Pro Ana Nation

The pro-anorexic community has been bashed, threatened and shut down across the web. Shutting down these sites, is like stuffing our problems in the closet.

It is certainly true that some pro-ana sites “shout fire,” as accused by NEDA a few weeks ago. But there are others which offer true support and accurate eating disorder information to their members. The site users are seeking support online since they are obviously not getting this support at home, at school or elsewhere….so they hide their pain and share it with others that suffer the same as they do.

Once of the most active sites ProAna Nation was threatened by a user, which forced the site owner to shut down her guestbook in fear of her own safety.

At any given time you log on to this site, there are 60-80 users online chatting. What does that tell us? Our children are in pain. They are sharing their thoughts, feelings, and yes, their unhealthy rituals with their online friends.

Where are the parents? Why aren’t they asking questions? Why aren’t they noticing their eating habits? Why aren’t they noticing their LOW SELF ESTEEM?

Here is a message to ProAna Nation and its members:

Like it or not, we have created this monster. We have a generation of girls who look to the media, models, and hollywood for their role models. Their self esteem is shot, they don’t have anyone to show them a different way, so the web is now becoming their most powerful form of communication.

This is WAY beyond the pressures us 30′ somethings had to deal with….its not even in the same league.

Parents open your eyes. Your most precious possession is crumbling before you…. you must take notice.

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  1. Alison says:

    Great post, Mama.

  2. Abby says:

    I admit I was quite taken in by the pro-ana sites last year. Websites, message boards, livejournal communities, all of the above. It wasn’t an attempt to find “tipz and trickz” as some folks call them (although those are really easy to find if you kno where to look for them). In fact I’ve always thought it’s silly when people ask for help on how to do eating disordered behavior since it comes so naturally to most of us. But anyway, I did look to the sites forsupport. I didn’t even start looking at them until I was in therapy and really disappointed with the treatment I was getting there. I agree that some of the stuff out there is incredibly harmful, but some is also incredibly helpful. It seems like one can’t be destroyed without the other being harmed, and as quickly as the various servers try to shut down pro-ana sites, more crop up. I’d say more but I gotta go. Just wanted to say I agree that parents need to be aware of what their children are doing – just like husbands and wives need to be aware of what their spouses are doing, just like children need to be aware of what their parents are doing. The pro-ana sites are attracting all ages these days.

    Great post, btw :3

  3. mamavision says:

    Thanks for your insight Abby, you are so right that if you want to starve yourself it is not too hard to figure out how. Interesting that you turned to Ana and Mia sites when in treatment…that doesn’t say too much about treatment quality does it?

    I think we are stuck with Ana & Mia sites, they are reflecting the reality of our society, and they can’t be simply stuffed in the closet so we can hide from reality.

    I hope you are doing ok with your ED, keep yourself focused on activities that are positive, and bring yourself positive feelings and thoughts. Find a passion outside of yourself and your body, a hobby, reading, writing, sewing, whatever…just find it and you will see your focus and perspective of yourself and the world change.

    Take care,

  4. Caitlyn says:

    I think that the pro-Ana/Mia sites should be left alone…I am Pro-Ana/Mia…I need those sites to keep me sane…I think..wait…actually I know that people have thier own beliefs, but I don’t need a bunch of mothers getting on my case about my eating habits, even though I am 15 years old almost 16 years old. I am damn careful….So just leave those Pro-Ana/Mia sites ALONE!!! In fact I am going to sign a lot of online Petitions to allow Pro-Ana/Mia sites on the web, Look…I am not trying to be rude/offend you but my parents don’t know what I am doing. Ok? and these sites are my business, I don’t tell other people about these sites…I keep it to myself!
    So Why Are you taking this out on me and a bunch of other careful girls out there!!! Pro-Ana/Mia is the only thing that will make me lose weight…just watch out for you’re daughters’ when it comes to the internet and Pro-Ana/Mia Websites, NOT ME!!! Is that understood?!?!?!?
    I think it’s bullshit that people pay money to makes these websites and you people have to delete them, I have been looking at these websites since I was 10 years old and now I am 15, those Pro-Ana/Mia websites are a part of me, they are apart of my life/heart/soul…you know, these people spend days and hours creating these sites,and beside you cannot kill what you did not create!!! They are in my head, in my dreams and in my thoughts. In school during the day when my mind wonders off, Ana and Mia give me something to think about, Ana is inside of me, she is those hunger pains, that I pretend not to feel, but the one thing I do feel is fatness and uglyness, I know damn well I’m not beautiful, I am 5’4 and 140lbs and I have brown hair and green eyes, I’m not beautiful but Ana and Mia make me feel like I am, it’s been five fuckin’ years of pain and suffering and I’m not just gonna throw it all away, just because you want to delete our precious websites!. You are not going to stop Anorexia Nervousa or Bulimia Nervousa from deleting our websites, It is a disease, and I accepted that fact a long time ago. Ana and Mia are part of me, And you can’t just take that away from, that’s not right or fair…..
    That’s all I needed to say,I have spoken my peace,and now I’m Happy.

    Sincerely Caitlyn

    P.S- If you have questions/Conerns E-mail me at !!!!

  5. mamavision says:

    Hi Caitlyn: I appreciate your passion and honesty. To reiterate my viewpoint, I am with you that the 1) Ana & Mia sites should not be shut down 2) they serve as a support system for girls like you. In fact, I will be happy to join you and sign the online petitions to keep the sites live if you would like to send me the web addresses.

    Bottom line I am sad for you. There is a big exciting world out there waiting for you, but instead you choose to be absorbed in your unattainable goal of thinspiration. What are your talents? What are you passionate about? Do you have time to think about these things or do you push them aside in a quest to dream about Ana?

    Caitlyn, pursue your passion. If right now that is Ana, so be it. But I will make a prediction. There will be a day that you will have enough of the suffering, enough of the hunger pains, and hopefully you will need a blog such as mine for as a healthy support system. Until that day comes, I wish you health, love, respect and kindness.


  6. Muse says:

    Hey. I’m the webmaster for We Bite Back. I designed my site so that people leaving proana would have a place to go. It’s a step, right? At least on my site, people can talk to other people who relate to their problems without there being an air of permissiveness to other members self-harming themselves. You’re welcome to check the site out if it sounds at all interesting – recovery with a twist.

  7. Amy says:

    hey. i am a member on proana. im 13 years old. i weigh about 45kg. i go on proana sometimes for tips mainly, on how to loose more weight. i dont think they should be shut down. my parents dont know i am on porana, and they wont find out. i will not tell them. i do lots of exercising at night to burn off calories from the day. and i wont rest until i think i have lost enough, which can sometimes be about 2am in the morning. i wont stop eating all together, but i dont have anything against the site. our self asteem has NOTHING to do with the media, i try and loose weight becaise i want to. i know im not really fat, but i want to see myself thin when i look in the mirror. i dont care what the celebrities look like on the tv, this is out desision. leave proana please.

  8. mamavision says:

    Hi Muse: I just signed up for your site, I will let you know my thoughts. It sounds like a great concept!

  9. mamavision says:

    Hi Amy: Thank you for your comments. I appreciate your opinions. If you read a bit more on my site you will see I am completely for free speech, which means I would not make any efforts to shut down the proana community.

    I wish you the best. I know the proana lifestyle will not lead to happiness, so I hope you find your way.

    All my love,

  10. Anna Andrew says:

    In reply to mama’s post on 27 Jan @ 10:42

    Can i ask why you use the word ‘Choose’ in your second sentance?

    I did not choose to become anorexic when i was 12 – i was constantly told by bullies at school i was a fat ugly cow; and when people say the same thing time and time again; you end up believing them.

    I suffered on and off with Ana & Mia from then on – i have just turned to these sites again (I am now 23) and find that lots of them have closed their registrations, due to threats (As you mentioned in the main post) – where can i go now…?

    Ana & Mia are not a life-style choice for the majority of people (Yes there are the odd few) – it becomes a life controlling aspect of your life; you think it, dream it, wish it, hope it – and sometimes you do need the support of other like-minded people around you.

    I’m glad you posted on this topic mama – its a subject close to more people than we realise.

    Blassed be to all

  11. mamavision says:

    Hi Anna Andrew: I reread your post and my post, and I thought about why I used the word “choose”

    So, our question is – Is the Ana and Mia lifestyle a choice or does it take over, like an addiction and you lose control?

    Hmmm. Only you can answer that for yourself, and I should not have assumed that in your case it is a choice. I am sorry.

    Speaking in general terms, I believe there are individuals that do choose and seek out this lifestyle, as you state above you have seen this on the Ana chat boards.

    On the other hand, anorexia is classified as a brian disease. Perhaps proving there is a genetic component to being suseptable to it. In this case, it is not a choice, it totally takes over your life, thoughts, desires, hopes, dreams, you name it. It is miserable, pure and simple.

    In regards to your comments about being called a fat cow and how this triggered your whole spiral into the disease. How many of us have these memories? A specific statement made that started it all. I know I do, then going into modeling just blew everything out of the water.

    Take care and thanks again for all your thought provoking comments.

  12. cristina says:

    I am sorry but I am going to have to totally disagree with you, I have visited Pro ana nation and I find it even more dangerouse than those totally delirating pro anorexic declaring their unlimited devotion to Godess Ana. Yes this websites provides support: FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO REMAIN SICK and gives all sorts of advice how not to eat and to consume their painfully low intake with exercise, etc. All this is masked with good intentions and the mission of offering support to those who are anorexics anyway, despite all their efforts to recover, and if they didn’t have a place to discuss with others, they would be likely to throw themselves under a bus. Well, this is a tough one, but on the 500 calories a day suggested on the site, which is best? Honestly! I believe the good intentions of the girl running the site, but really she is harming herself and others, who, if they didn’t have this site to come for “support”, would porbably feel so desperate they would actually look for help, or maybe not, but I believe they would have agreater chance. And the girl running the site is MENTALLY ILL, so you just can’t trust her. Anorexia, I believe, falls in the cathegory of compulsive obsessive diseases and in this contenxt, if you tolerate them, you are actually incoraging them

  13. Anna Andrew says:

    In response to Christine:

    Can i ask if you have ever suffered from Ana or Mia, or known anyone who had been through either?

    “If you are pro-ana then by definition you have not been able to recover from anorexia, at least not for the time being” This is a quote from the Pro Ana Nation Website.

    You do not, and very rarely can not just wake up one morning and decide not to be ana or mia any more and go back to a ‘normal’ diet.

    Alot of people (including myself) find that you can not physically eat specific types of foods anymore; or your stomach just throws it back up automatically. The recovery is almost as long as the ‘illness’ and you will have re-lapses back into it; and when you have parents/partners/friends constantly watching you’re every move, watching everything that goes in your mouth, then not allowing you out of their sight for hours in case you go to throw it up – is the most sufforcating existance – its the Pro Ana Nation that makes you ‘feel normal’ in the end.

    Admittedly there are sites which ‘PROMOTE’ anorexia and encourage people to do it; but the ones with forums, (Not many of these are now available to new members, as they had to shut down registration because of the abuse they were getting) – are generally there for people to support each other – in what-ever way they want to be supported.

    I’m not sure whereabouts in the world you are; but here in the UK, there is NO support system from people who suffer with eating disorders – not until you get to under 4st and for someone my height (5″ 7in) its almost not possible for me to be alive and at that weight. All they do is look you away, force feed you through the nostrils, then when you get to 5.5/6 stone, they release you again – they don’t help with the ‘mental’ side of the problem – then when you’re out, you just start from the beginning again…

    Last thoughts: Ana & Mia is something that sticks with you for life. As soon as things get tough in my life, its my eating that suffers first – i finally feel like i am in control again…

    Bright Blessing to everyone

  14. cristina says:

    Hi )0(,

    I take on oboard everything you say, I understand it is very tough and there seem to be forces which go beyond your control which push you to behave in a certain way, that is because ana and mia are diseases of the mind (and the body). I have suffered from mia for a while and I realise now that really in my head I have alwsays been anorexic/bulimic before I showed any symptoms, this is because I was raised that way and because EVERY woman in my country, which is Italy and where the fashion biz is so ever present and so very very strong, would rather put their life at risk than become fat, which is the dirtiest of sin. I remember when I was in my 20s, there was actually a mayor in a sea resort village who wanted to recreate the ambiance of Baywatch on his beaches and women had to fit certain standard to be admitted on the beach, so they were measured with a measuring tape, and let me tell you, you didn’t need to be obese to be excluded. This barely raised eyebrows. In such a fucked up society you can argue that ana /mia sufferers are not sick people but merely the ultimate conformists.
    Anyway, all this is to say that I simpathise and I am sorry for you and for those who are sick. On the other hand, I stand by what I said in my earlier post, these websites encourage you to remain sick, even if that is not at all the intention of those who run it. And even I, after visiting it, feel like starting a diet!! With all those gadgets to check your BMI and your weight and the exercise stuff, there even a converter, so useful for us European… This website is saying, this is a disease, a terrible disease, there are deep phsycological reasons why people are sick, the society around is sick, it is very difficult to recover, so if you find it too hard, we are here for you, we can share our disease and try to recover a bit later, when we are ready… When are you going to be ready? This website doens’t offer any address or any direction to try and recover, no testimonials of people who have recovered. At 500 calories a day you will die, there is no doubt about it, you need 2000 calories a day. I am sorry, I hope you find your way and that is by seeking real help. I know of a lot of people who have recovered with help

  15. yuki says:

    I really don’t understand how bone-gutting-out thin is in any way beautiful. Shutting down the sites is one thing, eating properly is another. People in africa needs food that they don’t have and here, we are not eating the food that our body needs. I feel its not really worth it to turn bulimic/anorexic just to look beautiful. There are many other things in life than to look good.

  16. julie says:

    I think the food industry in the US is also corrupt and the Standard American Diet (aka the “SAD” diet) tends to be so poor that some people may actually start to feel better eating much less or even nothing, at least for a while – it has to do with imagined purity but perhaps partly with actual, objective purity. The anorexic’s common claim that most people have an eating disorder and are fat because of it, to the other extreme, also seems to be true, actually – in the States we are all hooked on white grain, sugar, and the pesticides put in food. We’d have to change our entire system (even the political system of the food lobbies) to prevent many girls from becoming anorexic and then from succumbing to the even slower killer, obesity – and I only wish it were more possible than it seems. It takes enough effort just to educate oneself, let alone other people…

  17. julie says:

    Oh, and I meant to say that censoring these sites is like censoring the symptom and not the problem – another thing our society isn’t good at (look at our medical profession…all cure, almost no though into prevention – that takes too much money and effort, apparently, nevermind the costs of full stage disease management – no wonder!) Until our government or whoever is censoring the sites can provide a solution or decides to censor advertisements that cause much more damage, there is little point in censoring pro-ana. That was what my last post was actually about.

  18. julie says:

    I think the food industry in the US is also corrupt and the Standard American Diet (aka the “SAD” diet) tends to be so poor that some people may actually start to feel better eating much less or even nothing, at least for a while – it has to do with imagined purity but perhaps partly with actual, objective purity. The anorexic’s common claim that most people have an eating

  19. John says:

    i totaly agree with you. I am a curently a high school senior and have been batteling with ana and mia since i was in seventh grade because i had begun to be teased and told i looked like the pilsbury dogh boy which to some may sound like nonsense but i took it very seriously due to the fact that i was a very skiny child growing up. I have found myself some time feeling lost and alone because i have been affraid that my mother or friends would find out and i was afraid to speak to about my situation in fear of being rejected by my friends and i search for the pro ana nation to have other people to talk to and not feel as though i was alone. Between grades 7 and 8 i had lost alot of weight going from 150 to 118 and one of my friends noticed that i was constantly tired and weak and so i trusted her and told her my secret and she went to my school guidance counselor who then contacted my mother and i was put into a psychiatric facility. I spent two weeks within the facility until until the docotr said i was free to go home, but from the time i was hospitalized until my freshman year in high school i had went up to 192 in weight which was over 40 pounds more than before i started binging/purging and most of the time starving myself and then found my self falling back into my old habits. I had begun to use to drugs and smoke but even with all that i just felt worse and worse. Until recently i have been purging but have come to terms that drugs only cause more problems and have actually cut down on my binging but still cannot seem to break the habit. I am also a dancer and always find my self upset after every class because i cant help comparing myself to the other boys in my class and that makes it even harder for me to try and stop. I thought that since i was conscious of my situation and can some what control it that i did not have an ED but i have come to find out that i actualy do. You had stated in your video that anorexics and bulimis are depresed and usually miserable and its true but i always get such a sense of joy when i go on the scale and realize that i have lost a couple of more pounds. Anyways back to your topic, I thinks its horible that people try to shut down these website which actualy give support to those who as i ince was, feeling alone and lost. Thankfully now i have a friend of mine who has an eating disorder so now she trys to help me and i try to help her, and we are always there for each other when one of us needs to talk or need something.

  20. mamavision says:

    Hi John: It is nice to hear from a male point of view. Thank you for sharing your struggle. It sounds as if you have some support now, which is good, but perhaps consider seeking professional help.

    Counciling is where I started, it helped me get to the root of my ED. Friends are great, but if they are suffering as well, they can’t always lend the best advice you know?

    I have come to realize so many of us had our initial trigger stem from comments in childhood. Those comments just stick with us and do not leave. When you think about them, they hurt as much as when they were said, even if years have past.

    Take care of yourself, and really think about researching some other options for help. A good place to start is NEDA, click on the top navigation on my blog mamasHELP and you will see info on a hotline you can call- totally anonomous.

    What have you got to lose?

    Take care of yourself,

  21. mamavision says:

    Hi Destiny: Thanks for commenting. I am sorry to hear your family doesn’t recognize your ED. I hear this so often, its like, shake it off, you want attention, get on with your life. This shocks me.

    As a mother myself, I know that I would stop everything to put my childs issues first. Check out my latest post on where to find help, hopefully it will give you some ideas

    Take care,

  22. georgia says:

    Thin THIN THIN is Beautiful!!!! At every age. FAT is NOT!

    Be a Vegan as well!

  23. natalie harmon says:

    pls i need aome love

  24. Caitlyn says:

    oh my. i cannot believe some of the thigs people are saying. See this is why peopl;e are sick and stay sick. They get stuck in a cycle. These websites keep you stuck. Comments like these keep you stuck. How could anyone agree with keeping these sights open. I am a recovering anorexic and used to go on the sites. Even when i went on i knew i was getting sicker. I know how it feels to want to stay sick. Belive i have been there. But please, belive me. This is not living. Not eatiung or purging or overexercising is not life. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. Live it. THis is not worth it. And i know plently of websites, such as somethingfishy, that offer support and their forums. They are not used in a negatvie way. They saved my life.

  25. Zoe says:

    I cannot believe that she shut it down. I turned to that site many times…
    Anyway, I liked the video. =3 I feel like you actually understand, unlike pretty much EVERYONE else in the world…
    Thanks. =)

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  27. Anna says:

    ugh. Truly, depending on your age, you may not be influenced by the “the media” to loose weight. I;ve heard that 10000000 times. I’m only 13, I’m 5’4 and i weigh 123. ealier in the year i weighed 109 and that is my ‘goal weight’ I just felt happy their, it almost didn’t matter what I looked like just what I weighed, and knowing ‘I’ got rid of the weight.

    I am highly influenced to loose weight by the girls around me at school…I do’t consider my self fat, i /try/ to excercise. i do 240 situps almost every night, but only started about july 15…, but i just can’t control what i eat. i don’t eat A lot, i eat unhealthy. I’m not fat yet, but the girls who are considered ‘fat’ at my school are ignored a loott, put-down, ‘hated’ I don’t thrive to be popular, I don’t want want to be the center of attention. i just don’t want people to say “wow, she has gotten fat.” or mostly, my terrible brothers always clling me fat, even through their fatter their just shorter and have a different body build.. The only way the ‘more overweight are popular is if they buy fashionable clothing, whats “in”. Areopostale, holister, A&E, ect. Thats what the “popular” kids wear, and if you don’t than yuor just not “cool” or wtf ever they say. I don’t buy magazines, didn’t even know “sites that teach you to be anorexic” existed until a few minutes ago, and I don’t really watch TV shoes like the ones i’m guessing your aiming to. over the summer I feel so comforatble with my body and wear clothes that i would never wear during school, because durig school it’s like people track your weight, or something.

  28. sfgh says:

    nonsense. anorexia is a phony “disease” for rich little white girls.

    overeating is the predominant “eating disorder” americans suffer from. and we have an epidemic of heart disease because of it.

  29. Cat says:

    I also think shutting down the sites is very wrong!Where does the freedom of expression go then?We have the freedom 2 choose.And about ana…i don’t blame the models,don’t blame hollywood or the media.They’re just doing they’re jobs.Nobody is ever good 4 them.They say about some stars they’re 2 fat and about the others that they have ana-problems.Bullshit!I look in the mirror and i see what isn’t ok about my FAT so i must take it off.When it’s off,my jobis done!Maybe u’re right about always wanting more,but it’s all about self-control.U must realise when u achieved what u wanted and enjoy it.

  30. Bianca says:

    It is funny how i have this thing myself, i read the comments of others who are the same as me and all i want is to tell them is how stupid they’re being. Why do i value inner beauty more in others than myself? I do in fact feel hate for the models who i starve myself to be like- which is not nice really, i don’t know what they’re like on the inside. I want you all to know that you’re beautiful, because you do this for love. Striving for love is the most beautiful thing you could do. But it is harder to find with anorexia clouding your vision. Now if someone could only tell me. It is hard to believe yourself.

  31. amy says:

    i cant beleive they did that :'( i wondered why i couldnt get on >:O


  32. I have been anorexic since I was 8. I am now almost 34. No one tells you the effect it will have on your life as an adult. I know you think you don’t care because you are just intent on either dying, or living with ana/mia forever. But what is “forever” ? Until you die? And what will that death from ana be like? Angelic? Have you seen someone die from anorexia? I have, and it’s not pretty. It’s painful, screaming, agonizing, disgusting, ugly. Perhaps you still don’t care. I know when I was truly pro I only cared about the next five pounds down on the scale. I just didn’t realize what it would feel like to have NG tubes forced in, to have my heart restarted, to have seizures, to have chronic digestive disorders.

    Perhaps you still don’t care. Hell, why should you? I’m just a no one, talkig nonsense on the internet….

    But the truth of it is… I am YOU. A little older. I little wiser.

  33. mamavision says:

    Hi memoryofmoving: Thank you, thank you. Your words are truly wise, and I, like you fear these pro ana girls are too young to grasp it (as we both were).

    It’s interesting because many girls have told me that they liked my style because I don’t threaten and say “You are going to die!” so I am always careful about this, mostly because I know they will not grasp it, its almost impossible until you experience it yourself.

    I hope you are able to find peace in your life, your struggle has been an unbelieveably long one, and you deserve to find peace.

    Take care, and again, thanks for sharing,

  34. Sue says:

    I was bulimic for 2 years and now I’m in recovery for one year. I heard of the whole pro-ana/mia community untill I started recovery. I saw some really sick things, 12 year old girls teaching willing applicants how to cheat doctors and how to hide rib bones. At one of my lowest points – when I found out I couldn’t have kids because of all the internal damage I’d done to myself (I’m only 18) I thought – what the hell.. I’ll just start it all over again, I have nothing to lose. So I went in search of a pro-ana site. I came across To find a website that promoted healthy body image and non judgmental support was the sign I took to carry on.

    I used to wonder why there were sites like these. They’re there because you never really recover. Whenever I eat I tell myself to throw up – When I dress is too tight I start an internal monologe of how worthless I am and stupid for doing this when I worked so hard. Every single day is a struggle.

    Bulimia and Anorexia are not choices, they’re diseases, that never go away. Untill the day I die I will suffer with my image and self esteem.

    The reason why I started was because I went into a designer clothes shop and the shop assistant wouldn’t help me. She shooed me away telling me that sort of shop wasn’t my style.

    I cried and cried for hours and swore I’d be beautiful.

    You know what the sad thing was? Even when I was at my goal weight, I still felt ugly. Mia never makes you happy, it is the voice in your head, telling you that your worthless every single moment of every single day from the first time you stick your fingers down your throat.

  35. Kathy says:

    Hej you,

    I am a German woman ( aged 33), who – however- became interested in that proana / promia phenomenon….

    Nevertheless I am neither proana nor promia ( better said I am a very female woman….) I DO NOT AGREE with the practice to shut down those pages.

    These pages are so important for the girls, who – at least this is what I am reading between the lines- don’t have anybody to talk to, to share their problems with in the real life and even to learn to handle the disease.

    These pages are as well extremelx important for us adults, parents, teachers, therapists, M.D a.s.o. to learn more about ( do you say about? My English is a catastrophy… sorry for that)
    eating dissorders.

    I am a mother of a wounderfull, beautyfull little 11 months old daughter and I am glad about the opportunitiy to learn how proana “works”, which kind of problems most proanas have in common, so I hope I will be able to see the signs later…

    Your website is fantastic and I would love to talk to you about the same site in German, which means your articles and your youtube videos translated or underlined – in Germany we do have the same problems, same injured, broken, never- listened -to (? right word?!), rejected, sexual abused little children, who stop living bevore life really starts.

    It would be SO important for German speaking therapists to learn more about E.D:, most of them are totally overstraimed, at the moment – this is what I read and heard- ist the common medical commenadtion to look for a new hobby…
    That is unbelieveable in my oppinion…
    To reduce that serious desease to a hobby!!!!

    So, you can see, we have big backlogs over here in good old Europe….

    All my best wishes


  36. Trevor says:

    Democracy and free speech are the bedrock of Western civilization and I find it quite vile that these websites and forums are being censored. We’re transgressing! It’s a basic right..

    I’m quite new to Ana – only a few weeks, fasting for three or so days at a time and then eating broths, etc. I’m 20 years old. It’s people who are similar situations to myself (newAna) who could really benefit from pro-Ana sites, for support and advice on how to do things safely. For instance, I have been trying pretty hard to find an informative guide on how to fast safely, and no such luck – so far.

  37. Antonio says:

    I would love to add my two cents…

    I work with girls recovering from eating disorders….here are a few thoughts

    There are many false teachings about nutrition & exercise and that make it difficult to heal, recover from ED and get healthy.

    Yet, I haven’t heard many people talking about healing and recovery….

    There is lots of confusion by most everyone on this topic, pro ana people, parents, doctors and media.

    There is NO such thing as ‘doing things safely’

    Fasting, bingeing and purging is unhealthy, regardless of anyone’s beliefs.

    ‘…they’re diseases, that never go away.’

    This is not true. Every disease has a cause. This one has a cure.

    I have seen it many times.

    Instead of spending time with others who are sick, it may be wise to spend time with others who are getting better.

    ‘…Untill the day I die I will suffer with my image and self esteem.’

    Anyone can build self-esteem…no matter what they have done or haven’t done…you can improve your health…you can eat really good food and look and feel amazing… can heal your life.

    Every step in life involves choices. Choosing to understand the issue and HEAL from any disease (this or any other) IS a choice.

    There seems to be very little talk about healing and recovery in all the forums I have visited.

    If you want to heal…and believe you can (which are both choices)…then yes, you can heal your life.

    my two cents….


  38. Sydney says:

    I was a member of pro ana nation. When I became pregnant, I stopped going to all of pro ana sites. When I decided to return it was gone. Pro ana nation was my sanctuary and I would love to know if you have spoken to the webmaster (I can’t even remember her name now) and if she has started a new site. If anyone knows, please email me at:


  39. Ria says:

    I agree with everyone when they say to leave these pro ana mia sites alone. The primary reason for this is because as a sixteen year old highschool student, I somewhat enjoy being able to see that I am not alone in this battle. Personaly, I really appreciate being able to privatly go for support and advice, that come from people with the same issue as me and many other people around the globe.

    I was reading other comments. And this is to a girl who said that the rise of eating disorders definitely did not come from the media. I completely disagree. I dont think it is a personal choice to starve yourself to nothingness. I believe that it is the perfectionist side of us all and the need to fit in and belong.

    In addition, I would like to say that as much as I love to turn to these pro ana mia sites as I have done for the past 5 or 6 years. I would really love to see more sites that address self harm.

    Anyone who visits this site and just want someone their own age to talk to… my email is;


  40. Henry says:

    You know what your problem is? You’ve been deceived by the feminists into believing this a gender specific problem and its not.

    I’m 41, male pro ana and I’ve been hiding it since I was a child. That’s right, male pro ana.

    We tend to keep quiet. We tend to be more muscular. Never seen a male anorexic?

    Pick up a magazine with one of those low bodyfat hunks. Nice muscles eh? Well that guys got sub 6% bodyfat. He’s two or three days away from sudden death.

    When he drops dead, his doctor will say he had a heart attack. Not ana. You want to solve this? Don’t get divided by feminist rubbish.

    Its the media period. Not the male run media. Not the Womens fashion magazines. Its all of it. all of society. The whole shebang. They want to promote perfection.

    Last week I brought a men’s magazine. The guy had 8 abs because the picture had been doctored. Try looking at THOSE magazines closer too.

    Don’t believe me? I’ve met hundreds of guys just like me. I’ve spoken with them. They cruise the pro ana mia sites just like me. We all like low bodyfat. we all like bones.

    Just us guys wrap it up in muscle because the first thing we learn is that other guys punch us in the head if we look skinny and weak.

    Look to the muscles. We’re guys. Its looks a little different on us, but its there.

    Sick when a guy likes a size 0 model? Well it’s just a sick then when a woman likes a sub 6% bodyfat guy.

    Sorry for the rant but its a fat day today, I’m in a mood. My bodyfats up to 12% and I wish I was dead. So sue me.

  41. Bundaluddem says:

    Lots of of people write about this issue but you wrote down really true words.

  42. Anonymous says:

    You really need to mind your own fucking business. And stop messing with pro sites. I know you were being what happened at Cb. You are doing just as much damage if not more so by exposing and drawing attention. If they dont want to get better thats their choice not yours. So keep your fucking long nose off the internet and out of peoples personal lives. Some of the girls lives could be destroyed if it was known about their ED’s. So do us a favor and but out and STOP TRYING TO HELP YOUR FUCKING SHIT UP WORSE.

  43. advent 123 says:

    My girl friend is a Christian who loves people. I met her when I was going through my cancer scare. So I will always love her. Because she loved me. Even when I was finding difficult at work, she loved me. I have done and will do anything for her, because she gave me something to run for.
    I met her with baggage but in life who doesn’t. I told her all of my faults and flaws and she loved me unconditionally. fy
    She recently developed an ED stemming from unresolved issues in the past.
    Some of the issues were:
    Not being listened to at school
    Being overweight in the early stages of her life
    Mother and family not allowing her to make mistakes
    Being compare to high flying family members
    Peers getting married ……………….
    Recently she had trouble at her last job where she didn’t know how to deal with rejection from work college, a long distance relationship etc.
    I love my girl friend so much, and have been dating for the past 2 years with the hope of getting married soon. If I had the money I would have married her earlier.
    I didn’t see the signs of her struggling because she was on tour with her job. I just want every man out there to listen and pay attention when your lady speaks, even if you don’t understand.
    Just listen. She has the ability to fix things for herself but you need to love her, support her, and listen.
    The mother is very controlling and I felt like a complete failure when I came out of the cancer scare, and could deal with work stress, but she loved me.
    When I was getting bullied and harassed at work my girlfriend supported me. I always gave her the best of what I had, because she gave me God and hope in dark situations.
    But things just got difficult because she felt that her family was not supporting her, and she felt at times like an outsider looking in, because of her points of view wasn’t her. I thought I was supporting her by giving her solutions when she just wanted me to listen.
    I know that I could have made more of an effort to get to know her family but my family just isn’t like that.
    When she was on tour I would travel the world to see her and would make myself available whenever she needed me. Even when she would travel back late at night to her hotel room I would be on the end of a phone.
    Our main arguments were not being able to see each her more often and why are you not going to church.
    It’s difficult when you get into a relationship with someone and people keep on trying to control your lives especially when you old enough to buy a house.
    Parents you need to understand one size doesn’t fit all when dealing with you children. Some are strong and some are emotional. Some need love and some just want acceptance.
    Boyfriends listen out for the silent cry for help from your lady. If she starts tell you that she finding it difficult doesn’t try and fix it. Just listen and let her fell that she in control of her own life. Be strong and find help for her. Learn about EDs not just for her but for everybody. This problem is a lot bigger and affects so many people. Please if you care about life do something today, don’t wait until it too late.
    We all want to be in control in a world where everything we do is outside of our control.
    People’s perception of self
    How you view self
    What defines you?
    I am current battling to understand what EDs’ are so that I can help my girlfriend. I need to know because it affects every one whether we want to believe it or not. Think about it.
    As long as you watch TV our views of self are reflections of what you think, see and hear.
    If you don’t have the support network around you, then you will find it in food, drug and sex.
    That why food and drugs are always listed together on the government adgender because they know it is profitable, addictive and can be used to control people.
    My girlfriend has loss a lot of weight and it broke my heart after not seeing her for 2 months. She said, “Have I lost weight”.
    I said, ” Yes and I love you because you loved me”.
    It’s like she was in control and then the avalanche effect to over. Weight just seems to drop off.
    Her mother worried like anything, I’m scared I might lose her. My family is praying daily for God to restore her back to health.
    The last time I saw her she keep on talking about how much she would like to eat food, but she just can’t seem to eat it. She always kept on telling me how tired and faint she felt. After a mouth full of food she would feel really bloated. Its hard. Please don’t put people through this.
    It’s hard for me. The last conversation we had was:
    I hope your well xx
    I mean it xx
    Please guys/girls I know it’s hard to stop but your flirting with death every time you give in to that beast in your head. It starts to control you, and eventually you will lose control but it’s hard to stop because your body will have a learned behavior. Please I really love her and would give my life to see her right now.
    I hate those dam TV shows, music industries and stupid people who promote self harm as being a thing of fashion.
    I would love to see every day people on the TV. You know real people, not this force fed crap which we have been told it fashionable.
    Any way she is away for 2week with limited contact to family, and her phone is with her aunty how I don’t get alone with.
    I miss her but need to make sure I can support her because she is my best friend, lover, and soul mate.
    If you want help call
    Sufferer’s Helpline: 01934 710679
    Parent Helpline: 01934 710645

    You still have a choice.
    Signed Boy friend who loves you dearly

    Please read

    Please Please listen by a survivor

    When I ask you to listen to me and you start giving me advice, you have not done what I asked.
    When I ask you to listen to me and you begin to tell me why I shouldn’t feel that way, you are trampling on my feelings.
    When I ask you to listen to me and you feel you have to do something to solve my problem, you have failed me, strange as that may seem.
    Listen! All I ask is that you listen. Don’t talk or do – just hear me.
    Advice is cheap; 20 cents will get you both Dear Abby and Billy Graham in the same newspaper, and I can do for myself; I am not helpless. Maybe discouraged and faltering, but not helpless.
    When you do something for me that I can and need to do for myself, you contribute to my fear and inadequacy. But when you accept as a simple fact that I feel what I feel, no matter how irrational, then I can stop trying to convince you and get about this business of understanding what’s behind this irrational feeling.
    And when that’s clear, the answers are obvious and I don’t need advice. Irrational feelings make sense when we understand what’s behind them.
    Perhaps that’s why prayer works, sometimes, for some people – because G*d is mute, and he doesn’t give advice or try to fix things. G*d just listens and lets you work it out for yourself.
    So please listen, and just hear me.
    And if you want to talk, wait a minute
    for your turn – and I will listen to you.

    by Author Unknown and adapted by A.E.S.T.

  44. Smiley says:

    I have to say I am saddened by this website. Growing up I was skinny trying to gain weight. I weighed 99 pounds forever even after having 4 babies. I finally gained weight in my 40’s. No one is perfect and that makes us all individuals. At 48, I weigh 127 pounds and I am a model. I am not considered overweight but I am happy with whom I have become. You guys have to stop this. Be happy with who you are. I would be so sad if one of my own kids, foster kids or anyone in my family would leave me after getting this horrible disease. If I were able to save at least one of you, please eat and stay healthy. God put us here for a reason and if it is to save you or for you to save someone here, please be healthy. My whole life is to save kids from their parents and now I find myself here trying to save you. I can’t imagine starving myself to death. What a horrible way to go. My daughter, whom I adopted has a weight gain problem and we showed her what this disease looks like. She was shocked and scared. Please don’t let me die. The doctor put her on Respiradone and she eats like crazy. Please don’t let your families have to lose their child to this. There are worse things in the world than being overweight. Please!

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