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No one understands! I need help, can’t they figure it out?   I hear this over and over, so I would like each of you to post one, that’s one, not 5 or 20 misunderstandings people have about your ED … Continue reading

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You may have noticed I added a donation button to the blog last week. I did this with great hesitation. This effort is one that started about a year ago, on a complete and total whim. Many of you may … Continue reading

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The Haunting Myth of American Anorexia

Take a deep breath, exhale. I want to share an article with you brought to my attention by a poster named “Mike Smith.” Please read “The Haunting Myth of American Anorexia” and come back here to post your comments. I will … Continue reading

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Child Model

Why is it normal to have children modeling clothing for adult women? This is prevalent in today’s fashion magazines and as been for decades. Has this been going on so long that we just don’t question it? Or we just … Continue reading

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Even Faith Hill is not perfect enough.

Faith Hill is a beautiful, tall, elegant woman, but even she needed to have her imperfections airbrushed out in order to be beautiful enough to grace the cover of Redbook. I am posting these images HUGE so you can really … Continue reading

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Social Anorexia

Today we are coining a new phrase; social anorexia. Social Anorexia is an eating disorder stemming from the pure desire to be thin, in order to be perceived by others as beautiful and worthy. Sufferers are heavily influenced by media, … Continue reading

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The Look of Love

So what is the look of love? I am still pondering my last post about the reality show “Age of Love,” which uses the theme song called “Look of Love.”I’ll tell you what the real look of love is, I have been fortunate … Continue reading

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Age of Love

Have you seen this lame ass show? The theme song plays the 80s tune “The Look of Love,” by ABC, while the 20 and 40 somethings strut their stuff for some tall, dark and handsome tennis star.  Does this piss anyone off or … Continue reading

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Finding Your Way

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Who is mamaVISION?

Why I do what I do. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO REVEALS MAMAV’s REAL NAME & WHERE SHE LIVES. In order to grow this blog, and my efforts to be a voice of reason to the proanorexia community, I need to let go of … Continue reading

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Who are you?

  We have developed quite a cool community this past year haven’t we? Seriously girls, this blog is as much yours as it is mine. I hope and pray you have found some help for your ED suffering here.     I need your … Continue reading

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mamaV posters – get em' while their hot!

I spent the day going through my old modeling book. My mom saved every stitch of memoralibia (although I told her to chuck it all years ago). I am so grateful that she didn’t because my husband and I had … Continue reading

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