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It ain't pretty.

In the last post Be A Troll, I challenged parents to go to Pro Anorexia web sites and surf around. In the same post, I asked those of you that visit these sites to post your reasons for doing so, … Continue reading

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Be a Troll

I posted an ad last week that has sparked quite a bit of controversy called “Make Your Daughter Anorexic.” This enlightening post gave me an idea, let’s call it the Pro Ana Troll Experiment. My goal here is to encourage parents, adults, and … Continue reading

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Doctors orders: GROW UP

What are you to do when your doctors orders are: GROW UP. True story. Here goes: I’ve had chronic neck pain & headaches for 11 years. Got an MRI at my mother’s urging, and discovered what could possibly be the physical source of my … Continue reading

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ProAna Challenge: What did we learn?

  We started the ProAna challenge back on May 24th. As “30 day challenge” comes to a close, what have we learned? When I think back to all the posts going back and forth between the most active participants, I am left with … Continue reading

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Teeny Vogue

Teeny Vogue drew outrage a few weeks back, and a regular reader Lani sent me the following message.  I wrote to Vogue immediately. They were obviously scared and very concerned, since they didn’t respond whatsoever. So, let’s have some fun and … Continue reading

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Ana Trainer

I received an email regarding an individual who claims to be an “Ana Trainer.” This could be hoax, it could be real. Let’s not take chances and get this out there. Here is the message received: There is an “ana … Continue reading

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Fainting Dieters Cause NY Subway Delays

No lie. An average of 395 dieters that faint on the NYC subway every MONTH, according to the Associated Press. Are American’s completely out of their minds? You mean to tell me that starvation is so prevalent in this country … Continue reading

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ProAna Challenge: Week 3…a little help from a friend

Hi Girls! We are at week 3 of the pro ana challenge. I logged on to post a quick note before we head into the weekend (I am off tomorrow and headed up north with my family). Much to my … Continue reading

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Supermodel on the outside. On the inside ugly pig.

    Don’t Die For A Diet.

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Make your daughter anorexic.

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ProAna Challenge….two weeks down.

I am stranded at LaGuardia, waiting to catch my midnight flight. Towers went down around 4pm, bringing all NY airports to a screeching halt. So here I sit thinking about you girls. I’ve seen comments come through over the past … Continue reading

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The beloved Nichole Richie

Nicole Richie is THE pro-anorexia idol. Her anorexic frame graces more thinspiration pages then I care to count, so I thought I should understand a bit about the person behind the fame. I happened to read a Vanity Fair article about her over … Continue reading

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ProAna Challenge: Week 1

Ok, girls time to check in.  There’s 98 posts on the ProAna Challenge post, I read the majority, but not sure all followed status on everyone, so please post your update. First, a few thoughts: 1 There is no failure … Continue reading

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The Dreaded Swimsuit

The dreaded swimsuit season has arrived. For years, you wouldn’t catch me dead strutting around in my suit because I saw myself as fat, even though I was a toothpick (the modeling industry does a great job brainwashing skinny girls … Continue reading

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