays the same in this crap world is you mamaV, you never pretend to be anything you are not and you are always honest and caring, you are always there for us, so aswell I am always here for you xxx

    You are a strong powerful woman and I look up to you. Do you remember saying to me that I should put my mother on a pedastool of how not to be a monther?? Well she is still on that pedastool BUT you are on a pedastool of exactly how to be a mother.

    Love ya loads


  3. Alexa says:

    Dear mamaV,
    Totally agree with the strong message in this piece. I quit the industry with more or less the same reason, where it got the point where I couldn’t look in the mirror without wanting to smash my head against it in shame.

    Or, wanting to strangle those maharaja-wannabe agents, who surround themselves with painfully thin and young and pretty girls, like they’re kings of the world.

    And it concerns me so much, when I flip the pages of the latest issue of teenVOGUE, how such people can STILL have immense control over the young models….I looked at impossibly THIN girls in the fashion section, and shuddered. They have no thighs, hips, nor breasts….all the assets nature bestowed us as full-blooded women.
    What has happened to them?????

  4. Levo says:

    Model Agent Claude Haddad changed his name to Claude Assier. There is a Claude
    Assier at Ask them anyhow .They should know.

  5. mamavision says:

    Hi Levo: Thank you for the info, any idea why he changed his name? There is no picture of him so I am going to do some digging to see if I can figure out if this is him. One if his staffers is Pascal, which was the name of my booker (and Claude’s son). This leads me to believe this is Claude Haddad.

    It’s so weird, even after all these years, the thought of the guy gets my heart racing. I visualize myself confronting him and its invigorating :)

    Thanks again and take care,
    aka mamaV

  6. Nats says:

    Confront him?? You sure that the best thing to do?? I know your angry with him and I agree with the fact you should be, but wouldn’t it upset you even more? Im only saying this because I dont want you to get hurt, what he has to say might not be what you want to hear mamaV, but I do understand why you feel the need to do this.

    If you end up confronting him then I hope all goes well and we are all behind you on this too xxxxxxxx

  7. Levo says:

    Re.Claude Haddad. One of his previous agencies was called Mademoiselle.
    There you will see a photo of Pascal Grincourt. You will also find his name mentioned
    at Roxanemodels. There seems to be a link here. Anyhow Claude must be around 72
    year of age by now. I know a few models who used to be brain washed by him.

  8. levo says:

    When I met Claude I said that he was using a lot of simple tricks. He answered
    honestly “yes and they work well”.

  9. Levo says:

    Explanation: The Rise and Fall of Big Model Agent Claude.
    Why I ended up writing on this blog. Like Heather I was curious as to what had happened to the old “girl charmer” Claude, whom I had met 21 years ago. At one time he was a “giant model agent in Paris” and had a special magnetic personality .Some called him the model agent King,and he figured frequently in newspapers around the world. Suddenly he seemed to have vanished from the surface of the earth.What had happened to this “great agent”.So I entered his name into one of the
    search engines and landed up here at mamavision. When I read that he had presumedly died, I had to double check if this was indeed the case.
    What was so special about Claude.Well he possessed a”powerful aura of dangerous charm”,
    and had several devoted followers who liked and trusted him (as if he was a religious
    Guru leader).Many felt disappointed ,deluded and deceived.
    Personally I liked him in the beginning, but later on I started to “see through him”
    and noticed that his intentions were neither noble nor good. He seemed to totally
    lack empathy or harbour genuine feelings… but he was a great actor though.

  10. Stacey says:

    He was my agent, and he was a pig. May he burn in hell.

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  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Mila535 says:

    I was there in 1987 and have the same memories……starving myself to nearly nothing, being brought out to parties where wealthy old men fed us all cocaine and, often violently, took our virginities.

    Douglas scouted me in Michigan. Where were you from? I wonder what happened to that disgusting crowd. Undoubtably replaced by even more morally reprehensible agents. We should write a book to expose the ugly underside. Keep on blogging, sister!

    • mamavision says:

      Hey! So cool to see your comment. I did live in the apt across from Rodin….did you? I lived with Pia, Diane, Kimmy, Dawn, Taxi…lets see who else, we were always coming and going. Douglas Asch… I have been trying to track down that bastard, let me know if you know where he is, google search turns up nothing. It would be awesome to call/write that dude and tell him what a twisted a-hole he is.

      I received an email via Facebook a few weeks ago from Claude’s nephew. Claude died about a month ago, suffered badly from cancer. His nephew found my blog posts and wanted to know that side of his Uncle, which is sad, seeing that he had a different facade with his family. His nephew seems like a wonderful person, and I told him to hold on to those good memories of his uncle, the modeling side of his life was a side that was demented, but didn’t make him a “bad” person, just a disturbed one.

      Thanks for reaching out!
      Feel free to email me direct at

  14. Mila535 says:

    We were there the same summer! Did you live in the apt across the street from the Musee de Rodin? Can’t tell from your pictures if we knew each other.

    P.S what was Douglas’ last name? I’d love to find that ringlet headed f–k and strangle him for the skin trade he helped run.

  15. merrifairy says:

    Wow. I can’t believe I found your post. Claude was my agent in Paris in 81′, I went there alone when I was 16. A lot of the feelings you express in your story are very familiar to me. That guy screwed me a day after I arrived in Paris. He was a totally evil pimp. I was his “girl” for a while and subject to the brainwashing, divisive tactics he used to control me and all the other girls there. Divide and conquer. That guy sure cost me a lot in therapy bills later on in my life. The worst was when I went with him to his house in Ibiza and I saw him set up this 13 year old girl with Roman Polanski. I fought with Polanski to try to get her away from him, but he got her the next day anyway. Claude also set me up with this millionaire on a “date” who raped me. Claude later had the nerve to act jealous when I got back to the house and he forced me to have sex with him in the pool and almost drowned me. It was so bizarre. Total mindfuck. I really went crackers after spending 3 months with him, especially weird was trying to re-integrate when I went back to high school after my summer in Paris.

    He also had another booker, Nicholai who later went to Fords in the US.

    • smith says:

      From the info i have last friday from one french photographer,claude haddad was dead in last time but i dont know exactely (in 2010)

    • Nancy says:

      Nicholai ended up in LA.Ran into him on the streets – real weird at the time. This was about 12 years ago. He was married – rather had just found out that his wife was leaving him for a girl. Guess they all get their just desserts in the end.

  16. camilla says:

    I looked, and looked…could find any info. on claude, weird?!
    P.s He was my agent too!

  17. Nancy says:

    I was there and had the same experiences – at 5’10” and 110 lbs. ever trying to get rid of the baby fat. I looked him up on a return visit about 7 years ago when I was there with my family. Husband and 4 beautiful kids. Wanting to do as you, and give him a piece of my mind…only to find out from the lady downstairs (I had totally remembered where he lived)from his home that he had died of Pancreas Cancer. I had some wonderful times in Paris – no thanks to Claude – and looking back at those times I see how manipulated and used we all were.
    Koodos to you!

  18. Miana says:

    I too was a model at Prestige with Claude Haddad in 1986. I am happy to hear that he is dead. I was scouted in NYC by one of his pals. And then again after my horrific experience with Claude, when I worked for Best One and then Karins in Paris, another one of his little men tried scouting me again on the street, gross. I told him what Claude was all about, he claimed he had no idea. He kept apologizing and eventually gave me a lift in his fancy car to my modeling appointment. But peace didn’t last long. An even bigger asshole who is still very much alive and kicking is Jean Luc Brunel formerly of Karin’s Paris, NYC and then MC2 Miami and more. Someone has to stop this beast from what he continues to do to young girls even after 30 years.

    • daisy white says:

      wow, I was 13 14 when I met Claude at a disco in Paris on the Champs elysees. Claude used to lock me in his office and pay me for bj’s. I was so young. I became a high class call girl as a result of my crazy experiences of being paid by the French modeling agency. The meat market! I pulled myself out of it and write a one woman show and wrote about my 1st experience with Claude in this book. I changed his name to Sammy. Nice to know we are not alone.

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