mamaV posters – get em' while their hot!

I spent the day going through my old modeling book. My mom saved every stitch of memoralibia (although I told her to chuck it all years ago). I am so grateful that she didn’t because my husband and I had a blast laughing at some of the pictures.

See my real book here.

This is perhaps my most famous, 1980’s shot. I am thinking I should have this one printed, and sell it as a full size poster. Autographed versions could bring in some serious cash.


Could this be any dorker?!

I found a ton of hilarious stuff, but they are slides, so I need to get them printed to post. So stay tuned for more of mamaV’s blast from the past!

Can’t wait for the comments on this one.


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16 Responses to mamaV posters – get em' while their hot!

  1. Jane says:

    MamaV – you look good!!!! Lol, you look like you were having fun anyway!

    I love looking through old pictures and reliving the experience – it makes me chuckle :o)

    Selling them is a great idea lol… I’d buy one :o) so long as i get my autograph!!!!!!

    Love you x x

  2. kay says:

    Mama V,

    I totally love it!! you are gorgeous, and it is weird to say but its hard to look at those pics and know that you had a problem with the way that you look.

    You are absolutely beautiful and your blog serves as an enormous blessing not only to me, but so many other people. I do agree with jane, you totally need to market those!!

    I would honestly purchase one!!

    ( p.s. i tried to answer the question you posed to me in the previous post)

    loves and hugs

  3. danielle says:

    Haha. LOVE it.

    I have a pair of sunglasses JUST like that. And I wear them all the time. Now who’s a dork? Haha.

    – Danielle

  4. PrincessAmie says:

    hey mama…

    Thats classic…. all i can say is… i remember in grade one having to colour in a piece of paper using oil crayons and then coloring black on top of it and having to use a needle and a blunt pencil to scrath away the black to reveal the colour… thats what it reminds me off…
    you look fab!
    Love Amie

  5. wanderer says:

    Wow, Ray-bans, neon colors, and poofy hair. Rocking those 80s styles, MV!

  6. Maybe you should put those pics on your shirts and I’ll wear it around NYC. Ha!

  7. Lily says:

    Hi MamaVision,

    Ive started to come to your blog alot- your videos really touch me because you seem like someone who cares. All the posts you get asking for help, I hope it doesnt overwhelm you and scare you away- cause thats why Im writing too. For help.

    I’m 23 and I have no life- all I have is an eating disorder-bulimia. It rules me. Somedays like today I cant bear it anymore and everything seems pretty dark. I started out dieting when I was 12- thought I was fat, but more than that, I was afriad of life.

    My mum was always unhappy, always hated herself- I guess she had no clue this was getting passed onto me- I wish I had had some support when my body started to change in puperty but there was no one there. So when I got stretch-marks on me that was it, I wish wish wish someone told me that it was ok, that I was ok-but I didnt know that, so I started to restrict my food. This went on for 4years until I figured out how to purge and I ended up goin IP, worked for a while but then the fear sent me back and started vomiting again, went IP again with bulimia and then again. I didnt get better.

    Ive seen so many ppl- nothing has worked, my body is in bits. And the loneliness is the worst, I finished school, got a psychology degree in college, all without making a single real friend. Iv all these acquaintences. Ive no one. When I was a kid I was afriad yes, but I had friends, I loved school, I loved to laugh….when was the last time I laughed? I dont know. That person is gone. I am at a loss. I want recovery more than anything- but I cant find it.

    Right now Ive eaten too much again and the urge to purge is overwhelming, on and on it goes. Im sorry for this long post, I hope it doesnt trigger anyone- thanks for being there mamavision- you know the truth that EDs are not glamourous- not a fashion accessory- they are hell.

    Lily xxx

  8. hagar says:

    hi mamav =]
    thank you SO much for replying! thank you sooooooo much! your reply made me smile even if i’m numb =]
    emmm i’ll start by answering your questions (you deserve honest answers after you replied and made me feel a bit better):
    Yes I am dealing with ED and cutting, I also think that I am a bit (a lot) depressed and also maybe OCD? I forgot to tell you that sometimes when I cut as in example just now (cut about half an hour ago… although i didn’t cut the whole day until now! =]) i also have this feeling like if i don’t cut myself something bad will happen, that if i cut i don’t have to purge, that if i cut 7X3 times on my left arm that I won’t be a slut, or I won’t feel guilty, or the “voices” will stop, or my mum won’t find out that I’m lying to her a lot yet again, or that I won’t gain weight from all the food I ate today. I also have these wierd things with lights. washing hands. counting in seven’s or three’s in certain activities, or doing something this certain way… it is very wierd… i don’t think that it is THAT bad as it isn’t that time consuming… it happens quickly if i do the thing i need to do right away… Em I also forgot to tell you that I have been having lots of suicidal thoughts but don’t worry even though I have the plan all ready (yes I know it’s freaky) I’m not going to kill myself. Just maybe it’s an important thing to say? Never mind…
    You asked if I was feeling “So you are dealing with ED and cutting, do you know what the core reasoning behind your need to do these behaviors – control, shame, guilt, all of the above?” My answer is def NOT control. I am out of control. I was in control at the beginning but now it controls me. And I know that. And yes I am very ashamed and feel very guilty. My OCD thing tells me that if I had done knock on wood 7X7 times without breathing then my grandmother wouldn’t have died… But that’s crazy she had cancer. And also maybe I feel guilty about my great grandfather’s death?
    About the sexual activity this evening I had my “last time” with him, I guess I needed closure. I hope that I will not do anything more with him again.
    Mamav again I’m sorry I wrote so much… But I trust your opinion and your advice =]
    Thank you very much for reading this =]
    And I want to say I’m sorry again but I don’t think that I should… But I want to let you know that I want to say that lol
    XOXOXOXOXOXOXO (yep i’m copying you haha)

  9. hagar says:

    Another thing mamav!
    I saw your pictures!
    Wow you are beautiful!
    That picture is very funny though, I have to say haha
    But back in the 80’s it was probably considered the grooviest trend =]
    Just wanted to show some luv lol

  10. Sarah says:


    I am utterly at loss for words to say, yet I feel impelled to post. Thank you so much for your support, level-headedness, and inspiration. You truely are an amazing person and you should feel so proud of your ability to touch and reach out to so many people.
    I sure as hell know you have made an impact on me.
    I am suffering from anorexia (for about 2 years now), and I am at the point where everything is so overwhelming. You definetly bring some sort of sense of stability to my life. I just wanted to thank you for everything you do!


    I know this exctly how you feel. I have anorexia and I feel like this has consumed my life. I feel so isolated and lonely as well. Yeah, sure I have people around me…but no one I can truely reach out too. For some reason your post really hit close to home. We are around the same age (I’m 21) and I also have a degree in Psych (which I managed to pull off without making any friends either!)
    I know this seems weird, and maybe sort of creepy .. .but if you are at all interested in talking-let me know. It would be refreshing to meet someone who understands!

  11. Emily says:


    You look great in that picture its weird to think you hated ur body then , you have such a nice figure and u look gorgreous and still do by the way, your husband and children are very lucky to have you, u no, u are such a great person and very very caring to everyone even people like us that u dont even no in person, i thank u so much, u have changed the way i think about ED’s. I have Ana at the moment but since finding ur website i have checked myself into a ED clinic and am finnally getting help and support ( not from my parents) they don’t care they have disowned me for having ana they don’t understand, thwy just think im doing it to be thin, but their is so much more to it than that, when i was 14 when it all started (im 17 now) i got bullied at school because of my weight and used to get beaten up, but now beacuse of u i have learnt to put all that behind me and try to get better, will not say its easy beacsue it so is not, i have a long way to go yet but il get their some day. just want to say a massive thank you to you mama V , you are the best. hope u are well, u are a insperation to everyone.

    love always

    take care~~~


    Would it be possible to speak to you personally?

    My Email adress is:

    hope 2 hear from u soon

  12. Amy says:

    My mom had a blast with this! And I’m suprised at how different the models from years ago are to today’s models. You look rocking, but still a little too much on the thin side. Thanks for posting this!

  13. mamavision says:

    I wanted to relay the story of this photo shoot. I felt fat and gross. I was convinced the other girl looked way skinner then me. I remember worrying that the stylist was going to say I was too fat for the shoot.

    Then the pictures came out in our local paper. I didn’t even want to look at my legs, I thought my thighs looked huge and fat.

    The phenomenon that allows our mind to completely convince us that we are fat is unbelievably powerful isn’t it?

    Looking back at this so many years later, it makes me sad that I couldn’t just enjoy this time in my life.


  14. Lily says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Just read your post – my email address is– Love to hear from you,


  15. Jane says:

    MamaV – after reading the story that accompanies the picture, I admit that I am a little shocked. You seem so confident and secure with yourself… I guess that just (once again) goes to show that appearances can be deceptive.

    I read this and then looked at some old photos of myself before i developed my ED, and it breaks my heart. I was so happy then, so secure, confident… then i look at pictures taken when i was 12, at my high school prom.. graduating college… I remember feeling so disgusted at my body when in reality I can see (now) how much i was ,aking myself miss out on, I was neither very fat, or ugly. But, despite thinking that maybe in a few years time i’ll look back and say the same thing about now, I can’t help but see the fat, ugly, gross person that i think i am. It is really scary to think that i am still letting myself be controlled by warped images and opinions about myself.

    Its scarier still to know that you went through the same feelings, and yet reassuring to know that you got over it and are the confident woman we all see here today.

    Love you MamaV x x x x Jane x x x x

  16. tod says:

    hi mamaV!

    wow, these pictures are gorgeous.. but you know what i honestly thought was the most beautiful thing on the page? your smile at the bottom of the page for the youtube video. thank you so much for being here for us.

    i’m an EDNOS who is horribly afraid to tell her parents because, after a whole mess of doctors appointments, the doctors finally figured out that my lies were just those– lies. but my mother argued in my defence that i was eating, working to gain the weight i’d lost and that “i’d have to be stupid to not see eating disordered behavior if it wasn’t there.” i don’t want to make her feel stupid but i don’t know if i can do this on my own.. but your blog helps so much.

    thank you

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