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“Having a feeding tube is a status symbol, it shows you are a true anorexic.”


“My mom taught me this chew and spit game with candy, we really had fun doing this together.”

These are just a few of the shocking comments made by the women and young girls profiled in THIN, a must-see documentary by Lauren Greenfield.

This film is so raw, so real, that you need to psych yourself up to watch it. During the middle of the show, my husband paused the tape, looked to me and said “Do you have a totally nervous feeling watching this?” We both nodded yes, took a deep breath and kept watching.

The nervous feeling came from watching the reality of how far the girls had slipped away from reality about their bodies. Their demenor and state of mind was numbing, and so very, very sad.


THIN was criticized by NEDA for not showing a balanced view of recovery from eating disorders.

“We felt that her lens needed a wider, more balanced focus and should have also included stories of those responding to treatment successfully,” stated Lynn Grefe, CEO of NEDA. While we know that there are many challenges and setbacks along the road, with treatment most people do get well and there is hope.

This film was a documentary. The very meaning of a documentary is that its real. When Greenfield selected and asked permission to shoot these women’s stories, she didn’t exactly have the right to include a clause in their contract that they had to come out of treatment free of their ED demons. It was a roll of the dice, and the film showed the reality of what transpired during their treatment.

The film ends with an update on each of the women profiled in the documentary, all of whom were still struggling with their eating disorders, some relapsed, but all carry on.

Wondering how the women of Thin are doing today?thin.png

Here is some information I dug up on the THIN blogs and forums

Brittany, (shown above) was the young girl that seemed to have the longest, uphill battle due to her mother’s own issues with eating disorders.

Polly, was the tough one, she sure kept the film interesting. I liked her spunk and ability to be herself. Her blog shows she is still going strong.

Shelley, as of November still struggling deeply with her disorder.

Post film interview with Shelly, Polly, and Alisa

I don’t believe anyone ever completely recovers from an eating disorder, this powerful disease leaves scars so deep that become a part of you.

That is not to say your can’t recover and do something positive with the experience…..afterall, look at me.


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  2. cheryl says:

    I’m pretty stunned to come across this page and it’s definitely inspiring. I like the information you have here, and in fact I just realized that the maker of that HBO film, Lauren, is the daughter of my prof at UCLA. I’m impressed to see her work because I came across her on only on textbooks as a kid.

  3. emilyishere says:

    mama vision, that was so beautiful. your blog….i didn’t know somebody could make a blog so beautiful and amazing. and so…true. i want to help you in your fight against these horrible eating disorders.

  4. Holly says:

    I bet you don’t even realize how many people have been helped by your blogs :}
    You’re a great person.
    XOX – Holly
    P.S. – Take a look at my newest blog inspired by a blog of yours; Holly Dior – Model – Parts 1+2

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  6. Amber/vanity900 says:

    I watched THIN, i remember at the end how it told that most of the girls restricted again and dropped the weight, i remember when i saw it thinking “wow, that REALLY going to help her alot now wont it?” *scarcastic* so i really think that rehab center sucked.

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  8. Fat Girl. says:

    eating disorders are hard.
    i wouldnt say i have one, as yes, i am actually fat.
    i am 174cm (5’8.5″?) and i weigh 72kg (161lbs?) but i still think i have the mind of a person with an eating disorder.
    it isnt a ‘part’ of your life .. it IS your life.
    i havent eaten for a few days now, AT ALL, and reading all this i start to see just exactley what i am doing to myself .. and what i could become.

    i do need to lose weight, but i now see i need it to become healthy .. not so i can one day model and be stick thin.

    thankyou . x

  9. clementine says:

    hello,i really liked your text about the documentary i watched it a few months ago and it totally shocked me,probably not in the same way it did to you,becasue i’ve been anorexic and bulimic fot 6 years now and im only starting to accept it now,despite i’ve been in hospital twice already…i agree with you,there’s not a total recovery for this,it doesnt only conusme your body,it also consumes your mind,feelings,life,family and friends,is some of the worst disease…
    i’d like to see polly’s blog,so if you know it please let me know…

  10. Laura says:

    I watched the documentary and fully agree with it. I’m not “pro-ana” per se, in fact i hate the term! “Pro-ana” implies that you want an eating disorder and support the idea, which is usually untrue for most people with EDs.

    I also LOVE the documentary. I stumbled across it on YouTube once and was hooked. It truly testifies that eating disorders are not something fun, or beautiful, or vain. And they are also not something that can be cured by eating massive amounts of food and becoming a “healthy” weight. It is much deeper than that.

  11. Kaci says:

    OMFG thats is sick tell them to gain some freakin weight

  12. Charr - Lee - Ann says:

    im To Fat And Need To Lose Weight And i Know That You All think That Anarexia is A bad Thing But its All Ive Wanted For A Long Time .
    Can You Help Me in eni Way Please Please Please reply Soon . . xxx

    ( LOvee Charr – Lee – Ann x )

  13. Karen says:

    Both you girls… Kaci and Charr-Lee-Ann are fucking idiots. An eating disorder doesn’t make you thin and popular, it makes you want to kill your self. you want to die on a regular basis, and you lose your friends, lovers and family. you need to do some homework and shut your un-educated traps. “can you help me in eni way please please please reply soon” IDIOTS

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