Age of Love

Have you seen this lame ass show? The theme song plays the 80s tune “The Look of Love,” by ABC, while the 20 and 40 somethings strut their stuff for some tall, dark and handsome tennis star. 


Does this piss anyone off or is it just me? This behavior is pathetic and embarrassing.

You are telling me, that women are so desparate, they are willing to appear on national TV in front of millions of people to complete for a guy. They don’t even know this dude. Are their parents and friends sitting around the TV with their friends cheering their daughters on?

How do they complete? Their (fake) body, what else.

They cry when they are axed, their little cutsy cat fights are continuous. 

The best part? The women who are 40 are referred to as the “old” ones.

Girls, do me a favor, and have some self respect.


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  1. Age of Love like Bachelor have turned into a new kind of beauty contest show where instead of competing for a crown, the women compete for a man. Sadly, like real life in many ways.

    I watched the first two shows of Age of Love mostly out of curiosity because of the age twist, and I have to say that I am mostly disturbed with how the 20-somethings talk about the older women as if they are never going to get old themselves. It’s so petty.

    One positive thing about the show is that all the 40-something women are accomplished professionally and are hot looking. They help break the stereotype that over 40 is over the hill and sexually un-desirable according to our youth obsessed scociety. The 48 year old is really a knockout, and reminds me of the hot 50 year old Bowflex grandma. I give the show some kudos for putting out more images of single, attractive, over 40 women. The execution may be poor, but there is some good intent.

    But overall, I agree. The whole “pick me. pick me” dating contest thing is so ridiculous. And none of those relationships are built on anything real or substantial. Once the popularity is over, the couple always break up.

  2. sIM'One. says:

    yea it’s pretty sad.. but pretty damn funny! i think if it’s going to be public, it should be more creative and entertaining. because aside from the atrocity of it, these shows are actually quite boring. yet, i can’t get over how ridiculously embarrassing it indeed is. and it’s not just women. men stoop to low levels also to supposedly impress women (arguably more so, but i’m biest because i witness it from men a lot more often). it sucks that people can’t just spend their time doing what they love and know that if they do what they love, they would have a better time finding people with the same interests and have a more enjoyable time socializing. and this is unfortunately a biproduct of our very depressing social status in a consumerist society.
    the idea of “winning” someone is bizarre yet very demonstrative of consumer culture. people think they constantly need to acquire things in order to show that they are achieving goals. the objectification of people and bodies comes with the territory.
    sad, yet interesting. the medium isn’t the problem, it’s a communication. it’s just that a lot of people lack critical thinking.

    i wish i could hang out with you, you seem like such a fun person to talk to! i’m a fan of the Mama with the vision!

  3. Gina says:

    Yeah that pisses me off.
    I think it’s so stupid how they define themselves by if this man picks me.
    It’s so phonie…

  4. PrincessAmie says:

    i think its crap… why would you want to compete with a bunch of gals for a guy you dont even know… like he isnt even good looking..LOL! I just think like he is going to be kissing and sweet talking all these other girls like its like he is a bit of a man whore, why would you want to compete in something where there is a chance of rejection… i think its all superfiscial (cant spell) i think its dodge and crap and its frustrating and i just dont like it..hehe

  5. Val says:

    Well, over here in France we haven’t yet been broadcasted this kind of show (although we had the bachelor one …)…anyway, my point is : isn’t it the ultimate symbol of sexual competition among women ? In their book “When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies”, Hirshmann and Munter stress the fact that there is an intense competition among women to have the best body in order to get the best man… implicit argument : body is power.
    Nowadays, with cosmetic surgery and normalization of women bodies thru the impact of medias on our lives, very few women can escape the pressure to “look good”, i.e. be attractive…attractive to men. It begins at an early age with the little girl trying to put some make up and getting dressed with mommy’s clothes …and when you see the current pop idols…anyway…
    It’s really as if self worth depends on men’s eyes, making women acting like dolls. Yet real self -esteem means real freedom, freedom to conduct our lifes in our own uniques ways…without desperatly begging for attention to men…

    Just my 2 cents ! ;-))

  6. I haven’t seen the show, but I know one of the girls on it. I worked with her on a freelance project. Ha!! I should watch it to see her. A friend I also worked with during that time called me to tell me she was on. I don’t know the lady too well but it would be funny to see her on there. Apparently there is another girl we worked with too that’s on there but I don’t know which one. I’m not signing up any time soon!!

  7. It’s on NBC Mama V. (I only know this b/c I couldn’t find it on ABC’s website.)

  8. hagar says:

    hi mamav =]
    i sent you a message a while back…
    i guess it got muddled up with all the other ones ( i hope it’s coz of that and not because you didn’t want to reply hehe)…
    here it is:
    hi mamav =]
    thank you SO much for replying! thank you sooooooo much! your reply made me smile even if i’m numb =]
    emmm i’ll start by answering your questions (you deserve honest answers after you replied and made me feel a bit better):
    Yes I am dealing with ED and cutting, I also think that I am a bit (a lot) depressed and also maybe OCD? I forgot to tell you that sometimes when I cut as in example just now (cut about half an hour ago… although i didn’t cut the whole day until now! =]) i also have this feeling like if i don’t cut myself something bad will happen, that if i cut i don’t have to purge, that if i cut 7X3 times on my left arm that I won’t be a slut, or I won’t feel guilty, or the “voices” will stop, or my mum won’t find out that I’m lying to her a lot yet again, or that I won’t gain weight from all the food I ate today. I also have these wierd things with lights. washing hands. counting in seven’s or three’s in certain activities, or doing something this certain way… it is very wierd… i don’t think that it is THAT bad as it isn’t that time consuming… it happens quickly if i do the thing i need to do right away… Em I also forgot to tell you that I have been having lots of suicidal thoughts but don’t worry even though I have the plan all ready (yes I know it’s freaky) I’m not going to kill myself. Just maybe it’s an important thing to say? Never mind…
    You asked if I was feeling “So you are dealing with ED and cutting, do you know what the core reasoning behind your need to do these behaviors – control, shame, guilt, all of the above?” My answer is def NOT control. I am out of control. I was in control at the beginning but now it controls me. And I know that. And yes I am very ashamed and feel very guilty. My OCD thing tells me that if I had done knock on wood 7X7 times without breathing then my grandmother wouldn’t have died… But that’s crazy she had cancer. And also maybe I feel guilty about my great grandfather’s death?
    About the sexual activity this evening I had my “last time” with him, I guess I needed closure. I hope that I will not do anything more with him again.
    Mamav again I’m sorry I wrote so much… But I trust your opinion and your advice =]
    Thank you very much for reading this =]
    And I want to say I’m sorry again but I don’t think that I should… But I want to let you know that I want to say that lol
    XOXOXOXOXOXOXO (yep i’m copying you haha)

    p.s. i’m adding right now that yesterday i binged and purged again, and cut again, and i just feel like i don’t want to live anymore. i’ve tried asking my dad about anti-depressants, because i thought it was a safer option than cuttingpurgingpillsalcoholsex things… but he dismissed it and told me not to make him angry and that i don’t need them. i can’t tell my parents about this anymore, it makes them confused and sad, ever since i’ve told them i thought it would be better, but it is just worse, i’ve purged another 16 times, moved from scratching to cutting etc… my mum actually told me that around other people i am super nice but with her i am not. she told me that if i will be like that at home too it will be better for “both of us”. is it not enough that i have to put a mask on myself around friendsfamilypeople in general, now i have to do so at home?

  9. Alexa says:

    Hey Hagar..

    i totally understand how you feeling…i normally cut my fingers in both sides of my nais i dont really know why, wash my hands once an hour, its really freaky that im so scared of germ, also when i “do it” with my boyfriend, i alwas take 2 baths before and 2 after, and so many more strange behaviors…its just that this conpulsions are sooo weird…and i just feel like a freak for having so many issues on me.

  10. Alexa says:

    By the way about this post MamaV, have you ever seen a show just like this called “Flavor of Love” ?? its from VH1… if Age of Love and Bachelor freaks you out, just check out that show…this guy Flavor Flav’s its just disgusting and the girls are even worst!!!! ans there’s 2 seasons of it!!!!

    check out this link

  11. hagar says:

    hey alexa =]
    (making sure you see this lol)
    i’m so glad you wrote to me…
    thank you =]
    yeah i have wierd habits too…
    today a few hours ago, i ate some cereal, i felt so bad, it was so hard eating it i needed my dad to sit there with me (before he came home i was afraid i would purge it). after that i tried to play the piano, i couldn’t i was so twitchy, so stressed out, so i washed my hands three times, 7X3 seconds scrubbing, 7X3 seconds washing, 7X3 seconds drying, all this three times. SOOO illogical. so wierd. i know. i still felt so bad i had to let some of my anger out, i haven’t expressed my anger in SO long. MONTHS. it’s al been kept inside me, i don’t even know how to express it healthily anymore. i tried shouting, i was afraid some one would hear me, tried playing something angry on the piano, i couldn’t concentrate on the notes, so i ended up practically slapping myself and pinching my arms and just basically acting like a crazy person… it was so exuasting because i felt like i still have so much anger left in me. i could STRANGLE someone. i’m sorry, i know i sound so violent, but i’m usually so kind and quiet and polite it’s so hard keeping it all inside. anyways yeah i’ve gone on and on and one sorry alexa. my msn is if u wanna chat =]

  12. Gabi says:

    alexa and hagar, i also have such wierdo illogical habits. i used carry sanatizer around with me and use about two and half a bottles a day scrubbing each finger three times and the palms and back of my hands twice. before bed i would all my cupboards closed perfectly, and curains drawn with the left side over the right side. my bed covers had to be haning perfectly and equally on both side of the bed before i culd sleep. at work when i clean the ice cream all sides of the ice cream have to match when i clean them before i can leave them. everything has to be in alphabtical order (physcially cannot sleep or do anything else if i know somethin is out of it) and when outting things on shelves or away or something like when i put a delivery away, all the boxes and things have to line up.

    i think these things just make us us! hagar, im sorry you have so much anger, my email is if you ever wanna chat! xxxxxxxxxx

  13. Alexa says:

    Hey HAGAR!!!

    You can be 100% sure i saw your message!! LOL
    i just add you to my msn…i’ll be glad to talk to you..

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  15. Bryanne says:

    Horrible looking show…

    I would go on that show just to sit there, look at how the chicks are acting, call them all shallow and desparate, head out, and get a snow cone.

  16. gemma says:

    mama v , u are funny love the line “if ya dont pick me im a total loser”…”no ur a total loser already ” haha love ya n totally agree with ya xxx

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