If Tyra's a porkchop, what am I?

By now you have all heard about the Tyra Bank’s saga, and heard her response in People magazine “I still feel hot.”


I am usually about a week late to post to these type of stories, since I like to contemplate before I post. Those of you who know me well may recall that Tyra was the impetus for this blog, so I find this to be an ironic twist. Her completely asinine show America’s Top Model got me completely bent out of shape due to it’s lack of realism and responsibility.

On the topic of Tyra being a porkchop, the comment was rude and mean, but totally predictable. The weekly magazine stands are separated into two distinct sections – who is fat, who is skinny. It’s a pattern that has been around as long as I can remember, and it will continue as long as magazines are sold, and people find enjoyment out of the pain of another fellow human being.

On the porkchop comment, if this babe is a porkchop, we are all in big trouble. She is a heck of a beauty at 5’10, 161. You can bet women all over the country are now comparing their height and weight to Tyra’s, sadly, it’s only natural.


So what’s next for Tyra? I predict she will rapidly lose some pounds.

I know she is stating to the press she is happy, and she wants to be a solid role model, yada, yada, yaha. But the reality is, not many of us could be totally blasted in the national press, shown in a swimsuit with cellulite, and not totally freak out about our weight. Could you handle it?

Not I.


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  1. emilyishere says:

    that’s really smart of you. how mean of them! i think she’s beautiful.

  2. Could I handle it? Not at all. I’m freaking out right now because I “gained” 3 lbs today and I didn’t really even eat that much. Yet, I still choose to torture myself with that damn scale.

  3. Char says:

    I compared myself to her once I heard that story and saw the pictures. I can’t believe the media is doing this. They totally dish it out when someone is super skinny, ecspeciallly in an unhealthy way, then when that person gains a little weight they call them a fatty. I have issues to begin with and when I first heard this story it just made me feel worse. I wonder what the people who write this story look like? They can’t all be “perfect”.

  4. hungry for hunger says:

    Ahh yes, I’ve had similar reactions to Tyra:


  5. jadsea514 says:

    The name of the link kinda says it all (except for the fact he calls her THYra) but it has a good video of her firing back.

    BTW, when she was modelling, she was the same weight as me except I’m 6 inches shorter and thus a normal BMI. Its pretty sad when we are considered fat when we are actually physically developed appropriately.

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  7. Jennie says:

    I felt awful when this article came out – My first thought was definitely the title of this post (It sucks to be predictable). and I beat myself up because I was so obviously huge. She is so beautiful though, and I think she is even hotter now than when she was modelling.

    What really reached me was her comments on her show. She stated so candidly that yes,it did occur to her to starve herself but that she wasn’t. she showed other, even more unflattering photos and pointed out cellulite. and I cried during her rant. I’m almost crying now thinking about it! I’m glad she didn’t take the easy way out and starve down a few pounds but took the harder and most fierce path.

  8. Aly says:

    that is such crap how they treated her.
    she is a goddess in every way.
    she gives a good image to a healthy woman, i wish they would just leave her alone.
    we need more people like her in the business for sure.

  9. Girl from Holland says:

    “Yada, yada, yada??” Why are you so hard on Tyra? I just discovered your website tonight and I really appreciate it, but I just don’t understand your Tyra Banks criticism. Personally, I think she’s a very good role model. America’s Next Top Model is broadcasted in Holland now as well, and though I didn’t watch it very often, I’m almost sure that I saw an episode in which a girl was kicked out because of showing signs of an eating disorder. For what I’ve seen from the show, it struck me that Tyra was stressing over and over the importance of self esteem, of being able to cope with the worst criticisms and insults – because that’s what you’ll have to deal with when you become a model.

    I’ve read the article you mentioned (“I still feel hot”) and I think Tyra deserves compliments and support, not a cynical “yada, yada, yada”. I really wonder why you seem to conform to the beauty myth now, adding up to the insecurity of so many women, suggesting that Tyra will rapidly lose some pounds after having being called a porkchop. Why don’t you stand up and say: Tyra, you’ve done a great job not starving yourself in your modeling days, you’re doing a great job now by not giving in to those horrible critics, please Tyra, keep up the good work!?

    Reading your blog I see that you understand very well how the beauty myth works, that breaking down women’s self esteem by constantly criticizing them is part of it. Please MamaV, please don’t fall into the trap of criticizing strong women yourself.

    And by the way, did I tell you I LOVE your website? I honestly do.

  10. Girl from Holland says:

    Sorry for intruding again – and even in an old posting. It’s from january, I’m not sure if you’ll even read these late responses. But maybe some other visitors will, and hopefully they’ll take a moment to think about it.

    Just found out why you’re so hard on Tyra and America’s Next Top Models. You wrote: “you and Daddy have been teaching her about respecting their body and how to be aware that no one should see or touch her private areas.”

    Sorry for bringing this up, but really, MamaV, it seems to me that you don’t understand the way you yourself are entangled in the mechanisms and mindsets that lead to the beauty myth. Excuse me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me that you’re teaching your daughter not to respect her body, but to feel ashamed about it. I do agree with you that no one should touch her private areas. But why not see them? Hell, she’s a little girl! What’s wrong with her ‘private parts’ as you call them? Why should she bother hiding her own body, or parts of it? Please, take her to a nudist beach, teach her from a very young age that a body is so much more than the sexualized object the fashion industry and our societies make of it!

    If your daughter is to gain self esteem, than please teach her to be proud of her body – all of her body. A healthy body is a miracle of nature, a source of strenght, movement and fun. There’s no parts of our bodies that should be hidden all of the time, that no one should ever see.

    It’s all about boundaries. Even a bodybuilder should not be showing off his (or her) muscles on every occasion. Just the same, it’s not appropriate to show your ‘private parts’ all the time and to everybody. But children should be allowed to play around naked from time to time (if the situation is safe of course – and not in front of a webcam). they should be allowed to observe other people’s naked bodies – just to prevent them from worrying during adolescense if they’re not ‘normal’ if they don’t have a tiny ass or a ‘Playboy vagina’, for example.

    Well, this posting might be chaotic, and my English isn’t too good, but I hope you’ll understand what I’m trying to say here: please don’t make your children think they need to hide their ‘private parts’ (or other parts) at any cost. It’ll open the door to guilt and shame. Feelings of guilt and shame are destructive to self esteem. Low self esteem makes people (especially girls) vulnerable to the beaty myth. It will stimulate some of them to not accept their natural body and do almost anything to obtain a fictitious ‘ideal body’ – from starving themselves to death to unnecessary and potentially harmful plastic surgery on their ‘private parts’.

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  12. Kelsey says:

    Unfortunately I do think she’s lost weight rappidly like you predicted… = (

  13. celpjefscycle says:

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