What are your kids doing on YouTube?

It’s been a while since I checked out the ole’ YouTube Thinspo videos….so I went for a troll this morning. Consider the time and energy young women spend to create these videos, creatively adding music, screen fades, and proanorexia text.



(PARENTS: DON’T LOOK AWAY THESE ARE REAL IMAGES……Yes, the Mary Kate and Ashley images says “I can be like them)

Pro-Anorexia = Trend in young women and men to be anorexic.

Ana & Mia = Code names for Pro Anorexia and Pro Bulimia

Thinspiration = A term used to describe pictures that help pro-anorexics stay on track with their goal to starve themselves.

Red Bracelet = A sign proanorexic’s were to identify to others of their clan. A status symbol of the pro-anorexia moment.


Think about the passion behind this video…this girl really had to pour her sad and lonely heart into this one.

Today’s Thinspiration Video is compliments of someone who calls herself “mamapapa” and choose the song “Save Me.” Think this her not so subtle a cry for help?


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26 Responses to What are your kids doing on YouTube?

  1. Tina says:

    I think the best thing we can do is go to this video on youtube, and there is an option to “flag” a video as inappropriate. I just did. It’s little, but it’s an effort.

  2. Some of those girls looked good to me, like what I want to look like, while others I thought “ugh, why would I want to look like that? I don’t want to be that skinny,” yet part of me, a small part, thought it looked ok.

  3. kay says:

    hey mama…. i just had to say surprisingly that i am actually glad to see this post. If it weren’t for a previous post like this, my parents would not have known the dangers inherent on the internet as far as feeding my disorder. I do frequent those vids on youtube, and keep a blog about my struggles with these disorders, though i am in “recovery” it is still hard. I can’t just flip a switch and have an instantaneous change in behavior (i am making an effort) but posts like these, most likely saved my life, so thank you.

  4. Julie says:

    we all just want to be perfect in diffrent ways…

  5. Igor says:

    I’m not opposing any of your arguments(yeah, too much plastic surgery deforms people, the entertainment industry is a total whore and anorexia is just another way to let the world kill you) but who has the right to judge another person ?

    Sure there is a point in noting sad things that happen on our society, but aren’t you a little *too* obsessed with all other people’s lives?

    I’m sorry if I was unclear(or worse, if I angered you).

    Guess I felt something special in your eyes and on your words.I’m sure you’re a very smart and sensitive woman.Just remember Hubris is the worst of human vices.


  6. Ballerina_gil says:

    The first picture is of me both on the video and on your pictures. I am so upset. Where did u find these. Please please please contact me this has thrown me so close to the edge. Please i beg you. help me help myself. I am 65lbs i am dying not to be thin, i am now dying to stay alive. im so mixed up.

    mama please email me, or something

    gil xox

  7. Ballerina_gil says:

    can you watch my viideo……my YOU TUBE video its on your HELP page……this is what ANA does……i f**kin hate myself……I F**CKIN HATE THIS DISEASE!!!!!!! ITS IN NO WAY A LIFE STYLE FOR ME I DONT HAVE A F**CKIN LIFE BECAUSE OF IT!!!


    Gil xox

  8. mamavision says:

    Hi Ballerina_gil: I am watching your video now, I am glad you reached out. I will email you privately.

  9. toni says:

    i feel 4 all u people out there. i want to be thin to but i just couldnt bring myself to look so thin. having a good body is better than being stick thin! mama i think ur a little star! xxxxx

  10. Laura says:

    Hey, thanks for the note on my blog. I think what you are doing is awesome and it really gives me hope that people out there do care. Thanks again!

  11. sIM'One. says:

    hi i just want you to know that i love you for what you’re doing. it’s about time someone of intelligence is taking this stuff seriously.
    i love your voice. your words make me feel warm inside.
    i myself have recovered from anorexia physically but i don’t know if my mind will ever truly recover from body dysmorphia. maybe it will come with age. however, i don’t seem to ever be truly satisfied unless my stomach is empty and i’m in that type of altered state that i believe the certain holy (wo)men achieve by fasting.
    did you know that anorexia used to be considered a blessing by god in medieval europe? it was called “anorexia mirabilis” (miraculous loss of appetite). i always found that fascinating.
    anyway…i think you’re fabulous. you got some lucky kids :) :) :)

  12. mamavision says:

    Hi sIM’One: Thanks for your kind words! Really interesting fact about medieval Europe, kind of scary how far back this sickness goes.

    Glad you are recovered physically, the mental part is something that I think comes over time. I really never thought I would be able to look at my body, walk around in my undies, or a swimsuit and feel so free. Its a blessing, I am telling you. I hope you get there, because life has so much more to offer than worrying about what we put in our mouths.

    You know what is so odd? Sometimes this is hard for me to actually believe seeing where I came from. I actually forget to eat. My husband gets on my case about it. I get so into what I am doing, so focused, whether its playing with the kids, or work, or whatever, I will forget or just grab a bowl of cereal or something just to get my stomach full so I can keep going.

    Being able to say that, after being so deep in an ED is a total and complete blessing!

    Take care! Great to meet you.

  13. sIM'One. says:

    it certainly is. to be able to honestly see food as sustenance and not a ball and chain. :/
    how long did it take you to get there mentally?

  14. Jane says:

    It hurts to say it, but i cant see anything wrong with any of these pictures… that IS my goal. i know that i am talking from the point of view of Ana, but no matter how hard i try to see the negative side of it, i can’t.
    It inspires me to read your post MamaV, to know that you have made it out of an ED and have reached such an amazing state of mind makes me believe that there is hope for people out there. You and your family have been blessed

  15. Annie C says:

    Be careful with one thing, though. Sometimes a red bracelet is worn by women hoping to adopt, a symbol based off a Chinese legend. I wear one very similar to the one you show, a rosary bracelet in fact, for just that reason. Otherwise, I love the site, keep up the amazing work!

  16. Muse says:

    One of our members made two videos on youtube – one of them seven months ago and one just this month (to celebrate We Bite Back’s one year anniversary). I think you can see a difference in how positive her outlook is just from watching the video from seven months ago:
    and the one from a week ago:

    I would love it if people would put more videos up that turn things around like this.

    Keep writing, Mama. We’ll keep biting back.

  17. claudia says:

    i like to be anorexic makes me feel like a perfect person and i hate a fat person who says the fat its great and its helty no thin person are beautiful and i like to be this way kisses and hugs see ya

  18. InTheCorner says:

    Hey mama,
    I saw your video on youtube.
    You say that if you have a goal it will always get a new one if you’ve reach it.
    Well , it’s true I guess, but only, for me I already think everyone is fat.
    I see people who are just skin and bones and I say to myself, I have to be skinnier, but what the hell is wrong with me?
    I’ve done so much damage to my body, I wish I could stop, but I can’t.
    I almost died once and still I can’t stop doing this.
    I want help but I never ever, want to gein weight, I feel so hungry sometimes but one look at myself feels like caging my stomach to keep it away from food. I hade to fight to myself, but I always really do. I had to eat today because I didn’t eat a single thing for 4 days. But I failed, I really couldn’t keep it inside.
    This really sucks, I am dizzy all the time and I can’t do anything.

    You know how much I hate pro-ana? I don’t want aaanyone to get trough this!
    But then I need pro-ana for myself.

    I don’t get how it could get this far, how can I be as thin as I want if that kind of thin does not exists?

    I’m sorry for my complaining and stupid stuff but I just needed to let it out..

    Thanks & Greetings

  19. Sarah says:

    help. my friend is very ill. at a young age she was bullied and developed anorexia.we all thought she was better but 6 years later she became bullimic. she looks terrible and is depressed, she is always tired never comes out and has a very sad life. it has torn her family apart as they all blame themselves for her behaviour.it has also ruined our friendship as i had to betray her to save her.how can there be a website such as this that supports each other in not only destroying their own lives but everyone that cares for them. how can starving your self so you look horrendous and ill be better than enjoying life?????

  20. Laura says:

    If you want to encourage your child to kill themselves slowly through self-hate, follow these directions:
    Yell at them for crying. Yell at them about their music. Yell at them about their clothes. Yell at them for speaking. Yell at them for yelling. Try hitting them a few times. Tell them they are not good enough– their body, their lifestyle, their grades, be creative!

    Congratulations, your child has a mental illness.

  21. ashe says:

    m-k n ash are soo beautiful

  22. katilyn says:

    you could get sick being that skini

  23. Han says:

    Although I understand your post & how you feel regarding this matter I feel the need to correct a couple things. Ana & Mia are subjective terms, some people using them are referring to “gods” essentially (praising Ana, or Mia), whereas others are simply abbreviating. Saying “I’m ana” is easier, both in that it’s shorter & it’s easier to say than to admit “I have anorexia”. Not everyone using these terms, or wearing bracelets are necessarily “pro”. As I see it, the bracelet is a way of identifying with others, not as a “status symbol”, rather as a supportive symbol. Seeing another bracelet is seeing someone else who is also coping with a disease everyday…it’s knowing you aren’t alone, whether you feel it’s a battle or a blessing. Eating Disorders & their sufferers are complicated, some people love it one day & the next wish nothing more than to be a normal person.

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