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Teeny Vogue drew outrage a few weeks back, and a regular reader Lani sent me the following message.  I wrote to Vogue immediately.

They were obviously scared and very concerned, since they didn’t respond whatsoever. So, let’s have some fun and blast ’em!

Per Lani below:

I read an article in Teen Vogue that pissed me off. Basically, they admitted that while being tall and thin is not the norm, they were not going to change that any time soon.


The little article goes something like this:THE REAL SKINNY

“With body image dominating the headlines lately,- models and starlets shrinking while most of America fattens up- we formed a panel of TEEN VOGUE readers to get their take on the subject. The girls sound off in”WEIGHTY ISSUE” (page 138), attributing much of the pressure to be superslender to the media and their images of pin-thin glamour. At TEEN VOGUE, we spend a lot of time with teeny-weeny models and celebs in the course of a days work, and none of us expect ourselves to look like them.
 Here comes the punchline:

Keep in mind that high-fashion models are, by definition on specific physical type- tall and lanky- the better to show off the clothes.

And actresses who also spend their careers before the unforgiving camera, face similar demands. It may be part of their job to be slim- but it is yours to be healthy and fit. YOU don’t have to measure up to the hollywood or model agency standards, which and be unreasonable even for professionals. In our stories, fifteen-year-old Tyler says it best: I don’t take celeb culture too personally: They’re them, and I’m me.”Above the article featured a picture with two emaciated grinning models. The caption says “model bodies: born thin.”I see one big flaw in their logic: the magazine is selling clothes that the readers want to look good in. The models look good in the clothes. Therefore, the reader wants to be thin. By saying to not compare yourself to models is the same as saying don’t buy the clothes. But that defeats the purpose of the magazine, so it’s obvious that they don’t really mean that. And they still expect you to want to be thin, because there are diet ads and makeup ads throughout the entire thing! Got to love Lani! Is this kid a genious or what. She sums up the whole problem and farce with the fashion industry in the above paragraph.

Girls, give her a hand will ya!




What to you think 99% of of the girl population thinks when she views these images?        I AM FAT, FAT, FAT.


Is this girl 12? Where’s her mother? What is up with the sexpot shoes?

When I went to grab these images from Teeny Vogue’s site, I was greeted by the ad shown below, it was flashing at the top of the page.


Note to fashion industry: YOU HAVE LOST YOUR FRICKEN MIND.

As Lani would say “Ahhh, rant over.”

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28 Responses to Teeny Vogue

  1. Lana/lani says:

    Whee! I’m famous. Sort of.

    I’m waiting eagarly for their next issue. It’s more because I want to see what messed up ideals of beauty they’ll come up with next. Sure, I want to be that thin, what teenage girl wouldn’t? When a prepubescent body shape is worshiped as the epitome of perfection, what more can I do? These people have advertising experts that exploit our needs to fit in with society.

    It just bugs me. A lot.

  2. mamavision says:

    Hey its your 15 minutes of fame!! Live it up! Seriously, your thoughts here are really insightful!

    I am so irritated that they blew me off completely. I am going to send them this link after everyone posts.

    The images of this girl in the suit is just out of hand. I compare this to myself at that age and models bodys were not like this. I am going to dig up some old compare photos to show everyone….they just keep getting thinner.

    Also, what mother would let their daughter truck around in those heels, c’mon!

    Take care and thanks for the great ammunition!

  3. Pixie says:

    For the record – the legs on the model give me the creeps. You can tell they’ve been altered to appear longer: I’m weirded out by the way they look as well as the marketing execs who thought that was necessary.
    The over the should shot looks a little altered too. I can’t tell exactly what but something’s off about it

    • Brock Levine says:

      Idiot. Nothing about this perfect body, has been altered. She’s tall! You must be short, and stumpy. Sorry, but these pictures are amazing.

  4. kay says:

    That was a very insightful analysis of the article, and it made me think long and hard, and now i have a few grievences of my own.

    Correct me if i am wrong mama v, but wasn’t it miss anna wintour herself (when it all hit the fan after the tragic death of those gorgeous models) who went on a media blitz and convened the cfda and “medical proffesionals” in order to have a forum and layout
    *guidelines* as to how best the industry could protect models from eating disorders, and promote a healthier body image?

    I am guilty of being a subscriber to Vogue magazine, and my 15 yr. old sister has a subscription to Teen Vogue.

    What confuses me is this. As editor in chief , and the woman in charge at Conde Nast publications. Teen Vogue falls under the umbrella of anna wintour. You can bet your bottom dollar that amy astley (editor in chief) does not put anything in teen vogue that miss wintour has not given the okay.

    So it begs the question: was that whole media spectacle a vapid attempt to deflect attention away from criticism in regards to their contribution to body dissatisfaction? What will it take for anna wintour to wake-up? perhaps a model keeling over on One of Her photo shoots?

  5. -Jen- says:

    Come on MamaV- I had heels like that when I was 12! =)

  6. wanderer says:

    I think they do keep on getting thinner and it’s frightening. I don’t recall models *that* thin in mags when I was a teenager. And I’m with MamaV on the sexpot shoes. Something about those kind of shoes on a girl makes me think of footbinding. Nice Palm Springs/Las Vegas setting for the pics, though–the scenery is so pretty that it *almost* detracts from how skeletal the girls are.

    MV, I love what you’re doing with this blog. Your voice is both compassionate and strong.

  7. Christy says:

    Kay– You propose interesting questions. Unforunately, it may be “a model keeling over” on a shoot that necessitates change in the fashion/modeling/editorial industries, or not, and that’s the scary part. As MamaV’s blogs indicate, there have been, sadly enough, several young models who have lost their lives to eating disorders. Have things changed much since? sure, we’ve seen regulations on height/weight ratio such as in Spain, but really, this teen vogue ad speaks volumes about the ideal body type.

    Sadly enough, knowing what I know and struggling as I have, the image posted above motivates something in my mind that wants to look as thin or thinner than her (despite my knowledge of retouching). Retouching, I think, makes it worse. It makes reaching perfection even harder.

    • Brock Levine says:

      Listen to that voice in your head. Everyone is more attractive, thin. There aren’t any info-mercials about “how to get fat in only 6 weeks”. Love the skin you’re in; unless it’s pulling itself apart, by the seams.

  8. Joey says:

    I never realised teen mags in the USA were so screwed up! Teen mags here don’t have advertising for diets and encourage healthy living…but then contradict themselves with slim models (though not as slim as these examples though).

    I was discussing this issue with my dad yesterday actually.
    As a photographer, he says that tall and thin models are only really suitable, especially for selling clothes.
    He also says that the psychology is meant to be “that girl looks good in those clothes, so if i buy those clothes i will look good too!” NOT “that girl is thin, so i must look thin to look good in those clothes”. Maybe it’s a male/female thing. Maybe it’s a teen-girl thing. Maybe only certain people are vulnerable to looking at models in the way that we do, but most look at models how my dad would. My sister claims to be completely untouched by the whole skinny-celebrity/model thing, though that might be because she’s naturally slim.

  9. Nats says:

    Ok I know I said I wasn’t going to post but reading this I had to!
    A little note to the people you are sending this to!

    What little thing in your heads said it would be a good idea to run this??? You people have absolutly no concept of the fact that the girls you are aiming your magazine at are going to look at those pictures and think “I WANT TO BE THIN LIKE HER”!!!
    Let me plant a seed in your small minds and we shall see if it groes or just dies off.
    One in 3 teenage girls turns to eating disorders in order to look like your so called models who really dont look like this they are just made to look this way with make up, shoes that even the spice girls wouldn’t wear and airbrushing!
    You people have no idea what goes on in a young girls mind so DO NOT PRETEND YOU DO! Even if you people have teenage daughters you are sadly mistaken if you feel that your daughters will not look at thoses photos and say WOW. They will try and become like the images you are printing.

    Get with the programme people youngs girls and boys are easily influenced by the things your publishing and you WILL BE RESPONSIBLE for those who become ill through it. If you can live with that then carry on but if you do agree you are doing the right thing then please expect alot of blasts from people like myself who unlike you care about the young people who are upset by their image and want to starve themselves to make them look like the people the world wants them to look like.

    However if you realise that what you are doing is wrong then on your next issue put real people on the cover who are normal everyday people who DO NOT LOOK LIKE BARBIE DOLLS

    • Brock Levine says:

      You could have saved time while typing. Just say “I’m fat, and I never looked this good in my life”. Short and sweet.

  10. sIM'One. says:

    her body is quite odd looking!

    from an artistic perspective, it is quite a snore seeing the same body over & over again in magazines. i think it communicates a feeling of laziness and apathy, not only about the artists that put out these images, but also as a general statement about the people confined within a consumer culture. it is something i desperately want to get away from with my own art.

    anyone wanna photoshop some beautiful anorexic model images and make them into beautiful fat models with me? we can make a coffee table book..

  11. mamavision says:

    Hi Kay: Great info and good points. I am still on the train of the CFDA, and I am fired up as ever. They have not done SQUAT since January when the health initiative was released.

    I have since 1) sent 3 emails with no response 2) stopped by their NY office while on a business trip only to be handed their general statement of purpose and told “I think there is a conference call coming up.” 3) Called directly to the CFDA requestinig a call back and been blown off.

    They are not getting rid of me. I was not aware of the leadership in this role of Ana Wintour prior to your message, so I am googling her now.

    Thank you!

  12. vachon says:

    I hadn’t seen a teen mag in 30 years. I had no idea that was going on inside them. That is so screwed up I don’t know where to begin. While it’s just as bad in the so-called adult versions, this is devious and dangerous.

    Go mama! Good job.

  13. Gina says:

    These pictures are so triggering.
    I miss getting close to look like that.
    It’s just so hard.
    I’m ready to give up and I’m sick of doing recovery.
    I went away for a week to West Virginia and I almost got sent home b/c I purged a lot and bairly ate, and was burning so many calories a day.
    Now my weight is down and it’s so triggering.
    I’m stuck!

  14. Melissa says:

    Gods, this pisses me off! This is partially why I became bulimic when I was NINE!

    I could scream. The pics do look altered, like the stuck normal model leg images on the teens.

    I hate the sexpot look as well. These girls probably havent even learned the joy of Aunt Flo yet and they are being made to look like fucking hookers.

    Definitely passing this along. thanks for the post, Mama. Keep us updated!

    -♥- Melissa

    • Brock Levine says:

      Well, anybody with a brain, knows purging isn’t the answer. Count the calories, exercise, and done. You’re clearly jealous, that you never achieved a body of this caliber. Sorry

  15. Sarah says:

    The model in the “Allure” advertisement was actually berated in the Brazilian press for having “fat” thighs a few years back. Can you believe it?

  16. Cathrine says:

    Hey MamaV,
    I liked the post – a lot. I agree on pretty much everything, too. But- I don’t like seeing posts with skinny young girls, whether they are anorexic or not. I am 15 yrs old, not anorexic. I instantly compare myself with the models, and I get terrified but at the same time curious what it’s like to be being that skinny. I don’t get an “aha-experience” seeing these pictures, all I get is: what should I do to look skinnier? I would like you to link the pictures at the end of the post, since I think a lot of girls including me find them disturbing. What do you think?


  17. Kitty says:

    I used to be a subscriber to Teen Vogue. I cried every time I got a new issue. After a while, I wouldn’t even bother to open them up. I finally got my mom to stop my subscription. I didn’t like the fashion anyway. They look like a bunch of starving 12 year old hookers that went to Lady Bunny’s yard sale -took some shoes, went to a yard sale- took some clothes, and then went to a nursing home and stole some old lady’s jewlery. I have no clue why i subscribed to that. I then subscribed to Gothic Beauty. Their clothes are beautiful and their models were the size of an average woman. Now with the scene look taking over goth culture (stating wit hthe Suicide Girls-compare old pics to new pics), people are now much, much too thin. Thus, Gothic Beauty models are now thin. In fact, the other day I saw on youtube a “Emo Boy Thinspiration” video. my friend was on the third pic in the slideshow. He’s miserable. I think you should do a blog on the connection between scene/emo and anorexia.

  18. Val says:

    I couldn’t find any email, therefore I give you here the link concerning the British Fashion Council to ban under-16 models : http://observer.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,,2121425,00.html
    …as an update to your video on the American Fashion Council, perhaps ! 😉

  19. Rhan says:

    Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that magazines with THOSE pictures are available for purchase. Is it any wonder our society is clogged up with creepy pedophiles? Dirty pedophiles would look at a lot of these pictures and most probably find it sexually arousing. Has anyone looked in a department store with kids clothing lately?

    The clothes that are being sold are primarliy miniatures of adult clothing. Teeny tiny bikinis for toddlers and young girls, mini (and I mean MINI) skirts for children of the same age, tight jeans, cropped tops. What the hell is the world coming to? Sure, some of the clothes may look kinda cute (daughter dressing up to match her mummy or big sister), but unfortunetly their are disgusting people who see this as sexually arousing. I know this is just a little off topic, but it is something that really makes my blood boil.

    My younger sister is 11 years old and quite chubby. She used to be such as happy friendly child, but in the last 2 years, she has become incrediably self-conscious of her body. While her little friends wear the ‘trendy’ clothes (which in my opinion are often skanky), she has to wear other clothes (which are more practical and suited to her age group, in my opinion). She is so shy now, she constantly asks about her size and how she looks, not mention talk about what “all the skinny girls wear”. And sadly, I’m not a good role model for her at all, as I have my own body-image issues I haven’t yet overcome.

    When I was young, I was a complete tomboy. I wore my basketball shorts all the time and plain t-shirts. If I needed to be dressed up, Mum would put me in a dress (that had sleeves, didn’t show any chest and was past my knees. Why can’t there be more clothes like this now? Are almost all the young girls now doomed to be slaves to fashion, in the process getting exploited and feeling ashamed about their bodies?

    Please, if anyone feels the same, say so. I don’t think I’m the only one who is outraged, but I’m not prepared to make any assumptions. Thanks to anyone who read my post!

    P.S Thank you MamaV for addressing all these pressing issues associated with the fashion world today.

    • Brock Levine says:

      You sound fat. This young lady is beyond perfect. If you looked half this good, then we need to talk. Nobody wants to be fat. Its unhealthy, ugly, depressing, and makes living a nuisance. No matter how young or old; people deserve to be happy and healthy. It sounds shallow, but the first thing that a guy is going to notice, is the body. They can’t see your personality, your intentions, your ambitions.

  20. Saiyne says:

    [And actresses who also spend their careers before the unforgiving camera, face similar demands. ]

    Fantastic. I’m an actress. Hmmpt.

  21. ZZZ!! says:

    She’s quite perfect!! very beautiful model… but she can be more thinner and taller in future… Diet Diet Diet!

  22. Josephinie says:

    I think they look sort of ugly. Clothes are supposed to hug you…or at least be worn.
    ‘Sexpot shoes’ Hilarious.

  23. Brock Levine says:

    I, personally, cannot stand the “curvy” or “big and beautiful. Fat is fat. Accept yourself or don’t. The girl in the pictures, above, is drop dead gorgeous. Just lose the weight. You can’t your shape beyond that. Everybody wants to be skinny, fit, and generally in shape. Please, stop making excuses to make yourself feel better. Unless you have a thyroid condition; you can drop the necessary ponds. Ask and decent white guy. If given the chance, they would take a banging body with a busted face, any day of the week. A fat girl with a nice smile; no sir. I’m not just some shallow jerk. Personality is just as important. If Jessica Alba was a major b*tch, then not interested. Please, ladies, lose the weight and be nice; any good guy would be happy. Thanks for reading.

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