Death Fashion

Staying on the lovely theme of death and fashion to round out our week, I wanted to highlight this video brought to my attention by Jo. Not sure what I think about this, let’s hear your thoughts.

My intial reaction was they were trying too hard. It’s not that I didn’t get it or like it, its just seemed like this contrived thing to get a reaction.


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8 Responses to Death Fashion

  1. pavlovna says:

    weird. this confirms my belief that the modeling / fashion industry goes totally over my head.

  2. Julie says:

    I think the idea of it for her, was to make headlines. Then to see what in her collection they were talking about and what would sell…

  3. ht says:

    i dont think you should blame the fashion industry alone for eating disorders. theres a whole lot more that goes into it that we dont see as bluntley as fashion like movies, movie actors, beauty cosmetics(which is its own industry), ballet…etc

  4. Eddie says:

    The fashion industry is pushing the image that they want us to have. Actors, cosmetic companies, magazines and so on are just pawns to the freaks who think that seeing your bones is attractive.

    To me, the skin and bones look is like seeing the walking dead……..sick and unhealthy.

    I think the subliminal message to this video is that if you go for that look then you will end up dead sooner than you think.

    Where on earth did this look come from and why is everyone buying into it? I guess I’m old school, I like a girl who has some curves to her, unless your obese ( witch is another disease in itself) then you need to know that there are lots of men who love your shape, its how God intended…..

  5. keisha says:

    i think this may be the silliest thing i have ever seen. “oooohhh lets make it freaky!! lets put BONES one the stage.. nooo not glossy white plastic bone gooky grey road kill-y bones.” where does it end

  6. Allison says:

    At first, I thought this video was some kind of parody or joke (kind of like the movie Dog Show). I’m still not entirely sure. I like the texting while they’re walking thing….as if they needed the whole event to be even more rediculous.

  7. Kristi says:

    I am not sure what to think of that as I was once interested in fashion, or at least my perspective of what fashion might be. I have seen this same distaste in the hip world 20 years ago and was hoping someone would lock the door behind it and throw away the skeleton key…It is just another case of fashion recycling. It has been happening every 20 years, next will be the 90’s all over again and then so on….The fashion industry might not be doomed as they are always going to make money off these cheap looking, senseless fashions because they are trying to sell to the youth more than anything and that is where the money is….There is two classifications of fashion in my eyes….Hipster and Classical…The hipster is always going to follow that sort of fad around and change with it when another fad comes to play. the personality of a hipster is usually not genuine and always out for attention. The classical person is going to follow a more tasteful role which is more expensive, elegant, cordial and never seems to really change a thread in the last century. the classical person is usually genuine, but is out seeking attention as well, but more for compitition with her other fellow classicals. You know, whos shoes were more expensive or who’s dress is Versace or she got hers personal from Nicole Miller. The hipsters on the other hand will admit they got a ten dollar t-shirt from Forever-21, but will admit they splurged on a Vivienne Tam Dress, because it was a must buy. These hipster fashions stick around because they are more compelling to the youth and more fun to then to dress that way and feel original (Even though they are not, 80’s Hello!!!). But the point of it being is I feel this video stuck right in with the fashion today not neccesarily the message the designer was trying to send, even though she may have gotten a few brownie points from the judges. And on further note, I didn’t think the models looked anorexic!!!! Poeple need to get off this bullshit about anorexia, not every runway model is anorexic and most have small builds anyhow. I have a small build and was accused of anorexia my entire life because I am also tall. You can tell an anorexic trust me and they are not.

  8. Tom O'Dea says:

    I firmly believe that the issue here is the same one since the beginning….Women being unequal to men. Some men are so devious, they have a built in instinct to make clear and level headed women fail.

    EVIL: defined as anybody that stands in the way of your dreams.

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