I'm dying over here.

Imagine you finally reach out for help. Your eating disorder is out of control and you need someone to listen. Someone to just take your hand and lead you down the path to recovery.

Then the door to hope is slammed in your face.

This is what is happening across this country everyday when it comes to eating disorder treatment, support, and frankly, medical understanding of eating disorders.

Medical illness in one thing, mental illness is another. Most states medical illness with one set of rules, and mental illness with another…the problem with eating disorders are insurance coverage limits that usually run out well before recovery occurs, especially since full recovery from an eating disorder can be lengthy.

Hope is on the way. But you must commit to educating yourself on the system. The sad part is that anyone, deep in the throws of an eating disorder, barely has energy to cry for help, much less study up on how to get themselves help.

But you must. You must stand up for yourself, and believe there is a better life waiting out there for you.

Here is some information to help you down your new path in life:

Survival Guide – how to find and afford appropriate treatment for your eating disorder

Free Support Groups

Join the Fight for Mental Parity! – Huh? I didn’t a clue what this meant either until I started digging into the ED insurance issues I continually hear from blog posters.

Mental illnesses are not treated the same as medical illnesses when it comes to insurance. What is this 1950? In the year 2007, we allow discrimination based on the type of disease someone has…this fact is pathetic.

Let’s hope change is forthcoming thanks to the efforts of NEDA and families like The Westins.


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6 Responses to I'm dying over here.

  1. Emily says:

    Thank you for this post. I have had the hardest time finding anyone to take me in because of the insurance issue. I have given up so many times (I will get motivated for a day, get rejected by a couple places, and quit for a few months) It’s so frustrating, and often I do not have the energy or will to dig around.
    I will say though, I actually found a therapist through a local university (not mine unfortunately) two weeks ago and I feel like it might go somewhere productive…

  2. Danyel says:

    This post made me cry, I do not know why. I guess the first few lines brought back some flashbacks. Because, it really does take a hell of a lot of courage to finally stand up and say “Help! I’m dying inside” and go through the torture of sifting through crappy therapists who’d rather FEED your ED than help it. And when you’re finally getting somewhere, finally sorting out some options for recovery since a real treatment center isn’t covered by your insurance, and then getting that beloved letter in the mail “We regret to inform you but your insurance is out. You’re too old.”
    *Slap in face*
    Thanks for the links. I’m going to look at them. *sighs*

  3. I have a question.. I’m not sure if you can answer it.

    Do you know if I tried to go to a group therapy type thing for my ED if they’d require parental consent?

    God, I hope not.

    I think that’s my last ounce of hope.

    I’m getting my license in less than a month and all I’ve been thinking about is if I could get around my mom and go to these groups.

  4. Julie says:

    I replyed to your last message on the “help” it was quite lengthy and I apologize – I was just wondering if you had any other thoughts —

  5. Mel says:

    EDs are not the only medical issues not covered by insurance: my diabetic husband (a childhood diabetic) cannot get coverage for insulin or any supplies because it is a pre-existing condition: and this happens with a lot of things. Second I don’t see any reason EDs would not fall under this issue.
    Medical treatment 9 times out of 10 requires parental consent while mental illness treatment often does not as long as you go un-drugged: and often times treatment for minors is subsidized by the state.

  6. PrincessAmie says:

    hey everyone…
    i found an organisation in america called mercy ministries that help girls 16-28 who suffer from eating disorders, self harm, drugs and alchol, pregnancy etc… its a live in program but you have to be willing to get help… like they wont take you just because your parents are saying you have to go, it has to be ur decision…. oh and its free…

    check out http://www.mercyministries.org


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