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Rexy….Moss coins fun, new proanorexia term!

Genius Moss describes her drug induced body image as “rexy.” Rexy is the new “anorexic and sexy.” I believe Mossy came up with this brainstorm while snorting line #4, tuned into Comfortably Numb. Upper thigh bruises…not so rexy. Can we finally bid this chick … Continue reading

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The boys join our game

Honest to God girls, if my husband looks like this dude at 67, please come and save me.   I met Mr. Jeffry Life, MD., on last Friday night’s red eye to Chicago while flipping through a Sky Mall magazine. This 67 year old poster … Continue reading

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Josie, Joey, whatever her name, we love you!

There’s a regular here named Josie, sometimes Joey, many of you know and love her as I do. She has created an awesome recovery site that I would like to recommend to you, let’s call it Josie’s Home. This girl has got a great … Continue reading

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Where is home? I am looking to understand the reach of the community. I can tell you that thus far we have received posts and I have received private emails from girls all over the world including: Ireland, China, Israel, … Continue reading

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Half Full

Half full or half empty. How do you see the world? You may have figured out by now I am a half full kind of gal, to a fault at times. Sometimes my optimism gets me so jazzed I am told … Continue reading

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Believe, Conceive, Achieve.

Have we had enough doom and gloom for a while? I have, and a few of you mentioned I need to get back on my motivation kick. I’d like to tell you about my parents. First my dad; My dad … Continue reading

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Trigger me

I need you to explain this whole “trigger” thing to me. Here is what I am hearing, not sure it is accurate, but here goes: If I am proana, I am seeking to view and read materials which will trigger me to not eat, … Continue reading

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 We have a semantics problem. What does pro-anorexia even mean anymore? Who is responsible for starting this confusing term Pro-Anorexia? If anyone knows, please fill me in.  I’d like to try to define the Pro-Anorexia Community for those who are looking to … Continue reading

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Baby face

Update March 10, 2014: Today I was contacted by the 15th former model who found this post by Googling Douglas Asch and Claude Haddad out of curiosity on where these two jokers landed. Cruise through the comments section below to … Continue reading

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Life beyond the blogs

It’s summer, the weather is beautiful. Let’s take a breather from all these HEAVY topics and blow off some steam. God ole’ Josie had a great idea on the forum, tell us the fun stuff about you! And since it is … Continue reading

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WHO IS MAMA’s ARMY? Nats, a regular here, called the community Mama’s Army. That cracked me up so, here we go. I am often asked- who is your community? how old are they? why do they read your blog? My … Continue reading

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It's not a crime to desire to be thin.

Big debate brewing over at LiveJournal (LJ) because the leaders of the community suspended 2 members and posted their Terms of Service (TOS) as a reminder to their members to follow the rules of the road. You can read the TOS … Continue reading

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Camp Freedom

My daughter and I are spending the week together in the northwoods of lush, green Wisconsin. Girl Scout Camp comes once a year. I feel like I have escaped from prison. This is my first year serving as Unit Leader, there are 16 girls in our … Continue reading

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Killing Us Softly

  (yeah, that’s a watch around her bicep.)  Give this video a chance, when it starts out it looks to be outdated, but it is far from that. In 30 minutes, this woman, Jean Kilbourne paints a picture of women … Continue reading

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I am not sorry

We are officially banning a phrase from our posts “I am sorry”   Do you realize how often you apologize for your feelings? Why do you feel the need to apologize for yourself and your inner thoughts? I believe by … Continue reading

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Self Esteem Injection

My dad said to me recently “Why can’t there just be a ‘self esteem’ injection.” He said this comment during a discussion we were having about how self esteem makes or breaks you. It literally does. Lack of it has broken … Continue reading

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