Silicone Implants linked to IQ

Forget education, forget the books. All it takes is a boob job and you, yes YOU will be widely admired for your intelligence.


Ladies, how gullible have we become?

I literally thought this ad was a joke when I found it on my favorite blog BackinSkinnyJeans.

Why are companies such as Allergen , the manufacturer of silicone implants, so successful? Because we buy it, hook, line and sinker. We will do anything to be beautiful.

Reading through the BreastImplantsToday! site sickening, the risks they describe here is nothing short of butchery.

Yet everyday, perfectly healthy women are flocking to surgeons, throwing their hard earned money at them to make them more attractive with implants. Our daughters? Line ’em up, parents are willing to pay to pump up their girls at ages as young as 16.

Let’s list the ways you will look like a total moron if you get breast implants:

1 Your breasts will be unnaturally perky, no matter what your age. They likely will harden due to complications making them feel like a rock.

2 Nursing? Forget about it, you chose your looks over your child. Even if you are able to produce milk, breast feeding may be painful, and your milk could be tainted with silicon.

3 Mammograms? The test itself has been known to rupture implants. Breast cancer is harder to detect….but hey, you’ll look damn good in your bra. Did I mention your exposure to radiation will also be greater?

4 Insurance coverage after implants will be reduced, or dropped all together. But what if your implant ruptures? You are on your own.

5 Ruptures are common and they are deadly silent. The gel oozes out to invade your surrounding tissues, organs, chest wall, groin, lymph nodes, and on and on. Slow poison.

6 Implants are not lifetime “devices,” that’s what they came them- “devices.”

7 Extrusion is possible. This means the implant may literally break through your skin. Lovely.

8 Other disease risks include….


Lung Cancer

Cervical or Vulvar cancer

Stomach cancer


Multiple Sclerosis

Rheumatoid Arthritis


Breast Cancer

Brian Cancer

and finally, Suicide.

Who reads these risks and says “YES! SIGN ME UP!?”

Hundreds of perfectly healthy, beautiful, young women every single day.

For the love of beauty.-mamaVISION

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14 Responses to Silicone Implants linked to IQ

  1. Melissa says:

    That’s ridiculous!

    I’m definitely showing this to my friend who’s CONVINCED she needs to get a boob job and lose weight so she can fullfil her dream of becoming a porn star. -.-

    Thanks! I can’t believe they said SMARTER. xD


  2. MommaMel says:

    Okay, one picky criteria; is the ad from the UK? Because, if it is, “smart” is actually an adjective for looking good; my Scottish and English friends use it.

    Still doesn’t excuse breast implants…


  3. Joey says:

    That is absolutely shocking. I never knew implants were THAT horrible!!!
    I don’t really understand why someone would want them. Keira Knightley looks beautiful without!

    And to MommaMel – i’m English but i’ve never heard “smart” used in that way, implying it’s only used that way in certain areas and therefore probably wouldn’t be used in an ad.

  4. Ale.ana.em says:

    i dont want breast implants, but i think that not all that its true…

  5. Ale.ana.em says:

    i dont think that ALL you said its true…

  6. mamavision says:

    Hi Ale.ana.em and all: Please go here to view the PDF where I pulled all this information from:
    Click on the first of three links

    Read this document detailing the risks and then let me know if you believe all the stats I reported here are true.

    Honestly, this is one of those situations where they can’t clearly define a “cause and effect”…so the manufacturer does their best to downplay the risks. As I read this I was applauded by all the reported risks.

    Our health is ALL we have….yet we are willing to take the risks that MAY affect our health is serious ways… I just don’t get it.

  7. Joey says:

    This is an article i read today: …. and people wonder why girls are terrified of getting fat?!?!
    As long as the overweight are ritually humiliated girls will do anything to avoid gaining weight, even if it kills them.

  8. Lana says:

    That’s disgusting. The TV show and the implants.

  9. Jane says:

    I agree Lana, it is sickening.

  10. J says:


    visit this site and check the photos link:

  11. Deborah says:

    As a child, I was fascinated, or “freaked out,” by the “bizarre” things world cultures do to their bodies to make them “beautiful.” Eubangees (sp?) with huge plates in their lips to make them HUGE, another culture did the same with earlobes to make them hang very low, the binding of feet in ancient China to make them tiny (and deformed), etc. I would think, “Why would ANYONE think that is beautiful? WHY would they do these horrible things to themselves AND their children? WHY would they “make themselves ugly” and somehow think they look BETTER?” This strange obsession to be cut open and have balloons stuck inside our bodies is the same VERY bizarre thing…it ISN’T beautiful! I think it’s quite ugly and strange! NOTHING compares to beautiful NATURAL breasts…AND feeding our babies is THE reason we have them…if men like them, fine, but THEY are NOT the reason women have breasts!!!!

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  14. Zachary says:

    I agreed with absolutely everything you said, implants are just as ugly and strange as the modifications women have made to themselves in past times and other cultures. I agree that nothing compares to the beauty of a natural, beautiful women.

    What I don’t agree with though, is the following quote: “AND feeding our babies is THE reason we have them.”

    Plenty of mammals that breast feed their young don’t have breasts. Look at chimps or any other closely related primate. They breast feed fine without beautiful breasts, they just have ugly little nipples.

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