Pro Ana Privacy

I was recently interviewed by the Toronto Star regarding my viewpoint the ProAnorexia movement and web community. 

When I stated I encourage and educate parents on how to check the history of their childrens computer activity, I was asked about privacy.


When it comes to Proanorexia, there is no privacy. I will stop at nothing to expose you and I don’t look back. We are dealing with life and death here.

Girls from all over the world reach out to me for help,  I am not an eating disorder expert or authority. No one else is listening. Why has this blog become a gathering place for those who are suffering?

It kills me to hear from 15 year old girls who think their lives are “over” because they hate their bodies, themselves, and have no where to turn.


It appalls me to hear stories from anorexics being told by doctors to “go home and eat a bagel,” after landing themselves in the hospital for malnutrition.

I am stunned when I hear the desperate cries from girls who have already gone to their mom for help, revealed their disordered eating habits, only to be patted on the head and told “Honey, you’ll get over it.”

I will ring the neck of the next mother who blatantly wines about her own body image to her girlfriends, totally oblivious to the fact that their 8 year old daughter is clinging to her every word in the next room. 

Our girls post their skeletal frames on proana sites, yet they are outraged when their images are re-posted elsewhere for all to see. “You have no right!” they pout, and shout, and stomp. I pay no mind, intentions are good.


I am sick of death.

I am sick of my heart racing when I check my email for update on a blog friend who collapsed, yet again, while innocently playing softball, her organs destroyed by years of purging and starvation.

I am dumbfounded when parents sit and watch their 90 pound daughter read Teen Vogue and don’t put 2 & 2 together. 

I am sick of smart ass girls who make avatars featuring their beloved Nicole pasted with pathetic statements “bones are beautiful”


I am sick of arrogant fashion designers snubbing their noses at the anorexia epidemic while they obsessively stitch together their size zero collection for the next show.

I am sick of models who say “I was born this way” when they know damn well that nearly everyone of their model friends are starving or purging.

I can’t watch this kind of world go round, and stay silent.

So, to the question of privacy?

Here goes:















Ahhhh. Ok, got that out. I feel better.

Have a good one,



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213 Responses to Pro Ana Privacy

  1. Alison says:

    Can you give us a link to the article?

  2. Sandy says:

    Another great post. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Do you have a URL for your interview with the Toronto paper??

  3. Lana says:

    You are awsome! I hate the pro ana kids, especially the ones who are trying to learn how to be anorexic, and think that it’s some sort of trendy diet that will help them loose ten pounds for prom. They don’t realize that it’s a deadly deasease (I spelt that wrong) and they don’t realize that real eating disordered people hate themselves with passion. They try to change how they feel about themselves through how they look. Even the ones who know it won’t work hold onto it with some sort of hope that somehow the eating disorder make it all better,

    Rant over.

  4. Gabi says:

    mamaV, this page was…well i dont know ho to put it exactly but whateve it is i know it pains me. i sit here after a binge, torn between whether i should or not purge. the physical pain i hav in my stomah right is unreal and only relieved through purging. but my body is so physically weak i cant bring(and this would be the first time ever) myself to purge. i look at the pictures and i am jelous…how sick is that? like i said in another post i seem to have chosen death. I cannot win this. I know if the purging stops althogether i will starve myself which i do during the day anyway until my night time binge. but also like i said in the other post, waht you do is amazing, and any person looking at this should be horrified! keep up the work…cos so man people ar starting to notice!!

    love gabi xxxx

  5. Melissa says:

    You go Mama! If they are posting their images and pictures on public forums than they are up for grabs. You have every right to repost them yourself. They should be MORE embarressed about the fact that they are the bad example that you are trying to show people. They are the lowest of the low when it comes to eating disorders. Mere puffs of life left in them.

    I think it is incredible how many people you are helping just through the use of this blog. Like Hillary, Jane, and now Gabi. There are others but these are all I could think of right off the top of my head.

    To Gabi: I used to be bulimic. I was nine when it started, and thank the gods it didn’t last more than a year. But I still understand the pain and to hurt. I hated walking past pretty girls, I hated going out to dinner with my family, most especially because of the way they looked at me when I came back from the bathroom.

    There is hope for you, I promise. You don’t have to live a life of suffering. If you ever want to talk to me my email is or you can hit me up on Myspace /destiny_falls ♥

  6. Lo says:

    What’s sad is that I recognized some of those girls and know what sites they came from. :-(

    And yes, you do have every right to post them as you wish. They made the decision to exploit themselves as soon as they clicked “submit photo”.

  7. mamavision says:

    Hi Allson and Sandy: THe article is to be published on the 22nd I believe. It will be online as well, so keep an eye out for it. I just finished speaking with the reporter when I wrote this. I had to get it out because I never really thought about privacy in the way the question was asked.

    The reporter was really inquiring about how I feel about privacy as it pertains to telling parents to check their children’s web history. In a way this is like reading their diary I thought, which is something I never imagined myself doing. But then I thought, if my daughter looked sick, if she refused to talk to me, and my mother’s intuition was telling me she had an eating disorder- I would check her email, her web history, and her diary. Isn’t this my job as a parent?

    This is a hard one, but I look at it this way. What if something happened to my precious child? I would never, ever forgive myself. With that said, I want parents to wake up and see what’s going on and push them- HARD, to pay attention.

    If I hurt a few feelings in the proces, so be it.

    Love to all,

  8. Melissa says:

    Lo, “exploit” is the perfect word for what they are doing to themselves and their idols. I was trying to think of it in my own comment. x3

  9. Melissa says:

    Mama- that most definitely IS your job as a parent. And say you had made your own profile on one of those pages (for whatever reason) and wandered across someone you know’s profile. That’s isn’t invasion of privacy. That’s pretty much the same as checking web history.

    The email bit I have to disagree with though. Private messages between two people are not available to the public because they are just that- PRIVATE messages.

    But I’ve snooped through plenty of ex’s emails and things like that, so I don’t say it’s the wrong thing to do, I just say it’s invasion of privacy. xD

    Feelings can be mended, emotional situations can be resolved. Being fed through a tube in your nose is a bit more permanant. You hurting a few feelings to get the message across is great. That’s what I love about you! ♥

    Love Always,

  10. Mel says:

    on the privacy issue I think we’ll have to agree to disagree.
    Just because these girls are exploiting themselves doesn’t mean one should feel free to exploit them; especially when often one’s own arguements are generally that exploiting a certain gender and a certain body type for profit is bad. The really is NO difference no matter what the intentions: the problem/method is the same.

  11. Joey says:

    This entry dissapoints me deeply.

    I agree with you about everything you say about the media and our society, but you picking on proanorexia sites is a bit off for a number of reasons…

    I explained to you how thinspiration works – a girl collecting pictures will use whatever she finds – healthy-thin girls, people who are dead, etc included. Barely ever does someone post specifically to be used as thinspiration, and if they did then it would be acceptable for you to repost saying so. Most girls will post pictures of themselves for validation from other anorexics that they’re okay, that they really aren’t fat like they think. When i’m intentionally gaining weight as part of a recovery attempt i NEED the constant support from others telling me that i’m imagining the fat i see. Girls posting pictures of themselves need to know that their pictures can end up anywhere, and the message is being spread. I knew that, and i’ve seen my pictures come up in bizarre places, but i don’t care.

    There is an understanding in the pro-ana world that if someone doesn’t want their pictures posted as thinspo, or is recovering or is dead, the person posting them must take them down. Therefore in many ways you should abide by that too (though i don’t know if your flickr account still has comments raging – i can’t access it to see).

    As for avatars and all the pro-ana stuff, remember that those girls are JUST AS sick as Gil. They’re no different. They’re just dealing with their eating disorder in a different way – forms of denial. They KNOW their eating disorder is bad in so many ways, yet they’re fooling themselves to cope, until the day that they’re ready to sort themselves out.

    You’ve been given the opportunity to give your opinions, suggestions for change and aid to livejournal proanorexia, so I think it’s a bit hypocritical that you’re complaining about it when you’ve been offered the chance to help change things.

  12. mamavision says:

    Hi Joey: Before I read your message, I was checking my personal mail in which I had updates on two girls, both regulars to my blog, before they collapsed and ended up in ICU.

    This situation is desparate. The reasoning behind “why” a girl is posting her image on a proana site is irrelevant. They all need help, and if being exposed pushes them one inch to think about what they are doing, cry out for help, lash out at me here….then I am instigating change and that is my goal.

    I am not a part of the ProAna community, nor have I ever been, therefore please do not impose upon me the expectation that I will or should follow your written or unwritten “rules.”

    In terms of being hypocritical, I am not sure I understand so I will need you to clarify.

    First you say “I have been given the opportunity.” By whom? This is an independent blog that I created, and build each and every day from my HEART.

    You also say “I have been offered the chance to help.” By whom? Your group has not brought or created this forum ….they instead stumble upon me through word of mouth or more often because they are searching for a ProAna site to sink their miseries into, After a visit here, my hope is they will start thinking for themselves, analyzing their behaviors, and stop the deadly path of destruction they are on.

    I ask that you do no associate me with Live Journal ProAna or any ProAna forum because I want it to remain perfectly clear I am in no way part of or in agreement with any of the user activities that go on there.

    In terms of “complaining” the commentary above is written in jest. I am stating that I am exhausted and overwelmed and saddened…..I am allowed to express this, arent’ I?

    Bottomline Joey, we have a community of girls that are depressed, mentally ill, and dieing. We both know that. We both have our ways to try to help. I respect your approach so I ask that you do the same.

    Still love ya :)

  13. Christy says:

    Hi mamaV,

    You know, since I stumbled upon your site a few days ago, I’ve read many of your blogs and watched your videos. I’ve said this in another comment on this site, but I am so grateful to you for offering hope and encouragement to people like me who feel so lost and alone. It is quite refreshing. And, you’ve also gotten me thinking about my own involvement on proana sites. I joined in search of people who could understand and not judge, and that I did find, but it certainly has not helped me improve my situation. I didn’t know where to go or what to do. Coming here though, has been inspiring and uplifting and serves as a nice alternative. Thanks again!

  14. I look at some (not all) of those pictures, and wish I was that thin. I know it’s irrational. But it’s how I feel and think. Its so hard, I always read your blog.. I feel so encouraging to others.. like oh yea you can do it stay strong, recovery is possible.. yet … at the same time I’m sitting here still just torn between recovery and not. I almost feel like it’s not even worth it anymore to try. Everytime I try it’s months or sometimes even weeks later and I’m back where I started. Why try? How could I pick thin over healthy? I don’t understand.

  15. Ale.ana.em says:

    This is why no one should post their Pics. If you want privacy don’t expose yourself.
    This is why i keep my pictures for me. I know this is sick, and its wrong… but i really need to be perfect…i have to.

  16. Melissa says:

    Hey Mama-

    Just letting you know how many people’s lives you are affecting. =) This is a message that my friend sent me on MYspace in response to me posting bulletins about your blog posts:

    Hey Melissa. So, I think it’s really cool how you keep posting videos and stuff. I checked out the MamaV thing and I really like it. It’s seriously just…depressing how many girls think they need to be thin to be beautiful. :) So, thanks for posting all of it…now I’m like…reading and watching everything. Silly anorexic friends…:( they make me sad.

    People keep reposting my bulletins and the word keeps spreading faster. You are an amazing person and I’m so glad that I wandered across your page one day! ♥

    Faithful Reader,
    -♥- Melissa

  17. Hagar says:

    em i left a few comments a while back buti didnn’t get any reply from you =
    im xxcoolletxx2 at youtube
    i rly like your opinions because when i told my parents about my way of eating or not eating, they just told me that it’s a phase, it will go away eventually, that i don’t have a disorder, that im fine, that im healthy and pretty, that sometimes they feel bad about themselves too (my dad is overweight and my mum recently lost 20 kilos because she was overweight too).
    the thing is, even after i tell them that im hubgry because i haven’t eaten in 21 hours, they say, oh we’ll make you breakfast. they don’t understand what im going through =
    about your blog- i love it and it’s very straightforward and informative =]
    bye bye

  18. Iron says:

    Well, I love watching all your movies @ Youtube, and I know that you’re totaly right most of the time. My mother busted me vomitting in april. Since then my life got even worse.
    I can’t explain, but I don’t want to be sick, but I also don’t want to be fat. I can’t bear the thoughts that something is digesting in me. I love my parents but I need ana to guide me… I hope you’ll understand..

    (Sorry for my bad english, I’m not english :$)

  19. Jane says:

    Hia MamaV :o)

    This is a fantastic post! I’m sorry to those who disagree, but I understand what has been said… if someone read my emails or diary, I’d be pretty mad, but that’s the ED talking. I understand because I want help, and if that is how it needs to start, so be it. If I had a child who I suspected of having an eating disorder, I would do anything within my power to find out and give them the help they need, irregardless of whether it is an “invision of privacy” or not. I remember my mum doing just that at one point in my life… it quite literally saved my life, and I am now so grateful for her invading my privacy!

    As for the people who post their pictures online, they are online, meaning anyone can access them… so I really dont understand how it can be concidered wrong to repost them. Are they copyrighted? NO! Therefore it is perfectly acceptable, and somewhat neccessary.

    AMANDA – I feel exactly the same…. should I recover? Should I not? I also looked at the pictures and was jelous, it makes me sick to think that seeing someone else who is basically dying can encourage me to keep going, stay commited to Ana and Mia… Recovery seems impossible, and even though I have seen with my own eyes that people DO recover, its so damned hard… especially without someone there to hold your hand.

    Keep it up MamaV, you are a true inspiration

    x x x Jane x x x

  20. Tina says:

    Go MamaV!!!!

  21. Jen says:


    This post makes me so sad. I hate that so many girls are out there fighting to get well, while there are even more that are fighting to go deeper into the ED. I hate seeing those pictures. It makes me wish that they could see what everyone else sees- that they are killing themselves. I wish they could somehow understand how much damage they are doing to their bodies. They are getting skinny and reaching their incredibly dangerous goals, and at the same time they are damagaing their bodies beyond repair. At some point, when they get tired of the ED and want to live a normal life, they will see how hard it is to do normal things- like playing softball. In the end, the ED does far more harm than good. Sure, you’re skinny, but how happy can you really be when your body is constantly hurting and you are always weak and tired?

    “Girls from all over the world reach out to me for help, I am not an eating disorder expert or authority. No one else is listening. Why has this blog become a gathering place for those who are suffering?”

    You’re not here to judge or make anyone feel bad about what they’re doing. You listen. Sometimes that’s all that someone needs. When you’re in the pro-ana forums surrounded by struggling and competition, it’s nice to come here to get away from that and feel supported. You sincerely want to help.

    I’m so thankful that I found blog friends who are supportive in my recovery. Everyone genuinely wants to help each other in recovery. I love that. Leah knew what she was doing when she started her blog and connected with these bloggers and because of her I ended up with an awesome support system.

    Hopefully, one day, these girls will finally decide that proanaorexia is not the way to go and they will decide to get help and find someone to support their recovery. Or maybe they will be exposed to someone, like a parent, that will step up and help.

    Now that I wrote a novel it’s time for me to take a nap! It’s sad when you can’t type a long comment without getting tired. Gotta love the effects of years of ED hell. =)


  22. Joey says:

    Hi MamaV,

    I’m sorry i wrote you such an angry comment. I didn’t really think it through. I’ve been incredibly stressed because another of my friends from LJ has been admitted to IP – she got to such a low weight her stomach started eating itself irritating her stomach ulcer which then made her bleed internally; she’s terrified, and she’s been battling anorexia for over 20 years now.
    I’ve been ill also, probably from my ED. Anemia has made my lower face come up in a rash which cracks and bleeds, and stops me opening my mouth. Horrible. I’m hoping that if i point out that it’s from my eating my doctor will take more notice of my ED..

    There is no reason why you can’t post pictures here, I’m not arguing with that. Except it serves no purpose, other than people reading this looking at the pictures and thinking “eugh those stupid pro-ana girls..”, when in reality a lot of them won’t be proanorexic, a lot of the images will be years old, and in many cases they are are just healthy naturally-slim girls!
    As for ‘exposing’, you’ve picked out particularly thin girls, which means their parents are probably already perfectly aware that their child is anorexic. And the majority are adults in which case noone cares or has any power to help them anyway.

    As for “been given the opportunity” and “been offered the chance to help”, those are actually Dylans words, so i can’t comment any more on that because i haven’t talked to him about what you two have said in email.
    And by “aid to livejournal proanorexia”, by that i mean helping the girls there who want help, not helping with the aim of the site (a place for anorexics to talk freely).

    You’re able to say whatever you like here, yes, but I don’t like it when someone could get hurt by it. And i’m able to say whatever i like in my comments to you too (well..mostly!!).


  23. Sam. says:

    Obviously my views towards your article will differ due to my different experiences and basically where I stand in the toss up of having an eating disorder, being a parent or friend of a sufferer, someone who is interested, someone who wants to help, someone who criticises you or compliments you on the topic in general etc. and I’ll try my hardest to be rational, but I just want to state that because of this ‘difference’ so to speak, I’m not purposely contradicting you, and I wish that I could nod and agree with you and feel so passionate as you do. But there are many opposing thoughts in my mind battling against this, and this makes me sad. I still think you’re an admirable person and I love how you’re doing something constructive that you’ve thought about and are being selfless about, and standing up for what you believe in but there are still some issues that anger me…

    I don’t call myself anorexic, nor ana, pro-ana or anti-pro-ana. Actually personally I’ve a problem accepting the concept of mental illness and psychology/psychiatry in general, not to say though that I feel any of this is a lifestyle choice as others say it is. Actually sometimes I feel as if I am generalised into each of these groups and I feel angered and ashamed by that, especially people’s reactions. The ‘this is our choice, omg your so fat at 5’1 weight 80 pounds and girl you can starve one day longer’ annoys me as much as ‘ha guys can’t be anorexic that’s just gay, and you’re all attention seeking get over it, eat a sandwich…’ I think, like with most things in this world people need to be educated, but sadly the thing we lack most of all isn’t compassion (because that allows us to ‘give in’) but emotional intelligence, and I fear that most people lack this in their life, I swear to god, humans are the most inhumane animals of all!

    And this is in response to others as well, just in case I cover a topic that you stop and think ‘hold on a second I did not say that don’t put words in my mouth’ I hate when people do that, so I apologise if I misinterpreted something or if I covered something that was in response to something someone else said, I am perfectly aware that just like you don’t know us we don’t know you and that this isn’t something that concerns just a number of us but us all.

    I hate this whole differentiating between real anorexics and pro-anas, actually whether someone developed and eating disorder and is trying desperately to recover or that just say they want to catch one like the flu I don’t believe I have (or any of us has) the power to judge them, even if some people seem to act immaturely I think that’s just their personality perhaps… The fact of the matter is if people want to lower themselves to a painful suicide or torture or feel that risking many illnesses and even death to live with for the rest of our lives I don’t think they’re ‘ok’ and I don’t think it’s fair that we further divide the eating-disordered into ‘real’ and ‘wanarexics’

    I’m all for the idea of drawing awareness to the sad world of the eating disordered once approached cautiously, but for crying out loud I’m sick to death of the immediate response and definition to eating disorder meaning ‘one that suffers from anorexia or bulimia’ and it really angers and frustrates me how coe and bed and even orthorexia are all undermined as if they aren’t as painful or powerful or dangerous. We can’t just focus on one ‘fault’ but them all. People talk cruelly about riding of emaciated models (assuming that they are sick minded rather than mentally ill) yet it’s cool to promote fat actress, that only promote a different extreme to this illness known as eating disorders, and although obesity isn’t as flattering, who ever guessed anorexia would be?

    It’s JUST as dangerous and life threatening and shocking etc. to be morbidly obese as anorexic. And I loathe this ideal of either anorexics/bulimics being pitied beautiful girls suffering in silence and graced with great control and bravery, whilst those suffering from the likes of coe and bed are thought to be lazy fat ugly losers without control, or that anorexics/bulimics are thought to be selfish thoughtless spoiled rotten assholes promoting an unhealthy image deserving to be shot whilst coe/bed’s are thought to be smarter and healthier etc. people’s ideals are warped and I can’t get over it.

    I must agree with you about the media, and breaching on that topic, the thing that annoys me most of all is this half assed attempt to bring our attention to eating disorders almost to seem caring but not actually and how they are totally ignorant to what they are supposed to be doing. You may see one article in the front cover of your weekly magazine saying take for example Nicole Riche or Amy whinehouse ‘nikkis/whinehoue is getting dangerously thin, but when will thin be thin enough??’ and perhaps one or two pages of one hundred and fifty or so are dedicated to bringing this to our attention, yet they waste a good one hundred pages idolising the likes of Britney who lost a dangerous amount of weight in a couple of months and ironically these SAME ‘emaciated bad examples’ as they were just referred to as? But what gets to me the most is the supperficality of it all. They just don’t get it. We need a pressure free smart world (which cannot exist evidently) where we aren’t told how to be. I find it just as irratating and NOT helpful when the media claim ‘ew don’t look emaciated eat a freakin’ sandwich’ when trying to promote healthier images yet turn around at say ‘you should look like this’ and point to a beautiful perfect image of another celebrity that granted is a little more healthier, but honest to god don’t you think that’s how all this started?? By giving all that pressure. How many people here wake up in the morning and roll out of bed looking like brad pitt and Angelina jolie??? How many people get plastic surgery go to the gym weekly eat sensibly and look like them??? They honestly believe that it’s all about that, and it’s not….

    And I don’t think the solution is to do something as unfair as blame models and ban them (if the media and fashion designers didn’t pressurise them, they’d all be marlin Monroe) granted twiggy broke in something new, and we’ll always have that, but I don’t see blaming people that are thought to be disordered much sensible.

    I also wonder if we are to care so much about this frenzy, what about pro self harm and suicide sites? Or other forms of mental illness….it exists, we can’t just pick on one thing, some people…..

    The thing is it’s really, really hard to get our thoughts straight around this, and that is is why I wrote this. I have this friend actually who exemplifies perfectly everything I want to say, so I’ll try tell her story as briefly as I can as I realise how long my reply is!! She basically hates herself, and everything in her life, she has many things going on in her head that I too can oddly relate to a supposed depression and social-phobia/anxiety/panic attacks. She’s your typical beautiful talented loving caring friendly girl that is a little overweight but seemingly perfect at everything. She seems to be able to it all yet dismisses her talent and puts herself down, and always excuses everything for her, she’s an allowance, total double standards she doesn’t count, she’s very sly and has this game of let’s not lie but let’s not tell the truth, she’s very, very unhappy and she’s reached the low point of cutting her body into shreds and having a fucked up relationship with her body and food.

    The strange part is I’m not supposed to know about her eating disorder. We actually had gotten in a row over many things that I just mentioned and hadn’t talked but sometime last November I got this strange feeling and had these strange dreams and it was like this ana voice in my head came to me and told me from her that she had been ‘visited’ lets’ say, and I know this sounds ridiculous and I sound crazy or delusional but it’s that same strong hating voice that tells me I’m not good enough and all this terrible things, and I guess it was when my supposed ‘social phobia’ got really bad and I was terrified to step foot outside in case they got me and I felt everyone was pointing at me and laughing at me and thinking I was huge etc. but her eyes were like in my head burrowing into mine and she hated me or something. It doesn’t make much sense, but months later when I’d felt it was gone I came back and she was the same (on the outside) since I let her, but I knew somehow that she’d gained back weight and felt like a loser out of control, cause it was the exact same with me.

    I began investigating, and sure enough I came across some evidence. The comments she’d make, her reaction to food, her look of total sadness etc. she even let me read something in which she described perfectly how I feel when eating, as she binged and hated herself, maybe it was an accident that she let me read that cause she thinks I don’t know. Not to long ago I came across her ‘thinispiration’ and only cause her therapist and parents made her, her supposed ‘goodbye mail’ to her ‘ana friends’ and a poem about ‘dying to be thin’ the thing is though I see her miserable suffering from an almost more accepting eating disorder ‘coe’ or ‘ednos’ whichever, it still frightens me. She’s lying with telling the truth. Will this lead to bulimia? Suicide?? What?? I’m unsure, but I don’t know what to do. I’m scared to death to say anything because I’m scared she’ll take over me and have me almost persuade her to be this ‘ana’ again, and I know that that’s god awful, hell I’d hate myself if I did, but I’m just allowing you see the logic behind it to comprehend the logic behind some ‘pro’ ana sites that aren’t so pro, but still ‘support’ this. It’s scary when suicide steps in the way….ya know??

    Anyway that’s all I better say other than I know this really good site I think people should check out with a really good chartroom service called

    I think it’s worth checking out. And I apologise for the length. I’m not trying to be critical and people can take me up on anything I said, it’s just what I am passionate about, as we all have our opinions and experiences.

    best of luck. x

  24. Gina says:

    I love everything thing that you said.
    I once had a doctor who would sit there and tell me that I could lose a pound a week when I just got out for dropping too much weight and for doing so much damage to my body from this ed. I absoutly hate how this disgusting media is making you think that ed are glamourous b/c there not!
    I hate seein gother girls have ed’s but when it comes to myself I dont care.
    It’s hard to recover and I am struggling with wanting to stick with recovery or go back…

  25. Melissa says:


    I find it absolutely REPULSIVE that your doctor would say that to you. You should sue him for further endangering you.

  26. Jane says:

    ok, today should be the day we all get to read your interview MamaV! I had a look at the newspaper, and unless Im being really stupid, I cant find it!! If anyone has a URL please post it!!

    With love, Jane x

  27. Melissa says:

    I looked too, Jane. xP At like 22 minutes past midnight.

    *can’t wait* x3

    -♥- Melissa

  28. Chelsey says:

    I, too, am terribly sick of this crap. This is a growing epidemic, and it feels like no one cares. We hear, every day, about cancer and aids awareness, and I am asked by radio stations and even my church to help fund research, etc. But what about eating disorders!? I feel like, though I am not yet healed, I was given this eating disorder as a learning experience…and now it’s my turn to help turn things around. I am tired of watching girls die from this, and I am tired of ignorant parents (like my own). When my parents heard of my eating disorder from my school counselor my sophomore year of high school (I weighed 100 lbs.) they told me to cut the crap. That was it. I want to do something about it, but I feel like I am one small voice that no one cares to hear. How did you begin, mamvision? You’ve come so far.

  29. mamavision says:

    Hi Christy: I am so glad you found me, actually us since we have formed quite a nice community here. I hope you will continue to find hope, and reach out to positive resources online.

    I am constantly trying to understand, and listen to the reasoning and explanation of how the proana sites “help” and “support” and in the end I always circle back to the same conclusion- participation is detrimental, no matter how you cut it.

    If you are to recover from a mental disease, or addiction, do you think surrounding yourself with others in the depths of the same mental disease or addiction is the best route? Not likely. Instead you would want to seek out positive role models, those who have recovered, those who are capable of supporting you. Right?

    Anyway, great to have you hear, and thank you very much for your heartfelt comments. Its girls like you that keep me going on this mission.

  30. Melissa says:

    Chelsey- One small voice can make a world of a difference, even in a raging crowd.

    Just offer support, that’s all anyone wants. This is why MamaV has SO many dedicated readers like myself, she actually understands. She listens and offers advice, one-on-one emailing, photos and constant reminders of the terrors of ED’s.

    She’s an incredible woman, and my tiny footsteps are following the ones she has already laid. I’ve been actively posting on Myspace through bulletins and things like that. ♥

    If you want her life story (or something remotely close =P) she’s got a link at the top that says “aboutMAMA”. Click it. ♥

    She’s so strong, I really admire her. =)

    I’m ecstatic to hear that you want to help others, it’s a blessing to be able to. I am sorry to hear about your parents, my mom noticed but things were never said. My mom is my best friend though, she watched me closely. If I had gotten really bad then I know she would have stepped in. She was probably thinking it was a phase, like smoking or drinking.

    If you would like to talk to me, you can email me or hit me up on Myspace! ♥ ( or

    Brightest Blessings,

  31. mamavision says:

    Hi Joey: First, no apologies necessary. I understand where you are coming from, and I always take to heart others viewpoints, it keeps me in check.

    You know what bothered me the most about your post? I am worried about you. I thought about what you said over the weekend, and I couldn’t put my finger on what was bothering me, then it dawned on me- you are not taking care of yourself. You are so compassionate about this community that you are allowing yourself to take on too much responsibility and letting your own needs slip aside.

    Another issue is you need to speak for yourself, I am surprised to hear that you posted words or comment per Dylan. Let’s make sure that when you post, you are posting your own thoughts and feelings, and Dylan is welcome to do the same. Agreed?

    I am going to write you a follow up private message, but I will leave you with this- its time to take care of YOU. I mean it, slow down and take a breath and figure out what you need right now. Nothing is more important than your health, it’s all we’ve got.

  32. mamavision says:

    Hi Sam: Ok, let’s take a breath together! I just read and reread your post…and first thanks for taking the time to express yourself. I really appreciate it. You are very insightful.

    With that said, I can’t tell you I understand everything you are trying to explain to me, but a few items stand out:

    1 The way you described your view of “wannas” and “anorexics” is really interesting. I have to absorb this, and I will continue to think about what you have said. From what I understand, you are saying- its doesn’t matter what “side” you are on- the thinking is the same and both are disordered, and miserable correct? Please express more on this.

    2 The story of your friend is interesting, but I am not sure I grasp your main point though. The comment that stood out in her story is the first part- she hates herself. Isn’t this the common thread through all ED sufferers? Sad but true, the self esteem is just totally shot. Why? Where does this come from?

    I think about this all the time because I have always been extremely self confident. I am very strong, I always bounce back, and I always land back on my feet. I am optimistic and I see the good side of things, and people (to a fault at times). I have NO doubt the core of this self confidence came from my parents…the odd part is, my sister who grew up in the exact same environment doesn’t have this same core. Why?

    I bring this up because this is just so depressing to me. I listen to girls beating themselves up day in and day out over what they look like, what they aren’t, what they don’t have….totally oblivious to all the positive, compelling, unique traits they do have. This KILLS me. Honestly, it kills me….all this young life just gone, wasted.

    3 How are you in your ED recovery and how do you participate in the proana community? Do you believe the community gives you the positive support you need and if yes, how have they helped you?

    Lets keep chatting, I am glad to have met you.
    Take care,

  33. mamavision says:

    Hi Chelsey: You start one step at a time, and based on the fight and passion in your voice you have got what it takes to make a difference.

    Start a blog. The personal journey you go through when you create and build a blog can not be explained, you just have to do it. I started this blog because I needed to understand the technical aspects for my job. One day, I wrote about my past modeling career, which I always kept a secret- and boom, it took off. There were many times I was scared, and I thought about just deleting the whole blog and moving on, but I couldn’t since it grew to be a part of me.

    I am just a mom, with a unique past, and a passion of ED’s. I want to help and I believe I am, so I just keep plugging away. Look at this community of women, aren’t they amazing? This is the true power of the internet, it connects people who could have never been connected before and gives each individual a voice- and the power to drive change.

    Thanks also for sharing your story, you are yet another one who faced just a shocking response to your ED. How could your parents and a counselor actually say “Cut the crap.” Honestly, did you ever ask your parents about this?

    If I were you I would call the counselor and ask he/she if they remember you and if they recall what they said to you. Seriously, why let them get away with it?

    Think about how totally detrimental their words were to you. How can one stand in front of a 90 pound child and treat her with such lack of compassion, and intuition? I am sorry you went through this….but maybe you will end up utilizing this experience to help others.

    Everything happens for a reason,
    Great to meet you.
    Take Care!

  34. Christy says:

    Dear MamaV,

    Thank you for your response. I agree with you that when trying to recover it seems to make no sense to surround oneself in an environment that perpetuates the problem. I’ve dealth with this conflict myself. I think my conclusion always falls back on the fact that sometimes I don’t think I want to recover, or I don’t feel ready to no matter how much I know I need to. Like I said, it’s been quite a while since I’ve lived with this, and it terrifies me to think of living without. I have lost a lot because of my ed, but I still can’t leave it behind. Recently, I was proposed to by my boyfriend of two yrs. but didn’t accept b/c I was too afraid of being exposed, of letting him see the ‘real’ me. I have compromised a lot as a result of my ed–relationships, opportunities, and my own health–and for what? I’m still trying to figure that one out. Well, anyway, thanks again for your site because it truly has become a refuge for me.

  35. Christy says:

    By the way, Please keep going!

  36. Jane says:

    “Well, anyway, thanks again for your site because it truly has become a refuge for me.”

    I agree with you Christy and would also like to reiterate my immense gratitude to MamaV for everything she has done; just seeing the support other people have received make me so thankful to have been able to find her :o)

    Also, I feel the same way about pro-ed sites – even though we are totally aware of the negative effects they might be having on us in terms of recovering, they act as a safeguard, ironically of course. Without these sites we would be escaping the detrimental effects that they seem to have in encouraging our disorders; however they are incredibly difficult to leave. The people we meet on these sites act as a “family”, for me anyway, to whom I am able to explain my (somewhat irrational) opinions, and receive the answers I want to hear. They confirm that I am not being ridiculous in my futile attempts to lose weight, to become perfect. At least on these sites there are people who can understand and support us when we need it. I know many people cant understand why we continue to post fanatically when we know we are killing ourselves, but it follows our eating disorder, even though we know that it hurts us, we cling to it with every ounce of strength we have.

    I can’t quite comprehend why we allow ourselves to compromise so much for the sake of our ed’s… why do we refuse the things that could make us happy and yet accept and hang on to the things that are killing us? Even after almost five years of my ed I can’t understand what is going on in my mind… how do we expect others to understand!

  37. Bec says:

    I want you to see an article from a newspaper in my area but do not want to link it. Will you email me so I can send you the link?

  38. Niika says:

    Although I have been off and on involved in pro-ana communities (more off than on lately, which is probably a good thing), I am not angry with you at all for posting these photos. The fact is, all these photos are posted in a ton of different public forums, and I’ve seen every single photo in this batch many times, with the exception of two of them. This just proves to me that… if you’ll forgive me… this entry is just one more repost, and probably won’t hurt these girls any more than they were already hurt for having their images splashed around a ton of other sites.

    I’m so glad that you do what you can to try and help, though, even if not everybody can agree about your methods. And I always enjoy reading your blogs, no matter how controversial they are. Thank you for doing all of this, and thank you for caring.

  39. Stevie says:

    Though I love most of what you say in this blog, I feel I have to give my point of view on this one.

    I once posted a picture of myself on a pro-ana site as I was trying to gain a little weight. I needed the reassurance that I wasn’t ugly, even though I really felt that I was. I was particularly thin for myself at that time, though going by clothes size would have put me as relatively normal, which killed my confidence. The girls on there were particularly supportive and I was told that I looked great and had nothing to worry about even if I did gain some weight.

    Then I found my picture posted on another site amongst a few others, with the description of how horrific it was that people looked like this etc. It mentioned that we all looked terrible and needed help, but the only thing it succeeded in doing was pushing me in the other direction. If I was ugly then the only thing I could see to do to feel better about myself was to lose weight. However well intentioned it was, all it succeeded in doing was pushing me in the opposite direction.

    The point to this rambling reply is just to ask you to make sure that if you are going to post pictures of people, please don’t choose recent ones of people attempting to recover as we need all the reassurance we can get, and to not be held up and made examples of.

    Keep up the good work


  40. Chelsey says:

    Thank you all for your responses to my comment. I have officially decided that I am going to major in psychology. My goal is to fight for freedom from ana. I don’t think that the world is educated enough, and people are very naive to eating disorders. Wouldn’t it be nice to have clinics…affordable, clean, helpful clinics for eating disorders in every state so that people don’t have to travel far? I know I could never afford to get help for my eating disorder, and I don’t want that to be the reason why other people aren’t getting help. I think it’s time that the government took a stand to fight this rising epidemic, because it’s one of the top killers of women.

  41. Cathrine says:

    Hi MamaV,
    I discovered your amazing blog a while ago and I like it! I am 15 yrs old and I don’t have problems with eating. I often get to hear comments about my body, I am naturally skinny. During the last couple of weeks I have caught myself thinking about weight, skinny people, anorexia and how much other people weigh, including me. I am terrified of becoming anorexic! When someone shows pictures like these ones I feel threatened. I know you write that this is wrong and sick, and I agree! But I just can’t help myself from thinking that I am skinnier than some of those girls – and I feel happy. The girls that are skinnier than me bother me, and I feel like I should be that skinny evene though I know it’s not healthy. Another thing ppl tell me is that I really should try modeling and how I am just as skinny as the models in the fashion mags. I am both terrified of developing anorexia but at the same time I feel a bit curious, how would I look if I dropped x number of pounds? I know that this behavious isn’t normal and that it’s not good for me. Should I stop visiting your site and watching videos about anorexia on YouTube? Should I force myself not to compare myself with others? Should I tell my friends not to make comments about my weight and looks? I don’t know what to do really, and I feel like I am starting to develop an unhealthy image of what’s normal and what’s not. I hope you respond to this. :)


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  43. newmediagirl says:

    I’m tired of the war on obesity taking everybody’s attention away from the fact that there is such a thing as “too thin.”

    I’m tired of stupid sites like “Rate my professor” judging instructors on “hotness,” which for females seems to be completely a measure of thinness first, even age second. Nobody should be deciding to take my class or not based upon the size of my ass–thanks. (There are many, many other things wrong with these systems, not the least of which is the students that are on there are usually angry at you when they rate you if they bother at all, but the hot thing really gets to me sometimes!)

  44. Sally says:

    I think another privacy that should be exposed is the worst of all. There is an “ana trainer” named Brian who has apparently “trained” 1000’s of girls. He has brainwashed them, using financial and mental slavery tactics, has people going around to eating disorrder websites on recruiting drives for him, is known to get illicit photos from these girls no matter what age. One girl named DanaDeMoel has said at least one girl has commited suicide for him. He has a couple of profiles online at:
    His aim ID is ilng95, with yahoo email address of and hotmail address of Dana’s address is

    This is a very twisted sick person, beware if anyone has ever ran into him or his cult followers.

  45. mikhail says:

    What the hell. So you are posting pics of Nicci and Gil who are def. not proana! Its like you are making a mockery of them a frankly i find it disgusting. Anorexic isn’t yours to judge! I don’t understand why if you are so abashed by the fact that these girls put their pics up you go around and do it yourself. How much since does that make?

  46. joely black says:

    This is just brilliant. I’m a former anorexic myself and it hurts very deeply that people are still convinced that eating disorders are unimportant and ignored.

  47. Mike Smith says:

    First of all, please read this:

    second, i hope you are as ticked off at all the recipe and food sites that cater to the biggest eating disorder of all in America: stuffing your face. it’s much more life and death than these girls’ cry for attention.

  48. mamavision says:

    Dear Mike: I read your article as requested. I will with hold my opinion, and instead post “The Haunting Myth of American Anorexia” for the mamaV community opinion.

    After they have had their say, I’ll say a few words.


  49. Lara says:

    Pro ana and pro mia isnt about teaching people to become anorexic. It’s about accepting those who are. We have pro ana because the rest of the world judges us and thinks we are some whiney teenage girls who crave attention, when really it’s more than just being skinny. They are other factors. I can’t really tell what you are getting at in this article, if you pity and wish to help us, or think we are dumb. But I watched one of your videos and it seemed like you understood more than other people, thanks =]

  50. julia says:

    i am pro ana
    but i really think what you wrote was awesome. all those faking and stuff, i can’t stand it no longer, too.

  51. amanda says:

    my picture is the third down in your string of photos
    what you failed to mention is some of the people on here did NOT post their pictures on ‘proana sites’….some of these pictures, like mine, are from private journals, support groups, or facebook/myspace pages. Then, people like you who do not respect authorization of photographs take the photos and stick them on proana sites. It makes me ill to think of my photo used as “thinspiration”. I posted my photos on my journal and on and eating disorder community forum (not pro) to get a better understanding of my body distortion. I do not advocate eating disorders. I think the sharing of tips and tricks on these sites is disturbing to say the least. I have had anorexia for 8 years now and been in countless inpatient and hospital programs, and lost most of my life during that time. It is a horrible disease that I suffer the repurcussions of constantly. My heart is bad, I have osteoporosis, I have diabetes (from my pancreas failing) and digestive problems…What is truley sad is that you further the suffering of people like me by exploiting my photos. I NEVER have been a member of a pro community or board. I have never shared tips, etc. I view this as a disease—a disease that is so largely misunderstood.

  52. david says:

    hello im dávid from hungary my versenysuly is 110 kg erre varjatok gombot büdös hájas swinek:):)

  53. Melissa Marie says:

    You do realise those girls can take legal action.
    Plus not all are ‘Pro-ana’, some may very well just have the eating disorder and just take pictures of themselves to show others what pain anorexia gives you and how no other girl/boys should get wound up in the so called ‘pro-ana’ craze.
    I suggest you think before you speak and stop posting your whinging blogs. Nobody really cares about and old womans opinion on a physcological illness.
    Focus on more important issues such as enviromental issues.

  54. Jen says:

    I realize your intentions are good, but you are posting pictures of girls who ARE NOT PRO-ANOREXIA. Please do some research before you accuse someone of being po-anything. You have destroyed the self-esteem of some of those girls even more by accusing them of supporting girls to starve themselves, so I hope you’re proud of yourself. Not all of those girls are blissfully ignorant of what they’re doing, and because of you now some of them feel even worse about themselves. Two of the girls you posted are on the brink of receiving medical treatment, and now you are belitting them.
    As Melissa Marie states above, the girls you are falsely accusing are able to take legal action–they haven’t posted their photos in public pro-ana forums or anything related.
    And, I hope they do take legal action.

  55. Wreck Me says:

    one of my friends is on this thing
    she is sick and she wouldent want to promote death
    your fucking pathetic.

  56. K says:

    I think that you – of all people wouldn’t go as low as to blog photos of people without their permission and claim them to be pro-ana. What if i made a nazi blog and posted YOUR photo on there… and claimed you were a nazi? How would you feel about that? Think about it!!! I think it would be right for you to apologize to those you have offended, and those poor girls whose photos you have wrongly posted.

  57. Jes says:

    I dont beleive that using girls pictures is right. i understand ur purpose in this site, but this is exploiting these girls, and you need to re-evaluate why you are here. if you want to help ppl, dont put disturbing images or words, put up helpful thoughts and what your vision of healthy looks like. I guarantee that some girls that are anorexic or bulimic come to your site and are encouraged by these pics…

  58. Flo4t For3ver says:

    I know some of those girls! And I know they aren’t Pro-Ana. You better do your research. I wish you would post some picture like that of me. I’d expose you for everything your worth. You would be on your bathroom crying, Don’t you know that teens today are more interactive with the computer than ever? What you’ve done you these girls may come back to haunt you. And you better hope that they have mercy and forgive you, because one of them may find something on you, you may not want exposed.

    Oh and by the way, I hope none fo those girl where under age with those pics you posted. Let’s see that would be child porn in my eyes. I don’t care what you stupid little blog says. If you can contort things so can I. Seems like you couldn’t do the research on seeing if they were pro-ana or not I doubt you checked their ages, you might want to removed those pics.

  59. mikhail says:

    Aw, what’s wrong afraid of a little confrontation Mama? You see i commented awhile ago and you only seem to respond to those who agree with your position. Let me tell you how sick you are. I know a few of the girl’s on there that you have decided to promote…Here’s the funny thing, you must be proana yourself if you are going around or have “anorexic” girls pictures stock piled in your computer…you see, that is very proana…And I hope you realize how you always use the fact that you weere a model, so you know how the biz is is crap…I have seen your pictures and you were never thin or pretty so what’s your beef….are you jealous like a proana girl would be? Because you will never be that thin? You think those girls like being close to death?
    Also, why put Gil’s picture up there if you are in contact with her and previously stated that she was important to you…Oh don’t worry my dear, you stab yourself in the back don’t you?

  60. Ellie says:

    I recently sent this blog to a friend who suffers from anorexia, here is what she had to say:

    “i went to that page, read all she said, and lost it all within five seconds of seeing those pics
    because even I am not immune to the pull of thinspiration
    even though I am ‘trying to stay put’ and not get worse, and even thinking of recovery
    I see those girls and I wonder, am I thinner than them
    am I fatter than them
    does the fact that I wear kids clothes mean I am still fat
    do you think they would see me as fat
    it all runs through my head, carves its pain through me
    I want to be thin, thinner, gone”

    “the only time I ever wrote (on your blog) I felt I was being bullied worse than ever”,

    she couldn’t come onto your blog to post this herself, she has shit self esteem.. and couldn’t bear to be criticized like she was last time she commented on your blog.

    To you and all your readers: be careful what you say to an anorexic girl, you never know what she is thinking.

  61. juju_ana says:

    thanks for the thinspo! i hope you realize that you turn up when i’m looking for photos to paste to the lock on my refridgerator. i hope you know that you post some of the best bones-thinspo that i’ve found for a few weeks. you’ve keep me food free for another day. i’ll definitely share your site with the rest of the community.

  62. mamavision says:

    Hi Melissa Marie: The volume of traffic and posts to this blog shows individuals do indeed see value in this old woman’s opinion and viewpoint.

    What exactly is the legal action which can be taken for reposting public images here? Perhaps you can enlighten me.

    These images were pulled from a proana forum. Anyway you cut it, I believe these images need to be exposed in order to expose this trend in I am refering to girls who want to be anorexics due to social and media influence.

    If in fact certain girls posted here have anorexia, the mental disease, then I hope they will seek help.


  63. mamavision says:

    Hi Jen: If the girls posted above are on the brink of seeking medical treatment, then I hope this is one more step that shows to them they do need help.

    These images were not pulled from any private forum. I am not a member of any proana forum, I pulled the images from public forums where anyone in the entire world can see the images. Let this be a lesson to all that what you put online is public.


  64. mamavision says:

    Dear Wreck Me: I can not decipher your point in between all the f-bombs. If you would care to articulate your viewpoint here please do, but please do so without the vulgarities.

    The one point I did get is your friend is shown above. Why did she post her image on a proana public forum? I am not sneakin around grabbing images from private forums so why the outrage that I reposted the image here?


  65. mamavision says:

    Hi K: As I understand your point, the girls above have their images posted in a proana forum because they want others within the forum to tell them the look good and they support them in their effort to gain weight and be healthy?

    This is what I am hearing from others so I need you to explain this to me because at face value this sounds like b.s.

    What do I see when I go to the forums? Girls that need help. Girls that are desparately seeking approval for their looks and that are only looking to get thinnner not healthier.

    If seeing their images here exposes them or pushes them to get help, then I have served an important purpose.


  66. mamavision says:

    Hi Jes: Thank you for your comment. I do understand how this is disturbing to some, and I guess that is the point.

    Many people come to this blog who have no idea, literally no idea of what is going on in the proana forums. Yes I understand there is a mix of girls there, some who are ready for help and some who are far from it. Either way being exposed here is an impetus for discussion and I believe serves an important purpose for all.

    In terms of girls being encouraged by these pics, reality is they are everywhere on youtube, in the daily media, online, you name it. This doesn’t concern me.


  67. mamavision says:

    Hello Flo4t For3ver: This sounds like a fun challenge.

    Why don’t you send me your picture and I will post it here as you suggest, and then you can start your legal action and start doing your research to expose me?

    Here is some dirt to get you started:
    1) Read this blog and you will find about 90% of my life secrets.
    2) The other 10% is I smoked a lot of pot in high school (don’t tell anyone).
    3) Hmmm, what else. During one photo shoot in Paris, I had no shirt on and a few of the images showed the side of my breast. I was upset about this and asked the photographer to get rid of those images…perhaps you can dig those up…that would be a huge scandal!
    4) The rest I will leave to you to do your detective work.

    One more thing, did you know I have your IP address? Don’t know what that means? Google that today so you understand. Maybe your parents would like to know what you are doing online?


  68. mamavision says:

    Hi Mikhail: On Gil, she requested that I post her story.

    On the rest of your comments, feel free to sling away at me. I live for it.

    I’ve been on vacation, but I am back. Looking forward to hearing some more of your insightful comments.

    Bring it on.

  69. mamavision says:

    Hi Ellie: Thank you for your heartfelt post. I do understand this site is triggering to some, but this is one of literally thousands of sites out there on this topic so I do not concern myself with this.

    I try to be a voice of reason, I am truly sorry your friend felt bullied here. On the other hand, sometimes don’t you believe that a tough love type of approach is called for?

    I hope your friend seeks help and finds the support she is looking for. I am sorry she did not find it here, but please keep in mind that many others do find it and I take pride in the support community that has developed here.

    Thanks again,

  70. mamavision says:

    Excellent juju_ana! Your smart ass attitude should take you far in life, you are a great thinspiration to your entire community.

    Enjoy your hunger filled day of misery. When you are ready for help you know where to find it.


  71. Nicole says:

    You have got to be kidding me. Taking pictures is a symptom of anorexia. Most girls don’t do it so they can get “attention” or whatever you think they do it for. Do you know what it is like to look in the mirror and see someone you despise? Of course nt, because you seem to think you are hot shit. Did it ever occur to you that pictures speak louder than words for some people? That maybe these girls struggle so much each day with hiding everything inside, and pictures help them express their pain and suffering with people who understand? Or that perhaps they turn to pictures to help them see what others see when they don’t trust their own eyes and opinions? Keeping track of their weight through pictures, getting validation that they *are* sick and need help and aren’t “fat”, and sharing moments and feeligs with others so they won’t be alone with them- these are all reasons why these pictures are a product of the eating disorder.

    You don’t know everything. Your opinion is not always right and you shouldn’t be sharing faulty information with others. You don’t know who is “pro-ana”, or even if there is such a thing and it’s not just another product of mental illness and disorder.

    “Taking pride” in the “support community” you have established here? Congratulations, you have just typed the very words many “pro-ana” community owners have also typed. If their community is wrong, yours is certainly no better.

  72. Jen says:

    Quite a lot of angry posts here!
    While I respect your goals here of revealing the hell that eating disorders are, the photos you say that you found on pro-ana forums may have not been posted by the original girls themselves. As Nicole says above, lots are obsessed with photos and will take the pictures of others without their consent.

  73. K says:

    Nicole & Jen, you took the words right out of my mouth… hopefully she gets it this time!!

  74. K says:

    Have you ever thought that one of those girls may have recovered since they took those photos?
    how do you think they would feel if they came across your site, saw themselves and it triggered it off again for them??
    Have you thought about that?

  75. K says:

    Are you willing to provide the links the these pro-ana sites where you CLAIM to have got these photos from?

    how else would anyone know that you ACTUALLY got these photos FROM PRO-ANA sites?

  76. K says:

    Have you ever heard of Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

    Have you ever thought that those girls might suffer from it?

    And the only way they CAN make sense of what they ACTUALLY look like is to post pictures like that?

    and the only place they CAN do that without feeling like an OUTCAST, IS pro-ana forums?

    All you are doing is making them feel more outcast then they already do… Good job!

  77. Mikhail says:

    So Gil told you to put her picture’s with PROANA as a title?

    I didn’t sling at you, I made a point. Seriously, are you one the trolls that go around the sites and say demeaning things to people? And people post pictures of themselve on dating sites and sites in general, so why no post a skinny girl from Eharmony, and guess that she is proana because that’s pretty much what you are doing….

  78. Flo4t For3ver says:

    Like i’m afriad that you have my IP adress? Are you threatened by a child? You must be. How sad. You want to be right so badly that you are threatened by children. You need a life, outside of you house or office space or whereever you may run this blog from. It seems that you still have many issuses that you need to deal with and I suggest that you seek professional help for that. You are a sick person to prey on people with a mental illness. A very sick person. You didn’t do your research just admit it. You probably got these imagines from another site that did not do their research. I have more to say bt you probably won’t understand because after I posted my first comment I did poke around your blog some, I don’t recall you ever being diagnosed with an ED. Perhaps I misread.

  79. Hannah says:

    I have lived with anorexia for just over three years now and thought i do not agree with the pro-ana side that portrays Anorexia as a lifestyle you must understand its not all like that.There are many more sites out there today considered to be Pro-Ana,who call themselves Pro-Ana that do not see it as a lifestyle.Pro-Ana isnt just about all that you say it is or what people think it is.Many of those sites are in place to give Anorexics and Bulimics a place to come together and support each other through their ordeals.They are also a place for people to come and not feel so alone.And putting those photos up of those poor girls is just horrible.Can you be sure that everyone of those girls is pro-anorexic.Can you be sure that someone isnt going to recognise them and make fun of them because of it,Are you sure one of those girls isnt going to see their picture on here and kill themselves.Those girls are suffering from a very real very deadly disease and putting their photos up is just plain rude.Maybe you should look at yourself.I am sure that there has been a time in your life when you thought about maybe not eating.Where you had some big thing coming up like a date or the prom and you considered or did not eat before hand.Im sure that you have skipped your fair share of meals.Take a look at your own life before you bash other people.Hypocrisy is rather rift on the internet and you are only dding to it.,

  80. Taylor says:

    I know what you mean by moms complaining about their weight in front of their kids. All my life I’ve heard nothing but how my mom used to be a size zero until she had me, almost as if she blames me for her weight gain. Lately it’s been, “When I get my tummy tuck, then I can go on that shopping spree and we can share clothes.” I tell her all the time, “You’re not fat, Mom.” I just wish she’d listen, because it’s hurt mine and my sister’s perception of beauty more than she’s willing to see.

  81. Taylor says:

    By the way, I just so happen to think this is a kick-ass blog. It’s people like you who make a difference.

  82. mamavision says:

    The answer to your GIL question is yes, she did ask that I post her story because she hopes to inspire and beg girls to listen to her story before she loses her life to this awful disease.

    In regards to your second point, I am not sure I understand what you are asking me. The images I have repurposed her are on the public internet for all to see in proana forums. I am not sure how Eharmony fits into this question.


  83. mamavision says:

    Hi Nicole: I respect your opinion and viewpoint, thank you. I do understand why girls post their images as you point out.

    Let’s make a deal, if you see images of girls you know, I will remove their pictures if they post to me and request it. Feel free to spread the word.

    The reason I am offering this solution is because I certainly do not intend to cause further harm to those who are suffering.

    However, I do believe many girls posting on the proana boards are “wannarexics” and they themselves are making a mockery out of the disease…do you not see this as well?

    The honest truth is these image are on public pro ana forums listed under “thinspiration” on Live Journal. When you post your image online you need to know it could end up anywhere, even here where your parents and family may see it….and save you.


  84. mamavision says:

    Hi Amanda: I am so sorry for your suffering, would you like me to remove your image from this post?

  85. K says:

    Where my questions not clear enough for you?? They made sense to me but obviously you chose to ignore them. congratulations on being an ignorant hypocrite.

  86. Ellie says:

    You are missing the point here

    YOU are trying to make a point about pro-ana privacy

    But what my friend is saying is that no matter what you write on your blog, ANOREXICS SEE THE PICTURES AS THINSPO. No matter what you wite above and below it.

    It is STILL triggering

    you are pointing out a SYMPTOM

    Not a CAUSE

    Being anorexic myself it is not nice to have SYMPTOMS pointed out like that, Why don’t you direct your blog in a way that TEACHES parents about anorexia instead of pointing out anorexic behaviors? (like posting photos? and visiting sites?) these are SYMPTOMS of anorexia, they do not make anyone anorexic! It goes so so much deeper then that.

    you say “I do understand this site is triggering to some, but this is one of literally thousands of sites out there on this topic so I do not concern myself with this.”

    WHAT A HYPOCRITE you are!! My god woman, are you insane?

    there is a question above that states “Have you ever thought that one of those girls may have recovered since they took those photos?”.

    I know that if i saw my photo on there after recovery it would more then likely trigger my anorexia off again… what would that mean? another 6 years in this black hole? My son will ask again why “mummy doesn’t eat”, it breaks my heart to think that those girls are being exploited on your blog, just because they felt the URGE to post photos which is an ANOREXIC SYMPTOM.

    once again you have taken what my friend has said, ignored it and made another excuse that you are a “voice of reason”, what a joke!

    I wonder, go you have ANY education on mental illness? My friend has almost got a psychology degree.

    tough love approach? have you BRAINWASHED your readers?

    You really need to educate yourself about this mental illness, i dont think you would be saying the things you blog about if you really knew what the disease involved,

    Thanks a lot for just ignoring what my friend had to say once again.

  87. k says:

    surprise surprise… no response… you’re good at that arn’t you?

  88. Vix says:

    You talk of recovery, yet unless you are on your death bed recovery isn’t what it needs to be. I am 18 I’m 5ft 7 and I weigh currently 154LB. I’m a dancer so I’m well aware a lot of thats muscle but never the less it’s a lot. I do not fit the sterotypical anorexic image, I do not have jutting bones and a flat stomach, I do not faint from hunger, I am well aware that my need to starve is not an issue with food but caused from a seperate issue which I merely take out on food as a method of self harm. Nobody would look at me and think I am too thin or have any eating issues but I do. I have learned in time to admitt that. However I am torn between wanting to “recover” as it were and to starve. It’s more out of habit than considering myself obese. I went to my college counsellor for 7 months…she laughed when I said I was fat, she laughed when i said I had rolls, he shook her head in disbelief when I grabbed my inner thigh and said I fucking hate the way they touch. She argued with me in a “I am” “You’re not” style argument which resolved nothing. I spend 7 months talking about shitty horrible things that happened to me as a child and I feel that I have gained NOTHING. I feel just as crap about myself as the day I walked in. I will never see another counsellor ever again. I have never felt so used in my life as by her. She spent 7 months not really knowing how to deal with me saying stupid things like 2And you think it’s all about food don’t you” and I said “Well no actually I’m well aware my problems lie not with food, they are the symptoms not the cause” to which she replied “no you don’t you think it’s all about food”. I am not stupid and ignorant. I had one day where I felt good in 7 months and she said “well it seems like this is a good place to stop as everything is good and nothing is stopping you etc etc” putting words in my mouth that I didn’t feel. She kept me while I kept her numbers up to the college then when it was time to leave college I miraculously got better the same week. I don’t know how any of us are meant to seek help when things like that happen

  89. amy says:

    omg u fukin evil bitch!!! u have NO respect for these girls at all!!they chose to put there pictures on proana sites, because they feel comfortable with it, because the people who are looking at there pictures are in thhe same position as them and understand them. if u would have put my pic on here i would feel completely humiliated!and dont go saying stuff to me like ‘how would u know?’ i know because i have been a member of these sites and i have posted my pictures on them!
    sorry for swearing but it just makes me mad.
    x>x>**Amy age 14**<x<x

  90. Mylee says:

    Dear Mama,

    I am saddened by these images and have tears in my eyes, my heart goes out to these poor girls.

    This has alll the more cemented to me that this is a mental illness & if left untreated, these poor kids will die.

    I applaud you for showing these images as awareness is the key.


  91. Lindsey says:


  92. Mira says:

    i LOVE Your pics:)
    they are beautifull:)

  93. mamavision says:

    Note to self: This is called the World Wide Web. Do not post a picture on the World Wide Web unless you want it plastered on other sites suchs as this.

    Check “real girl” thinspo on YouTube, you probably have some people to bash over there too.

    I will be more than happy to remove your personal image if you care to write me a private email at

    Stop the language, you can express yourself without fbombs.

  94. haylee says:

    when i first started i lost 15 pounds.
    my mom would say “oh your so skinny”
    i loved it.
    i thrived off of it.

    if i would gain as much as a 1 pound my mom would be right there pinching my thigh.

    i would starve myself and throw up and then make sure i would lose all the weight i lost and then some.

    my mom would praise me and say she was jealous that i had the will power to lose weight and say “oh your so skinny!”(as a compliment)

    -I am stunned when I hear the desperate cries from girls who have already gone to their mom for help, revealed their disordered eating habits, only to be patted on the head and told “Honey, you’ll get over it.”-

    i know EXACTLY what you are saying.

    i feel that no matter what i do i will never be skinny enough for my mom.
    my best friend says i’m the skinniest girl in my class, but i feel like the fattest.

    and i never would have gotten like this if it wasn’t for my mom.
    and i do NOT feel bad puting the blame on her because it IS her fault.

    but pro ana sites actually DO help people who already have disordered eating. it made me, personally, find hope. that i can over come this. that there are others like me and i’m not just insane.

  95. mamavision says:

    Hi haylee: I am glad you can relate, thanks for sharing your feelings. I am sorry to hear your mother has had such a strong, negative influence on your body image. Does she still influence you and can you get out from under her wing?
    Take care!

  96. haylee says:

    i’m in 10th grade so i have about 2 years left before i graduate. i’ll just have to try and work through everything myself or wait until then.

  97. amy says:

    oh and by the way those girls on those pics are beautiful!!


  98. K says:

    Have you ever thought that one of those girls may have recovered since they took those photos? I’m sure it would be a wonderful trigger for them to see!!!

    Great job avoiding this question! you really pick and choose what comments are worth answering.

    Be who you say you are, take the challenge, answer the friggin question.

    Im really interested to see what excuse you come up with this time!

  99. mamavision says:

    Hi K: You certainly are having fun entertaining yourself by posting mean spirited messages here. I am not sure what you want from me, but I’ll attempt to read through your contempt and answer:
    Have I ever thought if a girl in one of those pictures have recovered?
    (mV) First and foremost, I don’t believe these girls have anything to recover from. They are wannabes. They want the ana lifestyle which is deadly, and they are influencers with an attitude….which I don’t appreciate nor choose to ignore.

    You are telling me a girl with a shirt on that says “skinny bitch” is not a wannabe? Give me a frickin’ break K.

    To the girls above who are anorexia sufferers, and I have mistaken then, if they want their picture removed they may simply email me and request it. I have repeated this over and over, so I hope you hear it this time because I am sick of repeating myself.

    Trigger, to see their picture.
    (mV) I don’t buy triggers. Life is a trigger. In order to recover you need to face your triggers and deal with them. The world is not going to change to protect you from your triggers, nor am I.

    I am comfortable with my personal decision to place these public images on my public site. These images were not taken from any private forum, and girls need to realize this is the world wide web. A picture you place here will haunt you forever. And I mean forever….did you read the latest news of girls who posted seemingly “fun” photos online when they were a teenager, and they were dug up when they were job seeking and they were embarrassed?

    If my actions makes a girl think before she clicks upload- great.
    If my actions gets a girl busted by their parents – great.
    If my actions piss you off – great, it tells me you are thinking.

    The fact that you and your cohorts are fired up with anger at this is not my issue, its yours.

    If you have further questions, please list them, I will answer them, and then we can quit this silly game.


  100. mamavision says:

    Amy: Your post is redundant. The point that I am adding fuel to the fire is not relevant because the web is flooded with 17M pages of thinspo.

    This is about awareness,
    This is about girls such as yourself which have such an attitude that you can’t think straight.

    Keep it up, enjoy your misery in trying to be something you will never be, and I’ll see you back here when you are ready to really see what real life is about.

    Vanity is quite an accomplishment, you must be very proud of yourself.
    No one wins the beauty chase, no one kiddo.

  101. Sarah says:

    I just rolled across your website and I must say…I’m a pseudo-recovering anorexic/bulimic. I like most of us out there like to peruse the pro-anything websites and I typed into Google about ‘pro-ana’ and got this! If I’m getting what I think I’m getting, I love that you are NOT pro-all-that-shit!!! It SUCKS and the hospital SUCKS and GET OVER IT!!!! I realize it’s sooooo not that simple but I’m SO sick of it…14 years is a BITCH to deal with this SHIT!!!! Let’s all be happy and…well…as healthy as we can be. Screw all those who put up “skinny shots”! Stop showing off and let the rest of us heal!!!! Please e-mail me with any thoughts…anyone…

  102. anonymousfae says:

    thank you so much for posting these blogs and angering everyone. After ten years of disordered eating you would think i would get it through my head, that when i get sick and throw up blood it’s not normal and that the answer isn’t to stop eating so i won’t have anything to throw up, and i do in an intellectual way that has nothing to do with the disorder because when the thoughts creep in i know i shouldn’t be doing it but the thought of getting fat again scares me so bad that i stop eating because death is a hell of a lot less scary then being fat…

  103. k says:

    I wasn’t trying to come across as attacking you. i wanted for you to see the point I was trying to make – Yes i see your point – but to say that these girls are wanarexics is a cheep shot, they obviously DO have an ED…

    It is easy to be consumed into the pro-ana world. I have been myself.. now? well i am at the start of my recovery after 6 long years of being haunted by anorexia. I have taken a step and found help FOR MYSELF BY MYSELF. (and im pretty damn proud of that). I have separated myself from the pro-ana world within the last few months and I am glad to.

    I have posted pics like that of myself before… why? im not sure…. because everyone else did? for “positive” comments about my body? to fit in? to be accepted by fellow anorexics? to get opinions from others because i can’t SEE how thin I am? for kicks? an ego boost when I already feel rock bottom?

    like I said I DO see the point you are trying to make… but please consider the fact that there are recovering anorexics that are coming to your site, and I know that if you had my picture up there after I had recovered it would almost certainly trigger me back… i don’t think you can understand this… i don’t think you understand what ‘triggers’ are… how they affect some anorexics (i can’t speak for all anorexics.. everyone is vastly different) and from what i can tell you haven’t suffered from an eating disorder.. so who are you to say that they will just have to “deal” with it… do you know how some would deal with it?? by relapsing?

    I KNOW you have said that if one requests it they can have their picture taken down… but you know… some might get kicks out of seeing their pictures on there…

    If ANYTHING would you consider writing at the top of this blog **MAY BE TRIGGERING** because it certainly is.

    p.s. I have been reading your blog for a long time now… i would have to say that i don’t agree with about 50% of what you write about ED’s and pro-ana… because… well i don’t think you could ever truly understand what it is really like, as far as I have read you have no formal qualifications on ED’s. I usually refrain from pointing things out to you because I find most of your regular readers that comment, quite vicious, ignorant and dogmatic… which often makes me feel shitter then I already do… in a world where I am often ignored and feel out-casted it is not necessarily encouraging to recover in any way…. and where am I guaranteed to be accepted?? where can I turn to, to be noticed and accepted for who I am… yes, that’s right – a pro-ana forum. (not to say i post on them anymore… i am trying to change for my husband and son… and god damn it I will.)

    I wonder if this will be ignored….

  104. k says:

    ok look, ive read over some of my posts and yes I can see how you would think im being vicious.. but I actually have been in contact with one of those girls and i do know for a fact she is not pro-ana… i was trying to stick up for HER. She’s had her photo’s stolen and a myspace profile made about her and I know that her photo is very old… no excuse i know… but I was sticking up for HER.

    since, I have entered a recovery frame of mind and i am distancing myself from those girls to better myself (and no, don’t take that as your ‘blog has been successful’ or anything because frankly it is absolutely no thanks to you).

    I just thought I’d explain myself for my “mean spirited messages”.

  105. BlondieLocks says:

    You people who put vanity over your family and/or health are pathetic. I am sorry but I am sick of all this “Oh we have to be so gentle and sweet when trying to help an anorexic because it is such a touchy topic.” Please, I personally don’t consider this a disease, you should have the sense to look at yourself and stop such idiotic behaviour. When you are destroying your helath, family, and your life for the sake of being thin you have serious problems and no, I don’t feel bad for your skinny ass because you alone have the power to put an end to it. I am not going to pretend like I know what it is to have this problem and I am sure people will come down on me for this, but I just think someone needs to come out and say it like it is without being so delicate about the whole damn thing. This may not be the most articulately espressed comment, and I am sorry to those I am bound to offend, but this is how I see it and I cannot find it in myself to feel bad for anyone who willingly puts themselevs in situations like these. Yes there is media and poor family support and whatnot, but there is also common snese and people should be able to think for themselves and formulate their own opinions and stop using things like that as an excuse for what they are doing. It is sad, I cannot deny that, but at the same time very frustrating and all you want to do is shake the person who is suffering and scream what in God’s name is wrong with you?!

  106. amy says:

    thanks for the ‘concern’ but i can assure you my life is far from miserable, and it is working thankyou very much, ive lost loads. oh, and if you dnt know me then i suggest u dont comment on my attitude. k thx laterz!
    >>..x Amy,14 x..<<

  107. amy says:

    oh and blondielocks, i dont think we WANT you to fukin feel sorry 4 us! u can think what u lyk… and if u have never been anorexic then you dont understand why…total bitch. shut ur freaking mouth if you dont know what you are dealing with

    >>..xAmy,14x.. <<

  108. k says:


    Tisk Tisk….

  109. jen says:

    I am one of the woman posted above. I am also on the road to recovery. Having my picture posted above is not “triggering” in any way. It makes me proud of how far I have come since that awful point in my life. One day at a time I will beat this awful disease. Thank you for doing what you do..

  110. Jazz says:

    My name is Jazz and at this stage I am recovering from an eating disorder I have had for the last 6 months. I am turning twelve this year in December.. so as you can see I am very young. I was never anorexic.. although I was eight kilos underweight for my height. And I used to be obsessed with exercise, healthy eating(very small amount of food) and worrying about what my body shape looks like. I went to the childrens’ hospital and was told what to do to gain weight. I followed and did everything I was told because I want to become healthy again. I don’t worry about gaining weight I actually am glad that I am. Looking healthy is much better than looking underweight and sickly. If I didn’t seek professional help now I would have probably ended up anorexic.

  111. Jazz says:

    I believe help should be seeked as soon as the parent/s notice signs of an eating disorder. I didn’t get help straight away.. The very first thing I started to do is diet and then exercise. All of this became an obsession and turned into an eating disorder. I never knew I had an eating disorder before I was diagnosed with one. But I did know that starving myself on an apple for the whole day and then a little bit of dinner was wrong. When I first went to see my GP I weighed 55 kilos and my height was 5’8. I was at a healthy weight. My GP told me that going on the tredmille was a good thing to do to stay fit.. so I could do it 7 days a week and it would be fine. Everytime I went on the tredmille I would burn off 500 calories and only eat about four things in the day.. like one apple and something at dinner. I lost an extra 9 kilos in three months time. That is when my parents took me back to my GP. My GP gave me a refferal to the Royal Melbourne Childrens’ Hospital. I went on my first appointment and got told to drink three sustagens a day after meals and three snacks in between meals to increase my weight. With NO exercise at all. I did that and my second appointment one week later I had gained one kilo. I was 46.2 kilos up to 47.1 kilo. At the moment I still weigh the same 47.1 kilograms. In two weeks time I am going back to the childrens’ hospital to check up on everything. So I am recovering at the moment.. :)

  112. keo says:

    i envy them

  113. amy says:

    im sorry jazz. but your not 11. end of. k thx byeee

  114. hilary says:

    i think that u are very pathetic that u have to go and search the net for photos of skinny girls and post them on ur ugly website. u obviously have no life and nothing better to do with your time. if girls want to be skinny then let them. theres is absolutely NOTHING u can do to help them.they can only help theirselves,when they are ready.and to be honest,that will probably be never. do you honestly think a pathetic website is going to help a true anorexic sufferer???????doctors and shrinks sometimes cant even talk sense into girls with ana so what makes u think that YOU can do it. and if you think u have cured someone well i can guarntee you that they were probably just a wannerexic looking for some attention. seriously, grow up and find something better to do with your time because you are just wasting your time with this site. also it is ILLEGAL to post pictures of people on the net with out their permission so i would be very careful if i were you. and just so u know im not making this up, i study law.
    ur a stupid bitch, just leave us all alone. i bet ur just some fat jealous whore anyway.

  115. LillyAnna says:

    damn straight hilary. totally agree babe

  116. hilary says:

    thank u lillyanna :)

  117. LillyAnna says:

    no probs girl. i mean mamavision what the hell r u getting out of this website? the only people who seem to leave comments are people who think anorexics are ‘attention seekers and selfish’, and anorexics themselves who just post hatemail. you think by posting pictures of these poor girls (who some arent even from proana sites!) that you’re helping? think again girl!

  118. Stephanie says:

    Hey, I go to these sites and I know that I shouldn’t. These girls post these pics themselves to get opinions from others. What they really wanna hear is that they look good and are really thin. I don’t post pics, never will. It’s not a smart thing to do. If ana is all about secrets, they are not being real secretive, it’s a cry for help. I know, I have cried out before.

  119. hilary says:

    are u even going to reply to us mamaV u pathetic piece of dog shit

  120. mamavision says:

    Dear hilary: Your parents must be very proud of you. The way you articulate your point of view is quite impressive.

    This blog does inspire change, if you take time to read other posts here you will see that.

    I don’t write this blog for people like you, that is why you don’t get it.

    Feel free to rip me to shreads if it makes you feel better about yourself.

    Reality is- no human is happy when starved. I see right through you. You are fake and you are an influencer.

    Hope you are happy today, my bet is you are miserable because you are trying to be someone you are not.

    -dog shit

  121. LillyAnna says:

    how the hell do u know if ppl r freakin happy or not. just take a look at amys post, she made her point pretty clear tht shes perfectly fine

  122. Jen says:

    I want to thank you for posting this. I had a lapse of judgement at one point and posted pictures of myself in a pro-ana forum. I see now that those pictures can easily be reposted somewhere else, and now I’m scared that I have pictures of myself floating around on the internet. But thank you, because this needs to be a wake up call to girls that they shouldn’t post anything that they don’t want the public knowing, because once you put yourself out there, it’s public knowledge.

  123. hilary says:

    did i ever say anyone was happy when they are starving???NO, you fuckin creep so get your facts straight.i know most people arent happy when they are starving you dont need to point that out to me im not a 2 year old. but the thing is, YOU cant make people stop starving and become happy because of this ridiculous website you have up.
    you moron. you didnt even answer any of my post correctly.
    im pretty much just pissed off that you think you can help people by a stupid website and are posting pictures of girls who most likely wouldnt want their photo on here and when you know absolutely NOTHING about them. for all you know they could just be naturally that skinny.
    and another thing. i am certainly NOT an influencer, i wouldnt wish this disease upon anybody, not even my worst enemy. so there goes that come back of yours.
    seriously if you really want to make a difference then go donate some of your petty money to charity or become a shrink or get a degree to work in a hospital with ED people. then i might start to apreciate some of your work. but until then, im just going to think your a pathetic piece of DOG SHIT.

  124. hilary says:

    oh and one more thing, im very happy today thank u very much :) especially now that i have seen ur shit reply to my message.i like who i am and what im becoming just fine and just because your fake doesnt mean you can try and put it on other people. okie dokie. :)

  125. Sophia says:

    personally i think the reason lots of girls turn to you of all people is because your a kind of neutral opinion who is againsed pro-ana but also understands.

    unlike a doctor who knows technically what is wrong but when it comes to solving the ‘mental illness’ they have no clue what the poor kids going through!

    im quite lucky i had my mother, shes been through anorexia and knows exacly what to say when im feeling like i used to. i feel sorry for girls whos mum constanty complains about her own body and then wonders what caused the disease?

    saying that..
    it was actually an article in a magazine againsed pro-ana sites that got me into them. before i read that i hadnt seen them before in my life!

  126. LillyAnna says:

    aha!! right again hilary!

  127. Stephanie says:

    To hilary,
    Grow up please. It’s obvious that you are miserable yourself or you wouldn’t waste time hating someone else so much. Mamma Vision is entitled to her own opinions and so are you. But the way you are going about stating them is really reflecting on your maturity. You can state your opinions without putting someone else down. Next time you post something, you should try it. No one wants to hear shit fly out of your mouth, even if you may be right. Have a little class. Find another way to vent your hatred, don’t spew it on another’s website. If you don’t like it here, then leave.

  128. Jen says:

    Stephanie, I agree with you. Hilary – it’s pretty middleschoolish to call someone a pathetic piece of dog shit. If I were mamaV, I would have just laughed out of pity. There’s no point in using profanity in a demeaning manner, just make a point using facts and personal knowledge. If you can’t do that, then you’re probably not making a very good point.

  129. Sandy says:

    I would like to point out that not all the girls up there put their photos up for display. While some of them are obviously posing to show off their weightloss, some of those pictures were simply taken off of personal sites and used without their knowledge.
    Of course they did put them up somewhere in the first place, and of course theres no real privacy on the internet, the posting of their pictures had nothing to do with eating disorders – someone just took it that way. I think having these pictures up is incredibly rude, out of respect for the people who have had their pictures stolen to have very ill girls nearly kill themselves to look like them (even if they DO just happen to have a genetically thin body)

  130. Sam says:

    What’s wrong with being that skinny and beautiful?

  131. Lille says:


    these girls are only young! and you are posting there half naked pictures around a website, i understand its for the point of the picture (they are extremely thin) but do u not understand the word of privacy. not only have you illegally submitted these photos, illegally because, it is a legal document that posting pictures of people that have not given you premonition to is considered as a incelic Offence (perverted) but you have also decided that you would belittle them, by sharing the fact that they clearly need help! do u ever stop and think that maybe these girls suffer! and people like you are one of the core’s for it! i have help girls all around the world who suffer from eating disorders and none of them do it for attention or in this factor to have there pictures posted around a website! and i think you should know that anorexia is the way the girl feels about herself, not eating is only the symptom! and how would u like it if someone posted pictures of you around a website where people commented about it, all day long saying that they are “ugly” or “stupid” i dont think that you would appreciate it!


    i hope u get what you deserve

  132. Lille says:

    i hope that you reply to me comment so that you can tell me exactly why you have made this website why you have submitted these photos and why you THINK that you helping them? what you dont relies is that you are not a professional doctor … so you have done two illegal things on this website! these girls have every rite in the world to be pro ana, i myself think nothing of it, but not take badly to it! if you take these girls opinion as wrong than you must take every religion and every thought as wrong, even your own! these girls did not ask you (as you may think) to post there pictures around as they want attention, some girls in my own experience suffer from anorexia which is NOT! attention seeking! if anything it is a cry for help! they keep secrets for so long that they cant take it anymore! because there parents cant help and sometimes not even a doctor can help! in my advice i would take all the pictures of the girls away from your site! and if you still want to belittle them, then simply make a blog on that subject where people give there opinion not comment on there health or the way they look! and i have NEVER! said this in my life to anyone before, but you are obviously just a jealous little girl who has nothing better to do with her life than sit at her computer viewing pictures of sick girls! you are DISGUSTING!! and the fact that you say that you are helping them! is atrocious! helping them would be finding a polite and unselfish way to sit them down and talk to them about how they feel and hopefully become friends with them! NOT! sit on ur ass all day long saying they are attention seekers who are selfish and stupid! you should be ashamed of yourself! and now “if” you DO comment back you are going to say some witty remark back to me that suggests in an unfriendly manner that i am stupid and wrong, and that u are “better” than me… well i assure you that you are the worst person! no the UGLIEST little brat that i have ever encountered inside and more than likely out!


  133. hilary says:

    lillie you are very smart and i could not agree with you more. lets see if the dumb bitch has the courage to actually reply to you. i bet she doenst even have a come back.

  134. lille says:

    thankyou hilary xx

    the only reson my i got a bit angrey at the end, is that i went in hospital when i was a bit younger, suffering from it, and it was not for attention not being selfish! and my best friend i made there, died from it, i dont respect people who say things that she does, and i try and help as much people as i can with anorexia, and people like her just make it worse! and if the fact she has those pictures of girls on here, that didnt ask her to i think is just hurrible, its avasion of privacey!

    and i saw ur comments….you are very rite! i support u.
    this beehach! is going down! lol

    lille xx

  135. lille says:


    if girls want to be skinny let them… if they are suffering from it thats differnt.

  136. mamavision says:

    Hi Friends and Foes: I heard a story on the radio that I wanted to share. For what it’s worth;

    A woman recently applied for a job after graduating from college. A dream job really, everything she ever wanted. Mom and Dad were so proud.

    Little did she know that some pictures that she uploaded to the web many years prior would come back to haunt her.

    One in a bikini.
    Several in her underwear.
    One doing a backbend.

    Not good. No job. No way to remove them.

    Think about it next time you want to ask one of your dear ana friends “Do I look fat?”

  137. lille says:

    thankyou for ingnoring my comment, it was lovely :) it oviously means that not only are you too ignorent and up your own ass but you dont like it when someone eles in rite and you are wrong…

    but still i do hope u reply…its getting boreing having to wait…


  138. lille says:

    i thought seeing as you cant be assed to comment bk to me…i would carrie on commenting anyway :) i think after all this is a free and local site to visit so why not?

    i love the way you can just say stupid things on this website like for example…. ” Our girls post their skeletal frames on proana sites, yet they are outraged when their images are re-posted elsewhere for all to see. “You have no right!” they pout, and shout, and stomp. I pay no mind, intentions are good.” for one….most of these girls you have got on here have even told you by commenting on this site that they had posted there pictures on places like myspace…just to show what they look like. ” to be hosent i think that no young girl should post themself on a website, as there are many strange people out there that could take advantige” but you are one of those people! also you have said that intentions are good…all you do on this website is say how they are too skinny! and how they should go eat something and stop panting and crying about it! well i dont think that the intentions are good!!

    Also, putting there pictures on a site is completely up to them, and the consciences are there falt, but it IS illigal to post someone eles pictures on another site with out there promision and i am shocked that you dont relise that! where as many of the other girls on this site do.
    i really do think that you have gone waywayway! over bored with your comments and people on this fourm also!, not only are u commenting on there looks wich would just make them feel worse about themself then what they already do, but! you dont take notice when one or more people are trying to tell you that it is wrong!

    you are just pittiful, i can tell that you are more than likely not going to awnser back, but still if you are to affraid to face someone that knows what they are talking about! could u adleast take down the pictures! and stop talking about these poor girls! and start treating them with the respect they disurve!


  139. Jeremy says:

    Lille, your comments do not deserve a reply due to their offensive remarks. Before you say you have done nothing offensive, please take into consideration it’s meaning. Once you do that, come back with an intelligent reply to this post which does not involve you attacking MamaV. True some of these girls may be just healthy, thin girls, but they may also be anorexic, there is no way to tell for either party.
    Also, stupidity is one of the best ways to describe anorexia, similar to smoking. They know it’s not healthy. They know it can kill you. Yet they still do it. If that is not stupidity, I’m not sure what is.
    Please reconstruct your comment into one that deserves an intelligent response, and you might just get one.

  140. Bérénice says:

    I think it’s horrible beiing anorexic , i never had this before but my friend did and she was so TIN!! :s but i helped her out and now she’s fine i hope that you guys know that beiing anorexic is not a way to lose waith 😉 and your uglyif your anorexice because your like a skelet 😮
    i just wanted to say that
    PS: sorry for the writing mistakes i’m frech :p

    ciiao x.

  141. Hannah says:

    Im Jelous Of Them
    They Have Something I Dont
    A GREAT body
    Yeah there thin
    and im size 8
    which i consider for me to be fat

    they look awful in the face though.
    which is such a shame
    cos they would look great otherwise

    iv tried everything to lose weight
    dieting pills
    not eating

    it just doesnt seem to work after a while


  142. Scott says:

    All of you are so beautiful and skinny!

  143. Mégane says:

    you are very very very skinny and it’s not beautiful !!
    you can die ! so, eat !
    it’s dangerous for your health !
    it’s for you help, ok ?!
    good bye and stop it !

  144. Lille says:


    hi thanks for replying to my message, i think that some of the words ive been witting have been offensive yes and like ive all ready said i have never ever spoken to another person in that way before, but, this hole website is…more or less a horrible! thing to be on, i help girls all around the world who suffer from anorexia, and these girls more than likely DO have an eating disorder, what i dont like is the fact that they suffer day in day out, and you will never relies how much it hurts till it happens to you and it has happened to me for 10 years i had anorexia and its destroyed me completely ! my life was never the same, i cant look in the mirror without thinking those terrible thoughts that i did before, my parents blamed it on me and i had noone to turn to for help.

    these girls suffer, and the way MamaV treats these girls is horrible! the way she comments on there health and the way they look would just make it worse! im sure most of you on here would not understand the way it feels to have anorexia.. so please let me explain….

    i have had anorexia and i treat girls all over the world with it, i know these words i type are facts, so please if you dont believe what i write just take my word for it…
    anorexia is a form of disorder! not stupidity, i agree with your comment Jeremy that even though you know its going to kill you, they still do it, but thats not the case with anorexia, girls called “thinspo” are not anorexic so dont get confused they are the stupid ones! they think that being thin is there life and they THINK! they are anorexic but i have investigated and they are NOT! so please dont think im talking about thinpiration cause i hate that term and is offensive! to children, people with eating disorder’s.
    when a child has gone through a tragic part of there life…eg: parents divorce, family member dieing, puberty, illness, hospitalization, loss of a friend, it makes there brain form change, most of the time it doesn’t cause anorexia, but!
    30% of the time it does, you see, when you’ve been through something like that, you become more aware of all the bad things happing in the world, you also become more aware of yourself, now many people think that anorexia is when a girl wants to be thin, but that is wrong, it is the perfect story, i mean why else would a girl loose so much weight? but because it is the perfect story they dont tell you the truth, its more about control, a part of your brain becomes deformed and you begin to see yourself in a different way, like hallucination’s you look in the mirror and see not fat, but something you dont like,( they see them self the same they just dont like it anymore)
    so they want to change…but it is beyond there control, almost like a split personality (ana) makes them do as it wants, not eat, even when the girl wants to say yes to food, anorexia says no…. its hard to believe, but it is true!
    also another reason why you can get anorexia, is because you want to stay young, you dont want to go through puberty and you dont want to change schools, go to collage, which is why anorexia is mostly found in girls, because they need to go through things like periods , they need to get boobs, they can get pregnant and they dont want thoughts things they are to scared of change so they dont eat, thinking that that is the only thing they can control, cause they cant control there future eg: collage, growing up, puberty, family… but they can control want food they eat and dont eat, so it by not eating it gives them a feel like they can control something in there life’s…but again still like a split personality anorexia controls them….

    its hard to think that all that can happen to a person, but it can and it does, so it is NOT stupidity as most of you may think, it is a very very very serious diseases.
    which Jeremy is why i got so angry, because she is posting pictures of suffering girls and saying that they are attention seekers and stupid! which is NOT the case! so please i am sorry for the harsh words that i said about MamaV but it was purely because she is wrong and clearly dose not understand the difficulty’s of being anorexic!

    thank you xx


  145. K says:

    Thank you Lille, I couldn’t agree with you more.

  146. C says:

    im not a usual internet poster… but this website evoked strong feelings in me.
    i agree with both sides: yes: those photos are ‘thinspiration’ for me. but i think as a recoverer, i have to learn to be strong enough to resist the tempetation to relapse. if you can’t do that, then you can’t leave your house for fear of seeing an anorexic person– which is unavoidable really these days. that’s life. i can see how it’s sad, but it is also extremely enviable, which i know just highlights my sick frame of mind. i only came across this blog today, but i find it fantastic. maybe using other people’s images isn’t a great idea, i don’t know the legal implications, but it works, doesn’t it?! look at the huge response its generated. all you people who don’t like this website, who’s making you read it? you’re only generating anger for yourselves. whatever, i do it too. i agree with other posters that you need to show some maturity and restrain, which you may think sounds condescending but your opinion is not necessarily right. maybe we don’t know if these people are pro-ana, but those who say “OMG i know her!!! she is not anorexic!!!!” – how do you know?! maybe your friend is slowly killing herself and nobody knows, its like a secret life. there’s a great thrill in concealment… myself, im fascinated by pro-ana. i crave thinspiration. but only for me. i would never advocate it in others. my greatest fear is that my 11-year old sister would develop an eating disorder. i don’t know what that’s got to do with anything, but this really helps me get things off my chest.
    its wrong to call these girls attention seeking, but i think there is something very wrong with pro-ana because it tries to glamourise such a serious problem and make light of it. from what i gather, and sorry that im not an expert here, these sites involve people pushing each other to be sicker. its like two cancer patients saying ‘breast cancer? yeah, well mine’s gone to the lymph’. sick sick sick..

    good site though, i think i’ll be back …

  147. Courtney says:

    I post pics of myself on my ana myspace and know that there is a very good possibility that they will resurface other places. I make the decision to put them out there and if others use them that is acceptable to me because…

    1. The individuals using them to make fun or insult me can’t possibly post or write anything that offends me, I am most certainly my worst critic and I already think all of the things that they could say/have said.

    2. I welcome it if the purpose is to educate and help others despite my mild embarassment referring to the pics.

  148. Courtney says:

    In reference to Jeremy’s post:

    “…stupidity is one of the best ways to describe anorexia…”

    I’m studying abnormal psychology focusing the majority of focus on eating disorders and a common theme with characteristics of anorectic individuals is that they are typically “very intelligent,” and often “excel in whatever activities they are involved with.”

    Stupidity as a causal factor is an ignorant assumption. I apologize, I do not intend to offend at all. Ignorance in the sense that you have not been educated clearly or thoroughly on anorexia. I just don’t want this damaging stereotype to be validated when it is in fact incorrect.

  149. Jules says:

    Love your site & i agree with how you feel totally.

  150. Twiggs says:

    can you not understand privacy you are cruel and are ignorant do you not see what really happens on the website i think not you only say what the readers want to hear .

    These girls and boys , yes boys need help but by you sitting there criticizing them and their choice you are making them fell more alienated and make them feel like they aren’t wanted . Most of these girls and boys know whats going on they do realize that they are gonna die but they can’t care they have their minds focused elsewhere

    i am outraged by you mama V you are one very ignorant and selfish person and i hope karma gets you back

  151. Kylee says:

    yeah that is pretty much gross!!! i dont believe girls do things like that! i mean it is totally not attractive and i dont care to look at it!!!

  152. fitinhawaii says:

    for any pro-ana’s visiting the site, isnt it IRONIC that you’re posting pics…..INEVITABLY they’re thinspo.

    good job spurring it on for those who cant battle their own mind.

  153. bella love says:

    ok so why do you people care what happens. most people who are ED have no outlet;no way to express their anger. in my position, i can’t put hw i feel on my myspace because my sister father and stepmom all have my page and i would get caught. but on a pro-ana site i can really open up about my past and get feedback from girls in the same position. anyone who is anti-ana was never ridiculed in school for not fitting into their jeans right. leave us alone.

  154. Kel says:

    Hey to all girls who want to be thin, why not diet the healthy way? Like im doing, and still continue to loose the ugly FAT! Well yea you dont have to be anorexic, to look anorexic!!!! You dont want to wake up some day being 40 yrs old and realize you could have done something else with your life rather than having thoughts on how to loose those last 5 pounds. Dont waste your life!! Like me right now am 100 pounds and want to continue to loose a lot more but the healthy way!!

  155. Sarah says:

    I have sat here reading through this blog post and every response and am disgusted by the angry sometimes ignorant responces from some people. Namely Hilary, Lillie, Amy and K. It seems like many are lashing out purely for the sake of lashing out without reading anything from those people who look to you for support. I find myself wondering how a recovering anorexia would come across these photos in the first place. If they are likely to relapse then they should avoid any risk of coming across such triggers or should confront them with a counsellor or supporting person in their life so they aren’t alone when they experience the urge to relapse.

    As for all this rubbish about illegally posting photos get over it. MamaV has said multiple times that she is willing to remove the photos if contacted by the person in the photos. She has given a contact adress to do so, has never refused to do it and has been far more mature then anyone else.

    Also the photos aren’t being posted for everyone to gawk at and insult they are there to demonstrate a point that giving anorexic people the privacy to obsess about their bodies in private is more detrimental than having people KNOW. The reason people hide there photos on private communities and don’t tell their families is because the know they are doing something WRONG but just can’t stop them selves from doing it. If their families knew and helped them instead of brushing it off as insignificant the sense of relief would probably feel like a life vest in the moddle of a stormy sea. Someone is there to help someone else KNOWS and hasn’t turned away in disgust or told them that their being stupid.
    She is an impartial supportive person there to talk to, vent to, rant to and as shown above take all the shit you can throw at her and STILL be there for people who need her.

    I found this blog via randomly searhing for anorexia on google images and looked at them any have felt a number of things. Partly I feel sick because it seems wrong to me to see images of the human body in this state. I also feel pity though that isn’t the word I would prefer to use and I don’t think less of the girls in the photo, more sorry for their position. Pity because of the horror they are putting themselves and those close to them through. And pity that when they reach out for help those who love them ignore their cries.

    As for pro-ana sites. How can something PRO-anorexia help those to recover. I have never come upon such a site or heard of one and maybe pro-ana is a code name for anorexic support groups but it doesn’t seem right to me that a bunch of people with the same disorder are swapping notes. If people are cured or their recovery is helped from being on sites like this then I think they are admirable along with all others who have or are recovering from this disorder. Unfortunately I can see such sites as meeting places to swap ideas and techniques.

    I think you are an amazing person to not only extend a hand to those in need but to put forth a view that needs to be put forth even if some people aren’t going to like it.

    Sorry if this post is a bit disjointed!

  156. Chrissy says:

    Bones ARE beautiful.

    People that say we children with eating disorders hate ourselves with a passion are wrong.

    We LOVE having eating disorders because it makes us who we are. We are superhuman. We can go days without eating.

    It is like a special friend, ‘Ana,’ or ‘Mia.’

    Pick your choice.

    With bulimia, I can eat as much food as I want without gaining weight. Enjoying life to the fullest extent.

    With anorexia, I can go days without eating and feel empowered by the very thrill of losing weight and feeling my clothes start to hang on me.


    so fuck off.

  157. gemma says:

    i respect that you beleive you are happy with your ed that is your desission, but i also think you should understand that not everyone is happy with there illness. you may love your life being controlled by food but you cant speak for every ed sufferer in the world can you!
    You may find it hard to beleive but some people do want help and this site is here for them!
    In the nicest way possible i hope you realise just how nieve you are being, but untill then leave mama v to help those that want it.
    you say you live life to the full?how can that be true?my best freind had anorexia and bulimia 2 years ago.She now has to wear false teeth.she is 21!!!!!!
    she has Iritabal bowel syndrome so can only eat sertain foods otherwise she will have severe stomach cramps and dioreah/constapation. you think you will be able to go on this way forever?think again!!
    These are just a few problems in a long list, i could go on but i get the feeling no matter how much i tell you you wont think your super human?you have no idea how wrong you are my lovely

  158. kasey_anne says: is the best site in the world and your totally insane to suggest otherwise.
    There are a lot of bad “pro ana ” sites on the web but they are run by wanarexics and no one can get an eating disorder by looking at them. They are harmless.
    Anorexic people are isolated enough without you bitches trying to take away their support networks.

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  160. christen says:

    posting pictures or links (kasey -anne) does not help the cause. I am trying to recover, and am doing quite well, but these things are almost worst than that of pro-anorexic sites that I am ashamed that I used to be a part of. (of course I realized how sick it was and left, but what is YOUR excuse to post these pictures? If all you want to do is ban these places and actually help the cause, then do it) Dont pretend to be against the emanciaton of these poor souls, then post it in your own blog. RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE. YOU JUST HAVE TO FIGHT IT EVERYDAY. this is comming from someone that knows. Someone that still deals with the harsh realities- that being a low weight- will leave you with for the rest of your life. For those out there looking at these pictures for thinspiration: FIGHT! LIFE IS WORTH LIVING.

  161. ana says:

    do you realise that almost all your pictures are photoshopped i think the only picture you do have thast real is of a friend of mine and she doesnt give permission for anyone to steal her pictures please take down the picture of the girl with a tube in her nose she is infuriated

  162. Em says:

    I wasted two years of my life at one of the best universities in the world studying a subject i love surrounded by amazing, lovely people by starving myself. I damaged my friendships, my health, my academic record, my family relationships and no longer got excited about anything. I eventuallu tried to turn the will power i had directed at not eating towards snapping out of it. I am so ashamed that I behaved the way I did with so little consideration for all the things I was blessed with and the degree of introspection and self obsession I demonstrated was tragic. I am now 23, have been in a relationship with a fantastic lovely man for 2 years, have tried to rebuild my friendships and every day I think about the contrast in how happy and contented i am now compared to what i made myself into. The reality is that ED sufferers are so focused on themselves that until they start to really acknowledge the part realtionships with the world and other people plays in your happiness, they will not get better. I apologise if this sounds harsh but ED sufferers are not sweet little innocents blighted by a horrible cancer or something like that. They are manipulating their own thought processes on a day to day basis to justify their obsession. I am one and I am, as I said, ashamed.

  163. Grace says:

    It is appalling that a serious illness/disorder has come to be thought of as trendy by some. And appalling too, hearing the term ‘anorexia’ bandied about so loosely as in “oh my god, you are so skinny, you look great, are you anorexic?” Or used with disdain (“They must be anorexic.”) by someone observing a slender woman. This is ridiculously insensitive–both to the people who actually suffer from the disease and to the (non-anorexic) person being addressed or spoken about in such a cavalier manner. I have had this experience myself. I am slender and by no means skeletal.

    And something else for people who speak before they think to consider: Sometimes a person has a serious illness that causes significant weight loss–such as cancer–they can do without thoughtless remarks. Again, I say this from experience.

  164. lea says:

    if there is one thing i cannot stand, it is these girls. how dare they! it’s one thing for people to put up pictures of slender and even dangerously thin models because they don’t know that they’re helping promote anorexia. it’s another thing for these complete MORONS to post pictures of their skinny little deranged bodies as thinspiration. they obviously have some other disorder than anorexia. one other thing. i have anorexia so i know what i’m talking about here. people with the disorder would never feel comfortable enough to put naked pictures of themselve’s online to show how skinny they are simply for the reason that anorexia victims don’t think that they’re skinny. they think they are hideous looking things. these FREAKS here are nothing to be jealous of, just to reassure you all. they have no life at all and devote all their time to avoiding food and taking pictures of themselve’s dressed in near-to-nothing outfits. and i think the most unattractive thing in the world is seeing the backbone. that doesn’t shout “control” more than it screams “help me, i’m going to die of malnutrition any second now!” and now that i’m on a roll, i might as well say a few more things. first of all anorexia isn’t what it use to be. i know that sounds weird. anorexia is origionally caused by other’s WITHOUT the disease calling names or making comments or something like that. now the population of people with EDs are increasing because there’s a new way of starting anorexia and that is from those who already have it. i don’t care what any of you stupid pro-ana people say. anorexia is a DISEASE. you are messed up if you think it’s something to toy around with like taking pictures of yourself with bras and underwear pulled half down. let me make that statement more clear. anorexia is not a lifestyle like some say it is. once upon a time i wanted to belive that. now i realize that it just messes up what your lifestyle is suppose to be. you are WRONG if you think that it’s a lifestyle. more like a deathstyle because if you choose it to become a lifestyle then you will DIE. I AM RIGHT.i know i may sound like a six year old. but at least that’s better than wanting to look like one. i know i have anorexia – THE REAL KIND unlike those pictures of the bakini-clad girls with figures of a string bean who make fun of the disorder practically by pretending that they hate food just so they’re part of the cool people crowd. although i must say, anorexia just makes you a complete loser. yes, i’m even calling myself a loser so i’m allowed to say that. to sum this all up, i agree with you mama vision. i agree with you completely.

  165. Jeanie says:

    I found your site very comforting. I have a history of ed’s; actually, I’m doing rehab for one currently. I, too, got sucked into pro-ana sites. At first, I just wanted to see what they were. It took me a long time to actually enter one; however, the sites intrigued me – as well as scared me – and I kept going back. I had no idea they could be so addictive!

  166. christen says:

    I am ashamed to say that at one point I posted pictures. This did not make me any less anorexic. I was sick. I was sick for ALONG time. I am ashamed that I put those up, and devistated to later find out that people used pictures of me for thinspiration. Thank god mamavision – YES YOU never found my pictures. I was sick. I was anorexic. Just because I put up some pictures 10 years ago doesn’t mean that I wasn’t anorexic. It meant that I was in pain. That I was hoping that someone would tell me something that I needed to hear: YOU ARE SICK AND NEED TO BE IN THE HOSPITAL. YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS. YOU DESERVE TO EAT, TO LIVE, TO BE HAPPY. …….the ED only told me that I was fat. Even at my lowest, and ladies, I was at some VERY low BMI’s.

    I still maintain that you should take down these pictures. They are just taking advantage of people that obviously can’t fight for themselves. Yes, I understand they posted them on the web, but where are they now? are they recovered? ARE THEY DEAD? how would you feel MAMAVISION if they were? Use your brain. When I was at my lowest, mine was being eaten as fuel by my own body, what is YOUR EXCUSE???

  167. Nicki says:

    you all need help.

  168. MILICA says:

    oh God… j cant beleive… J just wan’t to be thin… J’M SO….

  169. Sara says:

    I know you were talking about girls crying when people use there pictures, we you DID use mine and I have to say I am highly offended. You do have absolutely NO right. Just because I posted it doesn’t mean people can copy, paste and repost. It’s my personal photo! I don’t put photos of you on the internet, do I?

  170. Sara says:

    and another thing… It’s our choice and we don’t need you people talking about us. AND I should be able to go on Google without finding my picture when I search pro ana. As flattered as I am, I’m very angry also. Get out of our lives and let us do what we want. It doesn’t involve you!!!!!

  171. ck2r says:

    Mama do you have a link to the article? I’m on the Star’s Website right now and I can’t find it!

  172. Helga Birthright says:

    hey my name is helga..well i am 15 years old and i am fatt..i need to lose weight. i’ve been anorexic since i was 10 when my friend get me into it..lik i said im 15 and i weigh 50 pounds.

  173. veronica says:

    You all say you hate those -teen girls who don’t eat to stay slim and so on, but don’t you realize it’s not their fault? This isn’t because they are stupid, well, yes, maybe they are stupid too, but men are the ones to blame! Do you think that a girl is on a diet just because she wants to like herself?! She just want to be desirable to men or boys around her! The boys and men are so fucked idiots that they support that ana tendency by choosing only slim girls and fucking off the “bigger” ones. It’s all their fault. They are assholes! I hate THEM! Not the poor girls… And you cannot do anything about that. You can’t try to convince those girls to be rational until you convince men to be rational.

  174. Jackie says:

    I totally applaud you on this, but for some reason i think people are taking “pro-ana” sites the wrong way..

    Don’t get me wrong, they’re a bad influence, becuase as i see it most anorexics don’t need to depend on tips and pictures, they just get it from their self loathing and the diease itself..

    but most pro-ana sites aren’t saying “let’s get an eating disorder”. Before you enter most, there are clear warnings that the website shouldn’t be used for this that.. yade yah.. important words that people just surpasss..

    but of all the pro ana/mia/thinspo sites i’ve seen. i have never seen the words “Eating Disorders are cool” or “Let’s develope a disease”.

    They are mostly there giving HELP to “already disordered girls” (if you read the warning before you entered). In every pro-site, there are the effects of the disorders, and on each ‘DEATH’ is most written.

    I’m not standing up for pro-ana/mia/thinspo sites, becuase they’re down right horrible, but i just believe that people are look at it as “pro ana as = i’m totally for getting anorexia and getting thin” rather than “pro ana as = i’m trying to connect with people like me”. cuz every pro- site has a wall and journal to post in..

  175. Anaanana says:

    Dear ladies,

    Can plsssss someone help me wiv losing weight!?


  176. to mama-v, and all those concerned with copyright says:

    Copyright and the Internet:
    Whose area of jurisdiction applies when images are downloaded over the Internet from e.g. Australia or USA. Are those images governed by the law of the country in which they were generated?
    Answer :
    For infringements of copyright the jurisdiction of the nation where the infringement took place applies. Images are covered by the copyright law of the country in which they were generated and would automatically be protected in most other countries of the world, as most are signatories of the Berne Convention. The Berne Convention gives reciprocal protection to other countries copyright works.

    Netiquette aside, is it illegal to copy some text from someone’s page with acknowledgement, but without their consent?

    Yes it is illegal to copy text from another person’s Web site without their permission. This is infringement of their copyright and/or moral rights in that material. It does not matter that you have acknowledged them as the source of that material, you have still committed an illegal act. If you would like to use a piece of text from someone else’s Web site, then you would have to treat it as you would any other piece of copyrighted work, i.e. gain permission (copyright clearance) to use it. This would mean that you would have to approach the Web site owner and state explicitly what piece of text you would like to use, and what precisely you would do with it. If permission was granted then you would only be able to use the material for the purposes stated, and you could be sued for infringement if you used it for other purposes.

    Similarly to using copyrighted text on your website, from another website is illegal, so to is using photographs and images copyrighted by the producer of the image (this is, the person who created/’snapped the shutter’ of the image)

    Stop breaking laws Mama-V, get some friggen sense woman, also check the Fair Provisions copyright laws, you are yourself from the US? And this is a strictly US, (freespeech and whatnot), law and does apply to you.

    Have a good day y’all.

  177. Emilee M. says:

    OMFG!!!!!! this site like rox! i am a cheerleader and i am faced with many struggles , “friends” , popularity, what others think, and IDK what 2 do…. i dont want to go “over ana.” but i dont feel comfrotable with pop;e knowing im ana … what do i do??

  178. Courtney says:


    You are diluted. I have been in denial before about my eating disorder not being hell. But when you lie in a hospital bed being poked and prodded, are shoving your fingers painfully down your throat after eating less than 100 calories in desperation, terrified of going out in public because you are sure everyone is staring at your fat, disgusting 92lb body…

    This is not fun, this is not enjoyable, this is hell.

    There are small victories that provide brief moments of joy, but there comes the point when you realize that this is a slow suicide and the joy comes from knowing it will be over soon if you continue this way. My reasoning was that I may be in pain, but that meant I was closer to death and then the nightmare would be over.

    I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be confrontational. I cannot be quiet however when something like that is said.

    Pro ana sites may look on the outside like we are glamorizing our disorders. And I understand this perspective completely. The truth is we’ve found something we have in common, are “good” at-as we think otherwise that we are completely worthless, and we all know we’re dying. We find solace through others that understand. It’s sick and it’s sad, but we are psychologically diseased.

  179. Jo says:

    I truly applaud you – these pictures make me feel ill to my stomach and makes my heart just ACHE for those girls… what a way to live life, so miserable ALL THE TIME… to never feel good enough. I only wish that it was easier for these girls to get the help that they so obviously need – it goes unnoticed and unmentioned far too often. Why is there such a taboo against SAYING SOMETHING to girls who are too skinny?

  180. Allana says:

    I dont know if you realise but at least 7 of the pictures you used are of girls who are currently “in recovery” and are in hospital suffering. You are “exposing” nothing. Just being incredibly insulting and sick-minded towards their pain and struggle to recover. Thats very messed up.

    Why not expose the “pro ana mia” children trying to get an ed, or the people who are giving our tips are tricks to kill people. Not target those who are fighting for their sanity and lives.

    Maybe go to the NEDA web site and educate yourself

  181. Lavern says:

    The question of wether or not you should be aloud to reuse these photos is quite simple. They are public, so do with them what you will. I believe the larger issue is one of human decency. To disagree with the original use of the photos is an opinion. To each her/his own. But to reuse the photos to make a point, may have crossed a line indeed.

  182. Anonymous says:

    Where can I find this nice webside with an other language?? I speak just a little bit english..
    I would love it, when this webside was in german..!!

    I would like understand what MAMA PRO ANA writes…!

  183. looky says:


    i think what you´re doing is great!
    and i do believe that people in GENERAL should be less influenced and more aware about themselves and their ambitions as human beings.

    a LOT is wrong with this world. i´m sure you know that.

    well, anyway. i just by chance found this page, and i am NOT ever going to be a model but i found it interessting to see what you have been posting.
    keep up the good work!!!

  184. Magdelena says:

    I cant stop binge eating i need help PLEASE!!!
    Tomorrow i am going to start a 30 day fast. I want to reach my goal of 100lbs. Please i need encouraging words. tell me how to stop.

  185. anon says:

    I understand your good intentions, however, posting their photos here without their permission IS illegal. They have every right to be pissed about it.

    I want to reiterate that I DO understand you’re trying to be helpful, but one of these days one of those girls will get a lawyer (who hopefully will *also* help them with their disorder!) and you will be out lots of $$. I’m not at all trying to “chastise” you; just letting you know, so you can be prepared.

  186. Feminine Temptation says:

    encouraging words: Step back and look at the world around you…some people don’t even have a few grains of rice to eat, carry incurable desieses, and fall asleep not knowing if they will survive the night.
    I can’t believe how caught up people are in themselves…they don’t stop to think of the unheard cries of people who just need a little help, a little food.
    I’ve been where you’ve been, and believe me, life it just too short to worry about the little things.
    I know you’ll see the light.

  187. Anonymous says:

    This is sick , whats your problem with these girls got nothing better to do ? are you really that obsesessed with other people being thinner then you ?
    And you seem to mention smart ass little attitudes .. looks like u got one urself “mamav” These photos if they were indeed on pro anna sits are there for the people on pro anna sites . NOT for people like you that have nothing better to do then spread around anorexic hate cuz they look better then you . Oh got my ip shall i google that ? gonna tell my mom what im doing today ? my god im scared You need some serious mental help when ever some one confronts you about the crap you preach you seem to attack them kind of like you attack these girls , leave them alone they go to these sites for support the kind of support they want NOT the kind of support the rest of the world thinks they need. It’s hard being an anorexic ppls telling u 24/7 u need to eat seek help ur too think blah blah blah , the lack of energy the mentality it takes to get through the day and on top of that they got a jelous witche like you taking pics and posting them and ranting about them like you even have any right in the first place IF YOU DON NOT like IT heres a fucking idea …. STOP browsing the interent (even though u have nothing better to do ) and intentionaly going to these sites to whine and bitch about them, you are just as bad as parents complaining about violent vulgar tv shows that kids accidently seem .. Heres and idea change the fucking channel or block it retard. (if your smart ass lil head doesnt comprehend let me break it down for u ) STOP browsing sites that u dont fucking like .. guess the question here really is or do you ? jelouse maybe wanna be that thin but cant stop fucking eating …. Get a life . stop trying to wreck the only bit of support and understanding these girls get why the hell should they have to hide or feel ashamed of not eating when thats what they want in the first place they shouldnt have to hide it for the benfit of every one else you retarded witch.. go smoke some more pot and binge eat get fatter… then come on back with some sort of smart ass think ur right comment involving a few personal little attacks on me or do your listen to me talk trying to sound like i wanna help crap about it restating your ridiculous so called points of why ur attacking pro anna sites and girls that dont eat when they r only right in your head , its god damn better to go through something like this with other people that r doing it and understand then to have some prick on the side lides complaining about it

  188. Marjorie says:

    Dear Magdalena,

    Thank you so much for asking for encouragement. That act takes a lot of strength, and it encourages me and so many others when you do it. Keep it up.

    I can tell you that you don’t need to be 100 pounds, but I know you’ve heard it all before. I hope you will believe me when I tell you that your weight is not why you are cool. You are cool from the inside and nothing can change that.

    Keep reaching out and listen to healthy people. You are strong, deserve love, and deserve to give the world your real self. Very talented people sometimes struggle with serious problems – you are not defective, simply interesting. You may have a journey ahead of you but you will learn a lot from it.

    Please know that when you look for help and choose health, you have thousands if not millions of people that back you up. I hope you feel our love.

    Just another person who is gratefully recovered from ED – you can do it. Stay strong, darling.

    – Marjorie

  189. vee says:

    you bitch.

  190. Sharon says:

    You stated that the photos of the patients of eating disorders that you posted are for a good intention, but I still believe that your message would have been just as strong and clear had you not posted them. After scrolling through a few of the replies to your posts, I understand that a lot of the viewers are patients of eating disorders and looking at these pictures, which is tempting for them, will undoubtedly worsen their condition emotionally. You are aware of this idea, I know. Please try to filter the triggering photos you post, to minimize unintentional harm to patients of eating disorders.

  191. Jebis says:

    This website is a MESS!!! Busy bodies worring about nothing. Mind your damn business and your kids wouldn’t be so fucked up that you have to write articles and have a website devoted to being nosy and in your kids business. I realize you all are probably bored house wives with nothing better to do than micromanage your kids but please give me a break!! Mama Vision is completely over the top and nothing but nonsense. AND this article among many others are BULL SHIT!!!

  192. sarha says:

    i have recently had a eating disorder i sarved my self to a size zero and became ill but now i’v reealised my body needs food for enegy and iv recantly stoped and now im eating again and ill never go back
    thanks for reading sarha

  193. Carmen says:

    What is wrong with you? What do you think putting up pictures of thin girls is going to do? How is not respecting their privacy going to help them? You are a complete idiot if you think you are helping these girls in anyway. You say there is no such thing as privacy when it comes to proanorexia, what a lie. What kind of person copies private pictures of suffering girls to put on their own website? A sick person, that’s who. I bet you are just doing all of this for attention anyway. And i bet you are fat.

  194. feminine temptation says:

    The more I read all the replies the more I realize that a lot of us ARE misunderstanding MV’s intention.
    Her intention was to WARN us about posting personal pics of ourselves on the internet. (especially websites that are not private or secure) because our pictures could end up in the WRONG HANDS!
    Imagine for a second that right now anyone of our private photos could be posted on a websites we’ve never seen or heard of! The creater of that website is writing and posting horrible comments, or posting whatever they want. Maybe even SELLING the photos to PERVS or even news broadcasting stations?!
    Our photos are something that we should be very careful with, look at how easily MV took those photos, that is how easily ANYONE can STEAL our pictures!!!

  195. Sarah says:

    “You are telling me a girl with a shirt on that says “skinny bitch” is not a wannabe? Give me a frickin’ break K.”

    I already commented the “grisly year in photos” post containing the same photo, but here it goes again.

    I am here to tell you that the girl with a shirt on that says “skinny bitch” is not a “wannabe.” She is sick. She is dying. She is emaciated (as you can tell from the photo). She has been in and out of hospitals, residential treatment centers, outpatient programs, etc etc. She is close to dying (but doesn’t realize it) and thinks she is still too fat for treatment. And she is also one of the sweetest people I have ever spoken to. Your inclusion of her picture in the “pro ana” movement destroys her. Oh, but guess how she deals with pain. She self-destructs. Will you believe she’s not a “wannabe” when she starves herself to DEATH? She’s not far. I’ll let you know if it happens.

  196. Anne says:

    You’re adding to the problem when post pictures like that. You don’t know the intent behind the pictures, and you don’t know that they weren’t stolen and spread around. And you spread them further by posting them.
    I mean, one of the pictures was a girl at her own wedding for goodness sake. If she uploads it for her friends to see you think everyone has a right to own it too? Just because she’s underweight or has an eating disorder doesn’t automatically make her pro-ana.

  197. Tiffany says:

    why can’t you just leave us alone

  198. lauren says:

    This post is terrible for anyone in recovery – where are the trigger warnings? If you care so much about protecting young women from eating disorders, why are you putting those who already suffer at greater risk?

    It should also be said that A LOT of the pics you have on here are from women IN RECOVERY, who often did not post their pics to “pro-ana” sites in the first place, but had them stolen from more private sources and reposted around livejournal, etc.

    As someone with an eating disorder that doesn’t care for “pro-ana” communities any more than the next person, I’m really not sure what you’re attempting to accomplish here. If you want to combat eating disorders in young women, pro-ana communties are the least of your worries.

  199. Tiffany says:

    I hope that someone get mad and take you to court b/c your posting there pic with out them saying its ok! thats not right no matter what your trying to do get a life!

  200. smudgeruk says:

    Surely the point this whole debate raises is that once you post a picture of yourself on the internet – wherever you post it – it can be taken and used absolutely anywhere. So even girls who maintain they’re not pro-ana can find their pictures being used on much more harmful sites than this…

  201. Tiffany says:

    well my friends pic was privet so you have to ask her before you can see the pic. well shes under age. her layer said that the girl that took them can be fine b/c she was under age. have fun in curt

  202. Tiffany says:

    and ya i can see them here and be happy to . this is kind of an pro ana site also! its not hard to find people on the pic. well i can til they are from my space mmmmm why dont i just go to the pic on myspace and ask them for info! Thats kind of what happens when you put your nose in people biz.

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  205. Anonymous says:

    put more sexy girls on here

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