The Haunting Myth of American Anorexia

Take a deep breath, exhale. I want to share an article with you brought to my attention by a poster named “Mike Smith.”

Please read “The Haunting Myth of American Anorexia” and come back here to post your comments.

I will withhold my point of view until  I have had a chance to read through this a few times (I like to ponder things for a while).

When Mr. Smith asked me to read this particular article, he also added the comment   

“I hope you are as ticked off at all the recipe and food sites that cater to the biggest eating disorder of all in America: stuffing your face.  It’s much more life and death than these girls’ cry for attention.”

This I am ready to comment on because I hear this type of opinion quite often. My response is simple;

  1. Obesity is a problem. Anorexia is a problem. Separate issues, separate solutions.
  2. Stating that anorexia is an attention getting scheme is mean spirited and ignorant.

This country really does have diverse issues with food, no doubt about that. My focus is eating disorders because I suffered at one time and I would like to use my dark days to do something good.

I am passionate and concerned about obesity, however being a spokesperson in this cause is not my calling.

I feel being a spokesperson for the “myth” of anorexia is my duty….mostly because knobs like yourself need to be set straight.

See ya Mr. Smith, next time, I hope you have the balls to post your real name.



PS Hammer him girls!

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43 Responses to The Haunting Myth of American Anorexia

  1. ruby says:

    wow, i can’t even summon the words to respond.

    i can’t help but to quote though:

    “”So, please, ladies – the girl who has the body the rest of you wish you had is not anorexic. The girl who delicately refuses the eighteen-ounce wedge of deep-fried cheesecake the rest of you dive into after dinner is not anorexic. The girl who is obsessed with fitting back into those size 1 jeans is not anorexic. She’s just thinner than you, knows how to say no to herself, and it makes you jealous.””

    you know what?? YES. SHE. IS.!!!!

  2. Jane says:

    I’ve read and re-read this article several times, and there are certain comments that continue to really get to me, however I am suprised by my own lack of annoyance; I think that this sort of opinion is so widespread that I no longer feel the same anger as I used to.

    “My aim here is to show the disparity between perception and reality” — EXCUSE ME!? This guy is simply reinforcing misconceptions, and feeding of people incorrect perceptions. All that he says throughout the article is that people with ED’s should be pushed out of the way because, after all only those who die are “statistically-nil”, whilst the real problem is obesity, which is a far more serious problem. This “fact” is supported by the problem that more people are obese than anorexic. Hmmm….

    Yes, obesity is a huge problem, which does need to be addressed in its own way, but the suffers of obesity are generally able to help themselves, obesity is not a mental health disorder, therefore those who are obese can help themselves – reduce portion size, get up and walk a little bit…. you know?

    I also think this guy should do a little more research. Eating disorders and disordered eating are different things.

    To me this guy is just another fish in the ocean, an ocean that we need to evaporate! The work you are doing MamaV is amzing and I really hope that these misconceptions can be dispelled somehow.

    Jane x

  3. Lisa says:

    Maybe Mr. Smith would be interested to know that i’m ana becuase i was sexually abused, not becuase i want to be a size 0. does he know that anorexia is the slowest form of sucide? does he know anything about anorexia? no, i don’t think so. Honestly, my boyfriend was of the same beilf as this guy until he got to know me and got to know my stuggle. it’s a disease, period. and it happens for many differant reasons. maybe he’ll understand that when he finds out his own “heathly” girlfriend isn’t so healthy.

  4. PrincessAmie says:

    WOW! I read the article and all i can say is WOW! I am shocked/horrified that someone could say things like that, its obvious he isnt educated in the subject, obesity is a problem, i agree with that, but anorexia is nothing like obesity. When he said that bit “”So, please, ladies – the girl who has the body the rest of you wish you had is not anorexic. The girl who delicately refuses the eighteen-ounce wedge of deep-fried cheesecake the rest of you dive into after dinner is not anorexic. The girl who is obsessed with fitting back into those size 1 jeans is not anorexic. She’s just thinner than you, knows how to say no to herself, and it makes you jealous.””
    Umm she could be anorexic! size 1 jeans… thats really tiny! Gosh i bet the guy that wrote this is obest thats why he wrote it… i shouldnt pay him out but fuk it makes me mad! Mama is he a jounalist… i want to write a letter to his boss, this guy is a jerk! I bet if someone wrote something like that about obesed people they would be slammed…. fuck… get paid out being fat… get paid out being thin… when is it just ok to be ok… he is a jerk…. such a jerk

  5. Nats says:

    You people are so F**king narrow minded its unbelieveable! open your eyes you knob! The matters you are bring up are yes important BUT no more important that Anorexia or Bulimia! Yes people who are over weight are important and yes it must be hard for them and i do sympathise with them. BUT ANOREXIA IS A DISEASE, its not something that just comes from not “wanting that piece of cheesecake!”
    I have my eating disorder as I was abused and became pregnant and then lost that child! You think that I want to be thin?? Well let me tell you now that is not where my eating disorder has come from, that is not where alot of girls eating disorders have come from. You make me sick! its people like you would would walk up to a young girl say 13, 14? and say “your looking porky today, you should lose some weight” You are the sort of person to make someone else feel so low that they would starve themselves to please ignorant wankers just like you who, who dont give a shit about anyone but themselves or affects you! If someone in your family had an eating disorder would you make them read that shit that you have written?? Would you tell this person that all they are doing is making sure they dont turn out to be 500 lbs over weight?? I dont think so, you know why? Coz they affect you! You are a selfish piece of shit who has no concept of what having a heart means!!!

    You want me to carry on???

  6. contadine says:

    He makes an incredibly wild claim that “More Americans die from obesity-related illness in two hours than die from anorexia in a year.”, but never backs it up with any proof. Show me the double-blind, peer-reviewed, published study that proved THAT. I doubt there is one.

    Maybe, he used the number of people who died from heart disease or something like that, assuming that they were fat. But the truth is that it’s more likely to be a thin person dying from heart attacks.

    He’s just another guy who has bought into the media hype that there’s an “obesity crisis”, and is using it as a cover for his hate of fat people, and to promote his personal preference for thin women.

    He’s entitled to his preferences, but to claim that anorexia is not a serious condition in order to promote it is just plain ignorant.

  7. mamavision says:

    Just a friendly reminder let’s keep the language clean. I have a feeling this one is going to get many of you totally fired up, so just wanted to throw in the little tip to express your view with out F bombs if at all possible.

  8. PrincessAmie says:

    sorry mama… it hit a nerve!

  9. Danyel says:

    I read it, I reread it and I stared at it. I really have nothing to say. I’m almost appauled…
    MammaV, how come you never wrote me back in my email a long while ago? *sobs* I joke. You’re still doing great!

  10. Becky says:

    I really agree that this man is such a jerk.. and he has no idea what any of us are going through.. i feel as if he is putting us down.. and with his behavior i feel that it is just going to make our disease worst becuz it makes us feel bad.. but girls we just have to keep our heads held high.. and to not let him bother us.. and just go about what we are doing with the wonderful mamaV and just see what “SHE” has to teach us..
    <3 u mamaV

    <3 always Becky

  11. Joey says:

    Before the article, i’m going to disagree with you first MamaV!!!
    Obesity and anorexia are much more closely linked than many might think. Some (but not all) of people who are obese have eating disorders COED or BED, which in many ways are JUST LIKE anorexia. Except of course, obesity is far more fatal than anorexia, and brings the possibility that anorexia is not the most deadly of the eating disorders and it’s actually COED or BED. And the solution to COED and BED are very similar to that of anorexia.

    I’m not all that shocked by the article really. He is right – obesity (and their causes mentioned above) are much much more dangerous than anorexia. Anorexia of course grabs headlines because it’s so unusual and different to Americans societal norm.
    HOWEVER he is unaware of how prevalent eating disorders are (that’s if we were to believe that every girl on proanorexia sites actually has an ED – i expect a lot are sub-clinical) as he has only focused on anorexia and not bulimia or EDNOS which are both more common than anorexia.
    He does make a point that many young women are slim, especially pre-Spring Break, due to excessive dieting, aka “disordered eating” or social anorexia or subclinical EDs…whatever we wanna call it.
    I do object to his implication that those who are overweight are lazy and greedy and those who are slim are self-controlled – that is what SOCIETY SAYS and not the truth. It’s true in some cases, but not in the case of ANY of the eating disorders – anorexia, bulimia, EDNOS, BED or COED.

  12. Amy says:

    “My personal offhand estimate had been that we might lose about 100 Americans annually to anorexia. My research this morning showed that I was not far off – a 2001 study by the University of British Columbia’s Department of Psychology of every American death for the most recently available five year period showed only 724 people with anorexia as a causal factor – 145 per year.”

    Oh, true, true, good sir. Your estimate was not far off, give or take 45 lives that are lost each year because of ignorance like yours. Give or take all of the people you must have affected so badly because of your biggoted article. You are a self righteous turd, if I do say so myself. If you have daughters, is this what you tell them?

    “and that’s far more dangerous than any 500 calorie-a-day diet could ever be.”
    Try a two hundred calorie diet! Try not being able to eat a bite of bread without having a near panic attack. You cannot morph all eating disorders into one big issue and shove it aside calling it “Intellectually puddle deep” in fact, I would consider you as such.

    Cancer does not affect every American citizen either, it is not as huge of a problem as obesity is either, does that mean you are going to write an article about ignoring their fight also?

    My issues with anorexia ARE about control, they DO have to do with me not eating the cheesecake served after dinner, also not eating dinner at all when it comes down to it. I pity you and your ignorance to this issue, I have to say that though not every girl I know is dying from starvation, every girl I know has at one time considered it. Every girl I know is self concious. Every girl I know could be driven to do something stupid because of your words. Every. Single. One. What I have to say to you is this: I AM the girl who is obsessed with fitting into my size zero jeans. I AM the girl who others think is thin but I can’t see it. I AM dying.

    But I’m sure, that’s less than a dent in your all knowing radar, isn’t it?
    Thank you for firing me up, I needed a way to let out my stress today.

    No love,

  13. wanderer says:

    Yet another insensitive article. Seems to me that the author of this one and many like it are lacking in empathy or first-hand knowledge of people who struggle with EDs. Why else would they make such generalized and condescending statements?

    As I’ve said here before, EDs are complex. So is obesity (although I think much of the obesity epidemic is a scare tactic to fuel the diet industry). Trying to solve these issues by barking commands like “say no to cheesecake” or “stop stuffing your face” is insensitive and useless.

    And jealous of a size 1? That’s ludicrous. Neither I nor the women I know would be jealous of someone’s jean size. We’re not shallow and have more important things to think about.

  14. Sass1948 says:

    The point about obese people feeling threatened by naturally healthy people is fair enough. However, he loses all merit & respect by referring to an historic mental disorder as a “myth” – what a dipstick! I pity those close to him in his life, bet he’s no good to turn to in a crisis. “I’m sick” “Oh it’s a myth it’s a myth”

  15. Sass1948 says:

    Been thinking, yeah this guy isn’t educated on ana, but maybe he’s responding to the way the media is handling ana: the boring mag articles and TV panel discussions about ana. Sounds like he’s sick of hearing about young women/teens wanting to look like skinny celebs. Anyone’s entitled to argue against media saturation, but he doesn’t ever state this & loses credibility by attacking anorexia nervosa.
    I think mamaV should educate this guy on the term SOCIAL anorexia, which is what his problem is with, rather than severe norexia nervosa.

  16. SarahBear says:


  17. Niika says:

    Oh dear… I will tackle this one in a little while, when I have time to get more in-depth… I have a lot I could say about this!

  18. Rio Iriri says:

    Wow, that guy is a selfish ass.

  19. pixie says:

    I don’t even know what to say. Yes I agree emphatically that obesity is a serious health issue in today’s society. The media is also inudated with commericals for diet products, drugs, weight loss centers etc. I am not saying that will cure obsesity but at least there are resources. As for me, I have been anoxeric for over 2 decades. I do fit in the size 0/1 jeans and am tortured daily about fear of food and weight. The point is the weight and food issues are only a symptom they are not the core of the illness. Anorexia isn’t as simple as just eating, gaining weight and then you are cured. This frickin illness is so isidious and relentless it never leaves my mind for one second of one day. The recovery process is a long process and resources are hard to find and very expensive. Most insurances will not cover the expenses but they will cover bariatic bypass (isn’t that ironic). I hope some of you understand Anorexia is more than just wanting to be thin like models, it goes much deeper it’s a need to have some kind of control in your life. With that, enough said.

  20. Julie says:

    He has a point, though he certainly doesn’t need to use the means he does, mocking anorexia, attacking the disease anorexia vs. the media’s portrayal of it, etc. He should have sucessfully linked obesity to an eating disorder. Of the coverage of “eating disorders” as a topic in the media, an overwhelming amount of attention is given to anorexia and bulimia, and this does create a bias of attention. That’s also why more Americans feel unsafe – because of what the media shows to create fear. Binge-eating and compulsive over-eating are ignored completely because they are nothing “glamorous” to look at and few (aside from those underweight for their own health reasons) wishes they could GAIN weight.

  21. heya says:

    wow, i can’t even summon the words to respond.

    “i can’t help but to quote though:

    “”So, please, ladies – the girl who has the body the rest of you wish you had is not anorexic. The girl who delicately refuses the eighteen-ounce wedge of deep-fried cheesecake the rest of you dive into after dinner is not anorexic. The girl who is obsessed with fitting back into those size 1 jeans is not anorexic. She’s just thinner than you, knows how to say no to herself, and it makes you jealous.””

    you know what?? YES. SHE. IS.!!!!””

    I just want to say that your comment was fairly tactless. I try to eat healthy because of my running and I certainly would not eat deep fried cheesecake, and I am a size 0 (SHOCK!!!) but I am not anorexic. And comments like these hit harder than you think. I am slowly building up a tougher skin to what people say about my weight, but one day last year I just broke down crying because everyone ASSumed I had an eating disorder. When I didn’t. Because I chose a few pieces of chocolate over a giant chocolate pie. Because I ate only half of a giant sub sandwich. Because I run fast and often. And it is these attitudes that cut self esteem even more. Mama V, I think you should adress these types of attitudes towards naturally slender girls. Because this kind of thing hurts more than most people imagine. And before you say “I would never be sad if i were thin, why are you complaining?” try having someone tell you every friggin day you have a mental disorder. In front of your teachers, friends, and guys who you like. Its humiliating.

    Food for thought. On another note, I disagree with the man who wrote this article. Yes it is a small number, but would we dismiss all children who are born with muscular dystrophy (a diseas my brother has) because that is a small number? Every social issue is important, and everyone picks their own cause to fight for.

  22. sIM'One. says:

    critical essays based on one person’s limited experience posing as informational should be banned. he is trying to be edgy and cynical, yet, misogyny and shallowness is written all over it.

  23. Francisco says:

    Wow, that guy needs to have the pen taken away from him. It is absurd how much ignorance can be sold as “the new stuff”. That article annoyed me to no ends.

  24. Alexa says:

    Obiously this guy have never seen anorexia closer…i doubt he know any anorexic person…you cant talk about what you dont know.

  25. jody says:

    so we sit here and now the true arguments are going to come out…
    is it fat hatred vs. skinny jealousy or something worse? the man who wrote this article is an insensitive prick and should be forced to eat a 500 calorie/day diet for a few weeks… most people don’t realize that everything… including gum has calories… so when he starts to pick up his gum and realizes oh sh** i just ate twenty calories worth of gum, and had four hundred in my coffee… now i must starve the rest of the day, and see what he does. I bet he would break down in an instant and eat more calories.
    I am overwieght with an EDNOS diagnosis. I say no to the deep fried cheesecake and say no to plenty of other stuff too. I lost 120 pounds in 6 months and was congratulated by all including psychologists. At this point you have to be a size zero anorexic for anyone to understand the depth of the mental impairments that lead to eating disorders. Yes i wish i could fit into a pair of size 0/1 jeans, but it will never happen…
    i run, i excercise, i stick my finger down my throat to eliminate what i’ve eaten… and thanks to fat haters and my own head i will never be happy with the body i have… with the body that many of my friends want… but to me will never be good enough..
    and i guess i should thank the insensitive asshole who wrote this article… because now more and more girls like me can continue to be able to live our eating disordered life with the compliments because hey… it’s better to be anorexic then fat in this sociey…

  26. Heidi says:

    So you do not see obesity as a result of an eating disorder sometimes? Are you one, MamaV, that only sees anorexia and bulimia as eating disorders? Do you too ignore the Binge eating disorder? Do I have to purge to be taken seriously? How sad. I hate when I am pushed aside and put in a different category. Might as well not exist. :o(

  27. Sarah says:

    I`ve been through severe anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder. I`ve been emaciated and I have been overweight due to my ED. I find that binge eating disorder is the worst one of all EDs, and I pray to God I don`t have to go through that hell again. I`d choose the misery of anorexia over BED any day.

  28. Cath says:

    Wow. The pompous ass got it wrong on all possible angles, both in terms of the risks of obesity (recent books by Paul Campos, Gina Kolata and Glenn Gaesser have put the lie to the whole “ZOMG OBESITY KILLZ!!!” meme that our media have erroneously been selling us) and in terms of the risks of anorexia and bulimia.

    1. Only extreme obesity is medically dangerous; being overweight or even moderately obese has been proven to have no impact on one’s longevity or health. If anything, being underweight is more dangerous.

    2. Since being underweight is more dangerous than being overweight, anorexia and bulimia are inherently medically dangerous simply for artificially reducing someone’s weight. The denial of nutrients and the physical trauma of purging only add to the medical dangers of anorexia and bulimia.

    3. As a 200-pound-plus woman, I assure you that being overweight in this society is no picnic. You’re likely to be denied medical care for what is actually wrong with you and instead told to just lose weight and that should fix everything. But the same kind of scorn is put on people who are visibly suffering from anorexia and bulimia, the same kind of disgust with their/our bodies and the same disdain of “what is wrong with you?”

    4. Then we get to the psychological and spiritual impact of anorexia and bulimia, which I truly believe is harsher than that of obesity — and I say that as someone who’s medically obese (yet strong as a horse) and who has pretty much conquered my bulimia after a 15-year on-and-off battle. To equate either a “thin” eating disorder or a “fat” eating disorder (or even the simple act of being fat) with a cry for attention is nothing short of HATEFUL.

    This pathetic “Smith” guy hates fat people, women with eating disorders, probably women in general. He is so far beneath all of us and MamaV. Let’s not give him the satisfaction of taking him seriously, and let’s all try to love our bodies and ourselves.

  29. fgfn says:


    im assuming you got all those stats from bigfatfacts, which should be called big fat lies since they distort the study so awfully. 111,000 die from being moderately to severely obese. Overweight/normal have the same death rate. Underweight has about 30,000 deaths. Bigfatfacts takes the study and decides that there is such a thing as negative deaths, and subracts that from 110,000 to get 25,000. Which is way off. And even if they did do that amount of math properly, they would have to factor in “negative deaths” (??) for underweight people too, which they did not do. So basically, that whole site is wrong and distorted and just propagates the myth that fat people are stupid too. Obese people die more than underweight people. Overweight, no so much. But this is the war on OBESITY, not just the war on kinda sorta overweight.

    Check your facts before you write a completely false post. I do still agree with the fact that this guy is a dickhead, but people like you annoy me too!

  30. Cath says:

    How about checking your own fact, fgfn? Read the books I referenced. I didn’t get this information from a website; I got it from actual books written by actual researchers who looked at several studies done through the years. There is NOTHING false about my post. NOTHING.

    Oh, and hey, people like you annoy ME too! Have a nice day and ESAD.

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  32. ricki says:

    It looks like people are beginning to fight each other, rather than take on the woman-hating jerk who wrote the original article.

    Can we please stop fighting with each other, and start hating the problems – EDs (of any kind), the general attitude that any random individual is entitled to comment negatively on a person’s appearance, misogyny, a society that seems geared to pitting women against each other in some kind of sick “chick fight” instead of allowing us to just live and breathe?

    Look. I’m a fat woman. I wear a size 16/18. (I’m also fairly tall – 5’8″) But I also eat my veggies and exercise an hour a day, because for me, it’s about health. However, I also allow myself to eat chocolate (once in a while) and cheesecake (once in a while, but 18 ounces of deep-fat-fried? Never. Oh, I know, dude was exaggerating, but it’s that kind of OMG ANY WOMAN OVER SIZE 1 IS A GIANT UGLY FACE STUFFING PIG attitude that makes me not want to listen to what the person has to say).

    Yes, I’m fat. But I can also walk 15 miles in a day if necessary (and have, while backpacking). And I can lift 50+ pound bags of soil or sand. I can function in life. And yes, I know I’m fat. I don’t need people telling me that, especially in insulting ways.

    And believe me, if you’re a fat woman in this society, you hear ‘most every day that you’re fat, and often in insulting ways. And no, I don’t think that means I should lose weight solely to please the people who are telling me I don’t look good enough in tight jeans. Because those people aren’t concerned about my health; they’re concerned about being able to ogle.

    Yes, maybe I will die a bit younger than some of my thinner peers. Maybe not. Maybe we’ll all die at the hands of a terrorist bomb in a couple of years. Because there’s that possibility, I’m unwilling to starve myself in the name of being “attractive” to losers like the guy who wrote that article.

  33. Bekah says:

    “Perpetuating the myth of anorexia helps us demonize denial as some kind of blasphemy, rather than looking at our own dinner plates or in the mirror and asking: am I fat? (Probable answer: yes.)”

    Gee, I wonder why some little girls think that they are fat, when they are definently not! Are you trying to get the death number up?

    What’s next? Are we going to tell the Schizophrenic that their problems aren’t that bad, and that until they’re dead that those voices didn’t exist? Are we going to say that PTSD shouldn’t haunt you, because you are obviously not dead so your experiences weren’t that bad? OF COURSE NOT!

    I’m tired of girls being told that they don’t have eating disorders because if they did, they would be “A lot sicker than they are now”. In my opinion eating disorders are 90% mental and only 10% physical…

    So Mr. “Mike Smith” go f*** yourself

  34. yumi says:

    Don’t worry, I sent him a nice, (well-informed) email.

    This is his contact information, isn’t it?


    e-mail ~
    aim ~ ZigZagLe

  35. gemma says:

    hi mama v, hi every1
    i read the article n was lost for words, which doesnt happen very often lol… he seemed to be a sad n very narrow minded man who needs to wise up on all issues in the cruel world of eating disorders . mr smith shame on you.

    love u mama v x

  36. echo says:

    I know this is an old post, but I still feel compelled to respond.

    He’s so wrong. Both of my parents as well as my brother are all well over the obese mark. However, I’ve had many many more weight/nutrition related health problems from anorexia than all three of them combined. Not to mention the mental hell every day (although I bet my mom and probably brother would probably be diagnosed with eating disorders though too)

    I’d honestly rather be “fat” but happy and healthy than “thin” but miserable and sick.

  37. Camilla says:

    argghh, this makes me so mad!! who is he to comment and say that its no big deal?? has he been through this hell every day of his life for the last four years?? spent every night crying from pain, from self-induced sufering, watched everyone you care about walk away?? yes, obesity is a more common problem, but there is nothing so destructive as an eating disorder. Anorexia takes over your entire life, it consumes and destroys you, can you honestly say that being overweight has these same heart-wrenching sacrifices? because i don’t. He talks about death rates, but seems to forget that health care professionals working with ED patients try their damned hardest to stop us dying from this illness, we have tubes forced down our throats and mental pressure that is incomprehensible. Obesity patients (at least here in the UK) are rarely given more than advice. It is my opinion, though maybe contraversial, that anorexia has a much tighter grip than any problem resulting in being overweight, more often people are uneducated or insufficiently determined to make changes to their lifestyle as obesity IS considered more normal and therefore more culturally accepted. Anorexia is a serious mental illness, do not trivialise our suffering.

  38. A mother and sister says:

    Hi everyone I am new to this site and have been reading alot of your replies. I do agree that the man who wrote this is an utterly disturbed man. I, like you, have an eating disorder. I am on the compulsive overeating side. I wanted to let you know it is a hard thing to deal with. I read one entry that said the overweight people don’t understand what the undereaters have to sacrifice…that is where you are wrong. I sacrifice in other ways…it isn’t always about food. I have 3 children who I love more than anything…but because of my weight and some health issues I can’t do all the things I would love to do with them. I don’t have the energy. I feel the same guilt of eating the food you do. I exercise too but I can’t lose the weight. It is not a choice of mine to be like this either. I was sexually abused as a child but that is not why I do what I do. I do it because when I was little we barely ever had food in the house and now that I have it available I am afraid I won’t get more so I try to eat and eat til I am full so that I don’t feel the hunger I once felt. I know it is wrong just like you know that starving is wrong …but as you know it is not easy to stop. I have a sister who is anorexic and she yo-yo’s but is now around 105lbs at 5’5″ I know both worlds all too well. She comes to my house and rubs it in my face that she is so small and I am big but as a supporter for her I don’t say anything because I don’t want her to get any more sick…she has done this so long she has heart problems from it. She was once down to 86lbs, I made her go to the doctor and I told her the truth. She was nothing but a skeleton. She thought she looked good. Since then I have been able to help her stay above 100lbs. It is not easy but I try to stay on her about it and cook for her alot. I wish I could be there for more of you that needed a friend. I don’t put my sister down for what she is going through because I know what it is like only from the other end of the eating disorder line. I know the things that have been said to make her want to lose weight and I know why she does what she does. I just wish I could help her more. I have also done studies about eating disorders and the statistics are not good, four out of every four hundred women have an eating disorder and 1 out of every four hundred men have an eating disorder (Coping with eating disorders, Moe, Barbara 1999.) From the Internet I found this “In the United States approxiamately 10% of girls and women (numbering up to 10 million) are suffering from diagnosed eating disorders. Of these at least 50,ooo will die as a direct result.” ( I have an eating disorder that I have a hard time keeping up with, but I still get amazed at the statistics when I read them…..and dear sir that said to get your facts straight to the other lady in here…if they weren’t, they are now, so read them and start understanding, the statistics aren’t what really matter it is the real people who are involved in the statistics that do. I would like to see the statistics change just as much as anyone. If someone reading this gets any help from it I would be happy. Please everyone out there who is suffering know I am praying for you and someone does care! So take care!

  39. Oidua says:

    What bothers me most about this article is that the author assumes the following
    1. Clinical definitions of overweight, obese, and the like are rational and accurate
    2. Being slotted into the categories of overweight, obese and so on dictates that a given person has no, or a severe lack of, self control relating to eating habits
    3. That being clinicaly underweight and so on is more desireable than being overweight and so on
    On a personall note i strongly dislike the authors bunching of figures and statistics in such a manner that the number of people whos death comes as a direct result of anorexia per year is “statistically nill,” these people are WILLINGLY STARVING THEMSELVES TO DEATH, nevermind allegedly “not having self control” or the ability of “self-refusal.” Can the definition of lack of self control be any more typefied than denying onself food to the point of death (short of willingly ceasing to breathe)?
    In closing id like to add that i have long suffered from my eating disorders. My realm of control includes a healthy balanced diet, compulsive overeating (im 5’5″ and at my heaviest i weighed somewhere around 260lbs, fasting( I’ve been 22 days without so much as a crumb), compulsive exercise (up to 5000 cals burned per day for days on end), binging and purging (considering a small bowl of chips, hummus, and 10 baby carrots a binge), and constant mental agony. I can easily not eating for weeks is a hell of alot easier than mustering up the self control to put something into my body and keep it there.

  40. fredsss says:

    it is not really a disease. it is not found in many countries actually. it is a mental fixation at best. giving it credence as such probably just encourages those who would think in such a way.
    and of course you see the type of thinking where if you disagree with the pushers of false statistics and such pc nonsense you are suddenly callous or hate women. its the same old nonsense used to defend many “truisms” that are false.

  41. fredsss says:

    it all goes back to a need to propagate a siege mentality of defending women against men. a strange kind of feminism that actually was counter productive by portraying women as weak and anything but equal. its sad that many women buy into this distorted ideology.

  42. windy eberly says:

    i guess he really thinks women are supposed to be tiny. anorexia is more than just excessive dieting or exercise, and much more insidious of a problem than obesity. the compulsion is far stronger and more pathological than gluttony, and may involve some form of overeating. the anorexic’s obsession certainly outweighs the “morbidly obese”. it’s obviously complex and serious, and has some disgusting elements itself. he thinks an anorexic exhibits self-control? on the contrary, that is precisely the problem, she has actually lost control of her most basic functions.

  43. Annie says:

    You people,uh,you make me tired,I have bad cramps just wanted to find some weight-loss motivation,and I read depressing crap like this.
    Um,the guy writes bullshit,bla,blah. Obesity anorexia,bla,blah. Oh boy let me ask you smart people a question lets stop how many actually healthy people are there in america,that dont eat american crap food,that eat all the vitamins they need,blood sugar levels good. Really honies in the end that’s all that matters. So please shut up,and start working on your health,instead of writing ,and making yourselves stressed,american food is bad,body doesnt need like seriously. I am going to guess by what i see people eating around me that um 90% americans eat crap,so people who say you need to stop eating whatever please shut up you eat the same foods. You cannot keep eating these chemicals,your arteries your poor heart please forgot about weight,and fat and worry about health. That’s it. Sigh,that was random,um,I am an anorexic. I am fat,contrary to popular belief,I am on my way to skinny. Yes,yes I am a hypocrite,but hey it’s mental folks. God,I hate periods! Can we chose not to have periods if you don’t want kids? And why is it a prequsite for women to marry,& have kids? Like ,how many marriages have true love,in them. Yea,its normal for marriages to be messed up. Oh,well. I should talk,look at my parents. At least I can change myself. Stop talking,and do something! oh,and someone said some girls dont get ana by wanting to be skinny. Hey now,not all. I wanna be skinny. My bff was sexually abused,n she bulimic so yea you right. But yea,i wasn’t that’s how it started. Living hell. Like if you can understand this you are really smart,this is random crazy i have not been diagnosed as anorexic,i am smart enough after researching so much about it,that i have it. Going to sleep now.

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