Hollywood's Finest

There are good role models out there, the latest being Kate Winslet, best known for her role as Rose in Titanic. Kate is fed up with the ultrathin ideals, incessantly promoted in Hollywood.


“It’s so disturbing because young girls are so impressionable,” Winslett told BBC on the Sunday AM program. “I hope that in some small way I’m able to say, ‘I’m a normal person; I’m doing all right. I’ve got a lovely husband and children, and I didn’t lose weight to find those things, and those things are what should be important.

Winslett is a mother of a six year old daughter (as am I), and she expresses serious concern over young girls self image. I can’t imagine the pressure she feels trying to raise her children in the Hollywood scene.

The more I dig into the topic of body image and self esteem, the more I believe that women are seeking out negative role models and filling their heads with unachieveable images to torture themselves. How about chucking those fashion magazines, scales, and signing on to Dove’s campaign for real beauty?

Be a part of the revolution.

Either that, or tune into Lauren Greenfield’s documentary, THIN for a serious reality check on where our teenage girls are headed.


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  1. Mrs. K. says:

    To legitimately comment on this post (since it made your list as the post that no one bothered to comment on), I am a Kate Winslet fan as well. I liked that in Titanic, she wasn’t a rail…she had curves like a WOMAN. And then hearing her say these things recently has been uplifting as well – it’s good to know that (for now, at least) there is one celebrity (read: role model to teens and grown women alike) that is vocal against the ultrathin expectations that are out there. I’d love to think that none of my daughters would bow to the pressure or examples set by Hollywood, but the chances are, they will be aware of it when they are older, even if they aren’t terribly influenced by it. I hope a few more people will pick up this way of thinking…it would be lovely to see women start looking like Greek goddesses again…with curves and breasts and hips.

  2. Rachel says:

    Curves and breasts and hips are hot. I love Kate Winslet, and I have since I was first exposed to her. More power to her for not falling to those stupid ideals of thinness = perfection. I say that we should work to heal ourselves from within. Once we begin to heal those wounds and ignore the evil thoughts, they become less powerful. And more power goes toward the positive, and then we can appreciate more the messages from Ms. Winslet (not that we don’t already immensely appreciate them!!)

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