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The Secret

Oprah lives by it.  Millions are reading it. Have you heard “The Secret?” I’ll save you some cash and tell you the big secret…positive thinking. Author Rhonda Byrnes did a great job repackaging this concept, marketing genius is all it is, and American’s lapped … Continue reading

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Self Acceptance

I am always telling you girls to ditch the scale…which I know is not easy. I don’t have a scale in the house, nor do I weigh myself at the gym. The only time I know what I weigh, is … Continue reading

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Calling all Ana's….30 Day Challenge!

Who is ready for a challenge? It is high time for a new approach. Starting today, right at this moment, I want you to decide if you can, and will, take the 30 day NO PROANA challenge. I am talking … Continue reading

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Pro Ana Privacy

I was recently interviewed by the Toronto Star regarding my viewpoint the ProAnorexia movement and web community.  When I stated I encourage and educate parents on how to check the history of their childrens computer activity, I was asked about … Continue reading

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Silicone Implants linked to IQ

Forget education, forget the books. All it takes is a boob job and you, yes YOU will be widely admired for your intelligence. Ladies, how gullible have we become? I literally thought this ad was a joke when I found … Continue reading

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Dollface, what will you do when you break?

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Undercover Video: Too skinny models will soon fade to nothing.

mamaV goes undercover! Back in January, The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) issued a “health initiative” meant to demonstrate their commitment to change in the modeling industry. The CFDA assembled a committee to lead educational efforts, awareness programs, … Continue reading

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True Colors

Do you recognize yourself in this video? See original video here on the Dove web site. Our girls can grow up with different beauty perceptions than we did. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? I can not say enough about Dove. Their … Continue reading

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Take it or leave it

In a prior post, I stated I live by the philosophy, “This is who I am, take it or leave it.” The response to this statement was positive, but I heard in your voices that you admire this, and wish … Continue reading

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