The Secret

Oprah lives by it.  Millions are reading it. Have you heard “The Secret?”


I’ll save you some cash and tell you the big secret…positive thinking.

Author Rhonda Byrnes did a great job repackaging this concept, marketing genius is all it is, and American’s lapped it up in our desparate quest for happiness.

Here’s the concept:

If you think positive, you will be positive.

What you give, you’ll get back.

Smile, its contagious.

New? Hardly.

Hard to live by? Depends.

I do think this concept is especially important for eating disorder sufferers.

The mind is a powerful tool, fill it with self doubt, body hate, and your life will undoubtedly shrink down to a world of misery, and obsession with food.

Do I think eating disorders can be cured by positive thinking? Not a chance. But I do believe that it can help. Positive thoughts can lead towards a path of change, it can send you in new directions, and it may even land you in therapy where you belong.


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6 Responses to The Secret

  1. Laura. says:

    My aunt bought that DVD for all of us. I have yet to watch it so. I have heard that it was complete bullshit and then I have heard that it was amazing.

    I wonder…!!! Hmm…!!!

    Peace. Hope. Love.,

  2. vachon says:

    Positive regard for myself is changing a whole lot these these days. I have recently lost around 70 pounds. I am very good at losing weight and gaining it all back and then some. I now weight 132 at 5’3 and 52 years old. Yesterday I went to the doctor and she was very alarmed that I had lost another 10 pounds in 4 months. She was supportive of the weight loss, now she’s alarmed. I lied to her when she asked me if I was intentionally trying to lose more. I said no and it was the first time I had ever lied to her. The truth is, the more weight I lose, the more I want to lose. Tonight I found myself thinking about ways to tweak my eating down even more than it already is, and thinking of more lies to tell the doctor.

    Positive regard for one’s self is the first step in body acceptance, and even then it can be misused (“I love myself when I’m very thin”). I think thinking positively is important, but being thought of in a positive manner, especially about weight and by society is a whole ‘nuther ball game. If Oprah can use this positive thinking issue as a springboard to move from the self to our society, that would make the whole concept more relevant than ever.

  3. Joey says:

    Coincidentally (or not!) one of my friends from livejournal has just read this book and claims it has changed her life for the better, especially in regards to her ED:

    “im telling you – THREE DAYS, and i am a totally different person” “read the book, its only $30 or so, and it will change your life” “EVERYONE who might read this – please buy this book.” “I have not felt this amazing in months, i am so grateful for everything in life that i DO have, that i have had the epihany, i have had the realisation i was waiting for”.

  4. Melissa says:

    Wow, Joey, that’s amazing!

    I bet you are super proud of her, huh? =)

  5. Jane says:

    I don’t think that I could ever be enlightened by a book – excluding the holy Quran – simply because I find it so hard to trust what other people say. I mean, I still find myself questioning MamaV just because I know that she is another human being (not meant in a negative way MamaV, I do listen and do trust you, but I have to question because I find it so impossible to believe that things could ever be as good as you say – love you though!) I think that it is in human nature to be somewhat pessemistic *sp?* and to be doubtful… of course there is some truth in the statements made, but they are so embedded in nonsense that it is hard to find the truth.

    I’m not sure if I’m making very much sense right now, basically I think that common sense and religion will take you further than any book….

    Joey – I agree with Melissa, you must be proud of her!!

    Vachon – I’m so sorry to hear that you are also struggling with disordered eating, it always hurts to know that yet another person has found these disorders. Maybe it would be a good idea to come clean now… before you get to that point where you aren’t just thinking of ways to lie to the doctor, but actually are lying. Am glad you found MamaV though, her words are inspiring ;o)

    Jane x

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