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I wrote a post the other day called Psycho Street which discussed New Beauty magazine, dedicated to plasticizing your face and body into some kind off morphed version of yourself, with the help of botox, and other poison filled products.

Ever since I have been thinking about how I didn’t take that one far enough. As I scoured the web for images of stars and the like who have engaged in these “beauty” rituals, I came across some pictures that, frankly, were too gross and disturbing to post.

I thought to myself, I can’t post these because it is mean spirited. After all these people look like total freaks, and I don’t want to make fun of them.

Then I thought, wait a minute. They made a choice, and they keep going with it. One beauty procedure lead to another, and another, and another…until the result was something maybe no one expected, and no one can repair. I still find this so sad because the reason these women were lead down this path is because they didn’t have self esteem.

Here are the worst of the worst plastic surgery cases I have ever seen. If this is the “New Beauty” count me out.


Introducing “The Cat Lady.” Jocelyn Wildenstein is a Manhattan socialite who prances around the city drawing crowds where ever she goes.


Remember the band Dead or Alive? This is Pete Burns, his most famous hit “You Spin Me Round Like A Record” was all the rage in the eighties. What makes a guy, that is quite good looking, start injecting his lips to the point of no return. This story has a sad ending, since Pete ended up suing his surgeon to the final botched lip operation that turned out so grotesque, he considered suicide.


Latoya Jackson has followed in the footsteps of her brother Michael. This one makes me especially sad because the “real” Latoya doesn’t exist anymore due to major work on ever feature on her face. What makes a woman so unhappy with herself that she undergoes painful, repetitive surgery to rid herself of her god given face?


I’ve always felt sorry for Pamela Anderson. I don’t know why, I guess I always sensed this sadness about her. I understand some would say she is parading herself out for the world to see, and loving every minute of it…..but I don’t buy it. This is one sad girl, you can just see it in her eyes.


Another natural beauty who just was not good enough for herself.


At first I had a hard time believing the woman on the left was Catherine Zeta Jones, but if you look close enough you can see the resemblance.


Former supermodel Janice Dickinson butchers her beautiful face.


Meg Ryan 1999, and Meg Ryan now. My husband and I were at a movie and there was a preview for Ryan’s latest film. The second she came on screen, we looked at each other and said “What did she do to herself?”

OK, enough of that, lets talk about women who are aging gracefully! What child wants a Grandma that is hard as a rock?

The classics:

ch.png ms.pngss.png1988_unicef.jpg

Amen for these ladies. They are shining examples of real beauty.


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26 Responses to Beauty Freaks

  1. Holly says:

    Most of this is unbelievable! Scary! I have to say, Catherine Zeta Jones is a good example of plastic surgery. She doesn´t look freakish, but she certainly had a lot done.

  2. Joey says:

    that’s so incredibly sad that people will go to such extreme lengths.
    to be honest i see nothing wrong with a few wrinkles…but then i’m too young to know i guess.
    I really like this blog mamaV. though i was so angry when i first came, I really respect the message you’re putting across. albeit if you don’t neccessarily do it across in the best way sometimes.

  3. Alyss says:

    I’ve always wondered why anyone… ANYONE would do anything to their face like that?! I mean, I believe in fixing scars and disfigurement… But who are these surgeons allowing these already great looking people again and again to do this? Obviously they have a psychological disturbance (the paitients) and shouldn’t be doing it! There are better ways to feel better about yourself… Also I think in the end, they don’t feel good anyways. It’s like, changing the outside to change the inside… Doesn’t work… Just doesn’t work.

  4. Danyel says:

    I’m amazed. But, it’s also sad that the girls even thought they needed the surgery. Which also makes me wonder if most of the celebrities have a complex, because- it’s almost like a few have body dysmorphic disorder…
    It just makes me sad that they think they need it.

  5. mamavision says:

    Hi Joey: Thanks for the kind words. We don’t have to always agree….thats the fun of it!
    Take care!

  6. mamavision says:

    Hi Holly: I thought the same thing. She reminded me of that show “The Swan” where they would take a woman who wasn’t happy with her looks and turn her into…well a Swan. It was a twisted concept, but it drew people in.

    Although she doesn’t look freakish, she is quite beautiful, I thought of how weird it would be to look at myself in the mirror after having all of that done…would I feel like myself? Seeing old pictures of yourself would be like a different person, like that person was dead….do you know what I mean?

    It just seems kind of spooky to me.

  7. emalyse says:

    Hi – some great examples. I know that Ms Wildenstein has a body dysmorphic condition which gives a medical explanation and Pete Burns has tried to sue his plastic surgeon. I can’t take my eyes off Meg Ryan’s top lip these days. On a large cinema screen it just sits there all enhanced and unable to move.

  8. Mel says:

    As for Pete Burns – he is the exception here because I think his beauty and fashion standards are NOT (and never have been) the norm. Club Kid fashion isn’t “the fashion industry” – despite Richie Rich’s Heatherette line. So I’m not sure he’s really counting for this he’s a part of an extreme subculture.
    It is sad about his lips – but I think comparine Club Kids and fashion to Hollywood or more main stream beauty it like comparing apples to oranges.

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  10. B says:

    Pretty sure Jocelyn and Michael have Body Dysmorphic Disorder.
    It’s a very serious mental illness.

    I have BDD and it’s very disabling – I am unable to leave my house or go to school because of it and I know that if I had the money I’d get as much plastic surgery as I could to make me look normal. I feel so hideous and not human. I can’t even adequately describe what it feels like, i cant even look at people without fearing that they’re going to feel physically sick from the sight of my face. It is so horrible and I do not blame those who have it for getting surgery – it’s not their fault, and i don’t think making fun of them or saying how bad they look does anything to help.

  11. Julie says:

    I have never considered plastic surgery but I have a friend who did, she thought that it would make her feel better… after the procedure she confided in me that it did not. She was sad that she went through with it. I can not imagine… I know how upset she was that it did change how she felt; so to see them in extremes …. I can ony imagine


  12. Julie says:

    ** edit**

    I know how upset she was that it did NOT change how she felt; so to see them in extremes … I can only imagine


  13. mamavision says:

    Hi B: Thank you very much for your comment. I am ashamed to say it but it did not even dawn on me when I posted this that these individuals may be suffering from Body Dysmorphic disorder. I apologize for being insensitive, and based on my background and passion for ED’s, I should have known better.

    I hope you are able to find support for your BDD. How are you doing these days? Have you found help and support for your condition?

    Take care,

  14. hannah says:

    I was also very angry when i first chanced upon this site, through Kristi’s lifestory, because of the way you wrote. It appeared insensitive and blatant (as opposed to honest). But i also did realize how different it felt to read positive stuff and have positive thoughts coming from spending 2 hours on this site. So i guess what i’m really saying is even though I might not agree with every single thing you have to say on this blog, I see its point and hope you’ll keep it up at sending happy, positive thoughts to a world that doesn’t need any more negative shit. :)


  15. mamavision says:

    Hey Hannah: Welcome to the cult! Kidding… glad you were swayed over to this side. Positive thoughts feed positive thoughts. Negative thoughts sink you deeper into your hole.

    Glad you don’t agree with everything, that’s what makes this fun. My dad is the kind of confrontation, he is hilarious, he just loves a good debate, probably where I got it from.

    I think the important thing is to be able to read and listen to others and not get so heated that you don’t hear what they are saying. I see life as shades of grey….its a heck of a lot easier that way,

    Take care!

  16. J says:

    How many times, can individuals like Latoya and Michael be discussed?
    You’ve taken two pictures of Latoya, from different years, one of her childhood and a recent one, and you are trying to proove she did a lot of plastic sergury done. This two pics, have different quality, where shot in different light and are from different stages in her life. The first one was taken in mid-70s and the other is a recent one where she is 50 years old, where she also wears make up. You claim that her change is nothing but sergury, but you are wrong, she admitted she only did the nose and nothing but that.
    You completley exclude and ignore an option that some of this people’s changes are their aging too. You make too much of something little than it really is. Latoya obviousley has a good skin, look at her sister Janet, she actually did nose too, but for some reason you did not include Janet’s picture here, when if you take her pic from 80 and compare it with her pic now, you can spot the same kind of difference that you see, in Latoya and few others. also their older sister Rebbie, has good looks for her age too, and she is even older than Latoya.
    Michael’s known sergurys were his nose and may be a clift on his chin. which is not that much difference, his main change is that he’s turned from black to white, which was done not through a sergury but because of a skin condition called Vitiligo. Also he is different now, because he is definately older.And you can see it on his face.
    You sound like this Holiwood tabloid gossip blogs that claim that celebritys do stuff with themselfs that they dont in reality.

  17. Holly says:

    Michael has had way too many surgies on his nose. One blogger´s mother had worked with him and witnessed his nose prothesis fall off. google nik in postiano. and try and find it somewhere in there if you are interested.

    When I was younger, I didn´t believe in plastic surgery. As an esthetician I have seen some great work done and really bad. It is unfortunate that some people go way overboard with everything. When you look at them, all you can do is stare and try and figure out what they did. Eyes, cheekbones, chin….boobs, lipo?

  18. María Alejandra says:

    We gotta love ourselves, stop eating junkfood and do exercises to lose weight and be healthy… STOP PLASTIC SURGERY!!!
    Watch this:

  19. J says:

    to Holly, stop blubbing all this crap, “Oh mother worked with him and saw his nose fall off!” I see you have nothing else to do, I googled what you said, there’s no results to it.

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  23. b says:

    don’t forget Diane Keaton! she is still amazingly beautiful and refuses surgery!

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