I accidently posed nude.

Model’s Apartment

Real stories, from one who lived to tell about it

Title: I accidentally posed nude.

Setting: Paris, France late 80’s

Models: Jennifer & me

Age: 16

I met Jennifer, a Texan teen beauty, upon my arrival to Paris. We shared a model’s apartment, and quickly became confidants.

Jen was a dancer at heart, with a svelte figure, golden curls, and a freckled baby face. Her cute Texas accent only accentuated her naivety (not a desired quality when you find yourself surrounded by modeling agents, bookers and photographers circling for fresh meat 24/7).

Luckily, she had me as a friend. A somewhat rebellious, overconfident, con-girl of sorts.

I was a risk taker, willing to put myself on the line in the name of righteousness.



(Me…in disguise. This was one of my fun days as a model, I had a great time on this shoot, I felt like a different person! You should try it sometime, just get wig, deck yourself out and hit the town.)

Back to the story. A few weeks into our Paris modeling dream life, Jennifer came home crying.

“I accidentally posed nude,” she said and collapsed on the bed.

She went on to explain, she didn’t know why she did it, how she did it….she just let her guard down and now was stuck with the brutal reality that she had done something she considered against her morals and standards.

The photographer was Barry, a well connected guy, not someone you want on your bad side. He was funny as hell as a person, but his personality as a model photographer gave me the creeps from day one. He charmed the pants off all the girls, and had a scary ability to get almost anyone to take their clothes off (with the exception of me of course).

As luck would have it, good ole’ Barry lived in the models apartment upstairs (his girlfriend was a model, so he got to stay with her and the four other girls housed there). This guy hit the jackpot with this set up.

We immediately started devising a plan, I was determined to right this wrong.

“At the agency tomorrow, I’ll get the key to the upstairs apartment from one of the girls, I’ll tell them I need the vacuum cleaner or something. We go in, you guard the door, I’ll sift through Barry’s film and grab your shots,” I said confidently.

The plan was set. Tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough for Jennifer.

Jen was balling as we headed upstairs, and my heart was pounding inside my chest.

I figured worst case scenario Barry busts us and starts freaking out, which we both knew was a distinct possibility.

I clicked open the heavy steel door. No Barry in sight. But a few of the girls were unexpectedly home. Jen made chit chat with them while I pretended to go to the bathroom, but instead diverted to Barry’s room to start the photo hunt.

The room was a total disaster, clothes and crap all over the place. Then I saw his photo equipment, in a relatively organized pile in the corner.

Back in those days, everything was printed to slides, so I started by frantically flipping through books containing sheet after sheet of nude models. Lovely.

It took me about 2 minutes to find Jen’s slides and pop them out. On to the backup film. I had no idea what I was looking for, but I figured the guy had to have backup film. I dug around, almost gave up, but then saw film sorted by date in a file folders.

Bingo! Found them. Double checked that I had them all….and ran like hell.

Jen bolted after me down the long hallway. We were laughing like crazy, we beat the bastard.

Back in the safety of our apartment, we flopped down on our beds, caught our breath, and smiled at each other.

I am not sure where Jen is today, I’ve lost touch with all of my modeling friends. But I know she would remember this day, and be grateful we erased this moment of time from her past.

As for Barry, I ran into him at a club in NY about 3 years later. He was totally coked up, and pulled me into the girls bathroom to do a line (which I rejected of course) .

Once a loser, always a loser.



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  1. flickrhoneys says:

    You are my hero 😀

  2. isawdust says:

    This is really a powerful story.

  3. madmouser says:

    You are a great friend!

  4. Ganaesh D. says:

    Good move there!

  5. angelicalpetter says:

    Wow M.I.4

  6. Maria says:

    Excellent story!

  7. biasonus says:

    What a brave girl! I applaud you.

  8. Zaid says:

    Entertaining story. Though you don’t shy away from making yourself sound as some powerful, untouchable figure. Great story none the less.

  9. Sunny A S says:

    Take a bow lady !! :)

  10. Olivia says:

    That was a GREAT story, I hope I’m able to tell stories like that soon!

  11. owencutajar says:

    Good story. I enjoyed reading that

  12. sunnyside says:

    great story :)

  13. Vicenza Bird says:

    OOOH my GOD!!!!!!!!! That’s SO HOT!!!!!!! can i get pics of that picture????

  14. Timothy D says:

    Great illustration of initiative and the fact that any true friend will risk arrest to right a wrong!

  15. Good story.
    I actually *did* go out with my friends wearing a wig like that! Must do that post soon!


  16. bayati says:

    can i ask if you’re a model, or are in any form, fashion, manner or idea involved in the business? I only ask because I am interested.
    Thank you.

  17. rantran says:

    that was the weirdest story i ever heard


  18. TheMarkr says:

    Great story.
    Way to grab the slides and save your friend, Jen, from further embarassment!

  19. dimaks says:

    good thing the photos were not taken with a digicam(?).. because if so, it looks like difficult to grab the file back and who knows he could have saved it already somewhere in his computer hard disks or maybe mobile disks that he bring everyday. but you did a great job.

  20. renaikan says:

    Sounds like something right out of a sitcom.

  21. codyau says:

    Simply inspirational! If only all of life’s troubles could be so (relatively) easily amended.

  22. fracas says:

    MAMA! Not only do you kick butt now, but you did as a teen too! I happened to be checking the Top Posts page at WordPress, and found this post on it. I wasn’t sure if you’d catch it, so I took screen shots of everything for you and you can find them all over at this page at fracas. I have snaps of you listed on the top posts page, the top blogs page and lo and behold if I didn’t also manage to catch you featured as a “Blog of the Minute” and so snapped that shot too.

    Just go to the fracas post and save all the images to your own files! I thought you might like to have all the images for posterity.

    Good on you for what you do and for managing to get the exposure happening for such a good cause. You rock!

  23. Ankur says:

    Way to go!

  24. Hey says:

    Wanna take some pictures?

  25. Felipe says:


  26. itspeopledammit says:

    Great story.

    I accidentally posTed nude once. Maybe more than once. OK, and it probably wasn’t an accident.

    This is getting wierd.

  27. Loaded Monkeys says:

    Awesome title to this post – one of the best I’ve ever seen. No wonder your top of the posts.

  28. Dima says:

    Great story

  29. Dima says:

    Great story :)

  30. Iris says:

    Yay! What a good ending…

  31. abid says:

    Nice story, tell it to reader’s digest.

  32. Crispz says:

    Too true (‘once a loser, always a loser’). Lucky that Jen got her photos back, she coulda been ruined if not (:

  33. justreviews says:

    Way to go. there are so many creeps out there trying to take advantage, it’s always good to hear of one that gets their comeuppance. Way to go girl

  34. insomnity says:

    that’s so nice of you. jen is lucky to have you as a friend.

  35. Marta says:

    Great story! My mom was a model in her day. I was discovered at 18, but wasn’t interested at the time. Since then I sometimes wonder what if, so modeling stories fascinate me. Nobody wants those sorts of photos popping up to haunt them, so good for you! God bless.

  36. Dr Farrukh Malik says:

    Very well knit story!

  37. melissa says:

    Great story, for a minute I thought it was you. It was good that you didnt pose because in those days models would do anything to get a career.

  38. hroswith says:

    Bah. it would be a nice happy-ending story, if it didn’t sound so wierd and improbable… =/ Besides, isn’t that theft? She wilfully posed nude and photos were, technically speaking, his property (she should have known better, I guess) – I doubt the guy drugged your friend and forced her to pose nude. If he had coherced her in any way (including psychologically) you would have called the police, and rightly so.

    It just doesn’t sound realistic. Didn’t the guy do anything to retrieve his photographs? He makes a living out of that – I utterly doubt in such a situation he wouldn’t call the police… his room had been in fact burglarized.

    I don’t know. My feeling is that this story doesn’t really stand up.

  39. ramesh says:

    everyone are commenting on the ‘great story’. I thought it was a real incident!

  40. marisaw says:

    It’s not rare to learn about stories like that when living in Paris, you know…

  41. compartments says:

    I’ve posed nude on purpose, but that’s because I’m an escort and need advertising photos sometimes. But there seem to be sooo many photographers out there who flatter young women into getting their clothes off. A lot of them contact escorts in the hopes of finding willing models to pose nude, but they also seem to think they will get free sex out of the deal too. Irritating!

  42. Luis Espinal says:

    The modeling industry is such. People pray on the weak, or unprepared. I’m glad you two were able to pull that photo “seek & destroy” mission. LOL. Good to hear it all ended up good, and it’s a funny story as well.


  43. emilyishere says:

    wow this is a really well-written story and that sounds so scary!! even though i’m only 10, i really get how bad that is!!!!!!!!! :-0 I can’t believe that there are guys like that out there!!!!!

    please come to my blog and commet. if you don’t want to, that’s ok.
    this is a good blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWA ZOWA YOU’RE SMART!

  44. emilyishere says:


    i am the real emilyishere’s little sister. i’m ten. she’s actually 25. :-) heheh, dont’ tell her i was on her account.

    ALTHOUGH I AM HER PARTNER IN OUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or maybe just a helper…:-)

  45. thebadgers says:

    Please check out the blog and read chapters 1 and 2 on the chapters page, and comment on them. Thanks!

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  47. stephatto says:

    yay for you… that’s awesome.

  48. mamavision says:

    Thank you EVERYONE for the wonderful comments on this story. This thing was in my head for years, it felt good to get it out. Ironically, I was stuck on a plane Friday night trying to get home from a business trip, which gave me time to write it. I launched it to my blog when I got home and have been totally overwelmed (and kind of scared) by the response. I guess I’ll keep writing, I have many more stories to tell. Check out The Day 60 Minutes called me if you have not already.
    Take care and thank you, thank you!

    PS Chasing Beauty podcast is launching this week with my cohost Stephanie from http://backinskinnyjeans.com. If you liked this story, you may like our podcast. We are total rookies at it, but the content should keep you listening. I’ll post podcast launch information once we are live.

  49. mamavision says:

    Hi Zaid: I agree, I am a little over the top aren’t I? I thought that when I was writing it but then I figured – I was untouchable, literally and figuratively…. and in the Paris Modeling scene that is something to brag about.

    Thanks for your honest critique!

  50. mamavision says:

    VicenzaBird: I am not a big believer in deleting comments, so I’m leaving yours there for the world to see.

  51. mamavision says:

    To Bayati and all: Here’s a brief on my background. Send to Paris as a model at 16, worked the business in Milan and NY until age 21 when I opted out (life revolving around what I looked like was killing me). Kept my past modeling life a secret during my adult life, until I started this blog last summer.

    My 6 year old daughter served as my inspiration, along with the recent deaths of models from anorexia, and the Ana & Mia craze (see prior posts on this topic).

    Then, I read the statistic that “Young girls are more afraid of getting fat than cancer, nuclear war, or losing their parents,” I went into this full force. In my view media images and beauty myths are totally out of hand…and maybe, just maybe I could be a voice of reason for girls considering modeling and/or girls with eating disorders.

    Now, I have to go since my daughter is waiting for me. We are going to a really cool Girl Scout at an indoor water park, so once again I will be the only Mom in her swimsuit, while the others sit on the sidelines afraid to show their stretch marks and imperfections. I rest my case.


  52. mamavision says:

    Hroswith: Yes it was theft, didn’t have an issue with it due to circumstance (guess you had to be there). No drugging of Jen involved, but pursuasion is awefully powerful when you are a young girl living your “dream” in Paris as a model. Things happen.

    The photographer shot so models a day, he didn’t even miss the ones we swiped.

    This is a true story, written from my perspective in terms of how I felt and how Jen felt. Funny you would think this is B.S since the story is not that outraegous, is it?

  53. Holly says:

    Wow, brilliantly written.
    Of course, I do believe it’s a true story, but the way you put it into words…wow. There’s nothing more for me to say.
    It was very interesting, needless to say.
    Thanks for brightening up my evening 😀

  54. peakaction says:

    I don’t mean to sound like a dick, but… Why exactly are you bragging about stealing this photographer’s property? There weren’t a lot of details in your story, but it sounds to me like your friend posed of her own free will.

    “She didn’t know why she did it” does not excuse the fact that you broke into this guy’s place and stole his property. If she didn’t want to take off her clothes for the photographs, then she shouldn’t have done it.

    You can’t blame someone else’s charm for “making” her do something she didn’t want to do. If she *really* didn’t want to do it, she didn’t have to. She admitted that she didn’t know why she did it, which tells me he didn’t exactly have a gun to her head.

    Did you try simply asking him for the photos back before stealing his film, and by association, his creative property? I’m not denying that the guy may have been a scumbag, but you could have at least tried an honorable route of your own before stealing his film.

  55. hroswith says:

    I understand the circumstances (and I’m glad for you and your friend you could retrieve the shots, no matter how). I just said it sounds weird and hard to believe you got away with it like that… I’m surprised the photographer took no action after the photos were illegally removed from his study. I’m not implying it is BS, just that it is hard to believe. and if he is so influencial, why didn’t he tried to take revenge is some way?

    Incidentally, I know what I am talking about, because I’ve been in both situations, i.e. guy in charge wants me naked and guess what, no, I can get what i want without removing my clothes, and projects/photos stolen from me. But then, I’m not a naive silly girl. You said your friend was naive, which is understandable… Maybe your photographer was incredibly silly as well… who knows.

  56. itspeopledammit says:

    Hey Peakaction,

    While I agree stealing is not typically a wise course of action, this is one entertaining piece of writing from MV. Look at it from that direction and don’t worry about someone else’s years old moral indiscretion. (Though I just visited your blog and can see why you would have this reaction–you’re a photog!)

    I likely have the opposite reaction because I make my living (believe it or not) as a writer. So maybe I pay more attention to the entertainment value of the post rather than the moral of the post.


  57. anonymous says:

    Here is a true story. I plied my trade in the music business in California for years and accomplished quite a lot and then my dream job came true in the east. I did well for about three years, but had an affair with a lady producer. Mistake, big mistake. She interfered with all of my work after that. Finally she talked me into coming to her home one evening and my purpose was just to humor her so that she would leave me alone. Well she had wired the room for video and since she is a beautiful albeit evil woman she video taped us having sex. I actually discovered the camera later in the evening, but then it was too late! She has posted that video as stills all over the internet and posted them so current girlfriends could see them. She blocks out her face , but it is clear that it is me and yes sexual part s show. Those pictures have been posted to web sites where my friends and associates would see them. When I complain to the websites I get no response no reply.

  58. peakaction says:

    Itspeopledammit –

    It is an entertaining story, but as the last line of the piece illustrates, it seems that one point of the story was to point out what a loser this photog was, and make it out as though he was an animalistic predator who forced this girl to take off her clothes against her will, thereby absolving her of responsibility for her own decisions.

    I would be more inclined to just take the story at face value if there hadn’t been some comments saying, “Yay for defending the girl and showing that scumbag what’s what.” It casts my people in a bad light, and I simply thought a counterpoint was in order. I’m not trying to say that anyone needs to apologize for their actions. Glass houses, and all, you know… :-)

  59. wolfofsahara says:

    Poor Jennifer… she was not ready for cities like Paris or NY. Very lucky Jen too, since there’re so much worse things that could’ve happened to her.

  60. itspeopledammit says:

    PeakAction: It’s all good. Yeah, and I not only live in a glass house, I live in a glass house next to a rock quarry. Have a good one.

  61. perpetualgirl says:

    what a story! : )

  62. ” I accidently posed nude!”

    Yeah right, like Sharon Stone didn’t know her, ahem, special place was exposed in that “Basic Instinct” flick she made with Michael Dougles.

    I have a theory about the strange behavior of models–you people do not get enough calories on a daily bases.

  63. abbeyroad623 says:

    wow, this sounds hilarious. i enjoyed reading.
    good writing too :)

  64. And another thing:

    Where do you get off always blaming the guy, solely, for getting you gals out of your clothes.

    And finally:

    Living with more then one woman would be an abject nightmare; let alone living with women not getting enough calories, and eveyone of them being self-centered-exhibitionists, scratching and clawing to get all of the attention—sounds like this situation could be one of the sections of a circle in hell!

  65. itspeopledammit says:

    I’ve lived with multiple females, and I can tell you it’s not picnic. No anti-feminist rant here, it’s just there is a natural competition for resources. It was a total of 7 children and it was tough.

  66. mannabozo says:

    Very entertaining story. Although I am confused. Did Barry take the pictures against your friend’s will? I’m not clear on that from the narrative. Thank you for the story, though!

  67. beck says:

    I admire your courage. Thanks.

  68. endroo G says:

    a nice story. Is is a real story? Well, the post title is eye catchy enough… thats why I’m here. 😉 Cheers.

  69. Biatch Aouy says:

    fantatic. three cheers!

  70. Parminder says:

    Nice story and a wonderful title.

  71. Peter says:

    Hope that Jennifer’s okay…she can look back at this experience and smile at the memory of having a friend like you to watch her back.

    Attago girl….

  72. db says:

    LOL, this is such a funny story… but great at the same time.

    Congrats on beating the creepy freak, and sticking up for a friend!!!

    People like you should get medals 😛

  73. maxx says:

    hi sarahh

  74. sarahh. says:

    yo dogggg. ily maxx

  75. mygodblog says:

    So how do you actual “pose nude,” “by accident?”

  76. Gabriel says:

    I have a big question, How do you accidentally pose nude. Well anyways your blog is very interesting and if you wouldn’t mind telling me more about what this blog is about and what info is available I would love it.

    Way to go.


  77. roy says:

    Same question here, how do you “accidentally pose nude”

    LOL, it does sound like something a naive girl would say, but it’s a stretch to say stuff like that. It’s kind of like in Lucky Number Slevin when he tells the story of how he walks in on his girl having sex with someone else and she says “It was an accident”. He replies, “Oh, like he just fell down and his stuff went into you.”

    Good story though, hopefully your friend didn’t turnaround and pose nude a year later huh?

    New title – “Don’t pose nude”

  78. fracas says:

    Mama – I’ve read the comments. Given the title and the people those keywords might attract, I actually think you haven’t done too badly. I think Vincenza is a spam since it links to a game site.

    There are a couple others I noticed, but don’t let them get to you.

    Peakaction – I read your exchange with itspeopledammit and just want to throw something else into the consideration.

    The girls were underage at the time, and THAT should’ve been what had the photographer taking a pass on photos of her. Have you ever been a 16 year old girl? (Well lol, I know you haven’t, I’m being dramatic) I have.

    At 16, you think you’re mature. You think you can handle yourself. You think because you have breasts and hips and when you put on makeup and the right clothes you can attract anyone from a 16 year old boy to a 35 year old man, that this means you are “a WOMAN”. And so sometimes you put yourself in stupid situations. Sometimes, you are so flattered and overwhelmed when a “MAN” shows you attention, that you forget who you are and are fooled into really believing you are grown up and then before you know it… you’ve “accidentally” posed nude.

    I recall being 16 and a handsome MAN I was serving (a lovely soft ice cream cone to at the local ice-cream parlour where I had a job) tried to pick me up. He was far too old for me. I almost got sucked in.

    I can see how this can happen to a girl who’s off in another country, immersed in a world she really isn’t mature enough for.

    Mama is a hero for what she did, and the photographer was a loser (probably still is).


    Not because he took pictures of naked girls…. because he took pictures of naked UNDERAGE girls.

    You shouldn’t take it personally. You should be standing up to say “What a loser… I’m a photographer and photographers with integrity don’t take photos of naked UNDERAGE girls.”

    This photographer is LUCKY that instead of just doing what they did to get their own photos back, that they didn’t go to authorities and have his sorry ass thrown in some kind of jail and his career ended unless he wanted to shift over to taking photos for some two bit porn mag since because of his penchant for taking photos of UNDERAGE girls, no reputable porn mag would take him on either.

    Everyone else posting comments about how the girl who posed “Knew what she was doing” – Please read the comments above over again.

    Kudos mama, I’m still cheering for you.

  79. bubbly says:

    sometimes we do things accidentally,we all do mistakes maybe in different was but we do them,DON’T WE!!!but we are great in judging others and ignore ours.
    Mama what you did was great and i think that’s why friends are arround.

  80. Chode says:

    Do you ever wonder if those nude photos could have jump started her career and all you really did was “save” her from a life of glamour and wealth?

  81. fracas says:

    Chode – The incident happened about 20 years ago. Life then wasn’t like it is now where the road to “glamour and wealth” is paved with crotch shots and wardrobe malfunctions. Back then, people actually cared if something like that got out, they didn’t use them to base a career on unless their career intentions were, “Hi.. my name is Debbie… I ‘do’ Dallas.”

  82. fracas says:

    Please note: The strikethrough was intentional. I don’t know anyone truly glamourous, who thinks crotch shots and boobs falling out of your dress on purpose is being on the road to glamour and wealth. Wealth perhaps, since we live in a society of people willing to eat rotting sheep testicles or eyeballs for the chance to win a few bucks on shows like Fear Factor, but certainly not glamour.

    I’ve decided that Chode (who left no link for me to be able to visit their site and see what kind of wit they posess by reading their other writings) must have been excercising his/her right to be sarcastic. I doubt anyone would actually post a comment like that and be serious.

  83. peakaction says:


    You are definitely right in your assumption that I have never been a teenage girl, but as far as I know, at the time, the legal age for posing nude in England, at least, was sixteen (Was it the same in France? I’m not sure, I’m just using it as an example that the laws in Europe may not be the same as in the US. Many Page 3 girls have been but sixteen), so I don’t think he would have been charged as a pedo. Not that I’m defending his desire to take photos of sixteen-year-old girls.

    I certainly understand your point of view, but at the same time, I have to ask myself why a girl’s parents (if she had parents who cared enough) would let her travel to a foreign country, by herself, to be set upon by the fashion industry, if she weren’t at least reasonably responsible in her own right, and knew what she was getting into. On that note, it may have been possible that this photographer thought she really did know what she was doing, and did was not trying to take advantage of her. Once again, not that I’m saying he wasn’t a scumbag. He may very well have been…

  84. “Hey Barry!”

    The gendarmes are looking for you for taking nude photos of an underage girl (this girl is the exception to the rule. Most young girls don’t take their cloths off for the love of the camera).

    Plead insanity if they nab you; you were living with models–the French will understand.

    “Yo mamma!”

    The gendarmes are looking for you for breaking and, entering vigilante style. Had you had enough calories that day, perhaps you would have handled the situation with more ratiocination.

    All you aspiring, “I am a model,” types–it is best not to solve problems with robbery!

    Hit it, “Right Said Fred,” lead me out of here as “I do my little turn, and shake my little starving touche on the catwalk.”–opps! Damn, I tripped!”

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    Love’s going to leave me

    I’m too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt
    So sexy it hurts
    And I’m too sexy for Milan too sexy for Milan
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    And I’m too sexy for your party
    Too sexy for your party
    No way I’m disco dancing

    I’m a model you know what I mean
    And I do my little turn on the catwalk
    Yeah on the catwalk on the catwalk yeah
    I do my little turn on the catwalk

    I’m too sexy for my car too sexy for my car
    Too sexy by far
    And I’m too sexy for my hat
    Too sexy for my hat what do you think about that

    I’m a model you know what I mean
    And I do my little turn on the catwalk
    Yeah on the catwalk on the catwalk yeah
    I shake my little touche on the catwalk

    I’m too sexy for my too sexy for my too sexy for my

    ‘Cos I’m a model you know what I mean
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    I shake my little touche on the catwalk

    I’m too sexy for my cat too sexy for my cat
    Poor pussy poor pussy cat
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    Love’s going to leave me

    And I’m too sexy for this song

  85. hazel8500 says:

    Great post, great story, great experience!
    I think its wonderful what you did then, and what you are doing now —prompted by the recent model deaths and the prevelant fear among girls of getting fat over getting cancer or losing their parents.

    love it!

    PS will be checking out the beauty podcast-good luck with that!

  86. managetime says:

    Great that you would do that for a friend. And that was dangerous stuff too..

  87. E says:

    I have posed nude for an ‘artist’

    I was 15, I had moved out of home, and loved the thought of being a model and came across an artist that was looking for clothed and nude models. I jumped at the opportunity, and emailed him right away, we organised a date to meet which was at his house.

    It wasnt long before he told me to get naked, i had already told him i didnt want to be nude, but i was there alone, it was my first “gig” and i wanted to be paid.

    Long story short he ended up taking about 200 photos and I didnt get paid.

    He took advantage of me being so young and naive. I could have said no to it, but i didnt know what he was capable of, i was alone in his house so i just did it… i wanted it to be over with.

    Would you call that child porn do you think?

    There isnt anything i can do about it now.

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  89. meetzorp says:

    Did you ever re-connect with Jen? It was awfully good of you to use your orneriness to bail out a friend.

  90. Camilla says:

    that’s so great of you to do that for your friend, even at your own personal risk, and so great that you have such strength and belief both in your values and those of your friend. :)

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