If you had to guess how many images you see in one day that make you feel bad about your body, what would you say?

10, 20, 100?

Do you actually seek out these images in magazines, on TV and on the web? You betcha.

Would your self esteem improve if you purposely STOPPED seeking out images of skinny mini models and hollywood beauties? Undoubtedly yes.

And another thing. Do you have a scale? Do you weigh yourself daily? This is not normal. This is a bad habit you need to break. No human being needs to get on the scale every morning. My bet is the number you read on your scale sets your mood for the day.


Chuck the damn thing. While you are at it, dump all your fashion mags. Let’s see if removing those two influences from your life has any impact on your self esteem.

I speak from experience. I haven’t had a fashion rag in my house for over 15 years. Nor will you see me tuning into programs that portray women as sex objects, because I know it is just a self-defeating activity (don’t get me wrong, if a woman wants to be a sex object, by all means go for it). I consider myself lucky to have learned early in life, that a life focused on what I looked like was no life at all so its not one I choose for myself.

I’ll leave you with one more reality check for the day. When you look back at your life in 10 years, will you feel as if you spent it wasting time like the women expressing themselves below….or do you want to be proud of who you are? Your life is now.

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3 Responses to Thinner

  1. Alison says:

    I don’t weigh myself every day. Every month is more like it! It helps me gauge things, since I am wearing jeans that were given to me, jeans that are not what I wore before gaining 40 pounds far too quickly. Meh.

    I looked in the mirror yesterday morning. What I saw wasn’t too bad. :)

  2. Christy says:

    Hi mamaV,

    I recently became aware of your site and have since been reading your blogs whenever I get a chance. It’s nice to hear words of hope and support. I have lived in silence about my problem since it first started when I was 14. I am now 24. Anyway, you make many good points, especially the one about chucking the scale. I weigh myself daily and have done so for many years. Recently, my trusty digital scale (I had it for a long time) broke and I told myself it was okay and that I didn’t need to buy a new one. Sure enough, a few days passed and I was going crazy not knowing what I weighed. So, I broke down and bought a scale which I step on every morning when I wake up. I don’t know how to be okay not knowing how much I weigh.

  3. juju_ana says:

    Strange… your post’s title is named after my blog.

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