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Death Fashion

Staying on the lovely theme of death and fashion to round out our week, I wanted to highlight this video brought to my attention by Jo. Not sure what I think about this, let’s hear your thoughts. My intial reaction … Continue reading

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Beauty Freaks

I wrote a post the other day called Psycho Street which discussed New Beauty magazine, dedicated to plasticizing your face and body into some kind off morphed version of yourself, with the help of botox, and other poison filled products. … Continue reading

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Beautiful Dead Models

America’s Top Model show never ceases to amaze me with their total and complete disregard for what they are putting on the airwaves for our children to see. Ahhh…I don’t even want to really write this post, but here goes. … Continue reading

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Nichole Richie Fat Camp Counselor

On the fourth season of “The Simple Life,”former anorexic Nicole Richie will take on the role of a camp counselor – at a fat camp. The E! series isn’t calling it a “fat camp” – reps for the show say … Continue reading

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Noami, get over yourself.

Thank goodness Noami Campbell’s days of community service are over. The past week of paparazzi coverage on her prancing into Manhattan’s Department of Sanitation was a pathetic display of self absorption. She tells the New York Daily News, “I’m remorseful … Continue reading

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Psycho Street

Have women just completely lost it? This magazine cover is following me everywhere, from the airport, to the bookstore, to the gym- I see it constantly. New Beauty Magazine is in a class all by itself. It’s mission is to … Continue reading

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Someone is watching you.

I have had enough of the ProAna’s bashing me for “trolling” their sites and posting their public images on my flickr account. 1) I am watching you and I am not stopping. 2) If you post a “thinspiration” image of … Continue reading

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I'm dying over here.

Imagine you finally reach out for help. Your eating disorder is out of control and you need someone to listen. Someone to just take your hand and lead you down the path to recovery. Then the door to hope is … Continue reading

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Another life lost.

At 28 years of age, Maggie took her own life. She struggled for 10 years with her eating disorder, before she decided to commit suicide Sunday night, March 4th. A friend of Leah, another ED sufferer who passed away unexpectedly … Continue reading

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Do you think I am fat?

Do you see yourself in this NEDA public service announcement? How are you answering these questions from your children? -mamaVISION

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Pro-Anorexia? Time for a name change!

We have had some healthy debates since the loss of Kristi and the Internet Suicide post. I wanted to thank you all for your heartfelt, pissed off, sometimes angry, sometimes sad comments – I can not thank you enough. Here … Continue reading

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