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I received an email regarding an individual who claims to be an “Ana Trainer.” This could be hoax, it could be real. Let’s not take chances and get this out there.

Here is the message received:

There is an “ana trainer” named Brian who has apparently “trained” 1000’s of girls. He has brainwashed them, using financial and mental slavery tactics, has people going around to eating disorrder websites on recruiting drives for him, is known to get illicit photos from these girls no matter what age. At least one girl has commited suicide for him.

Here is his picture:


As a rule of thumb NEVER use your real name or give out your contact information.

Be aware that when you send email, your real name may be displayed to the recipient. You need to go into your email profile and remove your real name.

No one has any magical “tips & tricks” for you to be anorexic. Anorexia is a disease, and willing yourself to have it will only lead to self hatred and misery.

Protect your anonimity, think before you type and send messages to those you encounter on proana forums

Anyone who has further information on this person or others like him please let me know. If you have information that proves this is a hoax, please send that along as well. 

 Be careful online girls,


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  1. Nats says:

    yeah seen him about talking to people and he has spoken to me online too

  2. mamavision says:

    Hey Nats: I want to hear more about what this guy said, how he found you, etc. Please send me some details to my personal email, you have it.

  3. Jane says:

    Havent met this guy, but have had a different one talk to me… making the same claims. A bit worrying really….

  4. mamavision says:

    Hi Jane: Do you have this persons contact info? If yes, I will send you my personal email so you can send it to me privately.

    This is concerning isn’t it? Glad to hear you were tuned off by the approach, let’s see if we can shut these guys down…I fear many girls are desparate enough to try anything.


    • Anonymous says:

      i ve got the email of another anna trainer , he is jhon dahly , you can find him on facebook and on chat hour pro ana he is very persuasive and wanted me to send him emails , he made a girl get to 35 kg o 1.67 cm i hope this inf is useful for you his email i he gave it to me so i could contact him , he also told me he was an ana trainer because he was around the enviorment of modeling)

      • mamaV says:

        Thank you Anon — very helpful. Stalking him now….actually scratch that, what the hell, let’s post his photo and watch him freak.
        Good times,


        • Sara says:

          he contacted me too, but by a different email… said his name was jason. wants to be my “ana” trainer. i realize this is an old post but let me know if you know anything more about him!

      • sasha says:

        I talked to this Jason guy, personally. He quit ‘training’ me because I refused to be a mindless girl. He threatened to send the pictures of me around, but thankfully he didn’t. Someone needs to figure out who this guy is though. He’s manipulating girls who already are dealing with things, and it’s not safe…

  5. Melissa says:

    Grrr, I’m spreading the word now, Mama!

    This pisses me off so much! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr


  6. Alexa says:

    I have my “Pro Ana Trainer” in a website, i dont know if its him, he never sent me pictures.

    He started telling me that i’m pretty but i need to loose weight, then he gave me some tips and pills names…like all the people you can find in the pro ana forums.

    • mamaV says:

      Hi Alexa: This is different though, this is guys telling girls what they should do….not girls trying to support each other in their demented habits.

      Can you try to get the guys email address and HIS picture. We are going to have some fun here…posting their stuff here and watch some fireworks.

  7. Alexa says:

    i cant do this, i been binging all day, this is why i dont eat, because once it starts never ends!! can’t stop eating all kind of shit i see, cant think in nothing else…
    i just need control it again, this are the moments when i love ana so much, if afraid to be a fat whale!!!! i dont want mia back please, i dont know what to do…

  8. mama,
    i have been known to search out ‘tips and tricks’, and found one person that has posted several articles to help “become a better anorexic” …. i feel sort of like a tattle tale, but i have the email of the person that posts these articles, as well as URLs if you want them… i didnt really know how things go as far as posting information on this page. but, you can let me know through a comment, i guess, if you want..
    take care.
    and thanks again for your blog.
    you’re helping so many!

  9. Nats says:

    MamaV I have sent you email regarding all this

  10. Cath says:

    I don’t mean to be flippant about EDs *at all* (having only recently won a 15-year on-and-off battle with bulimia), but my first thought in reading the post and seeing the “trainer”‘s picture was: Really? Him? *That* guy? But everything about him screams “I’m a ridiculous dink!” He’s an overtanned faux thug throwing a sign that seems to read “A&P”!

    To any woman or girl who sees this guy, I urge you not to listen to or read a word he says and instead laugh at him as the universe clearly intends you to. Then if you can, take the joy from that laughter and give it back to yourself. Because you all deserve every bit of joy that life has to offer. And big thanks to mamaVISION for doing what she does.

  11. Nathalie says:

    I have to agree with Cath. When I saw the picture the first thing that came to mind was this has to be a joke. So called ana trainers are nothing new. Two years ago there was this psychotic girl from Texas that had a boot camp. She would belittle people and make her followers weigh in everyday, posting pics of themselves standing on the scale (had to show your face). The whole thing was sick but sadly she had a following.

    BTW going to change my name from Nat to Nathalie since I don’t want to get confused with Nats.

  12. Joey says:

    I agree with Cath and Nathalie. Looking at his picture i’d have thought he’d have more to be doing with his time!
    My expectation of an “ana trainer” is a girl in her early teens (and therefore is naive and will see it as a fad), or a sick old man – i have a friend who is in her 20s and has had severe eating disorder problems since her early teens after a male teacher preyed on her: he told her to starve, told her to cut, led her to believe no-one but him loved her, and was all set up to marry her at age 16 when she left school. Luckily she’s still fighting on years later, though there’s no justice – she’s been so sick and he’s walking around free – that kindof thing wasn’t illegal at that time.

  13. Lana/lani says:

    That’s creepy. I, thank God, have never met one of these “ana trainers”, but they sound very… manipulative. I just have to ask, why would anyone do that?

  14. Pixie says:

    Ugh – that’s disgusting. Secondly what exactly makes him certified to do that…. I’d like to give him a good kick in the balls.

  15. moqui says:

    Lana/lani people do it because they are desperate. I agree with Cath and Nathalie as well. This guy is obviously sick himself.

  16. Jane says:

    Mama V – Yes… I have an email address and also, if you want me to, I can send you a copy of some of the emails he sent also if you want?

    Just send me a mail and I’ll get right to it


  17. Jane says:

    sent you an email, sorry i couldnt be more helpful x

  18. Julie says:

    I talked to this guy and pretended to be interested to find out more, he was a complete psycho telling me to show no loyalty to my family and girls should start really young with worrying about being fat. And he thinks hes really smart and can “fix anyone” ugh what a weirdo!.

  19. Bea says:

    That is digusting. The site I’m on just posted a warning, thank you for this post. I can’t believe people trust him. You can’t be trained to have a mental disorder and no one should try. Grr. If I ever saw him I’d ring his neck…

  20. Bryanne says:

    You’d ring his neck, I’d stab him in the neck…

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  22. dreamer2452 says:

    i cant believe this guy. His picture has creep written all over him.thanks for the warning

  23. Avalanche says:

    I’ve a very good friend who can remove this guy from the internet should people wish me to.
    At least, I can ask.

  24. Found HIM! says:

    I have found whom you are referring, I can tell you that he lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is married with children. He is manipulative, completely controlling, and has absolutely no respect for women. I have seen his messages, and he has these accounts I’m aware of: ilng07 – yahoo messenger ,, ilng06 – yahoo messenger , and ilng (AIM). This guy is seriously messed and his name is Brian K.

  25. INFO ON ILNG06 ILNG07 aka "Brian ana trainer" says:

    Ok here is more information on this guy. He has evidently “gotten rid” of people that have tried to get information out. He is a very dangerous person, and there is at least one I’m aware of that is gone completely. His name is Brian Kelley of Lehi Utah, wife is Annette Kelley. If anyone needs any more detailed information on this guy post and I will either email you, or post….

  26. Lis says:

    I got an instant message from this guy. I didn’t give him any info, declined his assistance and that was it. It creeped me out. Just thought I would let you know. I am posting on any ana sites I can to watch out for him.

  27. K.M. says:

    I just recieved an IM from this guy in October. He told me that my body was disgusting. I knew this already though with all of the ANA/MIA forums I’m in. I thought he was for real from what he told me. So then we started talking on MSN for a while. I sent him body and face pics. I felt like such a dope! Especially not knowing at the moment what he could do with those pictures. I did this though after he told me that he has trained 1,000’s of girls and he knows all the tricks of the trades! Well, after a while, he started calling me degrading names and wanted me to get naked in front of a webcam for him. He would call me b*tch, fat @ss, worthless piece of sh*t, dumb, stupid, retarded, bipolar, etc. I was hurt, yet I kept answer his messages. Finally, I reported him and blocked him. I still have an urge to talk to him because I feel like he can make me skinny like he says he can. Since I had such a bad feeling, I wanted to see if there was such thing as an ‘ANA Trainer’. And when I saw his name at the top…. I was like…. NO WAY!!!!
    I’m SO glad that I found you! This puts my mind at ease that I’m not the only girl he has harrassed. I have just stopped this crap after 3 weeks…. even though the temptation is still there to talk with him.
    This guy is truly scary. I don’t even know how he got my AIM. He even hacked into my account and got my address. He threatens to send my Mum and boyfriend e-mails. I can’t even run down my own road now. I’m so scared he will be there. I have reported him and blocked him. He still tries to chat with me, but by not conversating back, I know that will piss him off and soon he will get the point.
    I have posted on my ANA/MIA site to be ware of this guy. I have been keeping everyone of my them updated as he does this crap as well.


  28. Naomi says:

    id just like to say that he is still adding people.
    he added me about 2 months ago.
    he helped me, even though you probably wouldnt see it as that.
    and then asked me if id kill myself for him.
    just please do something yeah, he freaks me out.

  29. annanymous says:

    I have talked to brian for several years off and on and he has so many email addresses and yes he is very very messed up. However, i do not believe he is from utah, as some have stated, he is from california. His name is Brian M. Kelly, not Brian Kelley. He has other email address through yahoo and hotmail with usernames of ilng95, ilng98, inlf06, ilng07, beachboy_sixpack, and beachboy_sixpack2004. Now he could have several other emails (obviously) but those are all the ones that i know of.

  30. annanymous says:

    Oh yes… ore info on Brian…he was living in the UK last year, but as far as i know he is back in california now. Like i said, I talkedto him for quite some time tryin to figure him out…he thought he had me brianwashed or something…he thought that he was playing me, but really i was playing him to try to find out more info on him so that i can report him to someone somewhere…he is just a very dangerous person for people who have self-worth issues…watch out all you young ladies…he is dangerouse…and he will constantly try to get money from you…ask you to send it over paypal and so on….it’s been hard to keep this guy talking to me for the last couple of years at times. over the last 2 years i probably have talked to him a total of 3 times and he gets angry most of the time. I don’t know if he will respond to me again, as the last time i talked to him he sent me a pic(he had sent me another one years ago…maybe in 2004?), and i “asked” him why his pics don’t quite look like the same person…trying to see what he would say. well…he basically said f’ you and hasn’t repsonded to me since. I just found this site by accident cause i am acutally looking to get in contact with him again so i can get some more information on him ie address and phone number. I had his number years ago, and i wish i would have saved it cause i’m sure it would help to report him somehow. Anyway ladies…again…can’t stress enough…he is dangerous and derranged. WATCH OUT FOR HIM!

  31. V. says:

    OMG this look like a freakin’ horror movie…
    I really dont think that’s him… he just look like a jerk but nothing more than that…

    Maybe he’s just a creepy old guy…
    Anyway, u just have to be seriously sick to do sth like that

    Thanks god i`m from Latin America and we dont have so many psicos as you do lol

    just be aware of strange ppl because internet is the perfect place to them.

    Mama V i always read u and u must know that u have a fan at the end of the world, far far away xD

  32. Just_Me says:

    I found out about him through one of my friends that have anorexia. I was wayy more desperate than I am now. He said his name was ‘Jason’ and that he lived in California. he said that most sexist things to me like ‘Females are good for only one thing. Being thin, dumb sex objects.’ At first I couldn’t believe what he was telling me and I was soo reluctant to talk to him but he said he took a girl from 150 to 86(this was all through txting,email,etc.) SO I kept talking to him. I told this girl that has anorexia about him. He asked her for a picture of her in her bra and panteis and said make sure you have your face in the picture! She did and since she had a tattoo he stopped ‘training’ her. Same thing with me but I was too ‘opinionated’, and with the girl that originally told me about him except she just wasn’t ‘commited’ enough cause she won’t stop smoking. This guy is bad news and gave us all different reason to stop talking to us RIGHT AFTER we sent him pictures in our bra and panties. so BE CAREFUL!!!

  33. Anaistodie for says:

    hey>>.i’m sorry but i just found this>>>i was stupid enough to talk to one of these guys>>>his name was Jason…he knows my first name only and has my phone nu,ber and my email i don’t use very often…i wanted to report ir to ploice or something but my onel ana buddy said not to becaseu she doesnt wnat me getting sent away to rehab for telling the truth….

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Anaistodie do you know Jason’s last name? I know a guy named Jason and I was curious if it is the same person you are referring to.

      • JennaREEDS says:

        his name is jason Dahly he lives in california and claims to be a “male model”i have his phone number as well

  34. servicos em vitoria es says:

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  36. Kay says:

    A guy named Tanner contacted me and told me he was an Ana trainer. His email is he claims he has worked with models much like this Brian guy. Tanner and I only talked for 3 days until I blocked him. He was terrifying and I knew my life was in danger. He told me that if he told me to kill myself, that I would do it. He didn’t ask me to do things he commanded. He made me refer to him as God and told me that he would make me an “anorexic slut” he told me I was disrespectful and should be “kissed with a fist” before I did something stupid again. This guy is manipulative, controlling and psycho. He wanted to get me to 60 lbs AT LEAST! Be careful ladies.

    • Scarletta says:

      Me too! He had me send him pictures of myself (bad decision), told me was worthless, and then dropped all communication.

  37. Undisclosed says:

    I know this scum bag he found me on model mayhem. I lost 20 pounds over 2 months of talking with him he made me do crazy things and brain washed me completely til a friend saved me. I left my marriage partly because of him. I even found photos I sent to him on porn sites. He is a racist psycho path who told me he was married with 4 kids. I lost a year of my life to this man please catch him. :(

  38. Undisclosed says:

    I just posted above I once sent him something in the mail he said was a friends address how can I contact you?

  39. Megan says:

    Kay, YES THE SAME PERSON CONTACTED ME! His name is tanner and he’s doing the same to me. He told me he trained 1,000s of girls and that he would would train me if i was “trainable”. I’m a pretty stubborn opinionated person and weve only talked for 2 days. He called me today on the phone and called me a fuck and a fat ass and told me to stand in front of the mirror and shake my fat. He asked me to send pics with my face too and yesterday he told me he was GOD and kept threatening to stop training me bc I was a bitch bc I wouldn’t have sex with anyone for aderall. He told me that if he wanted me to take it what would I do. He also told me the way he makes girls purge is by pretty much having sex in their mouth. It was really graphic. He calls me fatass worthless fuck up. All these names but then he turns around and is nice to me. Earlier i told him i was craving food and he told me that it was okay he would help me and even called me babe. Then told me later that day that I don’t make my own decisions anymore. It goes on and on but that’s the main point of it. What really creeped me out was when he told me i would have to do what ever those guys wanted me to do to get aderall bc I have no money. :/ GIRLS BE CAREFUL!

  40. Ananymous says:

    I have good news to report on this. After “training” with him for 3 weeks I received this email from him. “I know this may come as a shock to you but I need to email you and apologize to you. So many things in my life have changed me and I can’t train you or anyone else any longer. I am sorry I made you feel fat and worthless because you aren’t and being Ana will not make you happy. Please do everything you can to recover and know that I was wrong and I am very sorry for hurting you and others. I was wrong to be an Ana trainer and I wish I could apologize to all of them along with you. Be happy with who you are and please eat and be healthy. I will no longer contact you or anyone else about being Ana, it was wrong and I am sorry, I am done with training. Please recover and know you are worth it. Good bye, and again I am sorry.”
    I know I feel better! And I am going to try to recover.

  41. Habs says:

    Just for a little background: I am recovering from an eating disorder. Latley I’ve been struggling a lot. I was in therapy the other day and we were talking about things from the past. In 11 grade I found “Justin the Ana Trainer”. My ana buddy told me about him. I let him basically control me for a month. He told me what to wear, what I ate during the day, who I could see, where I could go etc. I had to send him videos of my purges so he could critic it and pictures ( never naked thank god) at the time I was too set on been thin that I couldn’t see past his bullshit. Not until I came upon this site did I realize he was a fake and his intentions were wrong. I thought he was a pro. He always bragged about his other girls who actually live in his area. He said I need to move by him so he could keep me in shape.
    He helped me ruin my life. I am very ashamed for what I did. I don’t want any other person objected to that.
    I know I don’t know any of you but I know for fact You are all beautiful in every way. You are wanted in this world. It’s hard I know but it’s fucking true! If I read this a year ago I would have told myself “that person is fn crazy” whoever reads this might say that but I hope at least one of you connects with this and work towards recovering. And for those who thinks this is stupid and continues with acting on behaviors, I know how you feel and I don’t blame you. I hope one day you will begin to see your beauty and importance in this world. I would be more than willing to meet you and tell your negative thoughts they’re wrong. You’re never alone remember someone loves you

  42. Habs says:

    I just read more of the comments and Im pretty sure it was the same guy. He lived in California. And it was during 2012 summer time.

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