Someone is watching you.

I have had enough of the ProAna’s bashing me for “trolling” their sites and posting their public images on my flickr account.

1) I am watching you and I am not stopping.

2) If you post a “thinspiration” image of yourself on a proana site…its fair game.

3) I hope I expose you, whether you want to face it or not you need help.

4) You are playing with a fatal disease, and you believe you are untouchable.

Here is a sample of activity on the word “Thinspiration” from the past 24 hours. How many of the girls posting here are going to end up dead because no one seems to care what is going on here?


I’ve had it.


(aka The TROLL)

PS To Joey and other LJ women that engaged in conversations with me over the past month, I am not refering to you. I am refering to the ProAna wanna-bes. It’s just totally out of hand. I can not just sit here and say nothing about it.

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  1. Joey says:


    On referring to number two – many of the images you see posted as “thinspiration” are often put online without that purpose. Pro-ana girls collecting thinspiration will save photos from all different sources – they’ll collect pics of famous people (Nicole Richie being the favourite), pics of random girls off sites such as myspace (many of whom don’t even have an ED), and pics of girls from livejournals. So basically – hardly any of the “thinspiration” was actually posted as “thinspiration” in the first place.
    For example i’ve seen pictures of myself appear as “thinspiration” even though i oringinally posted mine just to show people what I looked like after my weightgain. I’ve also seen pictures of my little sister (who doesn’t have an eating disorder – she’s naturally very slim) which must have been taken from my journal posted as “thinspiration”.

    I knew the source of many of the pictures you’ve put up here, and i’ve taken them down. I personally don’t believe in thinspiration and don’t want it in Proanorexia, but i was overruled by the others in management.

    Joey xx

  2. mamavision says:

    Hi Joey: Thanks for the insight. I am glad you clarified “Thinspiration.” We basically have the 1 models 2 actresses 3 real girls.

    The real girl images are the ones I am refering to. These are images posted to the proana sites, showing their bodies because they have apparently achieved their goal (although I am not sure they every achieve it, but at least they get close enough that they are proud to post their images).

    I know at its base, its not “right” to take an image from a site and post it…but the need to expose the proana prevelance justifies it for me.

    Further, young women need to know, the internet is public- once its out there…its out there and who knows where your image is going to show up. Many of the pictures are in underwear, which raises a whole other issue.

    Back on topic, it just completely enrages me to read young women talking about “sneaking around, lieing, laughing at others” all to hide their illness. They are totally playing with fire and I’m not going to sit here and say its ok.

    This topic really gets me.

    Hope you are well :)

  3. J.L. says:

    Yo MamaV…Thanks for being a Troll. There really should be more just like you!

  4. Joey says:

    Hi MamaV (i do agree that is a hip name…!),
    as i see it the issue doesn’t lie with you taking the pictures or reposting them (as that’s what girls who collect thinspo do all the time), it’s more the captions. Some of those girls are not even proanorexic (some are models for example) and the point of posting pictures of oneself is not to show off reaching a “goal”, it’s more a form of self-punishment (believing all those highly critical girls will be thinking “eugh you’re so fat”), or to get opinions (they would get compliments rather than “you’re too skinny” or “you look sickly” like they do in real life) or to just show the others who they are.

    You are right that none of the girls really remember how public the internet is – i learnt the hard way by finding a pic of myself in my underwear on a german guys blog entitled “bag of antlers” – it doesn’t bother me much at all really, but it has taught me and the others to be a bit more careful.

    I was wondering – do you have a particular problem with the young girls who are ‘wannarexics’ rather than actually suffering from eating disorders? That’s the impression i’m getting, but i’m not quite sure. I’m doing a lot of work on my Proanorexia to deal with the problem at the moment – the girls need to know that anorexia is not glamorous and how dangerous it is.
    If you’re interested is my latest effort on this!


  5. Mel says:

    Be care – many thinspiration photos are of girls who are underage.
    Not only that, and I understand the point you’re trying to make, BUT I have to agree you may be doing more harm than good. Even when one is going for “subversive” – you do promote the original purpose sense girls will take it however they want. Getting them on the defensive right away makes it harder to help someone if they’re feeling attacked.

  6. Angel says:

    Hey Mama,
    Maybe you already mentioned this and I missed it, but I’d love to know if you see a difference between those who have (diagnosed) eds and those who are pro-ana. I think there is quite a difference. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Keep up the amazing eduation! You’re making a huge difference! Love and prayers!!

  7. hazel8500 says:

    Keep it up Mamavision yours is a voice of reason I hope pro ana, mia and thinspiration seekers get used to your message, and I hope that more people will begin to take notice as well.

  8. Niika says:

    Most girls in “thinspiration” images know they have made progress, and like the praise, but in their heart of hearts they never believe they’ve lost enough weight or become “good enough” to suddenly begin maintaining, or otherwise thwart their eating disorders.

    So what you see is a sort of pride, I guess. But there are almost always far greater quantities of pain and self-loathing in “real-girl thinspo” than there are of any positive emotion, I’m afraid.

  9. mamavision says:

    Hey Joey: Just posted to your wannarexics page, awesome work. There I expressed where I stand on the whole path from a wannarexic, to the fork in the road where you either go anorexic or healthy.

    How did you come up with wannarexic? Perfect name, it differentiates the proanorexia around who are real sufferers….however I still think proana has too much of a negative connotation to it. Get your group working on a new name! Something positive, filled with hope, something that does not define with the label anorexic.


  10. mamavision says:

    Hi Joey: One other comment on what you clarified on the images I post to flickr. If my commentary with the picture is inaccurate, tell me which ones are wrong and I will change them for you since I trust you.

    I have had many others threatening me, swearing at me to pull them down and for this I will not.

    Bottom line- the pictures are a bad idea. I don’t care why you are taking images of yourself- whether you think I look skinny, I look fat, I want your opinion. They are public, on the WORLD WIDE WEB….and guess what? Someone you know, someone like your parents may find out what you are up to, and this is why they are threatened by my postings. By hey, that’s the point.

    -The Troll

  11. mamavision says:

    Hi Mel: On the underage issue, most models are underage. I for one was posing in my undies at 15 so that’s a mute point.

    Next, the defensiveness is not an issue, because it is fear in disquise. If they see their image posted or if they are threatened it may be posted on a blog such as this, so be it, that’s the point. I know I sound harsh, but I am firm on this.

    My goal is to educate parents, most are completely clueness on what their kids are doing on the web and anorexia is deadly. Literally, fatal.

    If I troll for an image, post it, freak out the girl who is in the image and her mom or sister or friend happen to catch wind of it…..,maybe, just maybe we save her from a lifetime of suffering. Trust me, she will thank me some day.

    On the flip side, if the images serve as a trigger for some, or cause a girl to question herself, her body image, etc….I think it is worth that risk because triggers are everywhere, at school, online, in families, etc. They are already deep in it an sinking deeper each time they log on to a proana forum to absorb themselves in that world.

    Does this make sense?

  12. Another Troll says:

    Those girls are the most hysterical group of wannarexics I’ve ever seen. Their community is currently being trolled and every 10 posts someone makes a dramatic “I’M TOTALLY LEAVING!” post only to come back the next day, or the day after that and say, “Hey guys I missed you a lot. Will you let me back in the community?” It’s freaking hilarious. I recommend keeping an eye on that community. So many lulz have gone down recently. Keep on trolling!

    –Another Troll

  13. Raiven says:

    Hi there, I just want to say that you’re doing a great job with what you’re doing. I found your site while I was looking for information for a project and essay I was writing for my Psychology/Womyns studies class. I really hope you continue with this.

    Keep it up <3


  14. aliceishope says:

    You are a fucking bitch. I want the pictures you have put up of me on your flickr account taken down. I’m not “pro ana” & my community isn’t either. You make me sick. You just want attention. There are actually girls suffering from eating disorders. & you just make fun of them. How can you live with yourself?! You’re pathetic. Bitch. & my community is not public. So if you find pictures there, you have no right to spread them. They are for the members only.

  15. hon says:

    hey, wierdly, you know how I found you? I was on a proana site, where they were complaining about you trolling… and so I clicked the link and it brought me here. Im so glad I did, I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you for trolling! Your blog is really helping me not to slip back down a really slippery slope


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