Beautiful Dead Models

America’s Top Model show never ceases to amaze me with their total and complete disregard for what they are putting on the airwaves for our children to see.

Ahhh…I don’t even want to really write this post, but here goes.

The model challenge? Can you still be beautiful when you are DEAD?




Where are the parents of these girls?

Why are we not SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS this is wrong?

I’m tired. Sometimes this blog knocks the damn wind out of me.

Goodnight all.


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34 Responses to Beautiful Dead Models

  1. vlink says:

    OMG – I’m aghast!

  2. Tee says:

    That’s very disturbing.

  3. tanilan says:

    That is way disturbing! What is the purpose of doing a photoshoot like that? What are they glorifying? When your dead, your dead. Ain’t no coming back from that!

  4. danyel says:

    I think I’m in shock.

  5. Like I said, ANTM has reached vermin level. This stuff is honestly despicable. What’s worse is that they are not alone, and there is some trend going on in fashion with “crime scene chic.” It’s really disturbing, and it’s got to stop. This is NO WAY to sell fashion.

  6. Julie says:

    Sick… just sick…

  7. Joey says:

    ….and dead people don’t even look like that. You don’t tend to die sprawled in a flattering position…your eyes roll up and you go yellowy-white and your lips lose their colour.

  8. J.L. says:

    This makes me absolutely sick.

  9. Gina says:

    I watched that episode last week. I am going to watch that show again tonight. But your right what are they feeding kids these days? In a way I think you can still be beautiful and dead but yet again not…

  10. Alyss says:

    I used to take pictures like that (I still would if I still had my ‘model’), except mine were better than those I think. I suppose there is a mystery to death, and it can look beautiful because it is mysterious and a transition of one world to yet another plane of exisistance (in my opinion). Although my pictures were suicides mostly (control thing I guess) I remember once I (we) were taking one outside an apartment building where she (my ‘model’) had supposed jumped, and a lady walked out… Well apparently I made it look good (plus there were like 3 of us standing around her) so she thought it had actually happened, needless to say I got a good laugh from that (we did tell her it was fake)… Anyways, tangent there. But to the point, I don’t think they should be showing that on TV on a MODELLING show really (although saying that might seem contractdictory on my part)… But I can believe in art of expression (which my photos were) but on that show, it’s just more exploitation. *shakes head* The fashion industry is so overrated (plus I notice they seem to like pretty awful looking clothes). But yeah, sorry this post was so horribly long… But just thought I’d share.

  11. Leesha says:

    that is just heartbreaking :( I hope my 10 year old daughter never sees those photos

  12. Sandra W says:

    Found your site through tanilan (dontcha love her?!) and I have to say that those pictures are absolutely sick, I don’t see the art behind it, but maybe I am missing something. Possibly?

  13. MOVIE GOER says:

    Dear mamaVISION and views,

    If people have a strong opinion about the subject matter of images portrayed in media, especially magazine publications, the most important thing to do is let the publishers, journalists, photographer, stylists [people doing their job] know that you disagree with their images.

    Write to these people and your opinion will be taken into account. Sometimes your opinions will be ignored, but this continuous pressure from the public, the images that you have a problem with WILL be changed.

    Writing on a blog gives support to those in collective agreement, but it is important to let the people MAKING the images know that you and your community have this collective stance.

    It is easy to get mailing addresses and email for magazines and fashion houses. The address is always printed in the front of the magazine and emails are usually also provided, or visit their website to find out contact information.

    It is just as easy as posting a message on a blog, however you will be communicating with the people that need to hear you the most.

  14. Mel says:

    While I think these images say something important about our culture – mostly in regard to violence against women and how despite public sentiments to the contrary it is still glamours and beautiful…

    Who said ANTM was for children? It’s not.
    We should make better desicions about what we are viewing and allow our children to view – but one should not censor TV or anything else to be apporiate. That takes away important artistic expression.

    Just because these images are distrubing does not mean they aren’t important and don’t say something important about our culture: precisely BECAUSE they are distressing they do make a point about America. Likewise they makes these points regardless of what ANTM producers’ had in mind.
    Sometimes I think you don’t give these producers and creators of shows enough credit.

  15. drstaceyny says:

    Glorifying violence against women–unbelievable. . .

  16. fracas says:

    So let’s write to them and see what their answer is.

  17. LG says:

    I saw that episode and wondered if anyone else thought that photoshoot was disturbingly wrong…I guess others feel the same way!

  18. jo says:

    You will not believe what I just found on the IMG Models youtube account. It was just posted. Bones. Bones, on the catwalk.

  19. mamavision says:

    Hi Jo: Just watched the video…not sure what I think about this. It seems they are trying too hard to be “shocking.” I’m going to post this to see what everyone else thinks.

  20. mamavision says:

    Hi Alyss: I totally agree. These images as art I would view totally differently. Art must be free expression and if that means grisly death, so be it.

    My issue is this is just a ratings game. Plus, they had good ole’ Tyra, the class act that she is, saying “she’s making those clothes look fierce.”

    Honest to god, that woman is a total moron.

  21. mamavision says:

    Hi MovieGoer: Thanks for the advice, I’m going to take you up on it. This one is just so over the top they deserve to take some heat for it.
    Take care,

  22. Rupert says:

    id dont really care
    the only people who would find these are those who look for them

  23. Victoria Laza says:

    I tend to agree with you, but I personally think these pictures are great.
    It’s not as if young girls are going to watch this and get some sort of impression that violence and death is “cool” or anything.
    It’s just a photoshoot.
    They’re just photos. With a theme.
    These are actually probably some of the coolest ANTM shots I’ve ever seen.
    The lighting’s great, and the editing/makeup are well done.
    I think you’re all looking far too into this.
    It’s art to me, but to each his own.

  24. Eddie says:

    Sick……whats next….glamorizing rape or incest.

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  26. Iris says:

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  27. Jennifer says:

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  28. Kitty says:

    OMFG! Every single one of these girls looked murdered. One even looks beaten to death and the last one looks like a victim of Jack the Ripper. Why are they glorifying murder? Wow! You can be beaten to death by your abusive husband and STILL be beautiful! So girls, starving to death only means that you will die georgous, bones and all. Also, if you commit suicide, make sure you put on your best dress and lay on your back, otherwise your face will be bloated by the blood shifting to twords the ground!!! THIS IS SICK!!! I just don’t get it! I admit, I used to be very depressed and a little too involved in the stereotypes of the got scene and I did see beauty in death. Ok, death (may) lead to a begining, but this is nothing like that. This is not dead plants being used as compost. This is Tara Banks judging corpses, seeing which looks the most dead and pretty. Ewww! If dead people are so beautiful, lets all become necrofeliacs (or however it’s spelled). I had respect for Tara Banks but guess what… IT”S GONE NOW!!! This is soooooo sick. I better stop now before I say something I regret.

  29. Taysue says:

    I saw this episode, and I thought is was one of the more insightful episodes of the batch.

    The photoshoot was creative, a challenge for the models to do. It’s not like everyone that helps create the show wanted to have little girls see this and say, “wow, I want to be like that.”

    ANTM isn’t for little girls. And this was just a photoshoot with a theme. Nothing more.
    I personally think many people are overreacting about this.

  30. Em says:

    The subject of death has been forever present in art and photography since it began; the way in which it is portrayed has taken radical changes along the way.
    We can view these photos in many ways, but there are two main angles one may take.
    The first, seeing a death, with a narrative, a story which we make up in our heads, only cued by what we are presented in the photographs.
    The second, we just see a shape, a form, something resembles a dead person but ignoring any narrative we may see, and thus not visualising what happened in the image.
    These images make a comment on how we are very easily influenced by images, but we can control these influences if we want to, we just have to ignore them.
    The photographs do not glorify death, but how can we ignore this simple fact when we will all end up there one day, and we don’t know how. As for rape and insest, that’s a different matter, not everyone goes through those things, and there is a difference…you can’t experience your life after death (well..), it is the end, the final event.
    You may think that these images emphasise the controversy surrounding models’ health, but that’s only your point of view, and if one is to realise that this was not the photographer’s intention, then you may be set free.
    The whole reason why images like these are so widely reproduced today (and in the past) is because they upheave such a massive debate, which will never end or find an answer. Well, WE will never find an answer, but the images do, they are hidden in there somewhere….

    Chill out guys, it’s not real. Noone seems to make such a fuss about the movies, like Saw, Scream, etc.

  31. hon says:

    But, I wouldn’t say that this is just meant to be ‘art’- I think the disturbing part of it comes from the fact that we are meant to see some kind of beauty in these photographs. I don’t find all paintings/ photos of dead people disturbing, because it depends on what their message is. If you look at a religious painting of Jesus on the cross, the message, and what the artist is trying to say, is totally different to that of these photos- the fact that they are both of dead people is a bit irrelevant.
    I find these pictures disturbing and completely wrong because I can’t believe that the message is that corpses of supposedly murdered people can be beautiful- that violence itself is beautiful… surely that isn’t a great message?

  32. connor evans says:

    the third one is sexy

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