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Death of the Ramos sisters

The tragic death of the Ramos sisters is the topic of Chasing Beauty this week. Iliana, the 18 year old sister of Luisel Ramos, 21 followed in the anorexic footsteps of her sister. Models, anorexics, heart attacks take their life … Continue reading

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Show me the love.

The pro-anorexic community is consistent on one topic – they are a “support” site. I need some help grasping this girls. where is the support? i don’t see it. where is the love? i don’t feel it. send me examples. … Continue reading

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Internet Suicide, hoax?

No hoax. Pro-Anorexia forum leader Kristi documented the moments leading up to her suicide. I have verified that Kristi has indeed taken her life, through reliable sources in the pro-ana community. The community pulled down the online debate that ensued … Continue reading

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Internet Suicide

Anorexia has killed yet another, but this time the death of a young girl is documented, minute by minute, for the world to see. Kristi, the ring leader of the Live Journal Pro-Anorexia site documents her last moments of life … Continue reading

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Death from Lettuce and Diet Coke

A teenage model has been found dead only six months after her model sister, Luisel died at a fashion show of complications arising from anorexia, as reported by Times Online. Eliana Ramos, 18, was found dead in her bedroom in … Continue reading

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Who is to blame for your eating disorder?

Fashion designers are going head to head with Eating Disorder Specialists in the debate on eating disorders. This video attempts to boil down the core issues for you so you can decide where you stand on the topic. Does fashion … Continue reading

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The Masturbation Capital of the World.

Model’s Apartment Episode #4: Masturbation Capital of the World Models: Angel, Diane, Jennifer, and me. Location: Paris, France Year: 1988 Ahh Paris…known for its lovely sights, romantic views, and masturbater around every corner. My first encounter with a Paris flasher … Continue reading

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