Noami, get over yourself.

Thank goodness Noami Campbell’s days of community service are over. The past week of paparazzi coverage on her prancing into Manhattan’s Department of Sanitation was a pathetic display of self absorption.


She tells the New York Daily News, “I’m remorseful and regretful. I’m trying to live my life and do some things for charity. I’m taking my punishment, and I accept that. I’ve accepted my responsibility and that’s that. Whatever they tell me to do, I’ll do with my integrity, and that’s it.

Integrity. Noami, you failed miserably.

So, let me get this straight. This arrogant women throws a cell phone at her maid, over a pair of jeans. This was the last in a string of similar temper tantrums by Campbell. I predict, this will not be her last.

Finally, she is punished with community service, in which she decides to make it “all about me” week. What a total and complete loser.

Oh, and by the way, anyone concerned about her maid? Ana Scolavino, required four stitches to her head, since the phone apparently was crystal-encrusted.

shirt.jpg phone.png

(Ms. Scolavino’s bloodied shirt, and a phone like the one she was nailed in the head with. Aside from suffering an assault, her vision was effected by the attack.

Campbell’s final exit Friday was priceless, as she envisioned herself on her oh-so- important catwalk, she strutted through the adoring crowd in a bare-shouldered, ankle-length shimmering gown and stiletto sandals, then stepped into her silver Rolls Royce and sped away back to her fantasy world..

naomi.jpg 0324webst_campbell1.jpg

(How cute, the bodice of her gown even has little locks on it).

Being a model, its not a skill- its a curse.

We can thank this jack ass for one thing…Campbell, you are a great BAD example.


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8 Responses to Noami, get over yourself.

  1. Danyel says:

    Boo Naomi! Boo.

  2. LemonLime says:

    It’s like she’s making a joke of it.

  3. bri says:

    just saying hi and letting you know i may be going into IP treatment in a few weeks. the scary thing? they won’t accept me unless i lose another 8-10 pounds before May. There’s a cut-off for being deemed “sick” enough, and apparently i don’t make it yet. My 30 pound loss from 155 to 125 in a few months (5′ 10″) is not “sick” enough for them. it makes me really angry that they say that “it’s not about the weight or food” for anorexics, and yet they refuse to acknowledge that a person has an ED unless they are emaciated…therefore placing a HUGE emphasis on food and weight, and only further perpetuating the anorectic’s belief that those things matter more than anything else, namely how they are FEELING. sorry, ranting, but GRRRRRRRR!!!!

  4. bri says:

    in retrospect, i suppose it’s good i’m mad. i’m not used to feeling much of anything.

  5. dee says:

    you guys are making fun of all the poor people in countries like Africa, china and india. starving yourself to make yourselfy pretty, is pretty damn ugly? what kind of society is this? gals want bigger boobs but smaller bod? where are the parents? watching the news about Britney shaving her head? GOD help you and your country and not just yours

  6. Abby says:

    dee, uh, get a brain

    and to bri: I’ve heard of things like that in Scotland where they wont accept someone unless their bmi is under 15 I think, maybe even lower. It’s terrible, they really don’t give people the choice of recovering when they feel they can start to recover, but rather force them to lose more weight. How is losing more going to help at all? It’s so messed up, and I wish you the best :/

  7. Niika says:

    Oh, god… that is so ridiculous. It’s called “don’t throw phones at people”! Lol.

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