Do you think I am fat?

Do you see yourself in this NEDA public service announcement?

How are you answering these questions from your children?


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14 Responses to Do you think I am fat?

  1. Thought you would like to see this, if you haven’t already.

  2. Oops pressed enter too soon meant to put this one too.

    I kinda wish I could have somebody that knows what they’re doing photoshop one of my pictures. Mayve then I’d like what I saw when I looked at it.

  3. smartanorexic says:

    I wanted to let you know that you inspired me to learn more about my eating disorder and to form my own opinion. I started a blog where I’m going to start putting stuff that I learned about and my own opinion. I think a major problem with recovery is that we have let our eating disorder control our thoughts for so long that we start to believe that our eating disorder beliefs are are own. I’m starting to figure out that I have my own opinion and my own identity outside of my eating disorder.
    I just wanted to say thanks. Your blog really helped me!

  4. Jennie says:

    Ouch! that is a really good ad. I wish I didn’t know it was real and I wish I hadn’t been one of those little girls. I especially wish my mother had been able to help me.

    I want to have kids and I’m terrified that I might pass my disorder on to them through a million little comments, digs and subconscious actions – the way my mother did. she may not have caused it per se but her problems fueled mine.

    MamaV, you’re a mother – how do you handle it? how do you prevent the cycle from perpetuating itself?

  5. Danyel says:

    My mom’s answer to
    do you think I’m fat would have been
    No, but you do need to watch your weight so you don’t get fat like me.

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  7. stefanie says:

    But what do we do about school programs, public service announcements, posters in kiosks etc. about the “war on fat,” which many kids are going to (rightly) interpret as “thin is better?” How many EDs are getting triggered by these programs, which often are supported by gov’ts and school systems?

  8. Alden says:

    Is it possible to be overweight and have an eating disorder?

  9. touched says:

    I am literally crying this video touched me so much. It’s funny, if I’d said that to my mother she would have yelled at me for being ‘anorexic’.

  10. mamavision says:

    Hi Alden: Yes, absolutely. Think of it as “disordered eating,” there are so many eating disorder classifications beyond anorexia and bulimia that we are all familiar with. For more information go to the National Eating Disorders Association.
    Take care!

  11. Onno says:

    Hi, for the first part of my life I was underweigth (fast metabolism), my mom was really happy when I started to fill out a bit.

    I weigh 70 kilo’s at 180 centimeters.

    Sometimes parents DO know whats good for you!

  12. Simon says:

    I would like to dowload this video. Can u help me? I`m working on a tesis about anorexia and i think this video will be very good to teach people

  13. jane121 says:

    I don’t know Onno. I think it’s best if our parents don’t never discuss body image or weight issues at all.

  14. jOkaj says:

    i am fat aod proud

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