Compassion for Eating Disorders Please

The ignorance, and lack of compassion for ED suffers never ceases to amaze me.

Smart Ass Extraordinaire Perez Hilton took the time to post this image of Olivia Newton John’s daughter, as she suffers from anorexia, with “MOO” scrawled on the image and lame comments such as “Did anyone tell her horizontal stripes make you look fat?”


Note to Perez: What a creative genius you are, a life goal to be the self proclaimed Queen of the Media….you sure reach high don’t you?

Note to Olivia: Those of us who understand and have lived the suffering your daughter is going through are with you. As a mother, I pray you and your daughter can work through this struggle together.


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  1. k says:

    Thanks for responding to my E-mail about Perez Hilton. His E-mail is He always makes fun of ED’s He refers to those suffering as zombie hands and skeletor. It’s really upsetting.

  2. Eva says:

    I just turned my head from your site for just to seconds and i looked back and saw already a new post. You must feel really passionate for your beliefs because you have formed a well up to date and educational web site, which i am pretty sure in the long run will make a difference to the anorexix society, which we want it or not exists. I just discovered your site today, and trust me your videos and articles have had an impact on me. I am a college student from Greece, which is writing a research paper about Anorexia. Now , I have a problem, I cannot narrow down my topic and it is supposed to be an argumentative essay. By visiting your site, I do not know what to argue about first. If societies reaction towards anorexics is morally correct, and what society does to help these people. Should Pro Ana web sites be shut down because they promote harmfull behaviors, does the media and everyone involved in the media promote body images that are difficult to abtain? Who is to blame for such a distructfull disease. I am pretty sure with your knowledge on this area, you could atleast find a two sentence phrase, that might end up being my inspiration for my essay. Wow, I am off topic.

    As for the article that has been just posted, I actually have no words for it. We all know that there are many spoiled brats out in society that just dont know better than to focus on other peoples faultss, only to hide and deny their own faults. If her post made her happy, then lets all sit back and take a second to think THAT YES LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, PEOPLE FIND IT EASIER TO SIT AND LAUGH AT THE DISTRESSED, rather than offering a hand for help, or atleast two three compassionate words that might make someones day, and u never know, maybe make a difference.
    Have a Good Day, and dont give up the fight mamaVision!

  3. bri says:

    mamavision…i commented on a post a few weeks ago, and i just wanted to let you know that i’ve been speaking with someone on an intake to either Montecatini or Center for Hope of the Sierras for residential treatment. the sick thing is that the only reason i am finally able to receive the treatment i have desperately needed for eight years is because my BMI is finally low enough. my insurance finally recognizes my ED and so do centers. hopefully i’ll be able to work up the courage to go soon and i’ll be out before i’m supposed to return to school in the fall. thank you for being the person who finally heard and understood my pain.


  4. Joey says:

    That is sickening, truly sickening.
    It’s mainly ignorance about eating disorders that gets me. People could find out what they were so easily if they bothered to try. And it’s not helped by the media which will label any skinny celebrity as anorexic, and never get the terms quite accurate, and so on.
    Another recent example of public ignorance is America Ferrara (star of Ugly Betty) who was quoted as saying something along the lines of “I couldn’t even be anorexic for four hours!” which is ridiculus. I used to be so inspired by her being a healthy-weight celebrity.

  5. sIM'One. says:

    ugh. gross.

    i want you to watch this if you haven’t already..
    it’s a pretty good documentary on what the media does. there’s some stuff about EDs but the thing that got me upset was the impact it must have on men because they seem to be more *impulsively* affected by images than women.

  6. J says:

    Thank you Sim’One

  7. J says:

    here is a clip of another documentary close to above one:

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  9. Mike says:

    Oh that is sad. I wish her the luck!

  10. Joey says:

    Thanks so much Sim’one – that brought to my attention so many things that are so important to every one of us but we just don’t notice.

  11. danyel says:

    hey mammav. i hate that website, they’re soo cruel. :(
    miss you tho

  12. Thats just effing sick.

    *shakes head*


    Stupid ppl, ignorant ppl.

  13. Julie says:

    Sadly, it is people like this that push the need for young girls to feel thin.

  14. Rio Iriri says:

    I wanted to say that you and Junk Food Science are giving me some new tools to keep that nasty little voice at bay. It inspired me to write this:

  15. air says:

    thats donetella verssaces daughter Allegra beck. she went into treatment for her eating dissorder last year

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