The beloved Nichole Richie

Nicole Richie is THE pro-anorexia idol. Her anorexic frame graces more thinspiration pages then I care to count, so I thought I should understand a bit about the person behind the fame.

I happened to read a Vanity Fair article about her over the weekend. What a sad little girl. During her short life, she was bounced from home to home, and learned to be a con-artist in the process. She was a heroin addict when the opportunity to star in A Simple Life came her way. She cleaned herself up, only to drop to an alarmingly thin weight (perhaps to snag some attention from her co-host Paris Hilton).

So why all the fuss about Nicole? I will say she has a cool sense of style, and her petite look is attractive. However, every picture of her I see only loneliness and despair. She admits outright she doesn’t want to be a role model, nor is she equipped to be one at this point in her twenty-something life, but yet she is one whether she likes it or not.

When you look at her, do you really admire her? Or is it her anorexic body you admire?


Picture courtesy of Francas

I look at this picture, and I see fear, and a little girl wanting to be someone else. What do you see?


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30 Responses to The beloved Nichole Richie

  1. Sarah says:

    I think it may be the fact that she used to be quite chubby and then she lost all that weight. she is a pro-ana rolemodel. she was fat (i.e chubby), now she`s thin. if she can do it, so can we.

    personally I don`t like nicole richie, but I`m not into any of the thinspo stuff in general. looking at models and anorectic girls don`t inspire me to starve myself. the mental DISORDER that is anorexia, does that for me.

  2. I don’t admire her at all, but sometimes to admire her anorexic body. I won’t say what I think she looks like in this picture because I don’t want to get people fired up, but yes, I like the thinness, but she doesn’t look like a happy girl.

  3. Lee says:

    I love Nicole Richie. I think she is inspirational. A great role model.
    She is not perfect in the least but i see a girl that trys the hardest.

    She was abandoned by her bio parents. Her adopted parents then divorced. She freaked out and got into drugs. Addicted to Heroine at 19 BUT
    how many regular girls from balanced homes have the following in her resume?

    Accomplished Musician:
    Plays Piano, Violin and Cello
    Competitive Ice Skater.
    Attended University of Arizona
    Published Author.

    I still can’t figure out how she was on cocaine and heroine and managed to not only graduate high school with honors[Confirmed check the website of her high school] but attend college for 2 years. Then she finally went to rehab.

  4. Emily says:

    Well i see her as thin, well so does everyone right?

    Everyone thinks that she is happy inside because she is famous but that couldent be as far as way from the truth as it is, inside she is like us that’s why we admire her.

    I do admit that i would love to have her body and good look and determation, but girls we have got to get all of this thinspo stuff out of our heads and start admiring our own body’s and get it into our heads that curves are good and being a anorexic is not good for us, i no it is going to be hard for us all including me but we are going to have to as part of getting better. we can all do this, u guys are all so strong keep at it and i promice u that things will get better.

    who with me?

    much love
    Emily XxX

  5. fracas says:

    Lee.. and those are all things she deserves to be a role model for… her accomplishments. The fact that she is a role model for her appearance though, is one of the things about society that we need to change.

    How awful that instead of being heralded for all those really great things that have to do with her intelligence and determination, she is held up on a pedestal by so many because she is emaciated. That sends a message that no matter what a person does, all that matters is their their size.

    Until I read your comment, I’d never heard any of that… but I’ve heard tons about her size, her appearance, her partying, etc.

    We need to change that so that other girls will see her and see “determination to learn the piano, violin, cello, ice-skating, etc.” instead of see her and see “determination to not eat”.

    And mama… I saw the same thing in the picture. Sad, lonely, etc. Perhaps it’s the mom thing?

  6. Laura. says:

    I like Nicole Richie, to a pont. I know what you mean, about the loneliness and despair and she is so little. She does look anorexic. Like, extremely. My mom is madly in love with her dad. I wish stars like that, the ones who need help, got it. It’s like the fame takes them over and all everyone cares about is her fame, not the person in the body. I hope I am making sense, I don’t always do. I wish she could get the help she needs. I wish she had someone like you mamaV. Maybe she does, who am I to say she doesn’t. But, it doesn’t seem so. ♥.

    Peace. Hope. Love.,

  7. Gabi says:

    i wont deny it, but nicole richie is completly my thinspiration. im obssessed with her. i cut out all pictures of her and loooong so much to be like her. even though my eyes see he bone potruding body, my head doesnt reguister that. it reagisters how beautiful, amazing (cos of all her accomplishments while doped up on coke and herion) and she is just perfect. which is what i wanna be…i cant even get any accomplishments in mhy life and thats without the drugs. so my head registers that if she can do it, why not me?! i will accomplish something properly even if that accomplishment kills me…pathetic i know. but i hope more than anythng she accomplishes inner happiness. she deserves it.

    much love all xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Shannon says:

    When I see this pick of Nicole I see FAT! Her stomach is huge

  9. Jane says:

    I used to think that Nicole Richie was the most perfect human in this universe… she was who I strived to be. Honestly, this is the first time I have looked at her picture and not thought, “Oh my God, I’m not going to eat until I weigh 100lbs”. I looked at her photo and wanted to cry, I see a girl who needs help, a child who wants to be loved, and someone who is hurting inside.

    I think that everyone (at least in the pro-ana world) admires her and looks up to her for her body; if she was 250lbs noone would want to be like her, right? What is really sad is that is how we look at most people… what do they weigh… how do they look… okay, that’s a great person.

    It’s good that she admits that she isn’t perfect, and that she doesn’t want to be a role model. It’s just a shame she is still perceived in that way.

    Jane x x x

  10. tulip says:

    Fracas has already expressed much of what I wanted to say, but I will add this:

    I know many talented, accomplished young and older women from both balanced and dysfunctional homes who have these types of accomplishments and more on their resumes. And they’re not starving and torturing their bodies. They’re not perfect either, but they contribute wonderful things to the world as CEOs, lawyers, nurses, teachers, artists, writers, Ph.D.s etc. etc. There are many inspirational people all around you, if you look for them.

    And yet we don’t hear about them or see their pictures in the papers and magazines, because they’re not “edgy” celebs, and they’re not putting on a hunger show that gets the attention of a jaded, thrill-seeking entertainment media that perpetuates unhealthy ideas and images of what is acceptable. I’m glad you know of Nicole’s accomplishments, but her fame is not based on them. No, she gets media exposure for one thing alone: her weight loss.

    And that? is SAD.

  11. Kala says:

    Quite some time ago you asked me on this page — — if you could use some of those quotes. The answer is yes… they’re publically available in a lot of places, so I see no reason why not.

  12. Joey says:

    There’s all this debate about whether she is anorexic or not too. She looks anorexic here – the falling-out hair, her size, her anemic-lips, the bloated-up stomach. Though i wonder if it’s drugs causing the massive weightloss.
    I don’t look up to her at all. She’s done nothing worthwhile for all the attention and fame she’s getting (and don’t get me started on Paris Hilton…!!!), and she’s definitely far from being a role-model. I expect she’s intentionally hogging the headlines at the moment.
    The words “poor little rich girl” spring to mind.

    Maybe i’m mean.

  13. Nat says:

    Guess I just don’t see the fear. I see a woman who wants to wear designer clothing for free, been partying too much and seeks out attention anyway possible. I did not know she actually had accomplished anything until I saw Lee’s comment.

    Personally I do not admire her and never knew who she was until visiting pro-ana sites. Don’t have a television here and don’t keep up with the celeb world.

  14. Gabi says:

    jane, i agree partly with yur saying…true most girls wouldnt look up to her if she was 250lbs. not all girls though. i been looking up to her since season one of te simplelife…i knew she had just came out of rehab and stuff nd my bulimia was already full force byt then, but i loved all the same…just even more when she lost weight. hope your all well xxxxxxxxx

  15. Christy says:

    I also do not understand why she has become such a celebrity and personally do not admire or uphold her in any way. I do feel sorry for her though. She doesn’t seem like a happy person and perhaps that’s why she’s acted out in the past by abusing drugs and now by controlling her weight. She seems lost.

  16. vachon says:

    NR doesn’t do anything for me at all and never has. My “weakness” is fashion shoots. I see stunning models in wild clothes I could never wear and I double down on my determination to tweak my food again. In my fantasy thinking, I see myself at 6’2 and prancing around like a Victoria’s Secret model. Ha! In r/l, I’m 5’3 and plain Jane.

    Would I trade happiness for fame and money? Absolutely.

  17. shell says:

    i quite dislike nicoles look, i appreciated her at a fairly average frame (see late ’04) but i cant find it in me to necessarily ‘bash’ her so-to-speak. shes been through a lot for her age, its obvious she has a ‘void’ shes attempting to fill and i know that sounds oh-so-typical, but i could only imagine living in foster homes throughout my childhood then getting thrown into a wealthy family…money isnt equivalent to happiness. its saddening

  18. Iron says:

    For me, Nicole is no true thinspo
    Look at the pic, her body isn’t (I’m not sure of the appropriate english word) firm enough.
    But I understand what you’re trying to say, as a person there’s nothing of Nic I would possible want (except her fame and body)

  19. jess says:

    To all of you who dont like Nicole.
    She never wanted to be admired, looked up to, a role model or whatever people think. she’s a normal girl like me or you. she is only striving for inner happiness and security. i admire her for her change in friends and dealing with that, for gaining strength against the harsh tabliods and kicking heroin. yes, she was addicted but did the whole world no about it at the time like Lindsay Lohan today? NO. she also kicked the habit, but ask yourself do you no any one addicted to drugs? ask yourself: how hard it is when no one understands, how hard it is to kick the habbit let alone having the whole world judge your every move and mistake,if your that deep into drugs your partying hard which let alone is hard to let go of the culture of being who she is and impressing her friends and keeping up with them,Her name is enough to cope with and hiding everything from people who are supose to be your friends..(entourage, can you trust anyone?). i say good on nicole for being the person she is today! she has a wicked style and is doing her own thing not follwing fellow Paris hilton lindsay lohan. Nicole is human and we humans make mistakes and learn from them, maybe if we (the society) stoped judging Nicole so much she would get better because at the end of the day we could be adding to her grief of living and thats why she has taken drugs. we do not no her, we dont no whats going on inside her mind or body so we cant say there is nothing and to stay strong because if everyone whos going through things sticks together, we can all make it.

  20. I just saw this picture on the cover of a magazine…. US Weekly, or InTouch, or one of those types that are full of the gossip and “celebrity news”.
    and the Headline is “Baby News”.
    there’s an arrow pointing to her stomach…and it says something like, “is Nicole Pregnant?”
    Seeing that made me so angry.
    i havent gathered all of my thoughts on it, so i dont really know how to explain how it made me feel, but i thought i’d share that bit of information.
    and how upset and bothered i am by it, that this is the kind of world we live in.
    when she’s all skin and bones, she’s too thin. and the second she seems to gain a lil… She must be pregnant?
    i can only imagine what this will do to Nicole’s frame of mind. i’d be devastated if i were here…
    i doubt she pays attention to it though…
    anyway. done rambling.
    i still love Nicole.

  21. Maren says:

    I like Nicole Richie and I’ve always seen her as an inspiration, but I know, I don’t want to be her.
    As skinny she is, as much as I see her bones between her breasts, if I was her, I wouldn’t be happy, because there was still fat at the arms or on the stomach which would make me want to get thinner…

    I know, she’s too thin! I only tell what I would think if I was in her body, so I see, I would never be happy…

  22. Mary says:

    I just have to say one thing…while you all are sitting around, loathing yourselfs, I am enjoying this candybar. OH’ and I will really enjoy the mexican meal I will be having for lunch with my friends tomorrow.
    I understand the addition. The desire. The need. However I love myself more than any of that other stuff. How can I be a successful mother, and hate myself?
    NO thanks!

  23. leah says:

    i love nicole richie. she is my thinspiration. she’s absolutely beautiful. although some people think she may be too skinny she is perfect. I wish. i will be.

  24. PrincessAmie says:

    this is completely off topic, but i just have to say it…

    i dont understand why people would come on to a site about eating disorders and just be nasty… mary this is directed at you for your candybar comment…. whats the point of coming on to a site and saying something like that… we are trying… its like going on to a site for people who suffer from say… obsessive compulsive eating and telling them just to stop eating…. like its just nasty and cruel! Im glad you love yourself enough to not do this to yourself, but thats the problem, not many girls have the self-esteem, confidence and love for themselves to do that… why be so nasty… we are human too, we have our problems… but we arent our problems….

  25. PrincessAmie says:

    well just to let you know, if you havent already heard…. ‘our beloved nicole richie’ is pregrant… and is looking at doing time for being arrested driving under the influence of drugs…

  26. Amber says:

    I’m a tad sick of everyone saying shes pregnant, if she so thin, isn’t she sterial? Her monthly must have quit on her! Plue, if she really ana, then not eatig for so long causes the stomich to expand, like in parts of Africia with the starving babys. I’m using commen scence, like i said, could be wroung, unless she admits I’m not convinced. Poportizi lies, lies, and lies some more. Even they admit she hasn’t admited. If she was threatened with jail wouldn’t she anounce it to play the pitty?

  27. Amber says:

    Oh, i left this out. Being so short, so deprived, all the food she must consume is directd to turn to fat, as she said on the Tyra Banks show, “5lbs looks like alot on me becaus I’m so petite”, maybe this bloated stomich is just weight gain, looks a tad like her old photos except a no chest. Also, her ana is the sorce of the media flying around I think. Calling her fat before must of tramatised her, getting thin, SUCCESS, thinner, WOO HOO, to thin? EXCATELY! anas have a secret language aboutnthis kind of thing…. Again, I’m not saying I know for sure, please don’t curse at me.

  28. Sally says:


    and yes she is my idol. and to alot of other people too!

  29. Sally says:


  30. Chang says:

    Would this site be considered “thinspo”?
    (NSFW contains nudity)

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